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How The Obamacare Rollout Is Really Being Experienced

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As the New Year brings the actual implementation of Obamacare, it appears in reality things are not as great as many were promised. A recent Gallup survey found that only 7% called their Obamacare experience "very positive" with a stunning 29% seeing it "very negative." But as The Daily Mail found, from Northern Virginia hospitals turning away sick people because they can't determine whether their Obamacare insurance plans are in effect to high deductibles and long waits for authorizations; as many as one-third of the administration's claimed 2.1 million enrollees remain unsure of their coverage. The 'lie of the year' in 2013 may be even bigger in 2014.


Via Mail Online,

No one knows if they are covered...

Hospital staff in Northern Virginia are turning away sick people on a frigid Thursday morning because they can't determine whether their Obamacare insurance plans are in effect.


Patients in a close-in DC suburb who think they've signed up for new insurance plans are struggling to show their December enrollments are in force, and health care administrators aren't taking their word for it.


In place of quick service and painless billing, these Virginians are now facing the threat of sticker-shock that comes with bills they can't afford.


'They had no idea if my insurance was active or not!' a coughing Maria Galvez told MailOnline outside the Inova Healthplex facility in the town of Springfield.


She was leaving the building without getting a needed chest x-ray.



'The people in there told me that since I didn't have an insurance card, I would be billed for the whole cost of the x-ray,' Galvez said, her young daughter in tow. 'It's not fair – you know, I signed up last week like I was supposed to.'

The x-ray's cost, she was told, would likely be more than $500.


And no one knows for sure of those who signed up - how many have actually paid?

Galvez said she enrolled in a Carefirst Blue Cross bronze plan at a cost of about $450 per month through, three days before Christmas.


'No one has sent me a bill,' she said.


Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified... 'Some may have paid, some may have not,'


The government's advice?...

"We're telling consumers if they're not sure if they're enrolled they should call the insurer directly," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney old reporters on December 2.


But the insurers are overwhelmed by the numbers...

The Washington Post reported that day that because of computer glitches in the 'back end' of, enrollment records for as many as one-third of new insurance customers were corrupted or otherwise contain errors.


Given the Obama administration's latest claim that 2.1 million have signed up nationwide, that means as many as 700,000 Americans might falsely believe they have a current health insurance policy.


Mary and others like her, who took the time to enroll but may not follow the daily flood of news about Obamacare, likely don't know one way or the other.


'Why is this so complicated?' she asked. 'I had my own private insurance last year, but they cancelled me in November. I'm not sure which end is up.'


Private industry estimates put the number of policy cancellations as high as 4.7 million in the last quarter of 2013, mostly involving health care plans that didn't meet the Affordable Care Act's strict minimum standards.


How Life Changes Affect Your Care?

How Long Will Doctors Keep Providing Service For Free?

President Obama has attracted widespread criticism, and a 'lie of the year' award from one newspaper's fact-checker, for promising that Americans who liked their health plans would be allowed to keep them.


Dr. John Venetos, a Chicago gastroenterologist, told the Associated Press on Thursday that he is seeing 'tremendous uncertainty and anxiety' among his patients who signed up for Obamacare plans but don't have insurance cards.


'They’re not sure if they have coverage,' Venetos said. 'It puts the heavy work on the physician.'


'At some point, every practice is going to make a decision about how long can they continue to see these patients for free if they are not getting paid.'


But even then... people have apparently been misled into believing Obamacare is 'affordable' - it appears not...

Her Carefirst plan, identified on the Obamacare website as BlueChoice Plus Bronze, carries a $5,500 per-person deductible for 2014 – an amount she would have to pay out-of-pocket before her coverage would apply to medical expenses.




A similar situation frustrated Mary, an African-American woman small businesswoman who asked MailOnline not to publish her last name. She was leaving the Inova Alexandria Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia with two family members.


'I had chest pains last night, and they took me in the emergency room,' Mary said. 'They told me they were going to admit me, but when I told them I hadn't heard from my insurance company since I signed up, they changed their tune.'


She told MailOnline that a nurse advised her that her bill would go up by at least $3,000 if she were admitted for a day, and her doctor told her the decision was up to her.

As Gallup found:

Fifty-nine percent of Americans told Gallup pollsters that they have had negative experiences with the Affordable Care Act, according to the public opinion giant's latest survey.


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Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:30 | 4297980 Motorhead
Motorhead's picture

Obamacare, bitchez!  (You asked for it, you got it!)

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:38 | 4298010 Ying-Yang
Ying-Yang's picture

The website is so bad they must have planned it to be.

As a database website programmer you would have to do this on purpose to end up this way. I could tell you the obvious but go play on it yourself and see what a billion dollars of our tax dollars has bought.

So getting passed all this. The Great 2014 Employee Dump onto the Marketplace is coming to an economy near you.

Then guess what happens?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:39 | 4298017 Spungo
Spungo's picture

Doctors all move to a cash-only system that causes prices to come down?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:43 | 4298026 Beam Me Up Scotty
Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

This is just the roundabout way of herding us into single payer. They couldn't take the direct approach, so here we are. Then they will slap another payroll tax onto your paycheck. You WILL pay us. BitcheZ!

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:51 | 4298042 Rainman
Rainman's picture

Bring it ! ....Free Shit Army morale is gettin' LOW !

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:57 | 4298072 DosZap
DosZap's picture

The issue is the welfare state Wictums,thought SIGNING UP gave them coverage,they failed to make the payments for coverage upon sign up.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:09 | 4298122 zaphod
zaphod's picture

Pretty sure most of those whinning in this article voted for this program. They get what they deserve.

BTW, those who signed up, but were then denied health care and later develop complications will probably end up sueing the governement, causing me to have to pay for this twice....

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:17 | 4298136 Colonel Klink
Colonel Klink's picture

My schadenfreude has been aching all day.  Anyone know if it's covered under Obamanationcare?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:43 | 4298196 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

He's really showing us how much he cares. It must be getting ready to blow

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:03 | 4298249 NoDebt
NoDebt's picture

Like I said before, DYING time is here.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:53 | 4298373 wee-weed up
wee-weed up's picture



Not to worry...

Obama's sycophant MSM will be all over this news!


Sat, 01/04/2014 - 02:33 | 4299172 dunce
dunce's picture

The worse this gets the better. Elections are determined by the middle because the right and left are roughly equal. These swing voters put the democrats in complete power for the first two years. They need to suffer big time to learn the error of their ways.

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 05:51 | 4299299 mc225
mc225's picture


Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:41 | 4298497 philipat
philipat's picture

When the "Normal" cost of an X-Ray is $500, you know that Obamacare is only part of the problem. It will fail for the very reason that it neither understands, nor addresses, the fundamental problems with healthcare in the US, which is more than double the cost of other OECD countries yet with worse outcomes. In fact, it is SO poorly designed and implemented that one would be forgiven for thinking that it was actually designed to fail, so that a "Single Payer" system could "Come to the rescue". At that pont, .Gov would control about 65% of The US economy, slightly higher than that well known capitalist enclave; France.

  1. Medicaid will boom (Unbudgeted). Physicians seeing Medicaid patients will dramatically decline so these patients will present at A&E, the most costly way. This will push up Provider costs which will push up premiums.
  2. The young will not enroll. Why would they when they can now enroll if necessary if they get seriously ill?
  3. That results in "Adverse selection" whereby only the old and those already sick will enroll. That will push up Insurer costs and increase premiums.
  4. The increased premiums will result in fewer people enrolling going forward, especially the young.
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Incidentally, according to the NYT, Physicians comprise around 17% of the top 1% of income earners in the US.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:51 | 4298536 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

Just a small point on #2 is for all that do not enroll...if they need care during the non-enrollment period (9 months in the year) then they will be outside all plans.  The wait-to-get-sick plan only really works well for 3 months every year.

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 13:02 | 4299827 drchris
drchris's picture

Unless, of course, a certain somebody decides they want to change the "law" again. Deadlines have been fairly meaningless thus far.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 23:19 | 4298725 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Stare & compare.

Think it's not related to ACA. FFS, I can't quit laffin. 

GIS - Cornucopia, BHO, DF

GIS Wired - GMO


Sat, 01/04/2014 - 19:50 | 4300517 fedupwhiteguy
fedupwhiteguy's picture

when that is set up, then all they will have to do is redefine what "mentally ill" is.

"Obama proposes gun control measures for mentally ill"

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:50 | 4298043 Ying-Yang
Ying-Yang's picture

Bingo Spungo.... most of my doctors are considering this.

Go long black market healthcare... the new normal.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:43 | 4298339 mofreedom
mofreedom's picture

I believe companies will pool the dollars they once sent to the insurance companies into a cooperative network of doctors and insurance, no value-added-less paper-pushers...simply letting doctors do what they do without demoralization.

Health insurance ain't a benefit if there ain't no health.

Make it Work!!!

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:47 | 4298368 max2205
max2205's picture

My dog says his vet is excellent. ...I am calling after this Colorado weed wears off....whew!

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:51 | 4298049 Parrotile
Parrotile's picture

Quality healthcare comes with a quality healthcare price tag.

If you expect a "budget" price tag you can expect "budget quality" healthcare. The best providers can, and will, expect "appropriate compensation" - those Porsche Cayennes don't grow on trees you know.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:52 | 4298065 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  Doctors all move to a cash-only system that causes prices to come down?

Dream on.   More likely:  Doctors hire sociopaths who figure out how to loot ACA like they have Medicare for the last 40+ years.

Life is about screwing the dumbasses.   If you look around the table (of life) and can't see the looters that's how you know you're one of the dumbasses being screwed.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:31 | 4298161 Dingleberry
Dingleberry's picture

Tons of docs already do this. The problem is peeps are so broke (or value tattoos and cellphones more than their health) that they don't or can't part with the cash to do so.

Even without insurance, you are still looking at 50-100 bucks for an office visit. 

It should make prices come down. But Obamanites do not want low cost health care.

They want FREE.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:40 | 4298175 Freddie
Freddie's picture

I have insurance but I am probably going to go with one of those Christian ministries plans.  It actually works the way insurance should work:

1. No govt involvement.

2. No co-pays or deductibles.

3. Lower cost.

4. Doctor gets paid.

5. The govt, HMOs and insurance companies are cut out of the picture.

People need to start boycotting all the companies that support Obama and the Democrats who passed this starting with Warren Buffet's - Geico, JNJ, Wells Fargo, See's Candies, Coca Cola, and as many of his shitty companies as possible.   Boycott ***king TV and Hollywood who support this shit 110%. 

Notice how the stars for ObamaCare are starting to disappear?   Until corporations, billionaires, TV, Hollywood and the rest get hit hard in the wallet - nothing changes.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:41 | 4298509 aVileRat
aVileRat's picture

When the first few people start to die due to failed health care coverage, an excellent RNC strategy would be to remind everyone just what their "celebs" propped up. I wonder how many A-listers would suddenly become C-list overnight ?


Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:43 | 4298029 VD
VD's picture

it's gonna get uglier before it gets catastrophic : mark these words....inept 'community organizerz' that never worked private sektor gigz in their lives r gonna fix everything and i got some amazing sickcare for cheap to sell u...

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:44 | 4298012 Xibalba
Xibalba's picture

Another bailout coming....this time for Insurance Companies.  

What's a good acronym for it?  OBGY, Obamacare Bitchez Got Ya? Or SICK, Stabaliztion of Insurance Companies Komrad?  

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:13 | 4298327 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture


It rhymes, and it makes non-sense.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:39 | 4298016 texas sandman
texas sandman's picture

Sorry to bring reality to the woman with the $500 x-ray, but with MaoBamaCare she'd STILL be liable for's called a deductible. 

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:45 | 4298032 jekyll island
jekyll island's picture

There's part of the problem, no one knows how much health costs. $500 for a chest X-ray? No effing way, it's under $100 and that probably is too much.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:53 | 4298054 DosZap
DosZap's picture

There's part of the problem, no one knows how much health costs. $500 for a chest X-ray? No effing way, it's under $100 and that probably is too much.


Yep, and I just underwent back surgery and was outpatient in hospital for 6 hrs, and the bill for HOSP alone was $17,856.00.

Add surgeon, and anathesiologist,and it will kick $50k in the head,30min surgery.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:38 | 4298336 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

Its radio-active.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:55 | 4298067 Parrotile
Parrotile's picture

A plan AP / Lateral series should not come to much more than $140 (that's Aussie dollars too), including reporting. $500 is more likely the price tag for a CT Chest (which seems about right in terms of our local costs)

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:18 | 4298447 adr
adr's picture

CT scans are like $4000 in Amerikka.

All Bronze plans have a $10k deductible and don't cover prescriptions or medical tests until your deductible is hit. You also only get two covered doctor visits per year. The good news is that her plan is probably free after the tax credit.

You pay $400 a month for a health plan that doesn't cover anything health related.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:40 | 4298518 Parrotile
Parrotile's picture

That IS a lot of money, if your figure of $4k is correct.

The figure I suggested (chest CT) would be pretty much the absolute max you'd expect to pay (before the Medicare reimbursement) in Sydney. Further "out in the sticks" (Regional, not necessarily Rural) Aussies balk (loudly, and continually) if asked to cough up $340 for a Chest CT!

NO-ONE "Down Under" would even consider paying that sort of money for a fairly basic imaging.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:07 | 4298426 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Let's say you're right and the xray costs only $20 -- WHO's gonna read it for you? (hint, they're called radiologists, and they don't work for free!)

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:21 | 4298456 adr
adr's picture

It's not hard to learn how to read an X-ray. In fact most basic medical care is easy.

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 00:55 | 4306954 ForTheWorld
ForTheWorld's picture

How much extra would you add to cover the cost of an xray to account for the radiologist? $5 per xray? $10? I decided to do some rough calculations (using some actual figures for machines from, and this is what I came up with (I'm probably on the low side though):

Rent $4000/mth
Electricity $500/mth
Water $100/mth
Sewerage $100/mth
Insurance $1000/mth
XRay Machine $2000/mth (I found a used xray machine for $140,000 on
Complimentary Food (Tea, Coffee etc for the office) $100/mth
Receptionist $3200/mth ($20/hr * 5 days * 4 weeks)
Radiologist $4200/mth
Xray Tech $4000/mth
Office fit out $1500/mth

Total Cost: $20,700/mth.

If an xray practice only did 20 sets of xrays per day, and only charged $50 per set of xrays, and only worked 5 days per week, then they make $20,000 per month. At $500 for an xray set, they make $200,000 per month, which would cover their entire base costs for the year in just over a month.

Of course, they can charge whatever they want, because there's almost always going to be someone who NEEDS to pay that high a price.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:49 | 4298036 DosZap
DosZap's picture

Just go to the ER and claim chest pain, and shortness of breath, you WILL get seen, and if U pay the bill it's up to you.Next time same routine, just a different hospital.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:09 | 4298118 Bastiat
Bastiat's picture

. . . and enjoy the collection agencies.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:34 | 4298321 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Give 'em your best friends info.

Like an asshole neighbor that called LEO on your kid for nothing.

Of course they're prolly going to get prints off you in the process to match your DL.

Fascist pigs!

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:22 | 4298287 Ban KKiller
Ban KKiller's picture

BASSterds too...

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:18 | 4298458 Oath_Keeper
Oath_Keeper's picture

They are definately gonna get it. How long before the animals in the streets appear?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 22:38 | 4298633 j0nx
j0nx's picture

The 100,000 illegals in NoVa are not used to being told that they can't get free medical attention in the ER. This is a new experience for them and one they surely will not appreciate since most of them voted for the messiah.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:30 | 4297981 Surging Chaos
Surging Chaos's picture

"You see?! This is why we need single-payer!"

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:35 | 4297999 Spungo
Spungo's picture

As a Canadian, I always wondered why the US didn't have government healthcare. Now I understand. THIS is the kind of shit your government does. Government healthcare in the US probably wouldn't even have death panels; it's assumed you're going to die unless otherwise stated.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:40 | 4298018 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

One of things that has made America great is that that we (Americans) despise each other so much.    That's why we don't have a government healthcare system; well unless you're an entitled OldFart living on SS welfare then it's ok because unlimited hip-replacements isn't socialism, but Americans don't despise old people that much - well, they might now..   I don't think OldFartMedicare would pass now-a-days...    Ok, so, yeah,  we pretty much despise everybody.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:43 | 4298027 DosZap
DosZap's picture

WHY are they ENTITLED?,because they paid for it.SS is not wefare either dipwad, WE also paid for that.(as u r).

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:46 | 4298038 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  because they paid for it.SS is not wefare either dipwad

No,  "moron".  You paid for your parent's generations welfare.   It's inter-generational welfare.   The loot moving from young to old.  How do you think all the worthless old farts "afford" perpetual "free" hip replacement surgeries?   You think you paid for that?    What a moron. 

The OldFarts are just another group of welfare leaches, like any other entitled group of worthless losers.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:01 | 4298088 Osmium
Osmium's picture

So I take it you don't age and will never be old?  And when you do get old, we should just dump you by the side of the road to die?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:05 | 4298104 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re: And when you do get old, we should just dump you by the side of the road to die?

Isn't that what saving is for?    Why is it ok for OldFarts to expect government socialism?    They should save their money or die.   That's what I'm doing.  

Everybody seems to love the socialism they are living off of but doesn't want other's to have socialism.  I don't want any of these welfare leaches to have socialism.   Let the die; the worthless losers.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 22:27 | 4298618 yochananmichael
yochananmichael's picture

id be thrilled to pay the FICA rates my parents and grandparents paid. yeah they fucked us

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:48 | 4298047 czarangelus
czarangelus's picture

No you didn't. The money you paid into Medicare and SS was looted two decades ago, maybe even longer. Now you bloodsucking over 40 leeches are draining the young for all you can wring them for, under the guise that the politicians you voted for (if I hear one more paen to the arch-socialist Reagan I'm going to scream) didn't steal all your money a long ass time ago.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:13 | 4298124 rtinder
rtinder's picture

We paid a pittance for extravagent healthcare via 1.45% of our income. To run a pay-as-you-go system today, it would require upwards of 15% of our income. Instead we pay-it-ahead at a tiny fraction of the actual expense. It's called a ponzi scheme just like Social Security. At 63, I'd personally forego my SS & Medicare benefits if everyone would do the same and instead pay-as-we-go. In a perfect world world where govt nor insurance companies are picking up the tab, doctors wouldn't/couldn't charge $500 for a 10 minute evaluation. Without the paper jungle of todays medicine, prices would drop and people would do more comparison shopping.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:44 | 4298198 Freddie
Freddie's picture

This looks like the way to go or the closest I have seen. 

They encourage comparison shopping.  You get the govt and insurance companies/HMOs out of the picture.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:44 | 4298191 Freddie
Freddie's picture

One of things that has made America great is that that we (Americans) despise each other so much.

Just wait until the shit gets real - soon.  You will have hundreds for millions off people who despise each other and a large number of them are heavily armed. 

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:38 | 4298344 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Your generational paradigm holds no more value than right/left, red/blue. You think their paychecks were not garnished for this SS/MED ponzi?

Your attitude is the prime example as to how people will turn on each other. 


Fri, 01/03/2014 - 23:38 | 4298777 Fiat Envy
Fiat Envy's picture

Canadian health care is third world unless you have the political connections to push your name to the top of the waiting list. 

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:34 | 4297985 So Close
So Close's picture

Experienced first hand.   My wife has been on the phone with and blue cross for over 15 hours in the last 7 days.   Still Fucked up.  No one can tell us if our plan is in place, etc.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:48 | 4298031 Ying-Yang
Ying-Yang's picture

Just for fun.... my navigator got frustrated with me. I asked to talk to her supervisor. The supervisor could not help and when I asked to talk to her supervisor she said I could not. "They are too busy".

Okay then... since our conversation is being recorded, please submit it to my ACA records as a complaint.

Can you give me your supervisor's name and number. "No I cannot give that to you."

When you submit complaints and issues upstream do you ever receive replies? "No I do not."

So really you can't do shit?  "Silence"

Well then have a nice day....

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:49 | 4298208 Freddie
Freddie's picture

I would bet $1000 that Blue Cross wrote the bill along with Utd Healthcare.   Blue Cross is in Wal Mart pitching it to people.   Blue ain't nobodies friend.  They are scum bags.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:32 | 4297988 I am Jobe
I am Jobe's picture

govt can;t even run an orgy in a whore house . 

Just look at the VA , ARMY, Marine, Navy, and many more crappy agencies. Honestly believe these fuckers know wtf they are doing. 

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:43 | 4298019 DosZap
DosZap's picture

True story, from another site, Surgeon on hold for 2 hrrs for approvl of surgical porocedure,finally gets pissed and hangs up.

Bammmmmy is hoping this will be the straw to cause riots in the streets so he can turn loose his hounds of HELL,this IS NOT ACCIDENTAL.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:29 | 4298469 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Here's ya one. My new plan has some major cost shifting probably about the same as ACA bronze. Been having some issues. Found a very competent doc with better lab analysis (OOP) than my contracted plan & worth every penny. Now, after a heart monitor & sleep study with result of NTF & 4 scripts, problem not resolved. I call back because one script you cannot abruptly stop, to advise still have trouble & not taking unnessesary pharma. Tell the nurse for the 3rd time to strike my cell number, stop giving out cell TN & call on landline. Now, what number do you think they called? Am I going to trust this person to follow any other directions? With my health? Staff, not the doc. 

Listen up folks cuz it could happen to you or your loved ones and for all you generational dividing puss face pricks, move along, nothing to interest you here.  Maladies keep accumulating. Nothing major, but after accidentally comparing notes with friends becoming ill, I'd come to the conclusion that it's these fuking smart meters. So, I tested with an RF analyzer. My property is hotter than Fukushima, even worse the VERY place I lay my head at night had the highest reading. There's dirty electricity on top of the 60 Hz, and bluetooth, wifi, cordless phones are DEADLY. The dect 6.0 being the worst, as you might as well have a cell tower IN your home. They transmit constantly, not just in use. I killed everything I could and am now tethered. To the south of me radiating the whole front of my house is a cell tower about a mile down the road. To the west, hitting my pillow is my neighbors smart meter the pulses picked up on the analyzer. I put a faraday cage over my smart meter trying to sectionalize & that bad boy didn't even pulse, just constant RF. Guess they cranked it up. The cost to remediate is high. $500 for 5 liters of paint that must be properly grounded, not done right, you can attenuate rather than reflect. That's just the beginning. The thought of sleeping in a faraday cage sets what's left of my hair on fire, but it killed the signal down to .1 uw cm2 from 200K uw cm2. $200 for a roll 75" x 100'.

Watch your animals. Mine are smarter than I am. I measured the 2 places they park most of the time. Still high, but lowest readings. One cat climbed into the closet on the top shelf. Thermal barrier on roof decking, mirrored closet, both blocking the signal. DUH.

Is there anybody out there that does not connect this dot? Did you catch Jacob ApplebOMB's 30c3 at the 56 min point on utube? 1KW thru your computer or any other gear including a gawddamn playstation. Here's the death ray right there. And to add a bit more levity to your Friday nite gloom.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 23:56 | 4298822 post turtle saver
post turtle saver's picture

sorry, RF does not produce ionizing radiation

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:35 | 4297989 syntaxterror
syntaxterror's picture

Can't wait for President Unicorn's media bullshit machine to spin this.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:39 | 4297998 ebworthen
ebworthen's picture

$450 a month for a "Bronze Plan"?

This joke of an asset confiscation scheme is just another nail in the coffin.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:41 | 4298345 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

This is my reading of the two options being provided:

1. Just BTFO.

2. Just die, already.  You're such a waste.

It is so good it hurts more the longer you wait to not get what you were waiting for.


Where is Monty Python ?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:38 | 4298000 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

The insurance at my TBTF Financial INSTITUTION ( say "INSTITUTION" with a low manly voice) is still a good as ever.

Why do we bother covering the trials and tribulation of the bottom 80%?    I think they are were happier when they could just suffer in the emergency room waiting for the free doctor.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:50 | 4298055 jekyll island
jekyll island's picture

Except when you use you insurance to get your gallbladder removed the bill is jacked up three times higher to pay for the free doctor the hospital has to provide under EMTALA.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:56 | 4298079 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  the bill is jacked up three times higher

Of course,   everybody is running scams on each other.  I still only pay my deductable.

Eventually we'll have single payer and the old scams will evolve into new scams.  Life is about scammin' the dumbasses.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:39 | 4298002 Obnoxio
Obnoxio's picture

This may be the largest showing of government incompetence in history and that is saying something. Either there needs to be a single payer system as in Canada/France etc.. or Doctors need to be able to run the business based on profit/loss. The whole insurance layer with massive paperwork needs to be eliminated.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:43 | 4298519 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

>>>>The whole insurance layer with massive paperwork needs to be eliminated.

With depleted uranium.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 22:23 | 4298606 Woodhippie
Woodhippie's picture

We need Government out of healthcare, period. 

When government and health insurance companies stay out of the healthcare choices, we receive greater value.

Example:  New Titties.  You heard right, sweater meat. 

20 years ago new titties were over 15k and they used inferior material.

Now, a great pair of fun bags are about 3k depending on your city.

Now that's fuckin' value.


They are cheaper because woman aren't covered under insurance and they have to SHOP around for a good doctor and good nipple holders.  AND the doctors have to COMPETE for customers.  Perfect.

Sun, 01/05/2014 - 01:40 | 4301178 sylviasays
sylviasays's picture

How about getting both big government and big insurance companies out of healthcare?  Why not let there be honest competition between healthcare providers?  Why not pay cash for procedures like it used to be done before WWII? 

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:39 | 4298003 Unstable Condition
Unstable Condition's picture

Can't wait for the iSheeple reaction to this mess in the fall after the employer mandate forces millions out of their plans.

Central planning at its finest, right here...

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:42 | 4298028 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  Central planning at its finest, right here...

If it works for Big-MIC, Big-Ag, and Big-PoliceState is will surely work for Big-Health.

The scam potential for this is nearly unlimited.     We've just got to give it the same chance as the rest of the Big'z.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:48 | 4298033 Unstable Condition
Unstable Condition's picture

It will be interesting to watch unfold, I will not comply.


Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:48 | 4298048 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  I will not comply.


Well, complying is one thing.   Participating in the scam is another.  

The dumbasses who join the military are complying.   The smart-n-savvy people don't join the military, they bill it.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:46 | 4298523 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Never worry, those with Fortune 500 plans are now the equivalent of sticking butter up a wild cats ass with a hot poker. 

Next year even that won't be available. 

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:36 | 4298008 Spungo
Spungo's picture

I have an awesome idea. How about a government funded program to spread cancer. We'll have cancer cured in less than a month.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:00 | 4298098 Parrotile
Parrotile's picture

Cuba tried that via a cigarette subsidy! Didn't work.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:39 | 4298015 SpanishGoop
SpanishGoop's picture



Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:53 | 4298358 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

Here me on this,..just BTFO.  ;-0

(should hit the web in 3...2...1)

In 6months there will be another 60 million who lost their insurance and will be scrambling for help.

Help me somebody.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:44 | 4298528 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

All I can say is he who has the gold makes the rules & don't forget it.

Do your homework & tell them what you'll pay for and not the other way around. 

If you don't you'll be in the bankruptcy loop from hell.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:44 | 4298023 Seal
Seal's picture

wait until there's a front end to ObombaCare that sends you to your Government mandated "investments" in US Treasuries - a one stop USG web site to "manage" everything for you - Food Stamps, underemployment benefits, taxes, ...

How could they NOT be thinking that?????

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:53 | 4298377 mofreedom
mofreedom's picture

100 year, zero coupon, NO!!!

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:42 | 4298025 10mm
10mm's picture

Went to doctor. Gave me 6 months to live. I said I can't pay the bill,  gave me another 6 months. 

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:48 | 4298034 Rainman
Rainman's picture

Henny Youngman couldn't have said it better < oh, he did >

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:47 | 4298037 hairball48
hairball48's picture

The sheep are bleating. Surprise Surprise!!

Get the popcorn popper going 'cause this shit storm is going to be fun to watch.


Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:55 | 4298380 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

Help me somebody. (Byrne/Eno)

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:47 | 4298041 Spungo
Spungo's picture

Has anyone thought of registering or or something like that and use it as a chance to steal information from dumb people?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:53 | 4298050 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

     If you have a life threatening illness, you can keep your life threatening illness...

  It's all fun and games until your loved ones, neighbors loved ones, friends loved ones, (you can see where I'm going with this) can't get treatment for life threatening and chronic illnesses.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:59 | 4298093 NOTaREALmerican
NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  can't get treatment for life threatening and chronic illnesses

That would depend where you lived too.   If you happen to live in a nice bucolic college town overflowing with loot supplied by young debt serfs and their student loans then - well - the hospital is pretty much reserved for the residents who are mostly doing real well.

The top 10% don't live with the bottom 90%.  They haven't for a long time.   

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:06 | 4298105 Parrotile
Parrotile's picture

These days life itself seems like one long, protracted, chronic illness.

Both physical and mental . . . . .

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:54 | 4298547 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Thank God for the Tyler's & humor here!

NEVER has there been a better public service!

FFS, I think I'm getting so mad that I could KILL CANCER!


Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:52 | 4298062 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

Dumb girl.....not only does she need the xray,could be life/death .... the $500 Bill to her would be better than a $400 monthly premium and $10,000 deductible

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:59 | 4298082 DosZap
DosZap's picture

Logging in, and giving YOUR info is the first mistake.They count you as ENROLLED then, even if you fail to accept it.


Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:52 | 4298551 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Wonder what an ID theft claim would do?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 18:59 | 4298092 Ms. Erable
Ms. Erable's picture

'It's not fair – you know, I signed up last week like I was supposed to.'

Then STFU and pay the bill like the rest of the fucking idiot sheeple that did it 'cuz they were 's'posed to.'

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:31 | 4298164 Dingleberry
Dingleberry's picture

Obamacare....when liberal dreams meet reality.

Welcome to it.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:41 | 4298180 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

$2 Billion Federal Reserve Bank Notes Printed 1933/3/20


Current efforts to repeat todays cultural agenda

The "Roaring" 1920s


Fagots, Lesbians, pedophiles, and transvestites trying to create a failed business model since 1920.  The chapter I will enjoy. High risk Bi-sexual partners healthcare fees will tri-fold premium care requirements. Keep going on TV to sell your gay closet story. ObamaCare will consider you a health risk when poking your penis in the anal. The other high risk is getting female mouth sores when having an all-girls night stay over.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:57 | 4298389 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

Then they will demand video might turn into a new on-line porn thing.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:53 | 4298555 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Not for Miss Lindsey.

Some animals are more equal than others.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:47 | 4298200 KickIce
KickIce's picture

Coming soon, please wait while we contact the IRS to determine whether or not your treatment is cost effective.


And, just for our records, who did you vote for in the last presidential election?

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:59 | 4298227 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

Obama's Iraq is turning into a total cluster f with Alqada close to taking over two cities in Iraq and just like Obama care it's a total mess. This nitwit is the worst president by a factor of at least five now and growing. Everything he is responsible for including the economy in the US is circling the drain.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:05 | 4298232 Thing1Thing2
Thing1Thing2's picture

For help: dial 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1-800-FUCKYO

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:00 | 4298394 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

They will come out with a popular interactive web-assistant or chat.

"You have to hear me on this...just BTFO."

Did you hear me ?

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 11:22 | 4299643 overmedicatedun...
overmedicatedundersexed's picture

keep up the bitch'n, at this moment obuma and corzine,reid,pelosi,cristi,and all the international bank ceo's (dimond) are on tropical vacations, or skiing in davos. eating the best, drinking the best, fuck'n the best, while most suffer in sub zero winter, can't afford beef or health care. what you gonna do about it..nuthin...kill a few of the elite scum or thier mouth pieces and you might get a bone, or you might get a drone, you will get my thanks.

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 14:30 | 4304963 Reader1
Reader1's picture

Let them eat snow!

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 19:59 | 4298233 Thing1Thing2
Thing1Thing2's picture

.double post.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:23 | 4298290 crapulux
crapulux's picture

> because of computer glitches in

> the 'back end' of


This is major bullshit. No company with enough balls and decent IT engineers would ever pull of that lame excuse for an excuse. No known database software has "glitches" of this kind (except MySQL of course, but we're talking serious stuff here).


In IT slang, "Computer Glitch" means "Yeah, OK, we were sloppy, cuz we don't really care about your data, so we used crap tools, cuz we were too lazy to learn or use the tools that actually really work. And we did not test our software, since we presumed it would work, cuz we designed it, and we're The Shit, rignt ?




When was the last time you guys saw a "computer glitch" in your bank accounts ? Perhaps your balance went to $20000 to -$2 over a "glitch" ? (Nope, only Government can do this kind of magic). Companies that do fuckups of that size, just sink...



Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:43 | 4298349 The Shodge
The Shodge's picture

Obummer got voted in TWICE, by YOU, the sheeple. Everybody who voted for the sucker the second time should not get any healthcare or be allowed to breed...

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 20:56 | 4298385 MrSteve
MrSteve's picture

This post is so judgemental-like..... Folks can vote however they-like like.... A lot of voters are not real thinkers, more like robots and that's their right, right? Now the health insurance payment law, that is what passes for healthcare? Where are the doctor and nurse training programs to provide services for the estimated 30 million plus more folks needing "coverage"?

I can't identify one new nurse or medical doctor training school. Could all this demand just drive prices sky high? Or will service delays compensate for supply-demand imbalance? Already, hospital ER facilities are seeing higher call rates due to "insurance". Are their more emergencies or just more emergent supply suckers-on?

Ask your Congress-person to account for healthcare improvement statistics, if they can....

Betcha' a trillion $FRB they can't "account for it" but we should all be asking them for the numbers, before they are up for reelection. Make a point of it. Suddenly, they might be feeling the pressure of unanswerable questions, a very good thing.

Good luck and peace to all..

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:05 | 4298406 HardlyZero
HardlyZero's picture

Its grist for the mill.

Expect to be chummed soon.

Happy cosy and chummy watching the sharks circle.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:59 | 4298561 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

One angle you're missing is "WHO COUNTED THE VOTES"?

Mon, 01/06/2014 - 14:23 | 4304930 Reader1
Reader1's picture

Don't blame Obama.  The people who voted for him would have voted for any democrat and I figure that guy would have promoted the same stupid plans this twit does.  And the folks who voted for the robot on the right would have voted for the Mario Bros if the RNC had pushed them.  Voting is pretty much pointless at this point-the clowns change seats, but the status totally remains quo. 

I wrote in-neither sock puppet in the election represented me.  I haven't reached the depth of apathy to just stay home, but I'm close.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 22:20 | 4298600 Blano
Blano's picture

This is what I love about TeleNegroCare, the initial shock that anybody with a brain knew was coming:

Come 1/1, and for probably the month of January at least, nearly all people needing medical care are going to have to pay in full OUT OF POCKET before their deductible kicks in. 

As texas sandman said above, even with health care that $500 x-ray was going to have to be paid for in cash anyways by the patient.  2014 is going to be a great year for observing and eating popcorn.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 23:31 | 4298749 WillyGroper
WillyGroper's picture

Bank Run. 

Anyone left with 2 synapses firing.

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 22:31 | 4298622 yochananmichael
yochananmichael's picture

how have you spent that $2500 in savings?

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 02:13 | 4299141 damicol
damicol's picture

Any US citizen employed by an overseas  company or corporation or entity, whether that company has offices located in the USA or not,  and in whatever capacity that employment, and that employee is covered as far as health care considerations, whatever conditions that employers health care plan may offer, is EXEMPT from the ACA and shall not be liable to join the ACA or face any penalty.

Our UK based comnpany will hire any US citizen under 35  and add them to out  Group Scheme which has an annual limit of $3.8 million  per member, no deductibles, worldwide coverage, existing conditions covered  except HIV, and certain cancers, under 36 at joining, dental and eyecare inclusive , extended to family, and all for under $300 per month.

We casn hire you as an outsource worker, under a zero hour contract with no limitations as to your exiting work or job, ( a seciond job)

And you are EXEMPT from ACA and so your current employer.

We can provide the entire staff of US based SME's with a second job on the same terms.

The overall cost of better cover underwritten through Llloyds of London  and a major British Insurer will in fact be cheaper than the fines to be levied on SME's for non compliance

You can get EXEMPT from the worlds biggest clusterfuck created by the worlds biggest lying useless fuck



Mon, 01/06/2014 - 14:29 | 4304971 Reader1
Reader1's picture


Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!