It's So Cold, Fire Crew's Hose Spray Freezes On Contact

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It's that cold. BBC reports that Firemen tackling a blaze in Minneapolis, where temperatures have been below -20C, saw the spray from their hoses turn to ice as it hit the building. Watch it below.

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It's so cold, members of Congress have their hands in their own pockets!

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This is what it's come to....the BBC giving us American news.....checkmate!

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At least the cold didnt stop the 8:30am silver slam

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So an $0.08 drop is now a slam?

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Ain't no law against it yet - Cindi Lauper

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This is what happens when you buy too many carbon credits.  Thanks a lot, carbon negative SKF!!!!

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Global warming at work again. Burning up there in Minnesota!

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LOL at -20...pansies, come to Edmonton this weekend and experience -30 before the windchill.


-20 is t-shirt weather for us

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Notice that the article said -20C and not -20F. -30F in Edmondton is waaaaay colder than -20C which translates to only -4F.

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Beat me to it Sammy. This global warming is getting out of control.

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Global warming is non-uniform, hence "climate change".  Sophistry is an unappealing quality.

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'Climate change' is the term they started using after the first term they were using, 'global warming', became a punch line.

But it's too late, because the warmistas shot their bolt - they promised us warming and it didn't happen.

They're no more credible than the lunatic wearing a sandwich board at the bus station, declaring that 'the end is nigh'. But at least he isn't a parasite living on billions in government grant money.



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If the global climate is not warming, why are virtually ALL glaciers and ice fields, worldwide, continuing to melt and recede, as they have been for the past century?

One does not have to embrace Al Gore and his political agenda in order to face and accept reality.

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Past century?  Did you really just write that?

Anyhow, you do know that there is a ship stuck in the ice right now?  You know, the ice that is supposedly receding, yet is aggresively expanding?  I suggest reading (outside the Pharisee controlled media), it is something thinking people do to better educate themselves.

BTW, carbon credits are generated out of thin-air, just like fiat money.  It is less about environment, and more about monopolization of a new "out of thin-air" scam.  Don't be so daft.

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Um, yes, I did just write that, because it is a fact.

Clearly you know little to nothing about climatology and glacialogy.  If you did, you would recognize the obvious staring you right in the face.  But just for the record, I live within a handful of miles of several glaciers, and have been watching them recede for the last 20 years.  I have also seen obvious evidence for the recent recession, melting and even death of glaciers in both Africa and South America in the past three decades.  And that is just my own PERSONAL experience, which of course is just a drop in the ocean of all the scientific and observational evidence of glacial recession and melting from thousands of researchers from around the world in the past century and more. 

One ship stuck in the ice somewhere means precisely nothing to the larger trend in play.  Clearly, logic is not your strong suite.

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"Um, yes, I did just write that, because it is a fact."

Wow. How utterly devoid of logic and intellect THAT statement is. If you're going to toss around your opinion of observed anomalies stating them as "facts", you really should put some ACTUAL DATA (or st least links to data) to support your assertions. Here let me show you:


The Earth is actually STILL in a major cooling cycle and JUST NOW starting to come out a mini ice age.


See? That's how it's done. There, now go back to your game of Halo and let the adults do the thinking.


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Damn! That graph is a keeper, cheers.

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Yeah! Amazingly enough, they have ACTUAL LINKS to the ice core DATA from NOAA. This not some conspiracy theorist wacko nut job posting this info. THIS IS ACTUAL DATA.


Unlike the IPCC which seems to just pull their data out of their collective asses.

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akak, I usually love your comments, but you just contradicted yourself in a major way. When you do this, you need to look at your belief system and the whole "cult of stubborn facts," as I like to call those dastradly science types.

To summarize your assertion- "My one piece of information about watching some glaciers near me means everything, while your one piece of information about some ship stuck in ice means nothing." Can you spell "hypocrisy" or at least say it? Stats, my man. Hard data...and that bit about interglacial temperatures, well, you determine if that means anything or not...

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Actually, Hoof, I considered your complaint, and on reflection I have to tell you no, I do not believe that I contradicted myself in any way.

The prior poster gave ONE transient and anecdotal incident to (attempt to) make his argument.  I, on the other hand, gave a number of personal observations from multiple locations, made over a period of many years, and then stated and admitted that even THIS was insignificant compared to the vast number and breadth of parallel and similar observations made around the world over the past century and more.  Do you see the difference there?

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Yo, send some o' dat "global warming" up here to Minnesota, (TIA)!

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virtually ALL glaciers and ice fields, worldwide, continuing to melt and recede

Nope. Try doing some research:

Artic ice is below the average of the last 35 years, but not alarmingly so (see the picture in that website). Antartic ice coverage is greater than average this year. So, it's a mixed bag at best and not Al Gore's vision of continuous and accelerating warming and ice loss.

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You have no idea what you are talking about, and are clearly just parroting your FOX NEWS (sic) soundbites.

Notice that I did NOT mention sea ice, but glaciers and icefields.  You DO know that glaciers and ice fields, by definition, do NOT float on the ocean, right?  And essentially ALL of them not only have been, but CONTINUE to melt and recede --- and the rate of that melting and recession has in fact increased in most cases in the past 15 years, despite your head-in-the-sand denials to the contrary.   And the few glaciers and ice fields which are growing and advancing can also be explained by the warming climate, due to a localized increase in precipitation onto them or their sources outpacing their melting.



EDIT:  It is the growing anti-scientific, dogmatic know-nothingism that is represented by the kneejerk down-arrows of a rational and factual post such as this one that make me increasingly desire to give up my participation in this forum.

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Are you stupid?  Snow that falls on top of a glacier can easily take a couple hundred years to reach the terminus.


Facing and accepting that fact that whatever happens in the sun is going to affect things on earth hseems to be a pretty tough pill to swallow, despite it being 99%+ of the mass of the entire solar system and things its magnetic field does are the main drivers of what happens with the climate here.


Much easier to believe a trace gas with a tiny heat capacity is responsible?  You have to be brainwashed to believe that.

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Are you stupid?  Snow that falls on top of a glacier can easily take a couple hundred years to reach the terminus.

And your point is ....?

Yes, the snowfall on top of a glacial, or onto an icefield feeding a glacier, may take many decades or in most cases centuries to reach the terminus.  But that does not mean that its weight does not add to the glacier and facilitate its advancement, because it most certainly does.

I have both studied this subject to some considerable degree, as well as lived literally surrounded by it.  Can you say the same?

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In warming cycles the ice melts akak.

We are in a warming cycle.

I don't see anyone making a valid point in this kerfuffle, except that as I showed down the page, there's zero evidence of unusual polar-warming in coastal Antarctica for the past 308 years, within continuous ice core record.

Kind of hard to argue something other than natural variability is doing what it always does. Yet we have been told since the beginning of last decade that the AGW climate change 'signal' was in the polar region's warming up first, before the equatorial and tropics.

But it isn't there.

So do you really think you have a valid point to make here about natural warming that's the same as in previous centuries in Antarctica?

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It is the growing anti-scientific, dogmatic know-nothingism....

You know what some people do when they are insecure about their arguments? They call people names and START WRITING IN ALL CAPS. You are a tool, akak (oops, there I go), because you won't let cold hard facts interfere with your world view. So, a few glaciers near where you live mean everything, but the largest collection of ice on the planet, the fucking polar ice caps, mean nothing? That website I listed is not anti-scientific, it is based on real, scientific measurements taken over the past 35 years. That's what science is, dumb-ass, observations and measurements and the development of models to explain them.

Oh, and do you think anyone gives a fuck if you "give up participation in this forum"? Please, break our hearts and take your self-importance elsewhere. I'm sure the ZH world will keep spinning if you no longer grace it with your wisdom.

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I know, let's all turn off ALL our electrical appliances (including PCs and internet routers!), thus minimizing anthrogenic sources of bad, bad, heat-consuming gases.  Ain't it interesting that all proposed solutions require that all the peons sacrifice something of their lifestyles in order to assuage Progressive-Socialist consciences...

They say the World is a small place (but I don't wanna paint it!), except that it's fairly large.  When the next large asteroid hits, we're all gonna find out just how much influence Humanity has on its environment.  GET ME OFF OF THIS ROCK!


akak       You are a posting wizzard most of the time but you are so completely out in the weeds on this topic. Global temps are cyclical, period. The sun dictates minimums and maximums in temperature's that simple. Please look up "The Little Ice Age" which ended about 200 years ago. Glaciers covered europe making it impossible to grow crops and many people starved. Back in the 70's I can remember Time running articles about the coming "ice age".

akak's picture

Nihilist, I am constantly amazed at the degree to which most here continue to erroneously read content into my posts on the warming global climate which I not only am not stating or claiming, but with which I do not or would not agree.

My point, my ONLY point, is that the global climate is and has been warming for the past 100+ years, as evidenced by the worldwide melting, recession and disapperance of alpine glaciers and icefields.  This evidence is undeniable. 

I do NOT and have NOT, however, ever argued here as to the causes of this warming, and especially I have not argued in favor of any political agenda to ostensibly address this phenomenon.  I have merely stated the observational and scientific facts in regards to global glacial melting.

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I know you're an atheist, but this is the perfect time to realize the output of the Sun controls events far more than man. In one second, the Sun puts out more power than mankind has ever produced in history. In other words, nothing we can do will control the climate, so ignore it. It's all up to GOD. He can fry us or freeze us as he chooses.

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Control the climate, lowly man cannot keep punks from playing the Knock-out Game.

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I remember those Time magazine articles too. Hilarious in hindsight.


Jlee          Global warming was only pushed because the criminal cabal came up with the carbon credit scheme to rip off the sheep.  They needed a new " market casino" to replace the stock market when wall street goes kaboom. BTW HAARP can be used to heat the ocean waters and atmosphere to give the appearance of global warming. That's theater for the sheep. 

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For every "the glaciers and ice caps are melting" comment posted in cyber space, Robert Felix of Ice Age has about 10 comebacks:


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I've personally visited 2 glaciers over the years and witnessed their recession first hand. I'm sure it's just part of some great conspiracy though. I trust corporations over the majority of scientists (including myself).

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Yeah, nice try. Global warming may be "non-uniform" but the average temperature of the Earth has not gone up since 1998. That's a fact that even the man-made global warming Nazi's no longer try to deny. Claiming man-made "climate change" is like claiming you're a financial advisor and saying the "market will change from its current level".

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Look at a chart. It was slammed down $0.24 or 1%

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what slam? you know its friday, not tuesday.

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BBC produces better news than US "producers".  Both print "Economist" and visual "BBC"

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The U.S. can't make anything any more ... including news.  So, we have to import it.


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The BBC don't give news. They spout left wing propaganda

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We call that "playing with the bell'

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You know about the Die Glocke? That was suppose to be secret!

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It's the smoke from the legal pot sales in Colorado blocking the sun. The North East is right down wind.

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Time to start loading up on stocks of companies that manufacture sugary, sweet snacks!

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It was the Antarctic explorers reminiscing:

"Where we went it was so cold that the flame of our camp fire froze."
"Yeah, and where we were, it was so cold that our words froze as we spoke, and we had to heat and thaw them to find out what we were talking about." 

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Here in Canafda it is so cold, i saw a guy chopping a dog off a fire hydrant this morning.

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Oh, the drama!

It fucking snowed... get over it.