Shots Fired At German Ambassador's Home In Athens

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This morning we were treated to the usual stupifying comments from Greek leadership that "Greece won't need more loans," and will "start becoming a normal country," because the Greek 'recovery' is "built on solid foundations." However, it appears the public-at-large is not so happy as the BBC reports shots were fired at the German ambassador's residence in Athens. Samaras said Greeks "have gone through hard times." With over 60 bullets fired, it seems the someone is upset that their union overlords won't lift those hard times anytime soon...


Via The BBC,

Shots were fired at the German ambassador's residence in Athens early on Monday, without causing injury.


Bullets were found embedded in the steel gate, Greece's Kathimerini news website reports.


Ambassador Wolfgang Dold's residence is in the Greek capital's Halandri district. The raid took place at around 03:30 local time (01:30 GMT).


It is not clear who the attackers were. Germany's insistence on budget cuts has caused much resentment in Greece.




At least 60 spent bullet casings were found at the scene of the attack. Police say the bullets came from two Kalashnikov assault rifles.



So far no-one has admitted carrying out the attack.


In a message to the unidentified perpetrators, Mr Dold said "whoever is responsible for this act: you will not succeed in disrupting the close and friendly relations of our two countries".


He was in the residence when the shots were fired.


German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Berlin took the attack "very seriously" and "nothing, absolutely nothing, can justify such an attack".


The Greek government called it a "cowardly terrorist action" aimed at undermining Greece's six-month presidency of the EU, which begins on 1 January.


Germany is the biggest lender involved in the Greek bailout - a 240bn-euro (£200bn; $331bn) rescue for the debt-laden country that started in 2010.


The bailout conditions require Greece to rein in public spending, and that has meant hardship for Greeks who have lost their jobs or who now pay more for essential services.


In 1999 the ambassador's residence was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, in an attack claimed by the now defunct radical left-wing group November 17.

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Meat Hammer's picture

Wake me when incidents like these move west.

taraxias's picture

Wake me up when the bullets get lodged in skulls not bare walls. 

Unprepared's picture

You wake me up, I shoot you.

Headbanger's picture

Where is the Kaiser when we need him?

I can't believe it, I just did a search on the Kaiser after writing the above and found there's a Google Group discussion on that very question!!topic/

But maybe it was just a couple of Greek AK owners who were drunk from grieving the loss of Kalishnikov and felt like emptying a magazine in his memory.

It can happen...

But me thinks they were actually communists and thus using a Soviet weapon.



Arius's picture

"so far none has admitted carrying out the attack."

you might be suprised on the culprit - check with hedge funds in New York ... hint ... follow their bets ...

Colonel Klink's picture

Goldman shizzle?

They're gonna bust a cap in their Touchess. oY!

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I hope the rest of these oligarchs take this as a warning from the people.

USA USA's picture

"The raid took place at around 03:30 local time (01:30 GMT)."


LMAO it was a God Damn RAID!!!!!


I thought the Greeks had Gun Control?

Seems to work pretty well there....

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A video message has just been released by the spokesperson, a certain Mr Panos, of the group who is probably responsible for the shots:

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What a waste, they could have taken out a couple of banksters. Don't waste those bullets dammit!

Wolferl's picture

Yep, since the Greeks still have money to waste for bullets, it´s about time to give them a new round of austerity. Mr. Schäuble, your turn!

Wolferl's picture

And, btw Greeks, next time you plan to shoot at our ambassadors residence, please, make sure to buy and use a new Heckler & Koch assault rifle, using Kalashnikovs is soo pathetic. Thx.

Escapedgoat's picture

News from Greece point out it was your boys that did that fabricated assault anyone knows that shooting at the wall is not harming anyone. Shooting even the windows might have a chance of hurting somebody. So to conclude this you would think that the Byzantine plots had a language other than Greek  I Suppose. You obviously take the Greeks for idiots. As for their neighbors the Italians already practiced GLADIO. Read up it will do you some good.

silvermail's picture

Banksters: We will try to limit them. We've already forced governments in Greece and Spain to criminalize protests. We will use our mainstream media propaganda to mobilize conflict interests in economical and ideological level between groups and prevent massive, uncontrolled protests and riots, as we did in Greece. We will also use the known propaganda to divide peoples. Germans will blame PIIGS for their suffering. We will use propaganda in full force to distract public from us. Don't you see? Free market is a fairytale because we can adjust it perfectly to serve our interests!

remain calm's picture

Give me your money or I will kill you.

disabledvet's picture

You need to fill out this form first Mr Kalishnikov guy. After filling it out you then have to mail it to these Agencies. Upon receipt of this mailing they will then mail you a letter noting your mailing in order to confirm your request is duly noted and bring you abreast of the various other forms and imputations that need to occur before such a request can be moved to the "actively under consideration" pile. Once moved to that pile pile it along with all other considerations will be reviewed by our "committee of review" which meets bi monthly and thoroughly vets all requests to first to ascertain "is this an acceptable request to placed before the review committee" and second upon meeting the first requirement how and to what extent shall the review committee in fact review. This requires an update from the committee of "the rules of review" which meets monthly. Once the committee on the review of the rules rules on rulings for review we may then determine if in fact the rules are be followed as we review. Only at this point will we then review. From there we proceed to the advisement stage. This is when...

Dr. Engali's picture

Sounds like somebody is starting to wisen up. Now start hanging your "leadership" and  some bankers from a bridge.

Skateboarder's picture

Would love to see Greece wipe the slate clean. Honor the gods of old, bring back justice.

disabledvet's picture

"Hey, baby. Wanna know my secret identity?"

pods's picture

Seems that the Greeks don't know how to properly shut up and eat their peas?

Might be a drone in their future?

Watch out Big Fat Greek Weddings.  Weddings are a favorite target of our drone boys.  More visceral to end so many lives just as they are beginning.  Wait until we start bombing incubators. Then you know the empire is at an end.


HFBondsTrader's picture

Guranteed Germany takes advantage of any opportunity to increase the number of "armed guards" it gets to keep within Greek borders.

agent default's picture

You assume the BND had nothing to do with it.  You may be wrong.

Joe A's picture

The BND was involved in all kinds of dubious stuff on the Balkans in the 90s and in Kosovo even a few years ago. So anything dubious in Greece is not impossible but speculation is on the why they would do this.

deepsouthdoug's picture

Wonder if a Ruger was used?

Dr. Engali's picture

"Nothing, absolutely nothing can justify such an attack"


I guess imporverishing a whole country by making them swallow more debt to pay off their old debt qualifies as nothing.

waterwitch's picture

Coming to a United States near you soon.

vxpatel's picture

hopefully directed at the fact, on a certain hill in the capitol....or a house...a big house...

Quinvarius's picture

The Greek Constitution Article 120 specifically mandates this attack.  It is completely justified and legal.

Article 120. Coming into force of the Constitution. The right to resist 
1. This Constitution, voted by the Fifth Revisionary Parliament of the Hellenes, is signed by its Speaker and published by the provisional President of the Republic in the Government Gazette by decree countersigned by the Cabinet and shall enter into force on the eleventh of June 1975.
2. Respect towards the Constitution and the law concurrent thereto, and devotion to the Fatherland and to Democracy constitute a fundamental duty of all Greeks.
3. Usurpation, in any way whatsoever, of popular sovereignty and of powers deriving therefrom shall be prosecuted upon restoration of the lawful authority; the limitation from which punishment for the crime is barred shall begin as of the restoration of lawful authority.
4. Observance of the constitution is entrusted to the patriotism of the Greeks who shall have the right and the duty to resist by all possible means against anyone who attempts the violent abolition of the Constitution.

Ghordius's picture

Not Applicable. The Greek Parliament is not spending less because Germany is "demanding it"

it's because it can't borrow moar *and* at the same time stay in the eurozone, which by the way it's still something over 60% of Greeks want

not that different from a gold standard situation, btw. plenty of historical precedents for credit drying up

Escapedgoat's picture

And you got your figures from where exactly?

All the main stream media are bought and paid for by the Corrupt Oligarchy. Any news is fabricated and the population knows it. Another example of this charade is the predictions in ITALY.

They gave BEPPE GRILLO prior to last elections just 0.5% . ACTUAL RESULT WAS 25.6%

And just your avatar shows exactly what you stand for the DOOMED EURO. 

Have a nice day.

jack stephan's picture

You shit on these folks enough, eventually they don't care and start eyeing the death blossom button.

bookwurm's picture

Not exactly what you what call a tight group...

Toolshed's picture

Apparently, the depression extends to marksmanship as well.

Ness.'s picture

I see this as a good start.  Get to the range and practice.  Better luck next time.


Kick a dog enough times and one day he will chew off your leg. Greeks are lazy SOB's but hunger is a powerful motivator.

Joebloinvestor's picture

Things can't be that bad if they can afford bullets.

Maybe they should have disarmed them before they took everything else.

Still, they are shooting at the wrong people, but then again the ones that caused it all probably left.

rockraider3's picture

60 cartridges, no injuries? 

Quinvarius's picture

This was just a message.  They better listen.

Escapedgoat's picture

The Gunmen, from what I read, did not shoot at the sentry that was also armed . Instead they fired at the Wall. Had they fired at the WINDOWS they might have caused some injury even if unlikely. Comments from the Greeks themselves dismiss all this as the Deep State themselves fired the shots. That being the way to bring more fascist type laws to further enslave the populace. FALSE FLAG  is written all over it and the Greeks are NOT buying into it.

Apocalicious's picture

Anyone who doesn't realize Drachma 2.0 is the only possible outcome, at some point, is deluding themselves. There is no other option. They can't fully fund, they can't go full bore austere, and they can't grow. They need to massively inflate. This is pure math.


Oh, sure, they'll try to muddle thru and kick the can, but at some point there will be no way to pay the piper in other currency. Literally. At this point, (2 years? 5 years? 8 months?) they will launch the New Drachma, pegging it to the Euro as an alternative currency. Gov workers will begin to get Drachma based salaries. Capital will flee, as Greece based Euro holders will fear a forced conversion and de-pegging (both of which the Gov will disavow). Capital controls will be put in place. This will further weaken investment into the economy, and eventually the new Drachma will be de-pegged on a massive devlation downward and the country will officially leave the Euro as possibly even deposits are force converted.


Of course, because it is not imminent today, nor a happy outcome, this is "impossible." Actually, when looking at the other paths, it is just about the only possible one. 

123dobryden's picture

will someone finaly explain me how exactly will drachma and devluation serve average working folk? or economy in general? will it not only prolong neccessary hard reset?


the only solution is to tell creditors to FO, even if country if locked out of credit markets, that is actualy a good thing as government will not be able to indebt them and grow itself. they would have to shut down, againpositive thing as finally government and public parasites would find themself with carton boxes on the street.yes there would be a hard times, but hard times are there several years now anyway.


they have to find their own Batko Machno to save them...

Big Johnson's picture

my dear 123.... Isn't it obvious that TPTB don't want that to happen.

StychoKiller's picture

Quite simple:  Pay off all the debt with freshly printed Drachmas!

Colonel Klink's picture

I think it was Harry shooting.  14 seconds explains it all.

MS7's picture

Obvious false flag. Now everyone who criticizes the euro and Germany's policies will be deemed a terrorist.

max2205's picture

They must have run out of rocks to throw



yogibear's picture

A chance to make some money in sales of boiled rope, guns and ammo in Greece.

Point the mobs toward the ECB. 

Russia and China, plenty of sales of weapons in various revolting European countries against the banksters.

BigRedRider's picture

Maybe the Greeks forgot an old melody of yore when Germany last visited Greece.  It goes like this:


Die Fahne hoch
Die Reihen fest geschlossen
S.A. marschiert
Mit ruhig festem Schritt
|: Kam'raden die Rotfront
   Und Reaktion erschossen
   Marschier'n im Geist
   In unsern Reihen mit :|

Die Straße frei
Den braunen Batallionen
Die Straße frei
Dem Sturmabteilungsmann
|: Es schau'n auf's Hakenkreuz
   Voll Hoffnung schon Millionen
   Der Tag für Freiheit
   Und für Brot bricht an :|