Sign Of The Top? Hedge Fund Hiring Junior Bitcoin Execution Trader

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With Bitcoin having almost completed another double off the Dec 17 lows... is hardly surprising that the fast-money volatility-chasing world of 2-and-20-ers is reaching out for a Bitcoin Execution Trader.


(h/t @Besvinick)


The San Francisco hedge fund is hiring a "Junior" position, which suggests they already have a "senior" trader who has got tired of trading the digital currency 24 hours a day and is looking to offload the 24x7x365 duties to a lower-level employee with "strong analytic skills" and who is "willing to work odd hours including weekends and late nights/early mornings."

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Fonestar's dream job..??

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It's the NSA's dream project.


It's almost as good as having an OnStar probe up your wazzo.

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"It's almost as good as having an OnStar probe up your wazzo."

Or an iPhone.

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We're aware.


How do you feel about Eric Snowden?

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well, bitcoin is 238 times more scarce than 1oz of gold...

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Heard it on CNBC.......must be true.

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Read in on Zerohedge, must be true.

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While bitcoin is currently more scarce than gold, geologists are searching around the globe for more deposits that would be economical to mine.  Drills are turning 24/7, hell I wouldn't be surprised if someone produced a reality show so everyone could watch.  

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How do you feel about Eric Snowden?


Do you mean Edward Snowden?  If he's the real deal then he's a hero for what he did.

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Buen dia everyone.

Would the owner of:


please ID yourself (via my moniker at gmail or comment at my blog -- you can delete the comment I will still get the message via email).  I would like to pay you back and/or open up a dialog.

(I have a guess who you are, but please prove it to me)

(This is only if you want your BTC back or even if you care: 0.05 BTC)


Anyone else who knows a lot about the Blockchain and would like to help me with my next article ("Fun with Bitcoins for Beginners: Part Six"), please do the same!

Thank you very much.

jcaz's picture

And now you can afford to move out of your parents basement with your new job!    Wonder how they're gonna pay you......

fonestar's picture

Do you think early adopters of Bitcoin are living in their parent's basement moron?  They're living it up like you could never imagine.

jcaz's picture

That's funny, don't you mean "We're", not "They're"?    You don't even own of of these things, do you?   What a tard.......

fonestar's picture

I own several and wish I had more.  You wouldn't even know how to purchase Bitcoin.

People like yourself will be left out of this new era.  Good riddance!

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"Mr. Bookworth, you are obsolete.  Obsolete.  Obsolete!"

Exponere Mendaces's picture


True, its going to be a good year. When bitcoin exceeds Gold Parity and zooms to $3,000+, a lot of lower-tier holders are going to be millionaires. The anti-bitcoin rants really aren't worthy of much in response, are they? I suppose I'll jump in now and then, seems that Wall Street will pick up where we left off, pushing our personal fortunes to the sky.

That's an odd feeling, having the corrupt bastards actually helping you, isn't it?

Damn I love Bitcoin.

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i don't have a stake in this game, however, ....

when you use words like, lower-tier holders, you do realize that is the language of a pyramid scheme...





akak's picture

Fonestar, I'm surprised that you didn't say:

"Bitcoin I love Bitcoin!"

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I pledge allegiance to the Bitcoin, of the United States of Bitcoin.  And to the Bitcoin for which it stands, one nation under Bitcoin, with liberty and Bitcoin for all.

akak's picture

My Bitcoin, which art in cyberspace, hallowed be thy blockchain.  Thy network come, thy adoption be done, on Ebay as it is in Mt. Gox.  Give us this day our daily price bubble, and forgive us our cash transactions, as we forgive those who question thy inevitability, and lead us not into Litecoin, but deliver us from the goldbugs.  Amen.

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Perfect as always, Akak.

akak's picture

Hail Bitcoin, hard to trace, the Satoshi is with thee.  Blessed art thou amongst cybercurrencies, and blessed is the fruit of thy virtual womb, Fonestar.

Holy Bitcoin, mother of cybergeeks, pray for us trendsuckers now and at the hour of our e-savings' death, Amen.

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"It's almost as good as having a FoneStar probe up Satoshi's wazzo"...

Seriously, Fonestar, you need to lay-off the BTC. Get help. There are counselors out there, who'd be happy to talk some sense into you. Fine, Bitcoin is good, and Fonestar loves Bitcoin...but MAN, give it a rest already. 




akak's picture

No no no!



Croesus's picture

@ Fonestar: 

P.S. I upvoted your comment...haha!! +1 

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They do know they can only buy bitcoins right? Because selling isn't a option in the bitcoin world

One And Only's picture

Says the guy who 2 weeks ago was lambasting bitcoin holders after the China induced crash and prognosticating that bitcoin was dead. Bitcoin has doubled since then.

Sudden Debt's picture

Plenty of morons to go arround who buy that shit :)


Scarlett's picture

They've been saying this since 2010, Sudden Debt.

malikai's picture

Meanwhile, those of us who are mentally flexible and have open minds have been enjoying a massive wealth transfer towards us.

I'm fine with it.

TheHound73's picture

According to Sudden Debt, buyers get their bitcoins directly from the unicorn.

Sudden Debt's picture
Bitcoin Investor

you moron :) who the hell puts that in his personal info :)

TheHound73's picture

Ah ha ha ha, well, it's true ;)

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

The site I check has BTC going from 740 -> $815 currently.

Still, if you are trading it, and were somehow able to buy the dip, then you have done well.   Assuming you exit the trade at this moment.

One And Only's picture

December 17th was roughly 2 weeks ago and it was in the 400s. It is now almost 900.

Popo's picture

You're like the guy who calls housing-bears idiots, and presents as evidence, his own shitbox that has tripled in value over the last 5 years.  

No trade is successful until successfully exited.

One And Only's picture

Please post my comments that allude to your frivolous allegations.

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hey, I gots a question...........Can you tell me if any of the Cypto-currencies predate the financial meltdown of 2007/2008?


TheHound73's picture

Some prototypes were around, like BMoney.  Bitcoin is the first of what is called Crypto-currencies and Satoshi wrote that he created it as a response to the 2007/2008 meltdowns.  

Today is Bitcoin's official 5th birthday.   The genesis block was mined by Satoshi 5 years ago today and contains the text: 

"The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks"


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Too bad that everyone on ZeroHedge thinks you're an asshole.

fonestar's picture

Everyone on Zerohedge wants to be a fonestar too.

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Fonestar's not an asshole. He's and evangelist. There's a difference.

If you want to see an asshole, simply say something stupid and look no further than me.

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That's RICH asshole to you, bub.

Don't let it burn your britches too badly, I suppose fonestar or I will take pity and hire you as skeet-shoot practice or something. Can you swim? We might need some bait for our sport-fishing trip.

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There were many contenders before bitcoin but none could solve the problem of double spending. Other similar projects include: e - gold (1996), digital money Trust, ripple, and ven

dick cheneys ghost's picture

how hard was that to solve??? the double spending?