The Bulls Got Moar Bullish-er

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With over 60% of those surveyed by Investors Intelligence now bullish, positive sentiment (or crowding, depending on your perspective) has risen once again and now to levels that are practically the highest ever. Perhaps even more crucial is the absolute dearth of bears leaving the Bull-Bear ratio at a record-busting level over 4x. The simple question, as we asked before, is - what happens when there's no one left to buy from?



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see "reversion to the mean".

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No shit man. I can't wait until a little thing called reality shows up with his cuban heels on and starts handing out crotch kicks.

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"As long as Gresham's law worked the money supply did not rise much and price level and exchange rate remained rather stable.  But after thegood money had been driven out, this changed and nothing could prevent a rise of exchange rate and prices." 

On Paper money inflation in Massachusetts 1703-1749

Monetary Regimes and Inflation - Peter Bernholz


Once the gold is exausted, the real fun begins. 


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Stocks are going to drop below DJ 16k while gold will move past 1300 in January.

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to the moon alice

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The simple question, as we asked before, is - what happens when there's no one left to buy from?

They play hot potato with the stocks, further driving prices up?  Reversion past the mean?  I don't really see other options, but then again, I'm not going to play the game.  Whatever happens, it could be bullish for popcorn. 

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It's called teh FED, they will buy to infinity....this question is stuoopid:


"The simple question, as we asked before, is - what happens when there's no one left to buy from?"

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The question wasn't 'whos going to buy?'  It was 'whos going to sell?'

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"The stimulation of the government's easy money spread through virtually all levels of the German economy.  The lif eof the inflation in it's ripening stages was a paradox which had it's own unmistakable characteristics.  One was the great wealth, at least of those favored by the boom.  These were the "profiteers" of whom everyone spoke... Side by side with the wealth were pockets of poverty.  Greater numbers of people remained on the outside of the easy money, looking in but not able to enter...

Paperwork and paperworkers proliferated.  Government workers abounded and heavy restraints against layoffs and discharges kept multitudes of redundant employees ostensibly employed...

Speculation alone, while adding nothing to Germany's wealth, became one of it's largest activities.  the fever to join in turning a quick mark infected nearly all classes, and the effort expended in simply buying and selling the paper titles to wealth was enormous.  Everyone from the elevator operator up was playing the market."

"Dying of Money" Jens O. Parsson

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Cramer called Bernanke a doctor! So there.

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Everyone is bullish! That's bullish, right? Everyone can't be wrong!

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This is going to be so hilarious when it all comes crashing down.   Or goes crashing up.  Which ever.

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"what happens when there's no one left to buy from?what happens when there's no one left to buy from?"

Not a problem.  Supreme Leader Yellen will simply ask that the Fed to be granted the 'emergency' authority to buy the dip...c'mon, she's got this!

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If there is an external shock right now, it could get quite interesting.

New plume of radioactive steam rising above Fukushima reactor #3:

Edit: from the Voice of Russia article:

TEPCO has admitted that "they do not know why this steam is being generated, but matter-of-factly revealed today (December 28) the steam was first spotted on December 19 for a short period of time, then again on December 24 and again on December 25".

The general held belief is that "pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, went into the spent fuel pool above the reactor and have begun melting down so seriously they are boiling off the water in the spent fuel pool".

Should this be the case "the situation could escalate rapidly out of control".

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I hope the Russians have the humanity to give regular Americans the truth if/when fukushima really starts blowing contaminants.  We sure as hell won't get the truth from the US government or Japanese. 

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There was a time long ago when this indicator actually meant something to me and I would start pulling money off the table. Now it's just moar useless noise.

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Exactly.  With a fed driven market, indicators no longer have any meaning. 

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Moar bullshitter! (The investor sentiment, not the article)

Good luck getting out the door when the stampede happens.  My spidey senses detecting a "muppeting" coming.

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My spidey senses detecting a "muppeting" coming.

Wall Street needs to take profits. Money tied up in worthless stock does not pay the $0.5 million bonuses!


We are about to see a true clusterfuck monkey wrench with Obamacare over the coming weeks. Hospital staff will not be paid, people without coverage unable to afford their medication, doctors are already cut to 6% payment for medicaid patients (what would your paycheck look like if you only received 6% of your normal pay). Most people will go into medicaid going forward so that should give you a clue about physicians income. The 10yr will continue to rise from current 3% level and Zero is still steering the ship. WHAT'S NOT TO BE BULLISH ABOUT? PARTY ON MORONS!   

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Yep it's coming and there will be a hit to GDP.

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"The simple question, as we asked before, is - what happens when there's no one left to buy from?"

Good question. The answer is...........the Fed. Or at least they will shift from covert equity purchases to overt a la the BOJ.

<Can I interest you in a REIT Madam Yellen?>

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sometime in the next few weeks, earnings season kicks in


oh wait, fuck it!!


doesn't matter

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It's starting to look like this is the peak of the market. The Dow, Nasdaq, S&P, and TSX indices are all down while gold and silver are up. My portfolio of miners is up about 4% today. This is very unusual.

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It's a one day change.  I'm not going to hold my breath here.  I expect little bumps like this to keep on happening, only for shit to go back up until everybody is fatigued waiting for some bullshit to happen.  Now, whether that bullshit is hyperinflation, or an outright crash (likely followed by Yellen hitting CTRL-P over and over in a panic,) I do not know.  In other words, we are going to be beaten with this retarded, bottom bouncing zombie economy with manipulated markets, looking at every small downturn only to be dissappointed when it doesn't materialize into something greater, until we wake up one morning and say "WTF just happened?"  It's been a slow grind, and it could continue to be so for a while.  Or not.  Either way, don't hold your breath. 

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hey man, they closed down, why aren't you out there in the after hours buying the shit out of this dip?


You just know they are going to be up 150% of todays down move come tomorrow. 

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"The simple question, as we asked before, is - what happens when there's no one left to buy from?"

Or what happens when there's no one left to sell to.