A World Drowning In Fatties: 1.5 Billion Of The World's Adults - One In Three - Are Obese Or Overweight

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While it will hardly come as a surprise that in the age of pervasive, accessible and cheap pink slime fast food, more people than ever are obese, the actual numbers may be a shock to most. Conveniently, quantifying the world's obesity epidemic is precisely what the London-based Overseas Development Institute has done with a just released report titled Future Diets (pdf link). Its findings are stunning: more than a third of all adults in the world - 1.46 billion to be exact - are obese or overweight.

The main culprit: the development world, where the number of obese has nearly quadrupled from 250 million to 904 million between 1980 and 2008. What this means for the world's soaring healthcare costs needs little explanation: "On current trends, globally, we will see a huge increase in the number of people suffering certain types of cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, putting an enormous burden on public healthcare systems." according to the co-author of the Future Diets report. That's ok, the already insolvent world, drowning in record debt, obviously can afford to spend even more on a record population of fatties.

AFP summarizes the report's main findings:

The study said the rise in obesity was down to diets changing in developing countries where incomes were rising, with people shifting away from cereals and tubers to eating more meat, fats and sugar. The overconsumption of food, coupled with increasingly sedentary lives, was also to blame. The report said there seemed to be little will among the public and leaders to take action on influencing diet in the future.


"Governments have focused on public awareness campaigns, but evidence shows this is not enough," said Wiggins.


"The lack of action stands in stark contrast to the concerted public actions taken to limit smoking in developed countries.


"Politicians need to be less shy about trying to influence what food ends up on our plates. The challenge is to make healthy diets viable whilst reducing the appeal of foods which carry a less certain nutritional value."

Below are the report's key findings straight from the horse's mouth:

  • Over one third of all adults across the world – 1.46 billion people – are obese or overweight. Between 1980 and 2008, the numbers of people affected in the developing world more than tripled, from 250 million to 904 million. In high-income countries the numbers increased by 1.7 times over the same period.
  • Diets are changing wherever incomes are rising in the developing world, with a marked shift from cereals and tubers to meat, fats and sugar, as well as fruit and vegetables.
  • While the forces of globalisation have led to a creeping homogenisation in diets, their continued variation suggests that there is still scope for policies that can influence the food choices that people make.
  • Future diets that are rich in animal products, especially meat, will push up prices for meat, but surprisingly, not for grains. This suggests that future diets may matter more for public health than for agriculture.
  • There seems to be little will among public and leaders to take the determined action that is needed to influence future diets, but that may change in the face of the serious health implications. Combinations of moderate measures in education, prices and regulation may achieve far more than drastic action of any one type.

Some other pretty charts from the report:

So, in other words, as long as the overweight world can eat its cake, and have others pay for the diabetes medication fees, all is well. However, once this too unsustainable ponzi scheme ends, run. Or at least jog casually away, because one doesn't have to outrun everyone... just the fattest. And there are a lot of those around.

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lard is the new show of wealth.

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tha Annunaki and their minions are simply "fattening up" the sheep before slaughter

/s (sorta)

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Go run.

Need inspiration?  Believe you cannot run?

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen
Christopher McDougall, $    10.85
Inspirational, entertaining, and gives the reader all he or she needs to become, and stay, physically fit.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

http://www.chirunning.com/ is a great insight into proper form and technique that most people lack. 

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The average hip, knee, ankle, and foot was not designed to take the load that the obese are putting on them.  Scooter industry stawks anyone?  The body was not designed to handle the load that most fatties are imposing.  Aside from mental problems causing one to eat, or eating mostly fast food, we have a major physical problem with the design mechanics of the body going forward for the obese.

I always look at a fat persons' feet.  The feet are totally abused, swollen, skin callused and unhealthy.  The evidence is there for all to see.  Not a matter of disgust or unattractiveness, simply the body design can't handle the load.

Will Osamacare address these joint issues?



MiguelitoRaton's picture

Be careful about this. I'm a weightlifter, so my weight/height ratio is high, making me "overweight" which is certainly not true.

Colonel Klink's picture

Rather than a measure of BMI, this is a better measurement for athletes.

Willoughby Ideal Weight & Waist



Soul Glow's picture

It'll be sad when the financial system collapses, gas goes above $10, and most people won't be able to afford to drive - even a few blocks - to the store.  I imagine there will be obese people lining the ditches.

Harlequin001's picture

Just raise the number and everyone will be ideal weight.

Problem solved. It's easy, just ask those fine chaps at Fukushima...

kralizec's picture

According to BMI it appears 90% of the planets population is grossly overweight, when being a fat bloated bastard is more like that famous defnition of pornography...I know it when I see it!

The militant vegans, food-Nazi's and anorexic skanks controlling this retarded meme can kiss my ass!

Keyser's picture

We should start the great culling with these obese, useless eaters. They are sufficiently fattened up for Soylent Green Supreme, so chop-chop, off to the showers with you. /sarc


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Ever seen any media with a single fattie in a riot on the streets?

The fattening up is part of the design.


WillyGroper's picture

ACA makes the reporting of your BMI mandatory. You know, to make it more affordable.

In the state where I reside, they are pondering a bicycle tax


MiguelitoRaton's picture

Willoughby makes more sense. My body fat is just above healthy ahtlete (and I'm 50) and below the recommended male body fat. The whole BMI thing is a joke.

nope-1004's picture

So you're "overweight", but not overweight?


Question is: Are you packing too much for your joints?  Think about what the average body is built to carry.  My comment refers to mechanical engineering, not type of indulgence.  I know a few body builders and they have major joint issues, both from body mass and lifting stress.

The body is simply the body, and can only handle so much.


MiguelitoRaton's picture

No, I don't power lift, I also swim 3X/week.

DadzMad's picture

Keep in mind their are different mothods of weightlifting.  Learn Olympic style lifting and your flexibility and joint health will increase dramatically.  Also, I don't buy the whole "your body can't handle it" thing.  Done properly, the human body adapts very well to progressive increases in loading.   

"Strong people are harder to kill, and more useful in general."  Mark Rippetoe

DadzMad's picture


Chi Running is a good one, also Romanov's Pose running.  Your joints will thank you.  I'm a 6' 200lb guy and can run smoother than most 110 pounders with their awful heel strikes.  Ouch!

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Must read book.  Also loved the book Unbroken.

I am likely preaching to the choir here....

Plant a garden. Add fruit and nut trees. Eat fresh foods and avoid processed "foods". Cut back on sugar, soda, and bad habits.

I used to joke that if I couldn't enjoy certain foods, life wasn't worth living.  I have now found that fresher foods are amazing. Morning smoothies taste great and give my body the nutrition it needs. With my current healthier food intake, I don't need to worry about dieting.  My body maintains a healthy, strong weight.

Most people are starving for nutrition yet drowning in too many calories.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I also believe an active and healthy sex life is just as important as exercise, diet, and environment. I have noticed that that these habits seem to come with one another. To follow my observations accurately, I would also need to add a healthy spiritual life as an important habit for good health, God, art, meditation, or music included.

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I see some of these cow like creatures walking around and wonder how in the world do they have sex when it is impossible for them to even see thier own privates.  Maybe if they get fat enough they will eventually go the way of the dodo but it willl cost the rest of an arm and a leg

Bastiat's picture

How long before we see the first dual axle scooter?

MsCreant's picture

I should not repeat this, but it happened when I was young, so...

I had a female friend in her late 20s who was 5-2, 300+ and she got laid all the time. Great attitude and personality, hard worker, funny, smart and she cleaned up cute (always dressed to the nines).

One day she was talking about her latest boy toy (they were normal looking attractive enough men) and she must have seen a look on my face. I liked her so I hated that she saw my look. She said to me point blank, not seemingly insulted at all, "You wonder how we do it, don't you?" I admit I nodded yes. She explained that when you are laying down all the fat falls to the side. 

Yeah she may have been fucking with me...

There is someone for everyone out there. 

Soul Glow's picture

I tried to have sex with a woman of that size once.  When I got her naked all I saw was a polar bear lying on my bed.  I apologized and put her fur....er, I mean clothes back on.  

superflex's picture

Those are the kind you have to flour to differentiate the fat folds from the wet folds.

Dingleberry's picture

I knew a lot of guys like you in my younger day. Always went for the "sure thing" and it seemed to work. No trying (and often failing) for the pretty ones, esp. at closing time.

I couldn't do it though. Even drunk. Psychologically, I cannot get past fatness. I cannot rise to that occasion.

You should have been in porn if you could screw someone that big (assuming you could make the cut).

RSloane's picture

That's true HH. They all come from and contribute to an overall sense of well being and quality of life.

Soul Glow's picture

Most importantly - balance your ph.  Most city drinking water is around 5.0ph (some are lower), the body needs its ph to be 7.0 to be balanced.  Drink some apple cider vinegar everyday, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and don't eat too much meat.

pods's picture

I am with you on the fruits and veggies, but exactly how is drinking vinegar (~5% acetic acid) going to do anything for you in relation to body pH?

The avoiding meat is a good step, as it is very hard on the digestive tract and acidic.

And don't forget what they call milk:  Liquid Meat.


Soul Glow's picture

Drinking apple cider vinegar makes your body not produce as much acid because it already has it in its system.  Acid reflux is caused because the body is over producing acid, so when you drink apple cider vinegar it calms the stomach from making too much acid.

pods's picture

Acid reflux is caused by your esophageal sphincter not closing to prohibit acid from entering your esophagus. 

Try eating normal foods that do not need large amounts of acid and enzymes to digest. And stay the hell away from anything that "helps" with reflux, such as proton pump inhibitors, etc.

You will be chasing symptoms while doing more damage to yourself in the process, up to and including surgery.

The only time when I had bad heartburn was when I was young and drank all night long and grab a cup of coffee on my way in the door.

Try regular food, and maybe even some proteolytic enzymes with hard to digest meals (meats).

I have never had a bad feeling when eating whole, natural foods. Ever.



superflex's picture

Nonsense.  Most municipal drinking water is near neutral.

EPA suggests via their secondary standards for drinking water that the pH should be between 6.5 and 8.5. 

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and would lower your already too low pH water.

You would have to live in a really fucked up place to have your drinking water with a pH of 5 or below.  Do you live on a pile of acid mine tailings?


akak's picture

Actually, most ordinary drinking water, as well as most ground water, IS in the ph range of 5.0 to 5.5, and inevitably so, due to absorption of carbon dioxide from the air.  But this is "acidic" only in the most technical of senses, as you have to remember that the pH scale is not a linear one, but a logarithmic one, such that a solution with a pH of 4 is ten times more acidic than one with a ph of 5, which is ten times more acidic than a solution with a pH of 6.  In practice, it is essentially impossible to achieve a perfectly neutral pH of 7.0 without the addition of acid-base buffers.

I have tested, and tasted, water from a natural free-running surface stream (draining an exposed iron oxide deposit) that had a pH of less than 2.0, and yes, it was quite tart --- like somewhat diluted lemon juice.  Given that the acid present in that case was sulfuric acid, though, I was not tempted to make quasi-lemonade out of it.

owensdrillin's picture

No it is not. I have tested hundreds and hundreds of wells and they invariably always fall into the 6.8 to 7.8 range for PH. The only time I have seen a PH of 5 was exactly as said above, in a test of mine tailings.

Most people are not getting the nutrients required due to drinking water that is bottled or is "cleansed" by reverse osmosis. The human body has always gotten a lot of the needed vitamins from drinking water as it is filled with many essential elements. It is a huge scam that bottled water is any good for you.

Most cities have decent drinking water other than it is filled with clorine to kill coliforms.

akak's picture


I have tested hundreds and hundreds of wells and they invariably always fall into the 6.8 to 7.8 range for PH.

That is very curious, as I have tested many hundreds if not thousands of water samples while working in an environmental analytical laboratory, and I had NEVER seen a groundwater sample which had a pH over 6.  I am not calling you a liar by any means, but your claims do not jibe with my experience.

A pH of 5.0 to 5.5 was the normal range which covered virtually all of our samples, from many different sources in many different states (all east of the Mississippi, if that matters).

owensdrillin's picture

All the tests I have done are west of the Great Divide. They have all been groundwater wells. The only test on a well that came in less than 5 was on the leaching from a lead/zinc mine.

The pump in that well had to have all stainless steel or plastic fittings or would fall apart within a year.

akak's picture

OK, that makes sense, as most or all of the water samples which I would have analyzed were from the Northeastern US, and would not have been exposed to the alkaline soils and minerals common in the West.  The much greater prevalence of acid rain in my (former) part of the country would undoubtedly have played a factor as well:



pods's picture

Drinking water is not a large source of minerals or nutrients.  Just make sure it has a correct osmotic balance (that is the problem with RO water).

Even RO water you buy has added KCl, CaCl, and some other cheap salts for proper balance. 

Way better than the crapshoot of city water.  Which has loads of stuff in minute amounts, not the least of which is fluoride.  Or trihalomethanes and other byproducts from disinfection.  Cities commonly use chloramine to disinfect water now, but have to run a chlorine purge for a few weeks a couple times a year to deal with stuff chloramine does not kill.  (I think that is the pink scum)

You are spot on that city water is not going to be 5 unless contaminated and 5 is below what the EPA would allow (I think the range is 7-9 ish). My town was 8.6 when tested.

Most water will tend to be on the basic side from leached carbonates adding buffering capacity to the water.

You can find low pH surface water, especially in areas of the northeast with no buffer capacity (acid rain as akak stated above), but most areas have more than enough carbonates to have somewhat basic water.


DadzMad's picture

Is fluoride in potable water still being done much?  Just curious.  I've removed a lot of fluoridation equipment in the last few years.  Water engineers telling me good ridance.  I guess it's some toxic shit in the quantities and concentrations they had to deal with and just one less thing they need to worry about.  Don't know much about it.

pods's picture

In many areas of the US, yes, water is still fluoridated.  The old garbage science from back about bloodletting time about how something that MIGHT offer some protection from tooth decay topically would be beneficial used internally.

It is a class 8 PG II Corrosive liquid, and will be placarded when shipped into treatment facilities.

Many areas have banned it, Europe is leading the way in that regard.

Also some interesting stories about how it was used in prison camps in WW II to create docile prisoners. (not sure the validity of those allegations)

The Fluoride Deception is a good book on the topic.

I think the premise is that nuclear waste byproducts contained fluoride, they decided to add it to drinking water to show safety.  

Bernays was involved in the pitchwork.


max2205's picture

One in three work for the gubermint...coincidence. ..I think not

czardas's picture

Bravo!  I have long maintained that the vast majority of our health problems are of our making.   I have read that in the US just three generations ago diabetes and obesity were rare.  It's ironic, for all the gov't controls on what we buy, wear, eat and drink, the plethora of mandates for seat belts, helmets, the guidelines, rules and laws....Obamacare says absolutely nothing about lifestyles that result in problems consuming (by far) the majority of the health dollar.  In fact it penalizes those who work to stay healthy.

I have discovered that moderation is the key.   Eat sensibly, eat fresh, drink reasonably, exercise body and mind and stop all the absurd diets, expensive equipment, stress-causing regimens and just live. 

Groundhog Day's picture

so we are food, i hope they eat the fat cats and bankers first so i can watch the screaming....then if they catch me so be it, i will have lived to see i little justice before i am slaughtered