Iranian Billionaire Promoting "PetroGold" With Turkey Arrested

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Earlier this week, in "Why The Turkish Government May Be The Casualty Of A $119 Billion PetroDollar Loophole" we said "dare to mess with the Petrodollar and the wrath of the US government will hunt you down... sooner or later." Sure enough, after resulting in a Turkish government scandal, punishing its stock market and sending the Lira reeling, the blowback has reached Iran where billionaire Babak Zanjani was arrested yesterday on corruption charges, although in reality his chief transgression was allowing the Petrogold system to show that the Petrodollar is no longer irreplaceable.

Iran's PressTV reported that the Monday arrest comes after 12 Iranian lawmakers accused Babak Zanjani of corruption, calling for an inquiry into his financial activities in a letter to the heads of the three branches of the Iranian government. "Experts say Babak Zanjani’s estimated net worth is around USD 13.8 billion. The corporate mogul, aged nearly 40, owns and operates many holdings and companies, including the UAE-based Sorinet group, Qeshm Airlines and Rah Ahan Football Club in Iran." According to Head of Iran’s Supreme Audit Court Amin-Hossein Rahimi, Zanjani’s role in the course of transferring the country’s oil revenues involved breach of law.

"After sanctions were imposed against the National Iranian Oil Company, Iran had to export oil and they gave Babak Zanjani the task of exporting some of this oil worth around USD 3.0003 billion. The problem is that they were supposed to get collateral from him by law and this was not done. This is a violation," Rahimi said in a press conference.  Some other lawmakers believe Zanjani is part of a mafia that makes financial benefits out of the sanctions imposed against Iran. “Zanjani is not alone. There is a network of individuals. They are getting rich out of people’s misery caused by sanctions. There is corruption here,” said Iranian legislator Mohammad Reza Tabesh.

So, Zanjani was tasked to circumvent oil sanctions which he did for over a year, but now, for some inexplicable reason, he is arrested for not "getting collateral"?

Of course, that, however, is only half the story. For the full version we go to Turkey's Cumhuriyet newspaper which last week explained the full extent of Zanjani's "transgressions", the bulk of which involved allowing Iran to avoid the Petrodollar and promoting Petrogold.

This is how the real story goes as explained by Bloomberg:

  • Babak Zanjani, an Iranian blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury for evading Iran sanctions, denies Turkish media reports saying he was involved in illegal trade with people implicated in the country’s corruption probe, Turkey’s Cumhuriyet newspaper reports citing a letter from Zanjani.
  • Zanjani, who was used by Iranian govt to finance sales of Iranian oil, according to the U.S. Treasury, says he was involved in gold trade with Turkey
  • Zanjani says has a minor business relationship with Riza Sarraf, formerly Reza Zarrab, an Iranian-Azeri businessman who was arrested in the corruption probe. As a reminder, Sarraf was arrested two weeks ago along with children of two Turkish cabinet ministers, other senior bureucrats as part of a probe into accusations of graft, money laundering.
  • Zanjani says annual trade volume of his group of companies is around 7 billion euros; trade with Sarraf makes up a fraction of it
  • Zanjani says he made investments in Turkey due to “his confidence in Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s leadership”

And seeing how Erdogan's government is on the edge, and may fall any minute, that confidence appears misplaced, with the result being Zanjani's arrest. What is unknown is whether his detention was merely Iran no longer needing his assistance to promote the usage of petrogold as a bypass of the petrodollar system now that the Iranian sanctions have been lifted. The only question we have is how much of Zanjani's arrest was due to behind the scenes US influence making it clear that the Iranian detente will only take place - nuclear enrichment strawman forgotten - only if all those who made Petrogold possible are quitely put behind bars...

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Hold on.....let me find my shocked face.

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GOLD (not Terrists) IS The Major ###1 Enemy Of The US Power Vector...

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Banksters win again. Shocked face, indeed.

Xibalba's picture

I'm surprised they didn't crash his car or airplane.  Or just drone him. 

Dead Canary's picture

No, they need a villan to flog. (And confiscate his assets.)

Rafferty's picture

There is no way imaginable that he could have honestly made that kind of money before he even reached 40.

garypaul's picture

Maybe he made a little app for the iPhone

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dumbest thing I've read today (after reading a story where a state arrested a citizen for by-passing illegal sanctions imposed on them)

Not everyone was born to be a ditch digger, Rafferty.

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" Rahimi said in a press conference. Some other lawmakers believe Zanjani is part of a mafia that makes financial benefits out of the sanctions imposed against Iran. “

Hold on, I have to stop, so, companies that "benefit" from "imposed sanctions" are now called mafia members.   That's funny.   Since, it's the "western" companies that benefit so greatly from these sanctions.  I always knew they were fascists, but now I know, they're also mafia members.

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I found it!

>.<  Sorry that is for the precious metals take down

Here it is! ._.

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might this have somethng to do with the false peace deal they signed?  perhaps Zanjani was used as a bargaining chip.

bottom line: save, defend and push the petrodollar at all and any cost.

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Maybe some relationship here to the Gold/Silver smackdown?  It would be somewhat devious to crash the price of PMs after Iran had exchanged a bunch of oil for the stuff.  All related to sending the message to the world that the dollar is the one and only true King.

jimmytorpedo's picture

,.. All related to sending the message to the world that the OBAMA is the one and only true King.

--there fixed it for you

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

i think LTER had it right. This is much bigger and more important to TPTB than obama. The petrodollar is far more important to those who run things than anyone occupying the white house for a few years.

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Rob Kirby: When China Doesn't Get Their Gold - That's When This Ends 

Greg Hunter has conducted another very interesting interview and Rob Kirby points out one more time to the elephant in the room - derivatives market, which can be on fire once interest rates will start going up.

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Dealing with Iran is one thing. China,well that's another. Watched the other day, great interview.

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Get real dude! Not 1 derivatives contract will ever be paid. Stop worrying about that. They were all one-way deals and the money is in super-cars and prestigious real estate. The Fed will never let it happen. Always remember who rules the world.

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So we negotiated with Iran behind Saudi Arabia's back so we could protect the petrodollar?

NoDebt's picture

Don't look so shocked.  The fact we negotiated with Iran behind pretty much all of our allies' backs is not in question any more.  

The reasons for it.... I'll leave that up to your imagination.  Just remember it was another Obama special.

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He should be sentenced to death! The dollar must be the main currency for trades to settle. /sarcasm.

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I never thought Iran would sell out to the  banking cartel. It certainly appears that they are at this point. Of course they could just be buying time as they continue with their programs, it's hard to tell.

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I would like to remind you, good Dr.' that 'we' are dealing vith very corrupted/corruptible or terrified Iranian leaders/people in power, not the Iranian people or Iran per se.

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It could also be the opposite:

In the situation Iran was, there probably were no alternatives even if they already knew, that this man was a corrupt parasite. So they needed to wait for a situation, when he could be held responsible.


If that was the case, then this would be a sign of Iranian strenght (corruption not tolerated, even among those businessmen who have close relations to the government).

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The Bankster Cartel US Government must've been like, "Dudes look, you can keep your nukes and shit, we'll give you all the paper dollars you could ever want, hell, we'll even throw in some whores and bitches for you to fuck while we're at it...but JUST.DON'T.FUCK.with.the.[petro]dollar...just look at what we did to Saddam and Gaddafi".

I think that about sums up their "discussions".

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There are Iranian billionaires?

Rory_Breaker's picture

There were Zimbabwean billionaires too, so why not....

North Sea Cowboy's picture

Everyone in Zimbabwe was a Billionaire. Socialism works...

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Seemed like Libya was operating outside of the world BIS-Central bank network.  This PetroGold trade had to be outside too.

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All I hear from you, you spineless cowards, is how poor you are; how you can't afford my taxes. Yet somehow, you managed to find the money to hire a gunfighter to kill me. If ya got so much money, I'm just gonna have to take some more. Because clearly some of you haven't got the message! This is my town! I run everything! If you live to see the dawn, it's because I allow it! I decide who lives and who dies! [/John Herod]

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"Now longer" meaning "even more?"

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Stop using the petrodollar. The globalists are using it to steal your money and drive you into poverty. They do this by counterfeiting.

Trust technology not governments.

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Guess lucky for him. Arrest is better than jet crash. 

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That's until his Mercedes unexpectedly accelerates, then explodes.  Just sayin.

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He probably told their version of the FAA to shove the recall notice up their asses.

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'Petrodollar is now longer irreplaceable.'


Colonel Klink's picture

Typo and something that isn't caught by spellcheck.  A proofread would have though!

greatbeard's picture

>> A proofread would have though!

Very difficult, sometimes, proofreading your own chit.



Colonel Klink's picture

Agreed!  You know what you've written and the mind misses the mistake.

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In his Xmas interview with Turd Ferguson, Jim Willie talked about the Petro Yuan and that Iran will get around this by reporting their deals in Dollars but will continue to transact the deals in gold.


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This goes to show: no one is safe, not here inside the USD "system" or outside of it.
You may be "rich" but you are not safe anywhere. There is nowhere to go. Ask Kim Dotcom.
As long as the Federal Reserve exists, you, your children, your loved ones, anyone you know, anyone you love, are all threatened and are in grave danger from tyranny.

booboo's picture

You are correct sir and it is the primary focus of the NSA to track money not "tarist"

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Depends on your definition.
Anyone who threatens the Petro-dollar IS a 'terrorist', as the threat of the Dollar's GRC demise terrorizes its masters.

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The articel says Iranian authorities are accusing Babak Zanjani. There is no evidence presented that the US-government is involved in this.

Conspiracy theories might be true - however it's nice to have some reliable evidence, isn't it? 

Gordon_Gekko's picture

Yeah, you think the Iranian or the US Governments are openly going to declare their collusion. It's called connecting the dots, my friend.

saveandsound's picture

Connecting the dots might lead to the correct conclusions. However, in math you need proof, in science you need repeated positve test results and in history or politics you need at least sources.

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I am sure the Ayetollahs were looking at this guys wealth and just looking for an excuse to steal his billions and make it their billions.

saveandsound's picture

Yep, something like that. Ockham's Razor.

Gordon_Gekko's picture

Making investments today is like buying lottery tickets. Buying Gold today feels like you know (and are buying) in advance the ticket number that's going to win. When the matrix collapses, the skyrocket in Gold will shock each and every person on this planet.

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So Russia throws a few billionaires in prison for 10 years (and the govt. gets 'street cred' and not overthrown).

Iran throws a billionaire in 'prison'...the prison is probably a 5 star hotel.   Now no one attacks or overthrows Iran.

Do the billionaires in prison act as a scarecrow ?   It sure looks good to throw the 'rascal' into 'prison'.  They are all on the same side, no ?

Now that PetroGold is real...he did his job, and now Iran is protecting him, and the wheels keep turning.

Now the 'evil billionaire' is in prison the PetroGold will continue to be used by Iran and Turkey, and....

It looks like standard policy to throw a few billionaires in 'prison' for years and then the external political problems go away.  Simple.

This is the policiy and it works !

Keep stackin.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Looks like the NSA has been busy since if it was the inJust Us Dept they would have just had the account information including passwords given to them under the guise of 'national security'.

A new report has revealed that the personal email account of a top U.S. State Department whistleblower has been hacked and four years worth of incriminating emails alleging wrongdoing under Hillary Clinton’s years as secretary were deleted.

“The computer attack targeted the Gmail account of Diplomatic Security Service criminal investigator Richard Higbie, his lawyer, Cary Schulman,” told the New York Post.