And Now Gold Is Soaring

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Short-squeeze time? ... and suddenly CNBC goes quiet on the precious metals market movements.



The last 2 months has seen shorts pile back on in the futures market are squeezing in the fall...


We expect the BIS' Mikael Charoze, who is currently "red" after the recent gold slamdown, to promptly return to "green" at which point gold will once again mysteriously crash to its 2013 lows.

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Early fireworks. Happy 2014 ZH'ers.

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Why do the PM price and a stacker's proximity to the coin shop have an inverse relationship?  (Price goes up as you get closer; goes down as you get further away)

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To me it looks like silver has been the focus of the past few days. That's where the hammer has really been pounding.

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canada Selling Last FewbOf Its GOLD Coins Left (BOC Used TO Have 26 Mill Ozs)...

Bank of Canada's gold coins to be liquidated to help balance government's budget

Canada's first gold coins had barely been minted before Ottawa yanked them out of circulation a hundred years ago in an effort to stop gold from leaving the country during the First World War.

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Interesting read.


GoldMoney's Head of Research Alasdair Macleod - Precious Metals in 2014

I therefore come to two conclusions for 2014: that we are heading towards a second and unexpected financial and currency crisis which can happen at any time, and that the lack of gold ownership in welfare-driven economies is set to accelerate the rate at which a collapse in purchasing power may occur.

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Who the fuck classifies $7 as soaring???

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Probably people who are certain that down is manipulation and up is the squeeze that will crush JPM.

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Hey, $7 Bucks To The BUM At the Street Corner IS "SOARING!"...

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BTW ......... On SILVER

Check The Silver ETF, Has NOT Gone Down Any, While The GOLD Etf
Has Been Decimated.

(They Don't Seem To Give A Fuck About The Paper Price).

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Cheers, and while we're at it, HALLELUJAH!!!!

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Globe And Mail article here.

Canada sold all of its 400 tonnes gold stored in the Mint during previous Liberal and Conservative governments.  Partly due to disbelief in bullion as a diversification asset, and partly due to a bond market downgrade in the 1990's.

The Canadian dollar sufferred accordingly.

The Conservative economics model in Canada now consists of the central bank swapping government bonds for illiquid mortgage derivative contracts, mostly propping up the housing bubble and bank stock prices.

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I don't care what they tell me the price of gold & silver is.

I did have a chance to add to my collection on my recent trip though.  Just some more 80% and 90% junk plus some neat 1980 Mexican one ounce coin.  The dealer I started off with five years ago on the west coast told me when I went in to see him that it is extremely hard for him to come accross any sizable amount of junk silver now.  Hopefully they lose control of these markets in 2014 but even if they don't it's still inevitable.

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feel so glad about 1toz on my neck bought yesterday for btcs... happy new year guys...

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Somebody REALLY wants gold to close under $1,200 for the year.

They are trying REALLY hard at it.

Methinks thou doth protest too much...

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You guys are honestly high-fiving over a .74% gain today in gold and a .66% loss in silver?

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They've been trying for 6 months to pin silver below 18.60... A'int going to happen... Keep trying bitchez.

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Soaring indeed! Lulz

You paranoid loons have been barking about a dollar collapse for years.  Keep "stacking the phyz", we can beat the markets down at will.

If you want long term security, start running errands for your local Jewish community on Saturdays, we can always use a few more shabbos goy.

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Yawn. Trying too hard seems to just get you ignored troll. Perhaps you should try being a little more subtle and someone might pay you some notice.

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Who the fuck classifies $7 as soaring???


Might only be up 7 bux but it's 27 bux off the daily low. That might be "soaring".

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What % off the lows  - and is that soaring - perhaps an attempt at reverse propoganda?

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What % off the lows  - and is that soaring - perhaps an attempt at reverse propoganda?



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Off the daily low? Or off the 52 week low from...last week? Wake me up when it gets past $1500 again.

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Soaring like submarines!

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well , isn not really 7 , more like 25 ... but yeah , you are right , nothing compared to whats coming .... 

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First the Income Statement - then the Balance Sheet...


Signed, Qbz

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Tonight we're gonna party like it's Gold 10,000 FRN's


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At some point the Chinese are gonna protect their gold hedge by supporting the price.

Timing is a bitch (trust me, I dated her sister).

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I thought a short squeeze was something you did when you were with the missus and needed to last a bit longer?


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What Channel do they broadcast the 50-year old white guy flash mob instructions? Anyone?

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Mikael Charoze,



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"Why do the PM price and a stacker's proximity to the coin shop have an inverse relationship? "

Simple....turn off the GPS locator on your cell phone.

<NSA tip>

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They knocked it down this morning to make the point that they were in full control...

Oops, it looks like it may not be FULL control.

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Trading against Gartman's calls is MONEY-  thanks, CNBC!!! 

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The only reason paper gold exists is to torture that douche

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Ok guys, how many of you broke your piggy banks this morning and drove the price higher? I didn't even have time to get an order in with APMEX before the bounce. 

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It's funny how much the mainstream media covers gold these days and bashes it every chance they get. Who are the true gold bug fanatics? Look no further than the manipulators and mainstream media obsession with beating it down every chance they get.
Most PM investors don't care about this paper BS either direction, but just watch CNBC and Bloomberg trip all over themselves on days like this.

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hope they slam it down again.  I still got some major stackin' to do.

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Oopsee daisy!

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Volatility ahead, hold on people.

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Just want to let everyone know, I just checked, mine is still shiny.

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Lucky you, mines covered in tons of earthen brown.


Shorters soiled their pants on that move.

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We tried and tried to save them.  Their pants that is.

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...and what about your stack?

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Just look at the long term chart of gold and silver. Future volatility will probably be orders of magnitude higher.

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$7 drops are manipulation and $30 spurts are "normal".  love the comedy all the whiners on this board provide.

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Gold $800 ain't gonna happen my man.  How long did today's smash last?  Ten minutes, twenty?  The jig is up, they've lost control of the bull and he's having a good time in the china shop.