Where The Global Economic Growth In 2014 Is Expected To Come From - Country Breakdown

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When it comes to setting the prevailing economist groupthink, nobody does it better than the economists at JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs. Which is why the following chart of projected 2014 GDP growth by quarter in the Developed and Emerging World from JPM, explains succinctly just where the groupthink now expects marginal global growth will come from (Mexico, South Africa, Korea, UK, Italy?). We show it just because the economist consensus is always wrong when it comes to the important inflection points (see ECB rate cut decision, Taper off decision, Taper on, the great financial crisis, "subprime is contained", etc).

So for those curious to know what most likely will not happen in the new year, this chart's for you.

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....and at the same time, Buffett is selling off his DOW expsoure...




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Rigged markets always contain the seeds of their own destruction.

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A casino manager can always predict the house win rate pretty accurately .
Why not these fuckers.they stack the deck so they must surely know what will happen.
That doesn't mean they will tell the rubes.
Disinformation is king...

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Erect the gallows, lads. Once a century or so, it becomes obvious its time to use them again.

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But first a long televised trial, then the verdict of incredibly guilty.  No death penalty though, have them sent to do some mining and logging in Siberian work camps.  Those that survivee ten years will come out healthy and wise as to the workings of the world.  And the best part of all, you won't even have to make them swear to never do it again.

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Modern macroeconomics can be summed up in the following equation:

finite planet + finite resources = infinite growth

MOAR GROATH!!!1!1!!!

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When all the economists at JPM and GS think alike, none thinks at all. The hope will not be free for their suckers.

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Proving Economists are useless is like pointing out that Barrack Hussein Obama, the first African American President is a fucking idiot.

Barrel fish

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I am trying to solve your screen name and would like to buy a vowel.

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Perhaps you should just sell a few x's.....

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The US (led by the Hollywood entertainment/MSM industry) will swamp all developed nations of the world in economic growth for 2014.

Led by the new hit TV show, Dyke Dynasty, (starring Rachel Maddow, Rosie O'Donnel and Ellen Degeneres) profits & growth will soar in the US as more & more people tune in to watch the mad cap antics of this short haired trio of bouncing beauties devising newer & more clever campaigns of threats and intimidation to foster a greater tolerance for diversity of opinion and speech across the nation!!!

Fun for the entire family, with recurring guest appearances by Melissa Harris-Tampon ;-)


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Dyke Dynasty..you should register that one nmewn

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lol...I stole the idea from The Peoples Cube, modified it to fit TV's family oriented format.

But I would like to direct it ;-)

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Agreed, but you misspelled Degenerate.

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And those "dyke calls", they're two sided.  What are they used for?

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They have no dam use at all...and that's the rub.

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They're used for calling in huge flocks of humorless, witless, perpetually offended, flannel wearing, sqawking birds called Smug Pigeons (Dykellisquatus)...lol.

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Janet Napolitano call your orifice!!

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You sound frightened.

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I am Don!

When these Smug Pigeons come swarming through they don't leave a leaf of arugula in the fields for even one single starving child or a solitary set of benwa balls in the Frisco sex shops frequented by onsie pajama wearing metrosexuals. Its a complete travesty Don, real swarm of locust type stuff goin on out there!

The worst thing is, all they ever leave behind are steaming piles of their own self righteous smugness for the toady MSM to try and clean up, without so much as an apology for the lives they attempted to...or actually destroyed. 

Its a lot like these brilliant, self serving "climate scientists" getting stuck in ice that they "deny" is even there ;-)

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Haha nice one, that's a keeper.

Btw what's the definition of a lesbian?

Yet another woman trying to do a mans job.

(ducks for cover)

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just read the story on China where "they need to move just a few millions to make way for their plans to get freshwater distributed properly." all for the greater good!

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economic growth in 2014 will come from welfare (newly printed money give-aways)

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According to this administration's head of agriculture Tom Vilsack, food stamps are good business and promote job development!  JPM appreciates his sentiment.

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UK GDP growth is now almost entirely based upon house price inflation and the deliberate creation of rising house prices

is essentially what remains of UK economic policy. In addition, said policy is politically non-partisan meaning it does

not matter whichever puppet is on the stage, be it the Conservatives, aka Corporatists (roughly GOP),

or Labour (roughly Democrats).


More importantly, GDP as a concept with respect to the Western World (ex. resource-rich Canada and Austraila) is, at best,

misinformation if not downright deceit. It is no longer of any relevance because unlike in the past it no longer tracks

real median wage growth, which is the real variable that matters with respect to genuine economic growth. If you do

not have rising real median wage growth you do not have real economic growth, period.

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how about letting us see the degree of cock-up by showing last years outturns and next years predictions for say, Y2K, 2007 and 2012?

i suspect that we will need an even prettier graph representing "adjust cell H2 to value 3, by adjusting cell h3" which can represent adjust GDP growth to value of 3% by adjusting channel stuffing"

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China is a layup however. If the party say it will be 7%, it will be 7% at least in the official stats! Also looks like they are predicting Abe-nomics fails in Q3. This explains forecast of improvement in Korea.

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How can China and Russia be considered "emerging markets"? This is World Bank bullshit designed to steal money from the West.

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Zee gold is already gone!

All that's left is the inevitable destruction of fiat.

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current issue of the Economist lists the top 10 GDP forecasts for 2014

starting with Mongolia at 15% ,then Macau,Sierra Leone,Timor,Turkmenistan,Bhutan,Laos,Congo, Iraq,Tanzania(8%)

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While I don't always agree with George, I do always listen to what he has to say.  He thinks China's debt problems are the # threat to the global economy.  I think one of these times their repo and money markets go nuts they won't be able to fix it and we all know what happened last time repo markets went bananas. 

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China's plot resembles a Madoff chart.