Live Stream Of Ben Bernanke's Swan Song: "Looking Back, Looking Forward"

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Ben Bernanke will momentarily speak at the American Economic Association symposium in Philadelphia. His speech is titled "Looking Back, Looking Forward" and can be found at the end of this post.  Watch what may be his last speech live.

Full Bernanke speech below:

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Analyst says Dow could embark on 70% decline over next two years.

“Based on our longer-term time cycles the present stock market rally must be considered the bubble to end all bubbles,” Zimmerman wrote in a note to clients.

He doesn’t believe the Dow Industrials will hit a long-term cycle low until 2016, somewhere in the 5770 to 4650 range. The Dow hasn’t seen those levels, which are 65% to 72% below current prices, since late-1995 to mid-1996.

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that is assuming they stop QE... they won't until they wreck the USD.

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This man single handedly destroyed the free market and replaced it with a centrally managed economy,

History will be brutal to this little man.

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Greenspan destroyed what was left of the free market, and Bernanke danced on its ashes.

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And wipe that turkey off your beard, you fat pig.


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Bernanke looks like he gained some weight. Must have been hanging with Krugman and the wolves of WS.  Pork chops and blow in the Hamptoms on the weekends perhaps?

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No-longer-so-little Paulie Krugman has certainly been doing more than his fair share of boosting GDP via Krispy Kreme purchases. 

I wonder if he breaks their windows on the way out?

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Fuck that bearded fuckbag. And you know he won't go away either, he'll pop up on TV interviews like Greenspan does, expressing wide-eyed surprise about how bad things are, and how they "couldn't have seen it coming".

Same old pattern, different face. Next up - Old Dog Yellen.


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"Same old pattern, different face..." same race.

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What an asshole!
Fuck you Ben, forward and backwards, just like you did to the middle class.

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Ah, now I feel so much better.  

Check out this article - the IMF just keeps the hits coming!

1930s-style debt defaults likely, says IMF research:

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'Looking forward'

The ChairSatan is totally unable to look past the end of his nose

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"Looking Back", I fucked up everything up so badly, I had to print $3.2 TRILLION in 5 years.  

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He looks like that shithead Mark Levin now that he has thrown on a few

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of course this douchebag speaks right before the weekend to make sure stocks come off the lows and continue green and more green into the close.


what  a fucking jacksss.

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Aaaaand as usual, I missed the turn.

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This is all ceremonial.  The Taper, this speech; his banker buddies are happy he did everything they told him to do and are making him look like some fucking paper weight saint.  

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If only it was his last speech...EVER...

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"In less than a month my term as Fed Chairman will end. Needless to say, my tenure has been eventful--for the Federal Reserve, for the country, and for me personally. I thought it appropriate today to reflect on some accomplishments of the past eight years, as well as some uncompleted tasks. I will briefly cover three areas in my remarks: (1) the Federal Reserve’s commitment to transparency and accountability, (2) financial stability and financial reform, and (3) monetary policy. I will close by discussing the  prospects for the U.S. and global economies"

HAHAHA. Obie and Bennie, peas in a pod. Transparency and accountability...

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Transparency and accountability....except don't Audit us ;)

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His transparency shtick is the biggest f'n lie.  And he clearly needs to reassert its validity, because he stated it first.  In other words

"I brought the economy back from the brink and staved off economic disaster.  Now let's talk about my greatest achievement:  Transparency."

WTF?  If disaster was so close, wouldn't transparency be somewhere down the list?

And if people weren't so suspicious, would transparency be needed in the first place?


The guy bleeds lies.  Every statement from his mouth is a lie.

Just a fucking devil.



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Another criminal punchline.

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Eat dicks Ben. Don't let the door kick you in the nuts on the way out you fuckin asshole. Thanks for helping to transfer wealth and further the downward spiral of the country you fuckin cunt.

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Here is an interesting and beautifully written article by Peter Schiff on gold as an investment - i.e. NOT as a short-term trade. Below the link is an excerpt.
"In times like these, long-term gold investors feel like the designated drivers in the corner of a frat party. It might seem like we’re missing the fun, but we must remember that we’re playing a different game than the short-term speculators.
"Our drunken friends have had some cheap thrills in 2013, but this stock market growth rests on an unstable foundation of artificial stimulus and cheap money. We are more interested in waking up without a hangover, a wrecked car, or worse."

In December 2012 I blogged a piece called "How to buy gold" [the blog is Barlow's Cayman, for those interested], which has been quite popular. I'm a long-term holder, which I have to say has required a hell of a lot more patience than I expected it would!

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     I wonder what remote island Ben is permanently relocating to, after he finishes the MSM talkshow circuit? I want to send him a shipment of plague infested rats.

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I don't think that it's an island, and I can't remember its name, but I believe that it is near Jordan and Lebanon. Something to do with "return."

"Take what you have stolen, leave what you have destroyed and 'return'."

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Karma is a bitch. His family will suffer.

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His every other sentence is a lie.  And every other sentence is a bigger lie.

All he did was to steal from the poor and enrich the rich and the powerful.  He will be knighted by the queen, will be call maestro and then work for Bill Gross at Pimco earning millions while making billions for Pimco with his insider knowledge.

The Fed is a neverending crime syndicate.

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Well, it's a shame Will Rogers never met Ben S. Bernanke.

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"Watch what may be his last speech"  know something we don't?

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Hmmm, I was looking for the section that compared the results of the real economy with nearly 5 Trillion printed dollars, with the economy if no banksters would have been saved? 


Was that the Appendix?

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The last time I listened seriously to Ben Bernanke was I believe on an open call to the Atlanta Fed in April 2007. Ben was asked a question about derivatives what exactly I don't remember but, his answer I'll always remember. He answered that he hoped the Congress did not try to tighten rules on Derivatives. he said the Fed has sufficient tools to handle any possibility! 


That's the last time I ever listened seriously to Ben!

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That beard just has to smell like Shit !

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I suddenly feel motivated to do some maintenance on my guillotine.

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"Looking Back, Looking Forward"


Bi-directional propaganda.

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FUCKER Bernanke.....blamed EVERYONE and the yet to be born babies for the lack of RECOVERY and GROWTH!!!


Now Rogoff just provided 6 options that would have allowed a cleansing....only problem---The Fucking Markets would have dropped and LOSSES would have been taken by those that maximized RISK!!!



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I've never hit so many green arrows since I've been reading zh.

Tear him a new ass, boys.

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... and no one courageous enough to throw a shoe at him ...