And The Best Stock Market Of 2013 Is...

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With the world watching mouth open at the 30% gains in the US equity market (and 57% gains in Japan), the Venezuelans are cock-a-hoop at their wealth-generation this year... a sprinkling of totalitarianism, nationalization, toilet-paper shortages, and hyperinflation and, drum roll please... the Caracas Stock Index is up a disappointed-not-to-make-it-to-500%, 480% in 2013... (time to greatly rotate and chase that momentum)...


Think of the confidence this must be inspiring...


and a little context... (because it could never happen here or Japan...)

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VD's picture

meth and central planning: match made in heaven/hell

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Anctiously awaiting the 'best asset of 2013'.

VD's picture

hint: you black out from it, it's so good....

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And the currency is now worth less than my dirty socks?

disabledvet's picture

It's possible your socks are worth more actually. I recommend going with a back up set of clothes so you can sell what your wearing to pay for the trip.

VD's picture

maybe those market participants had prayed a lot more than the others¿¿¿ yes, that must be it...

Frozen IcQb's picture

When it comes to wrecking the economy and creating inflation, the Fed people are amateurs compared to Chavez & Son.

Skateboarder's picture

Some day you won't be able to pay enough FRNs for dirty socks. Wherever I am, you will hear my lols that day.

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Best asset? Presidency of Venezuela

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Sure, because the power was out on the down days.

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Too bad they can't buy any toilet paper with all their profits.

Indian_Goldsmith's picture

Too bad electronic currency cant be used to wipe ass after shit

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Now there is a man who knows how to print. Maybe old Yeller needs to take a few notes from their central banker.

Agent P's picture

Still, not a very good year for Hugo Chavez. 

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I used my last 100,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe bank note to purchase the entire Caracas stock market.  Should be my best investment ever.  Can only go up now that I own it all.

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Chart looks like radiation levels for most of northern Japan for the year.

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How does it look, inflation-adjusted?

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It makes the 500 S&P points since last November seem insane, just less so.

Monetary policy seems to be of the mindset, "We'll just keep printing until we create a huge bubble and it pops>"

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if you say it fast enough, caracas sounds like crack ass

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Fuck, now you tell me, and I missed that one too.

firstdivision's picture

Buying some USO and selling SPY into the new year!  Peace out bitches!

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

people that like to short are soon to realize the meaning of infinite risk here in the USA also.


2013 was just a warmup, we will probably be up 2-3x this years move next year especially after the first sign of correction is met with frantic printing from yellen.  


how many points do you think the S&P will go up the day she announces the next increase in QE?  I am betting 100.

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I am surprised the BIS, Treasury, and Fed are not shorting it to make the dollar look better.

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30% is probably close to the actual devaluation of the dollar after FED transfers to foreign banks and counterfeiting. It will take a little while to actually hit the end user.

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My gun collection is probably worth more in reality than the Caracas stock market, and just wait until the day all the stock holders suddenly realize they're holding nothing but worthless IOU's....that will be funny.

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Where's the ETF for this one!?

dwayne elizando's picture

Make it a triple leveraged ETF! Max out your credit cards buying options on that triple leveraged ETF for a real win!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

For those with a fully developed Prefrontal Lobes, the "Best Asset of 2013" was...[drum roll]... BTC!

The rest may attack and have hissy fits.

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My those tulips look lovely!