Meanwhile, In The Non "Polar Vortex" World...

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While America is preparing to usher in the coldest days of the 21st century, some other places around the globe are hardly as worried. Below is a photo from Rio's Ipanema beach over the weekend, where temperatures hit 51 degrees. Celsius.

Maybe the global warming experts (and their rescuers) currently stuck in the Antarctic ice, should plan accordingly: plus the sights in Rio are certainly more enjoyable than in a barren ice wasteland...

Source: @pdacosta

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There are too many people on this planet.

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Antarctic ice shelf melt ‘lowest EVER recorded, global warming is NOT eroding it’

Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey say that the melting of the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf in Antarctica has suddenly slowed right down in the last few years, confirming earlier research which suggested that the shelf’s melt does not result from human-driven global warming...

The Autosub survey revealed that a previously unknown marine ridge lay below the shelf, over which the icepack had for millennia been forced to grind its way en route to the ocean. However in relatively recent times the ice had finally so ground down the ridge that the sea could flow in between shelf and ridge, freeing the ice to move much faster and warming it too.

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If you want to keep up with this subject you could do better. The total quantity of ice in Antarctica has been increasing for more than ten years; the only link for the silly thesis of the trace gas in the atmosphere causing any warming is warming in the atmosphere; the air temperatures in Antartica are normal and not the reason any ice melted. If ice extends out a long ways from the shore of continent, floating on the sea, and the sea moves, and the ice breaks off, and floats away, where it melts somewhere else, which is precisely what has happened; why would anyone be surprised by this? Ice is not very flexible. The only reason you've ever heard about the Antartic Ice Shelf is the propaganda barrage; it's completely meaningless.

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and perhaps, Earth to Gilligans: the Antarctic is not a 3 Hour Tour..

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Many scientists have observed correlations between the solar magnetic activity, which is reflected in the sunspot frequency, and climate parameters at the Earth.

70-90 years oscillations in global mean temperature are correlated with corresponding oscillations in solar activity.

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Sunny beach..., I'll bet they are clean, too.

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yeah exactly. "No thanks." funny how when its summer down there its warmer than when it winter up here.

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That's all there's too it.

Hedge accordingly.

Do I need to spell out where HELL is?

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51°C my ass, Tyler  Try 31°.

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It's like a swarm of ants.  Can you imagine the ecoli that's flourishing in that water?  I'll take the snow and wind in the midwest... At least here I can breathe.

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Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes - ah

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Which girl from Ipanema?  There's like 50,000 of them!

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There's enough e. coli bacteria in that stretch of beach to easily outdo the Jersey Shore.

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Man if you can't get laid there...    Stay in Chicagooooooo!!

But me be happy in me ice fishin hut with some JD and Patsy Kline playing.

Life is good!

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Ahh, excuse me, but their is a little exothermic reaction going on at Fukishima.

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"Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes - ah
Oh please.

When she squeezes through each one she steps on goes  - FUCK YOU!

"plus the sights in Rio are certainly more enjoyable than in a barren ice wasteland..."

I'll take David Attenborough's penguin films any day over spending five minutes in filthy Copacabana having my pocket picked ...

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You speak  from experience, ajax?

I've been there in my bachelor days.

No way I'd be a part of the debauchery that is the world cup. I seriously see a major accident happening to thousands of people.

Same with the winter olympics.

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That sucked so bad i am speachless. I hope this poor nastard doesnt have to make a living off this.

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Lol, he has 4 albums under that name, 2 more under another, and writes 2 succesful web comics after being a research chemist with a few patents under his belt. Kompressor rocks.

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51°C my ass, Tyler  Try 31°.

The tweeter source indicates that the 51C figure is the heat index, not the actual temperature.

As 51C would be about 124F, if that were the actual temperature I'd expect to be seeing stories about lots of people dying from the heat.

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Like this in 2003 in France? 15,000 excess deaths from the heat...

Check out the first figure....

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never had heat waves until "global warming"? give it a rest, the real science coming out now shows that climate fluctuation is natural:

and therefore provides no excuse more taxation and centralized tyranny over individual dignity and rights.  FU NWO.

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Sorry, science doesn't always jive with you preferred ideology....

Why don't you ask your german "friends" why they don't go back before 1750 and only consider european temperatures?....Do you have any clue why?

PS: your reading comprehension is shit as the article I posted was only about excess mortality from heat waves...


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what, can't come up with a factual argument to counter the post?  what a shock.

Flakmeister's picture

I did, it flew over your head...

Picking 3% of the globe and limiting the range of data studied is all you need to know that your "study" is an exercise in curve fitting with no predictive power...

Sorry. but you are way out of your league...

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thankfully, you don't have to be climate scientist to call bullshit on "global warming". 

Flakmeister's picture

And calling bullshit doesn;t make it so..

Still don't understand what I am talkng about?

A real study would take 1/2 the data to demonstrate and verify the prediction on the other half... It would also consider more than 3% of the globe if it was really global...

Your cited study is on par with that from a con artist....

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plenty of studies out there demonstrating that 'global warming is a fraud:

and that does make 'global warming' bullshit...   and thanks to the 'climategate' scandal, we all know that global warming fraudsters were intentially lying to support their pet theory. 


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Why, WHY..., are we constantly having to separate you two?

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Sorry that doesn't pass the sniff test of real peer reviewed research (because it is an Op-Ed piece that has not been reviewed) and the Emeritus title is usually a give away...

BTW, Easterbrook is responsible for these failed "predictions" tabulated here

The problem is DE keeps trying to pass off 1850 as "Present Day"...  And in case you did not notice, your article is a reprint of a discredited 2008 article...

Nice try...


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someone is lying, i'll give you that.  given the leaked emails detailing fraud from the global warming camp, and the billions of dollars poured into prop up the 'global warming' scam...  i'll stick with my instincts on which side is doing the lying.

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your instincts are most likely going to get you and your loved ones caught between a rock and a hard place.

search my post history from 6 - 7 january, and you'll find all the relevant sources from which to reconfigure your worldview.  


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self appointed climate messiah Al Gore forced to lay off 90% of his global warming minions...

what a total farce.


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It would seem that Al is *your* chosen appointed messiah...

Real climate scientists pay zero attention to Al Gore...

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yes, indeed, old Al is a PR nightmare now that 'global warming' has failed to produce any significant temperature change over the past decade...   

as for real scientists...  the ones that are not bought off with global warming money, know that climate fluctation is perfectly natural, and not caused my human released carbon dioxide:


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Good god, are you going to repeat every thing discredited arguement used by deniers? 

Nice strawman, only a clown like you would argue that C02 is the only controller of climate... Umm. what was the solar output during the Carboniferous? Are you claiming it was the same?

BTW, 2001-2010 was hottest decade in the instrumental record...

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discredited? in the opinion of global warming fraudsters?  sorry, but you will have to excuse the lack of faith in the bogus lies of government funded climate change religion.  

I just came in from outside...  10+ inches of snow...  0 degrees F.   global warming fail.

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"Using their own data, climate scientists have noted, albeit quietly, that there has been "no discernible rise in aggregate temperatures." Professor Judith Curry, head of the climate science department at Georgia Tech, told The Mail Online that computer models that were used to predict future global warming were "deeply flawed." When the theory of global warming was first posited, scientists had used a 16-year period from 1980 to 1996 upon which to base their findings. This period was marked by slight increases in global temperatures. But the subsequent 16-year period from 1997 to 2013 shows a stabilization of temperatures and a distinct drop in global temps in 2011 and 2012. But even the data itself from the two 16-year periods is suspect."

yeah, yeah... i know.  global warming did that.

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Psst... Global warming was first posited long before 1980...

Quit making shit up, you fool no one...

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what about the government funded projects that gave you the internet?

i guess you have no fucking faith in the science behind your message and how it is transmitted by your pea-brain via your fingers to the keyboard and out to the internet and cached on a webserver in switzerland and how it can be read by me and others in other parts of the world.  

pun intended.

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sad old flak and jack burton, winter mittens woolen hat northface ski jacket on while posting on zh, about how warm it rreally is ..accuse us all of cherry picking data while basing his delusions on outright lies and self admitted fudged data,,.all the predictions on global warming done in the last 40 years and NONE NOT ONE HAS come true, but Flak he keeps carrying water could be he is al gore. remember that beach in brazil has been underwater for the last 10 years flak- so stay away.

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Here is an overview (and a link to the original) of a prediction for the expected temperature rise by 2010 from *1975*:

Name one other prediction from 35 years ago that even comes close to how correct he was...

You guys have no idea at what you don't know....


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It can get to 124*F in the Mojave Desert, even higher,  sometimes for days.  A bit of shade and a bit of a breeze makes it bearable.  You don't necessarily have a bunch of deaths unless there is unrelenting exposure.

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I don't give a shit what the temperature is on that funny C only gripe to Tyler is if you're going to show photos of a Brazilian beach, close-ups are a lot better than the 200 ft panoramic view...let's see some bitches, bitchez!!!

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Hmm...51 C is about 125 F? Death Valley Days.

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Keep those chemtrails blasting, they are working great!