The "Kinks" Return As Treasury Bills Reprice Debt Ceiling Debacle

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Just when funds thought it was safe to buy short-term Treasuries and rehypothecate them to immeasurable leverage, yields on Bills due after the February 7th debt-ceiling suspension ends are lifting significantly in recent days. Since the year-end liquidity squeeze, yields on the March bills have developed a hump indicating concerns beginning. Of course, levels remain very low for now but the 'kink' is notable.



Congress suspended the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling on Oct. 16 – a day before officials estimated the government would have exhausted its emergency borrowing authority. The suspension will last through Feb. 7, 2014. On Feb. 8, the debt limit will be reinstated reflecting the debt issued between Oct. 17 and Feb. 7, increasing the ceiling to roughly $17.3 trillion by then.

If lawmakers don’t act on the debt limit before Feb. 8, then the Treasury will employ “extraordinary measures” to keep the government afloat for a bit longer.

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Here we go again. How many times are they gonna run this farce?

<As many as it takes to beat us into obedient submission.>

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the big question will be what happens when Russia and China take over when America falls...

What will happen when the militairy breaks up in America?

Just look at when the civil war ended in America. You had outlaws all over the place with militairy weapons.

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How many times are they gonna run this farce?

"All the Day and All of the Night"

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You think that's bad? Have you ever experienced In-Laws with weapons?

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dude... I have a mother in law with a lazy eye when I step in the room and a sister in law that's a devils offspring.

I can write dante's inferno after a family gathering!

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Yes, but I have weapons and hand to hand skills. Krav maga baby!


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More Pro-Ceiling Lift Republicans in Congress could be staring at some primary challengers in February\March...



Then does Boehner take 10% of his caucus and work a deal with the Dems?

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I'm not as optimistic as you. I believe the Republicans will elect "anti-debt ceiling raising" candidate who will then sell out right after they get to DC.


As your name suggests "vote Libertarian." Neither party's candidate (except Ron Paul) can be trust to "right the ship."

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they can't stop the slide anymore. they're going for the wall and anybody who has a brain and doesn't mind being mocked as a stacker should buy PM's

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If you blinked, you missed it.  BTFATH idiots!!! Weeeeeeeeee



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Whatcha Gonna Do, Jack Lew ??

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I have said it before and I will say it again, someone or something is pinning the ten year yield to be at or below 3.00%.

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Maybe that's why gold has been on the rise. They are diverting the money they were using to short gold to keep a lid on the 10 year now instead? They need cover to print moar so they can control the price of both at the same time!

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I never thought about that. It is interesting to see gold rise while the market either stagnates or takes a dip.

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But I thought Treasury was already using "Extraordinary measures" for the last 5 years

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600 billion in 4 months.... DID THEY BUY EVERY AMERICAN A 2000 DOLLAR CHRISTMASS PRESENT?!?!?!?




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Baby needs a new pair of shoes.



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okay no prob... that's why they call it taxmoney... to buy crap... BUT RUBBY SLIPPERS FOR EVERYBODY?!?!?

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The debt limit is a sham… they have raised it like 67 times or so since the Fed.

The government can “borrow” all it wants.. the debt will never be paid back.

The real scam is the Fed circular trillions to EU banks and the trillions to US banks that is actually a big game of “Hide the Salami”. That is the game that is suppressing wage increases, real investment, killing jobs and savers, and with it the middle class.

But it is making billions for the banking racket and criminals.

Oh, and keeping politicians and lobbyists fat.

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only so long as the dollar is accepted...

tick tock motherfuckers...

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SD:  SGS predicts US hyperinflation by the end of 2014.  (He first predicted 2020, then dropped it back to 2016, then the end of 2014).  Unfortunately, I still don't know how he calculated the year so I can't check his result.

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simple, nobody is buying the debt anymore so anything printed extra acts as the inflation number. 10% more money bought by the fed itself is 10% inflation.
If you can't move the hot potato arround you gotto eat it.

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Can't I just print more potatoes?

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Onward march to $20 trillion soon.

"Yes we can!"

Next stop after that is $25 trillion. Accelerating debt.

Obama is turning the country into Chicago. Bankrupt like Detroit.

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Except for Ron Paul, neither party is running on a "Balance the Budget" platform.

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Why woud politicians wanting to get elected or reelected run on a Balance the budget platform? More than 50% of voters are "takers"  who simply want more gifts from government and are not concerned whatsoever with how these gifts will be paid for.  Bankruptcy is for the brave and greedy and those who have no skin in the game or nothing to lose

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at least we'll all be still alive when that happens... only 2 more grey hairs and we're there!

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I dont think this year will be as good as last year tax revenue wise.....remember last year eveyone was selling before the new laws kicked they got a first quarter bonus...this year they do not have that..but they do have new Obamacare expenses.....I think 90 percent of the people that signed up are freebies.....and the insurance companies should be holding out their hand soon....but it will all blow up before the elections....that will be the big political sign...single payer..single payer..socialized medicine.....that was the end game anyway....and that will cost trillions too in ten years....wait till the CBO comes out with the new projections....if they do at has to be one is buying what they are selling...but they still have the fixed costs.....

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Tax revenues will be strong again in 2014, but in 2015 they will royally suck. The biggest determinate of tax revenues is capital gains from stock trades. I think those gains will be taken in 2014, leaving 2015 with nothing but losses. Probably be 2017-18 before tax revenues start improving back to the 2014 level.

This was the very reason we ran at a surplus in 1999 and 2000. One time profit taking.

Only way to consistently raise the tax revenue needed is to tax accumulated assets rather than income.

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fuck you Yellen - stupid cunt

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Yellen's slophole is not amused with your lack of respect. 

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Wow Ray & Dave of The Kinks are back together!