Four Key Lessons From 2013

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

1) Politicians believe there are no consequences for destroying our liberty...

Stimulus and response. That’s the easiest way of summing this up. When politicians steal, and there are no consequences, they’re going to keep stealing.

Cyprus proved this point handily. The government froze bank accounts for everyone in the country (of course, the big bosses got their money out in time). And yet, there was no violent revolution in the streets. People just accepted it.

Poland nationalized pensions. Argentina imposed severe capital controls. The French are taxing everything under the sun. The US government was caught red-handed spying on… everyone.

And yet, there have been ZERO consequences. Citizens have been trained like caged animals to simply roll over and acquiesce. I imagine the politicians are thinking, “Holy Cow! I can’t believe we just got away with that…”

It only reinforces their behavior. With each destructive act, they become more bold, more brazen in dismantling our liberties, confident that they can continue to act with total impunity.

2) ...Central bankers and economists believe there are no consequences to printing money…

The Fed expanded its balance sheet by $1.1 TRILLION in 2013, a whopping 38.5%. Nobody seems to mind. The stock market surged to all-time highs, the bond market remained stable, and everyone pronounced the ‘recovery’ was in.

I attended a dinner a few months ago where Ben Bernanke himself touted how much his quantitative had helped US economic conditions.

They really believe in what they are doing. They really believe that conjuring endless quantities of money out of thin air is the path to prosperity.

Not to mention, our modern society awards its most esteemed prizes for intellectual achievement to the likes of idiot savants like Paul Krugman who tell us that the Fed should be printing even MORE money. And people listen to him.

So we can only expect Ben “I can raise interest rates in 15 minutes” Bernanke, and his heir apparent Janet Yellen, to give us more of the same.

3) ...Investors think there are no consequences to deficits, or debasement...

In 2013, headlines like “the US deficit is -only- $700 billion” were actually considered good news.

And markets have given all of these fiascos a pass– from the government shutdown to record-shattering debt levels to downgrades by the rating agencies. AA became the new AAA in 2013.

Nobody cares that the US government ‘borrowed’ a record amount of money from the Social Security Trust Fund. Or that they spent a record amount just to pay interest on the debt at a time when interest rates are at all-time lows.

Rather, they just keep investing… without a single thought to the possible risks. The fear of missing the big boom is greater than the fear of losing money. But then again, it’s not their money at risk. It’s yours.

4) ...But Joe Six-Pack knows this is all crap.

In 2013, the collective net worth of the 300 richest people in the world grew to $3.7 trillion, 16.5% higher than 2012. Corporate profits were also at record levels.

Fortune 500s, the super-rich, rich, and even upper middle class have largely been beneficiaries of the central bank induced asset bubble.

But everyone else is getting hammered by inflation… watching their savings and livelihoods melt away before their very eyes.

A report from the US Census Bureau this year showed that median household income has declined for five straight years. And those living in poverty, using food stamps, or receiving unemployment benefits remained at record high levels in 2013.

Meanwhile, the wealth gap has grown to its largest since 1929– the year of that fateful financial collapse.

It’s time for a reality check: something is wrong with this picture.

We’ve become desensitized to everything. “Unprecedented” monetary policy. Record debts. Massive wealth gap. Government surveillance. Theft. Deceit. Inflation.

We’ve become so accustomed to getting screwed, it’s just par for the course now. We sit quietly and wait for the next round of beatings, shrugging it all off as the new normal.

This isn’t normal. This is not how a free society is supposed to function.

A free society does not spy on its own people, threaten them with drone assassination, and award an unelected banking elite with supreme authority to rob purchasing power from the masses in favor of a bubbly stock market.

And despite the conventional wisdom, this is not a consequence-free environment.

History is full of examples of entire nations that reached their breaking points… shouting from the rooftops “I’m mad as hell! And I’m not going to take it anymore!”

2013 already saw violent unrest in some of the most stable countries in the world like Singapore and Sweden, all underpinned by absolute disgust for the status quo.

Whether today or tomorrow, this year or next, there will be a reckoning. The system is far too broken to repair, it must be reset.

It’s simply absurd to look at the situation objectively and presume this status quo can continue indefinitely… that this time is different… that we’re somehow special and immune to universal principles.

This is not some prediction for doom and gloom. Far from it.

It’s actually a message of optimism. For the sooner these crackpot criminal politicians and their central banking ilk are stricken from power, the better off we’ll all be.

Unfortunately there’s going to be quite a bit of turmoil to get there.

Here’s to 2014. It’s going to be a hell of a year.

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PrecipiceWatching's picture

5) Banner year for the Free Shit Army.  And for those cheering for America's demise; present company included.

NotApplicable's picture

Why should anyone care about consequences when we are so far beyond the looking glass?

When a population has been rendered powerless via inflation, they can only serve the purposes of their masters (entropy induced chaos), never their own (living within a harmonious society).

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All QE is is dilution of real assets by MOAR dollars.  Its like a stock split where you have 1000 shares of XYZ worth $100 each and then it splits and now you have 2000 shares at $50.  QE is nothing more than a stock split, except you don't get the extra shares.  You now still have 1000 shares of XYZ but they are suddenly now only worth $50.

aVileRat's picture

Nailed it.

One problem: 99% have no clue what a stock split is, and are just happy that the STICKER PRICE is "cheaper". In their frame of reference they want to buy more because they see things either growing cheaper or others buying more and they want to keep up with the Jonses. 'Animal spirits' in 1 sentence.

Starting to think Bloomberg was on to something. 1 human is rational, kind and polite. People are panicky, tribalistic and opinionated. The Supersize option was designed for those who want to share meals, not single serve consumption or in multiple serve per sitting.Nobody ever thought a 1970's human could drink a 1L drink cup in 1 sitting.

Greed made them not only drink and eat beyond their means and made it culturally necessary to consume BIG, because it's on the menu. Everyone thinks that supersize is 'value' and all go for the option for fear of either being left behind or being percieved to be 'cheap' or inferior. They will think this option is the best for them, even though they can not possibly hope to use that many calories.

Now lets expand this to the big-box superstore. We know reasonable people will continue to buy themselves into default, despite never needing 99% of what they buy. Now go one level deeper, will they demand more forward earnings growth beyond what the world can reasonably produce ? Well, we somehow saw Wells Fargo whining that Apple's margins are not good enough at 40%+.

So, are we there yet ?

The big question is 2014 going to be the year when people realize that yes, this is a political inflicted drama. Nobody has yet said "enough" yet. Politics of proportion, expectations management and structural reform are all about perception, and by extension what the people are willing to accept for leadership.



WarriorClass's picture

We can expect to see more of what we’ve already been seeing. For most people, that will mean a “progressive” ratcheting down of quality of life, and the lowering of expectations. What we won’t see is some “great awakening” or a dramatic change in leadership or direction. The people who run America aren’t going to “come to their senses.” As America declines and becomes a failed or failing state, the corporations and businessmen and bureaucrats who run it will continue to preach globalism and multiculturalism and feminism. They will continue to condemn anything that could be considered racism or tribalism—especially among whites—until they are safely in the minority. They will continue to condemn “male sexism” and continue to promote any kind of go-girl female sexism that emasculates or devalues men. They will continue to promote reverence for their own academic priest class while condemning as “extreme” any religious belief that challenges the moral authority of progressive beliefs. They will continue to promote dependence on the State for security and income and healthcare—for life itself. And, no matter how many “conflicts” they escalate or how many people they kill or imprison or how militarized their police state thugs become, they will officially continue to condemn “violence.” They will continue to do all of this because it makes perfect sense for them. If you were the rulers and toadies of a nation in decline, whose people were bound to lose wealth and status and you wanted to protect your own interests and keep your heads, why would you not want to keep those people separate, emasculated, weak, dependent, faithless, fearful and “non-violent?” Figureheads may come and go, but I see absolutely no reason why the message will change. Many of you may see yourselves as civilized men. Sane men in an increasingly insane, vulgar and barbaric world. But you’re wrong! You are the new barbarians. The official message will continue to be that: • If you believe that all men are not created equal • If you believe that free men should have access to firearms • If you believe the government cannot be trusted to regulate every aspect of your life • If you believe that race means blood and heritage — not just “skin color” • If you see that men and women are different and believe they should have different roles • If you believe that men should act like men • If you believe that gay pride parades and gay marriage are ridiculous • If you believe in some “old time religion” If you believe any or all of those things, then, according to the State and corporations, the Academia and the media, you are a stupid, psycho, hillibilly, Neo-Nazi, woman-hating, wife-beating, homophobic throwback, reactionary Neanderthal. You know it. Dance to it. Make it a techno remix. Because make no mistake: you are dangerous, traitorous and quite possibly seditious. Well, I’m reminded of the words of rapper Eminem: I am whatever you say I am If I wasn’t then why would I say I am Im the paperm the news, every day I am Radio won’t even play my jam It doesn’t matter what you think you are. You are whatever they say you are. They control the message. No matter how reasonable you think your message is, the radio is not going to play your jam. No matter what you think you are, to them, you are the barbarians. So own it… be it. And, if you’re going to be the barbarians, then start thinking like barbarians. What does that mean? What does it mean to be a barbarian? Classically speaking, a barbarian is someone who is not of the State, of the polis. The barbarian is not properly civilized — according to the prevailing standard of the State. His ways are strange and tribal. The barbarian is an outsider, an alien. How must a man’s thinking change, when he is alienated by the State of his birth? How does a man go from being a man of the polis to an outsider — a barbarian — in his own homeland? These are important questions because if you see no viable political solution to the inane and inhuman trajectory of the progressive state — and I don’t — then any meaningful change is going to require a lot more than collecting signatures or appealing to the public’s “good sense” or electing the right candidate. What you need is to create a fundamental change in the way that men see themselves and their relationship with the State. Don’t worry about changing the state. Change the men. Cut the cord. And let them be born to a state of mind beyond the state. Show them how to become barbarians and break the sway of the state.

PrecipiceWatching's picture

Gold Star Rant!

Two Americas.

Secession is the only thing that excites me at this point.

TheReplacement's picture

Secession has no chance of success.  All it would do is buy a bit of time before being overrun.  Besides, secession would necessarily be extremely violent.  If you are going to bother with that level of violence go for the whole thing.

Canoe Driver's picture

You are 99% right, on just about every point, including feminism, gay marriage, etc. With one exception, you have nearly written a viable political platform. Unfortunately, your argument about race is a losing one. It has been reduced to just color, which is why it must become irrelevant. The vast majority of people of every color have no notion of heritage, blood, tribe, etc. It has lost nearly all meaning. People merely connect based on skin, hair and eye color. It's far more idiotic than you can imagine. I have a co-worker who was disappointed that one of his daughters was born with brown hair.

The simple truth is, if there is to be any better future, these distinctions will simply have to be let go.

Rusty Diggins's picture

I wish I could Diebold the arrow system for this one reply.  Plus until my finger falls off.

klockwerks's picture

Thank you and really well said very true. Thanks

janus's picture


and change is a-commin'.

my only hope is that the enemies of middle-class-america are far more in-your-face as the reaction approaches.  and i can sleep soundly knowing that they will; being on a moral crusade and all, it's imperative that they hack all infidels into submission.  but it's hard to think this wasn't all a set-up from the beginning; it's almost as-if 'progressiveism' has coded within it a refusal to comprehend mankind at his most basic level...almost as-if entropy was the very aim at its origins.

the people are starting to smart from the burn...shouldn't be long now.

great post, btw.

the nurse should not/

be the one who puts salt in your wounds/

but it's always with trust/

that the poison is fed with a spoon,



Sudden Debt's picture

Free shot army.... I talked to my retired family members during my vacation and they're pretty sure all will be free for the entire lenght of their lives. A easy 30 more years. After that of cours it's very gloomy and dark for the rest of us, that they understand.

People only understand when they don't need it.
And when they don't need it, 99% doesn't give a fuck.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Common denominator of the well pensioned is an expectation of forever.

When it's not forever, it doesn't get covered.  We won't hear much of what will be worded as "the few Detroit pensioners who suffered some mild reduction in benefits".

Freddie's picture

Sweden riots were due to the NWO letting muzzies flood into Sweden.   These parasites always want more.  Singapore was immigrant workers.  Send em all home - problem solved.

Joe Davola's picture

AP story that in my local paper didn't mention anything about a mosque, etc. - just sayin'

25or6to4's picture

When I was an exchange student to Sweden thirty plus years ago the authorities let it be known to me in no uncertain terms the day and the date my visa expired and thus was expected to leave the country. Now it seems the only visa needed is the right amount of melanin which gives one an unlimited stay and expense account via the Swedish tax payers. Seems this policy has turned their once quiet cities into mini versions of Chicago with daily shootings and violence unheard of back in the days of my youth.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

It's the age of rage, get your share. Just prepare and be as self sufficient as you can because when this bitch blows no one is gonna take care of you from the government, and the majority of gum chewing mongoloids won't know what hit them.

lordbyroniv's picture

my uncle is a retired school teacher and I shit you not...takes 4 Carnival Cruises a year off his pension and Social Security.


Life looks good as far as the eye can see for him.


For me...not so much.  :(


Born 30 years too late.

XitSam's picture

If you're self-sufficient, the government will come around and take what you have you dirty Kulak!  How dare you have more than other people!  This nation was built on everyone being equal and to make you equal you must give up what you own.

adolf's picture

Get it into your pea size brains that the jews don't give a shit.

They will promise you free money and everlasting life.  They will keep on doing it, they will never, ever stop.  It's what they do, it's who they are.  It's who they were 2000 years ago, it's who they will be 2000 years from now.

And Americans were dumb enough to believe them.  Reap what you sow.

NoDebt's picture

Hey, Francis, welcome back.  We've missed your smiling face around here the last couple months.

Grande Tetons's picture

At least the new name fits. 

I was hoping he would come back as Mel Gibson. 

Seasmoke's picture

Lighten up, Francis. 

Joe Davola's picture

You're our big toe, Seasmoke!

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Don't call me Francis CALL ME PSYCHO! And I also don't like to be touched. Any of you touch me, and ill kill ya!

You were quoting stripes right?

StychoKiller's picture

Watch it, I'm pretty tetchie about my moniker! :>D

Canoe Driver's picture

The New York establishment gave up Madoff because he was a Jew. Hundreds of Wasp bankers doing exactly the same thing. Not that I dispute your thesis that the Jews don't give a shit, just that no one at all gives a shit. P.s., I'm not Jewish (disclaimer for the ad hominem crowd.)

XitSam's picture

Francis, you misspelled "joos".

NoDebt's picture

"I imagine the politicians are thinking, “Holy Cow! I can’t believe we just got away with that…”

Yeah, I'll second that.  That's why I know it's going to keep getting worse.

undercover brother's picture

may as well get your next years version of this story ready.  just change the dates to 2015, just like you did in for 2014.  same shit, different year.   

Kaiser Sousa's picture

nice how they got the Silver price back down under $20 after the close of the Crimex with no volume in the aftermarket...

fucking hilarious....


more for me assholes........

Dr. Engali's picture

"History is full of examples of entire nations that reached their breaking points… shouting from the rooftops “I’m mad as hell! And I’m not going to take it anymore!"


As long as people have their igadgets, a flatscreen teevee to watch their daily distraction, a place to publicize their ugly ass selfies that nobody gives a shit about, their monosodium glutamate enriched Cheetos, and their piss water they call beer, they will take whatever shit TPTB dish at them.

kaiserhoff's picture

What do you have against Clydesdale Piss?

Cant see me's picture

Yup, but it is when they don't have that shit that scares me.

XitSam's picture

I've been saying that people (middle America not FSA) will need to be hungry before they activate. Like two days without food hungry.

Unfortunately, they will demand that the government do something.

disabledvet's picture

I've been on script Version 7 of Lord of the Ding(bats) where Gandalf takes the Ring for himself and turns all the Hobbit Drarfs into a bunch of rampaging lunatics who cast all the other characters into the Ring of Fire then all get together for a good laugh at the end. Wanna here my pitch for Superman 2.0 "Ripe for the Taking"? (hint, contains the line "man of steal"...but you'll have to wait for the movie to see how it all turns out in the end.)

Dr.Evil's picture

Hey, they caught one crooked banker!

Too bad it's not Jamie, this guy stoled only 21M not T!

disabledvet's picture

that's not even bonus money. I would have given the guy a warning and told him slow it down next time. "this is a school zone ya know...that is a mighty fine Ferrarai though."

Zymurguy's picture

The egos of the uber-elite / controlling cartels will be their undoing.  It's impossible for them to work in complete harmony and in sync amongst themselves, so each will inherently try to out do the others.  They WILL over do it and when they do the public will rise up and execute them.

Seasmoke's picture

And you think the public will be in sync and harmony ????

El Vaquero's picture

If shit goes BOOM, too many will have no clue what just hit them.  They won't know what to do without a strong personality telling them what to do.  Make of that what you will, but be prepared. 

Al Huxley's picture

The public will rise up against whoever the propaganda machine tells them is responsible for their misery.  I don't know who the scapegoat will be but it won't be the biggest beneficiaries of this wealth transfer, that much I'm sure of.

TheReplacement's picture

If you are in a poker game and you are wondering who the mark is...

Jonas Parker's picture

One thing the banksters will learn for sure - karma can be hell at payback time!

Al Huxley's picture

Why does everybody keep thinking that the super-rich are going to pay for their crimes?  They own the fucking system, they're going to direct the energy and anger of the masses at some convenient scapegoat, from the safety of their gated palaces.

NOTfromSanFrancisco's picture




Agreed... As they have been using scapegoats and scapegoat events very effectively for many years now...

It will take a supernatural event to derail the ubber 1%ers... Until then, keep looking over your shoulder... And overhead...

John_Coltrane's picture

What too many forget is that they die just as certainly as anyone else and they can't buy the most valuable of all things, time.  And like so many of lesser wealth, they will realize they never really lived-accomplished nothing of any impact.  And further, you can't take it with you!  So, I can't really envy them.

So, they OWN nothing.  Only great ideas and inventions transcend the finite human lifetime.  Anyone remember who built the Taj Mahal?

walküre's picture

Just remember, 2014 will be the greatest year yet. The script is in play. The propaganda is in hyperdrive. Every channel in every industrial nation is cheering the same tune. You better believe it! This is like "green shoots" on steroids. It has worked for the elite since 2009. Every step of the way. Every piece of propaganda was coordinated around the world and has given the elite more powers, more wealth and more dependent people and nations.

The pigs are soaked in paper and they're loving it! More and higher levels of Debt are making them bigger than ever.

99% own nothing and 1% own everything including resources, governments and trade.

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in shackles.

Still the same since Rousseau first said it