The 'Real' Road Ahead In 2014 (In One Cartoon)

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"Hope" And "Change" And This Time It's Different...again...



(h/t Sunday Funnies via The Burning Platform blog)

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The yellow brick road now leads to China.

Motorhead's picture

Yellow...China...careful, you might hear from Al Sharpton....naaaaah, you're fine.

kill switch's picture

Yellow as in GOLD!!!!! You understand now????

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Uh, DUH, no shit.  Take a course in understanding sarcasm, will ya?

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Reminds me of an old Looney Tunes cartoon...Beep, beep, zip--thud!  Courtesy of ACME Financing(aka, the FED).  If you're Wile E., you'll hunker down with your PM's on this one.

cynicalskeptic's picture

That 'Wall Street Road' is going exponential at the end - think of it as one of those ramps Wile E. Coyote goes up while wearing rocket skates.....of course it also ends at the edge of the Grand Canyon   

So..... ramp up to escxape velocity - then big time crash when the rockets burn out


'Main Street' may turn out to be safer - a bumpy, crappy trip beset by highwaymen but how much further can you fall?

vie's picture

No worries.  As long as we don't look down, we should be fine.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Even while we are falling, we are still fine. It ain't the fall that kills's the abrupt stop at the end.

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[Sarcasm]<Insert Clever Line Here>[/Sarcasm]

tmosley's picture

But that was irony, not sarcasm.

Dinero D. Profit's picture

Yogi Berra, the great baseball philosopher once said:  "When you come to the fork in the road, take it."

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reversion to the mean is all about how high and low it can go

why the fuk does the artist have a flat road before 2014? just started paying attention?

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2 roads from here:  Deflation/Depression/Riots/Civil unrest   OR    Hyperinflation/Depression/Riots/Civil unrest.

The only difference between the two is the time it takes to arrive.  I think we all know the path they have chosen.  So do all the nations buying gold and/or asking for it back.

Enjoy this time, for many it will never be the same again.


satoshi101's picture

What is main-street?

A place where you went to shop, bank, get laid, or drunk. Or maybe buy some hw.

WHat is wall-street?

A casino


Nobody needs a casino, let's hope that NYC implodes along with Wash-DC

Main-Street is where folks will trade human-flesh to eat, and maybe barter scrap they find in ghost-towns


I agree the future of America is bleak, but THEY know that, that's why the DHS bought 2Billion rounds of ammo, and FEMA bought millions of body-bags, they have already invested in our future.


Of course it doesn't have to be this way, but children don't have to CAM their genitals and post either but they do, the MSM doens't have to feed the masses Kardashian Snatch but they do, the DHS/FEMA didn't have to invest in DEATH, but they did.

TPTB have already decided the outcome (DEATH),  no vote required, other than vote with your feet and run like hell.


Harbanger's picture

Run to what?  I can't help but think that the outcome of main street in America is global.


Harbanger    Totally agree, this will be a global clusterfuck when it goes kaboom. 

merizobeach's picture

Of course ramifications will be global, but that still doesn't make it a good idea to remain at ground zero.  It's a big world, folks; bigger than you or I know.

satoshi101's picture

When the USA goes 'boom', over 50% of the world will not even know or care,

This is 100% self importance that the USA matters to anyone, the USA is a bully, and the only people impressed are those living in chains in the USA.

stacking12321's picture

USA DOES matter.

no country in the world has done more to increase the level of terrorism in the world, or military aggression, or increase inflation in the world.

no country has as many nukes.

to say the usa doesn't matter, is foolishness.

i wish you were right, but you're not.


satoshi101's picture

Today there is a list of things that matter to AMERICAN's and it all bullshit stuff,

OK I'll tell you what matters to the world

1) children, love family, ..
2) water
3) food
4) home
5) clothes
6) religion
7) community
8) culture

I think you get the point, even if I were to enumerate to 500 USA nukes, or USA power projection would not be on their list
The self importance of the US citizen is all in his own mind, if the USA would drop off the cliff nobody would fucking care or notice, ..

Nobody gives a fuck or thinks about 'terrorism' that is a bogey man in the US mind.

The USA man and his nukes are like the big dick in his pants, ... they're only important in his little mind.

satoshi101's picture

The world is full of excellent places.
Long ago I witness the "OUTSIDE MAGAZINE" effect, every time that rag back in the 1980's did a story about paradise, that paradise was lost in a year, fucked.

That's why on principal while I know of 100's of paradise on earth, I always make a point of never mentioning one publicly,because I don't want to see the good shit destroyed.


You like the sea, the land, the cold, the warm, you like women with small tits or big tits, these are the questions to ask, the rest will be obvious to you.


The best places, are the places that NOBODY has discovered, that nobody is selling and that nobody has already jacked up the prices. Enough Said. These places are infinite.
Because human beings are like fly's on shit, they all tend to congregate on the same turd. It doesn't take much effort if you follow the path not traveled to find paradise.

stacking12321's picture

"That's why on principal while I know of 100's of paradise on earth, I always make a point of never mentioning one publicly,because I don't want to see the good shit destroyed."

that's smart of you satoshi, very smart.

because, after all, once your legions of followers that hang on your every word, hear about the paradises you mention, they will immediately drop their misarable lives and flock to these paradises you've proclaimed.

i like a lot of things about you, satoshi - not only are you absolutely brilliant, but you are a humble man, who has an accurate self-assessment, and does not over-estimate his own importance.


satoshi101's picture

That's funny those that know me, and know where I live say I live like a monk

I have nothing to lose, nothing to steal, I have no fear.

I have had a good life, and I have seen it all many times in my travel.

Legions don't need to follow, they just need to open their eyes, to understand that the paradigm offered by the MSM is a hallucination. That the CIVILIAN-GOV paradigm, is a dog and pony show.

That the USA is one big fucking prison, and if you don't get out before they lock the gates you will die.


You know the reality is the assholes can't flock to paradise, they have to assimilate, to marry local women, to become part of a community to contribute, to not display wealth. I think once someone decides to walk away they need to understand that where ever they go, they must leave everything behind, including their prejudice,and their ignorance. They have to learn a new language, ... I think that 99% can't even meet these requirements, ... so never fear grasshopper, and the great legions will not follow my advice, because the truth is painful, and all will hate for speak the truth.

My advice has always been get out and travel, see the real NON-COMMERCIAL world, and find freedom on earth.
When you find your spot you will know it. But you will not find it in front of a computer. xx000xx

_SILENCER's picture

We talk about getting the fuck out all the time. "In a few years when we're done with allour shit" always seems to be the underpinning that we aquiesce to that keeps us here.

However you can break certain chains if you pull your cooperation with the system/establishmnet back to bare minimum levels, while still functioning within it. Stop paying fines and tickets and license fees, stop using banks, credit cards, kill your cable TV, stop eating the GMO monkeyfood, stop participating in the medical system, drop your fear of cops, those types of's not a silver bullet, but at least for me, it helps make life in the Matrix better until Mrs. Silencer and I bust out of L7.

merizobeach's picture

Good luck to you and the Mrs getting out.  Life is actually much easier on the outside.  The moment of inertia--the first step out of your door to the airport, or maybe even the purchase of the tickets online--is the most difficult step of the process; once en route to the airport, everything happens as if automatically: one foot in front of the other, ride in a car/bus/train to the airport, a bit more walking, sit on a plane; arrive somewhere, get a hotel/guesthouse/beach bungalow, shower, go to a restaurant; explore, start your new life.  It's refreshing--exciting, invigorating, and educational all at once.  One key to remember is that you don't have to prepare arrangements in advance--just arrive and discover.  That goes for hotels, apartments, jobs, etc.  Just get yourself there first.

I've visited the States several times over the years; the place has gotten progressively more miserable.  Fatter, too.  From afar, the trapped-in-America mentality looks like that silly glass-pane prison from Superman II.  Once inside the bubble, America really does feel like the whole world, with the allegedly-existing rest-of-the-world seeming as far away as the stars.  I learned a decade ago, that for my own sanity, I required the mental safety-net of already possessing a ticket to leave again upon entering the States, so that I could properly enjoy my stay--as it would then assuredly be just a visit.

Satoshi's comments are right about a lot of things.  Learn the language where you eventually settle, but don't stress about it; as long as you're not opposed to learning it, you will naturally, eventually pick it up because you'll be immersed.  Eventually find your way off the beaten paths.  There are places that will be nearly unaffected by global financial implosion.  My good buddy tells me Tajikistan is one of the most beautiful places he has been..  How many of us could find that one on a blank map?

satoshi101's picture

What Ails ameriKKKa is too much FIAT, much of the worlds COPS are on bicycles or on foot, most of the world can't afford a chair for a cop, let alone a CAM on every post.

The problem with ameriKKKa is TOO MUCH EASY FIAT, but don't think for a moment the rest of the world has this 'problem'.

Most cop's world-wide hardly have enough pocket change to buy bullets, more than have a gun that actually works,

Lastly, the problem with ameriKKKa is now the cops come from somewhere else, they don't know the locals so they treat them like shit, of course this was by design.


Here I want to tell a cop story, when I was a kid, under 10 I had to spend the summer up in Oregon, in Oakridge a logging town, well that summer there was a cop that was an asshole, and he was beating kids left and right, and one night that cop got knocked over the head, and somehow wound up on the rail-road tracks, and that cop lost one of his legs, and after that no cop ever fucked with the kids again.

Enough said.


What ails america is its citizens are lazy, apathetic and out of touch with reality. To suggest that the rest of the world is like the USA is insane.
Get off your ass and go travel, and learn foreign languages, and meet new people, but don't kill them like the US-MILITARY.

A Lunatic's picture

Take the road not taken, bitchez.........

HelluvaEngineer's picture

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it." - Yogi Berra

Seer's picture

When you come to a fork in the road start looking for food...

mt paul's picture

when you come to a fork in the road

don't be eating ice cream..

Thunderbox's picture

Either way we are forked


Don't take the Slawson'll end up cutting off your slawson.

satoshi101's picture

exactly fuck the 2 choices

fuck the DEM & Repug

Fuck the left & RIGHT

and most of all fuck wall-st and main-st

Get out of the fucking USA and find a life

All roads to main-st or wall-st lead to hell


How about a road to wash-dc?

How about a road to galts-gulch?

How about the road less traveled?

Why is the entire fucking paradigm always wall-st and main-st?

Fucking BULLSHIT like saying the choice is APPLE or NOKIA, fucking bullshit

There are more than these 2 path's, in fact these are the 2 paths that should be elminated before you even get out of bed.

logicalman's picture

There never were 2 choices.

US elections are like asking which leg you would prefer to have broken.

endicott glacier's picture

Bernake did that and took the road not taken it is named "Zimbab-way"

Anglo Hondo's picture

That cartoon is not funny.  True, but not funny.  Things have got to Change. Otherwise, no Hope left.


eddiebe's picture

Sure, they'll change all right. Have you noticed things getting better for the 99%? You really think that will change? So yeah, they'll change. They'll get worse.

Seer's picture

Fuck HOPE.  People need to toss off that abatross and make shit happen NOW.

Oh, and "change" is the only thing that is certain.

satoshi101's picture

The OBama crowd for years echoed "HOPE & CHANGE" ... yep

The ZH crowd parrots "End the FED"


Hope  & Change, but funny can't even get a definition of 'collapse' here let alone a viewpoint of where the hope&change is leading.

Better yet 'End the Fed', what does it really mean?

When the FED ends and it will in the next few years it means the IMF will issue SDR's, and the USA/CHINA/RUSSIA/JAPAN can issue all they want by proxy rights, the SDR will be backed by the full power of the US-MIL just like the USD now.

SO this crowd say' "End the Fed", ...How is taking the USD from Civilian oversight to MIL oversight better? You never get an answer.

The bitchez here will echo 'bitcoin',

I'm bored to death of BTC, everytime I hear that word I'm going to echo back 'beanie baby',

"Beanie Baby's are incredibly resilient, already they're capitialization is up there with BTC at its MAX"


All the DEM's, and the PUG's, and the ZH's are being led to the fucking slaughterhouse, and they think its going to make their lives better, but when asked 'how' they don't have a fucking clue.

Every lemming is being led, and they don't even see it.


How about a road to BTC, and a road to SDR-MIL-IMF world, but the IMF already runs the BTC, all these fucking roads lead to the same place in the end.

StychoKiller's picture

I understand the "Suicide is painless."  Knock yerself out...

merizobeach's picture

I really think there would be a great net benefit to having euthanasia clinics in every town and city..  A few billboard ads like "Euthanasia: The Noble Choice" and public service announcements encouraging people of weak DNA not to reproduce.. a few entitlements laws reworked to add financial incentives for pensioners to choose to be euthanized and for the stupids to be sterilized..  Then there might be the beginnings of hope for the improvement of humanity, or even just its longer-term survival.  Historically, population charts that look like this one don't end well for the participants:

RKDS's picture

So how are you going to filter out "the stupids?"  Will you ask a math questions to just shoot everyone who doesn't know the Truth about trickle down?

merizobeach's picture

Your proposed method seems a bit more direct than I was imagining.  I did remark to a friend recently, though, that if I were ever to hire workers for a retail venture, the employment application would primarily be a math test.

stacking12321's picture

hey, satoshi, what does this mean: "the IMF already runs the BTC"?

explain yourself.

you are long on rants, but short on details.


satoshi101's picture

The IMF came out of the UN, which came out of 'BIG-OIL' aka Rockefeller Regionalism, a long time ago. Which are all part of NSA/CIA(OSS).

BTC came out of early 1990's working paper's on crypto-currency, rehashed in 2009. Nothing new here.

BTC is a honey-pot for nerds, .. trial run.

I have no bone to pick on BTC, other than its boring.


I will say this that BTC is the virtual politics 'CIVILIAN-GOV' of today civilian government, and kids that believe in BTC also believe in civilian government and that voting makes a difference. That Obama, or Bush are different,or that DEM or PUG party are different. The 'FED' is part of Civilian Gov.

Then there is MIL-GOV, which about physical GOLD, and real stuff like gun's and murder, and they too create their OWN FIAT, but USA-MIL-GOV rules the world, and the CIVILIAN-GOV gets on their knees and sucks cock when the MIL-GOV is present.

IMF, CIA, NSA, ... all MIL-GOV ...They are as good as PHYS-GOLD

Then you have BTC, OBAMA, and civilian courts, and that is all a construed artificial world created and perpetuated by the MSM. Lawyers, judges, ... might as well be alice-in-wonderland.

The BTC people believe in Fairy's and good and right, ... the MIL-GOV people believe in FORCE, MURDER.

Both CIV-GOV and MIL-GOV have access to unlimited FED FIAT, so there is no limit to their growth. But the MIL-GOV has FINAL VETO over all CIV-GOV.

Here on 'libertarian-btc' world they say "END THE FED" the MIL-GOV say's GREAT, then the IMF will be print FIAT SDR's, under full CONTROL of MIL-GOV.

I hope the bitchez are happy for what they asked for.


Lastly, I'll say this about BTC, for a long time the purpose of CIA was to control the black market, e.g. force cocaine, heroin, child-sex-slavery, human-blood worldwide to be traded in USD, but it gets too hard, so they move the black-market into BTC, and then given the public block-chain, they know exactly who to drone, ... when to drone, and WHY drone? Cuz every black-market pays for protection back to the MOB, and like a PIMP, if they see someone on the black-market who isn't authorized they want to know in Real-Time, that is the why the CIA/NSA gave you BTC.

Zero Point's picture

Damn satoshi, some excellent and thought provoking posting here.

_SILENCER's picture

Next level shit.

I so badly want to unfuck myself from my Social Security Number.