Friday Trivia: How Many Rounds Of Golf Has Obama Played Since Taking Office?

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The answer: 160.

For the full breakdown of Obama's favorite pastime, and his preferred golfing buddies can be found after the jump.


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Oh, what a fun article.  Just re-visited my highly partisan remarks earlier on the NSA thread..  Demoscrats don't seem to have much of a sense of humore do they?  Not when they are the butt of the joke,


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Barry and Marvin sittin' in a tree...

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Technically, Obama doesn't play golf; he plays AT golf.

His game is an embarrassment.

You'd think after all the rounds he's played, he'd have gotten better.

A metaphor for his administration?...


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Every day playing golf is another day he's not actively screwing the country so as far as I'm concerned he can play through the end of his term just so I don't have to watch another presser where this retard reads a teleprompter to a bunch of syncophants with press credentials, just waiting to fondle his balls for the sake of touching the Annointed One.  Fuck you up Reggie if you want a Hole in (the) One...

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Fuck this, it's not salacious enough.  I want to know how many dicks the president has sucked since occupying the throne as King America.  How many furlongs of cock have passed through his lips?  That's what I want to know.

I am Chumbawamba.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Man plays golf like he plays POTUS - poorly and with no prospect for improvement.

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Plays like Charles Barkley gave him lessons.

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The Halfrican has no game.

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What's with that picture?  Is he trying to show off where Bernie Goetz put a bullet in his ass?

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This chart shows that the further into his presidency he goes, the less necessary and needed (more a liabillity) he is to those in the inner circle who actually run the show. Can you imagine the pull this ass would have in the DC sosial set without the robes of office? These rounds are to curry favour, not to rekindle old friendships. Soon as its over, Barry will be wiped like a butt. Once the job is done, he'll be flushed then completely forgotten.

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While this fucker is supposed to be proof that every race has its Gilligan, that picture of the banksters' cocksucker-in-chief is hillarious.


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You can’t do a decent job running a hot dog stand much less a country like this if you vacation and golf as much as this clown.

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Bush stopped golfing out of respect for the troops....but Barry was able to able to destroy a country AND still hit the links.....advantage Obama.

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But his twerking game is way off!

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According to GolfSyles Magazine an avid golfer plays an average of 51 rounds per year. Over a five year period that would be 255 rounds. Casual golfers play 18-20 rounds/yr. Obama falls between casual and avid.

As the supposed leader of the free world, Obama should be focused on matters of more importance. However, when in reality our Pres is truly not in charge, he has plenty of time for leisure activities. In my opinion the number of rounds he plays is more indicative of the status of his marriage than his performance as President. I'll give him a mulligan on this golf issue.

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My dog raises a leg when he wants to pee. 

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Fascinating Likeness.

I can't believe they would have the guts to do it right, but Speilberg marches to a different drum.

Wouldn't that beat the bugs a fightin'?

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He's got the easiest job in the world. Just let Valerie, the banksters and the CIA tell him what to do, where to go and what to say and then go get some "Reggie" or golf on.


"The guillotine can be viewed as a criminal trash removal tool."

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These people are truly high on themselves.  Flying around on Air Force one and playing golf at all those military installations.  Have fun while it lasts assholes.

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Way more than 160 for sure, but not as many as the legendary Ball of Flamer, Barney Frank, who was inducted into Poopertown on the first ballot.


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He's going to get neutered after the 2014 mid-terms when his party's congresscritters get reamed new assholes over their support for the mess that is Obamacare. The Dims will probably lose the Senate, and lose more seats in the House. So I expect his number of golf games to increase dramatically during his last two lame-duck years.

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Going through the motions.

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I'm gonna guess that Obozo has never been good at anything but smokin weed and smokin pole.

Can we get a list of who he has been doing that with?

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They don't even know how many people have enrolled in Obamacare (nor do they care).  You think they are gonna give you a tally on THAT shit?

Normalcy Bias's picture

He's like Kim Jong IL on the golf course. Cocooned by 'Yes-Men,' what need is there for lessons? Mother F'r makes Judge Smails look like an honest man. "Winter Rules!"

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Only a president could get 18 holes in one in one round.

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I'm just wondering as a statist redistributionist, how many strokes he gives to his competitors out of his uber-liberal progressive altruistic beliefs?
How many does he get from everybody else who earned them on their own?
All of 'em. He takes them all.

Betcha betcha betcha

Nope, the libtards have absolutely no sense of humor, no capacity to laugh with others or at themselves. 
They smirk at others.
It's a genetic deficiency.
That's probably best cured through the Soros/Gates eugenic processes.

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I'm just wondering, as a taxpayer, how much each game costs us after figuring in all the expenses, like transportation, security, etc.

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And I'm wondering, as a taxpayer, how much it costs us each minute he isn't playing golf.

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He does look comfortable with that shaft in his hand, even if he can't swing it properly. Maybe he prefers using his putter.

gwar5's picture

They sure don't. They are terminally bitter and stupid.

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Are your referring to the Obama phone flying from the hip, media laughter, or the divot that created labor to fix climate change endangerment?

kaiserhoff's picture

How many has he paid for?

knukles's picture

Not a damned one.

It's good to be King


Edit:  I wonder whose balls he plays with?

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

If Obummer gets free games, he should donate the money to: The Negro Fund of America

BlackChicken's picture

I wonder what OUR cost per round really is..

Whatever it is, it's probably cheaper than having him "working."

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Pres Obama has taken 14 vacation trips spanning all or part of 92 days,at the same point in office, Pres. GWBush had made 50 visits to this Texas Ranch totaling all or part of 323 days.

gwar5's picture

I guess O used all that extra time to spend $7 Trillion more in debt. Wish he would spend more time on an island. Maybe they have a golf course on Malta. 



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Exile the fucker to St. Helena and let 'im build his own damned golf course. But dat muss be rayciss to suggest that he pick up a shovel and perform manual labor on his own behalf.

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Why the downvotes? This is historical fact. I remember the first MONTHS as president Bush spent most of the time in TX, and some people were wondering what the hell was he dong down there?

They found out really quick come September 9th.

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Five years in and still Bush's fault. Blame, blame, thank god Obama has the Obama care to blame on Bush.

Obama spent his entire first year working on it and then spent almost four years lying about it and I am sure you are going to accuse someone else for its roll out.


But my god do not talk about how much time Barrack Hussein Obama, the first African American President, spends not doing his fucking job.

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I think you know the answer to why

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And how much does it cost for W to visit his OWN house compared to TeleNegro and Wookie's vacations?  Going home 6 times a year on average, yeah what a slacker.  Sheesh.

NoDebt's picture

Thank you, Blano.  I am no GWB defender, but visiting your own house isn't exactly a vacation.

GeezerGeek's picture

Do now we're comparing two douches to see which is douchier?