The FBI Admits Its Primary Focus Is "Not" Law Enforcement

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Recently, the FBI made a significant change to its self-proclaimed primary focus in its fact sheet from “law enforcement” to “national security.” This change merely confirms what I and countless others have claimed to be true for quite some time. That the entire regulatory, security and intelligence apparatus of these United States has been redirected away from protecting the Constitution and the rule of law, toward a narrow focus on protecting the economic and social positions of the oligarch class at all costs under the guise of a “war on terror.” We have seen many signs of cronyism at the FBI for decades now, something most accurately pointed out in the priceless image “All My Heroes Have FBI Files.”

While this change to the FBI fact sheet is just confirmation of something we already knew, it’s still mind-boggling to see it shoved right in our faces:

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 2.52.09 PM

TechDirt covered this story well. Here are some excerpts:

A couple years ago, it was revealed that the FBI noted in one of its “counterterrorism training manuals” that FBI agents could “bend or suspend the law and impinge upon the freedoms of others,” which seemed kind of odd for a government agency who claimed its “primary function” was “law enforcement.” You’d think that playing by the rules would be kind of important. However, as John Hudson at Foreign Policy has noted, at some point last summer, the FBI quietly changed its fact sheet, so that it no longer says that “law enforcement” is its primary function, replacing it with “national security.”


Of course, I thought we already had a “national security” agency — known as the “National Security Agency.” Of course, while this may seem like a minor change, as the article notes, it is the reality behind the scenes. The FBI massively beefed up resources focused on “counterterrorism” and… then let all sorts of other crimes slide. Including crimes much more likely to impact Americans, like financial/white collar fraud.


So… what has the FBI been doing? Well, every time we hear anything about the FBI and counterterrorism, it seems to be a case where the FBI has been spending a ton of resources to concoct completely made up terrorism plots, duping some hapless, totally unconnected person into taking part in this “plot” then arresting him with big bogus headlines about how they “stopped” a terrorist plot that wouldn’t have even existed if the FBI hadn’t set it up in the first place. And this is not something that the FBI has just done a couple times. It’s happened  over  and  over  and over  and  over  and  over  and  over  and  over  and  over  and  over  and  over  and  over  and  over again. And those are just the stories that we wrote about that I can find in a quick search. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch more stories that we wrote about, let alone that have happened.


All of these efforts to stop their own damn “plots” screams of an agency that feels it needs to “do something” when there’s really nothing to be done. Thousands of agents were reassigned from stopping real criminals to “counterterrorism” and when they found there were basically no terrorists around, they just started making their own in order to feel like they were doing something… and to have headlines to appease people upstairs. The government seems to have gone collectively insane when it comes to anything related to “terrorism.”

Once again ladies and and gentlemen: USA! USA!

Full article here.

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LetThemEatRand's picture

When I rent a DVD, I now see three Federal warnings about copying same.   FBI was the original.  Then Homeland Security got in the act.  I can't remember the third,  but I feel safer.  

One And Only's picture

Blockbuster can be a dangerous place.

...there is this thing called torrenting. A friend told me about it. Hollywood actors, producers, and directors actually enjoy redistributing their work so everyone can enjoy it because everyone is entitled to entertainment.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I rent exclusively from Red Box because of my political beliefs :).

One And Only's picture

You're entitled to entertainment without paying for it. Hollywood actually embraces this concept on a broader basis. You should join the movement.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I understand what you're saying, but to me the bigger issue is why the Department of Homeland Security has anything to do with a fucking movie.

Ignatius's picture

Because the trolls have run out of bridges to hang out under, I suppose.

kliguy38's picture

that's what the oligarchs fear...........hanging FROM bridges......too bad they'll probably dangle a lot of us first from them......."for our safety" of course....

markmotive's picture

More countries are becoming police states, it seems. Where the police serve those in power instead of the people.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Great, another Federal agency at the ready to rear its ugly head against the citizenry

Scarlett's picture

Listen silly, "laws" are gone.  They have been gone for a long time now.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Is that what Bye-Law means???

SWRichmond's picture

Listen silly, "laws" are gone.  They have been gone for a long time now.

I think "Law" has always been something, throughout history, whch has applied only to the mundanes, and has always served its role as control mechanism for keeping the mundanes in line, along with religion and morality.  These things quite obviously do not apply to those at the top, nor to their enforcers.  But that fact has always been mostly hidden from the mundanes, whose lives consist of work, going to church, loving their children, and paying taxes to keep the whole phony thing on its feet.

The information revolution has been like the invention of the printing press.  Now it is plain, for anyone who cares to see, to see that corruption, bribery, scandal, greed and violence are rampant at the top levels of government.  It has become so obvious, in fact, that the efforts to conceal it have all but stopped.  Now in its place we see the hubris of the dare for us to try to do something about it.

Many mundanes, most in fact, trapped in their morality, still cannot conceive of just how greedy, amoral, and corrupt the politicians are.  It is inconceivable to them.  Ask them.  I have.  They have a clawing sense that something is desperately, desperately wrong, but, like all of us, they see the world through the lens of our own experience, beliefs and morality, and that worldview, so carefully inculcated by the system, quite literally prevents them from seeing they are slaves.

Incubus's picture

Have you seen the state of our nation's bridges?


Not a suitable place for any troll.  I'm glad they're getting jobs with homeland security and making this country safe for all of us.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Have you seen the state of our nation's bridges?

Not a suitable place for any troll.

Rumor has it that the Three Billy Goats Gruff are a Njorwegian affiliate of LAQIS (Lutefisken Al Qaeda In Scandinavia).

vato poco's picture

Would tend to suspect it really is all about the $$$. FBI budget = X. NSA budget = (classified, peasants, but assumed to be) 1000X±. You're one of the suits running the Federal National Security Bureau®, by definition you wants mo' mo-NAY. LOTS mo'.

And this is how you go about getting it.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Hollywood is essentially an extension of the government (see: Jerry Bruckheimer movies). It's really just the Department of Indoctrination and Recruitment.

Harbanger's picture

"but to me the bigger issue is why the Department of Homeland Security has anything to do with a fucking movie."

Because Hollywood is a big private Corporation full of rich bastards ,you Floridian schmuck.

mvsjcl's picture

And to make sure that YOU are paying for all the propaganda and indoctrination they're stuffing into every movie made these days.

Dapper Dan's picture

4 months before September 11 2001 Pearl Harbor was released.  how convenient.

The Bush presidency might well be the Jerry Bruckheimer presidency -- after the hugely successful producer of ''Armageddon,'' ''Black Hawk Down'' and ''Top Gun,'' the movie re-enacted by Mr. Bush in his flyboy landing on the Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Bruckheimer has enjoyed a happy partnership with the Donald Rumsfeld Pentagon from the get-go. While the nation and the administration snoozed in the late spring of 2001, unaware that the next Pearl Harbor was less than four months away, the gala premiere party for Bruckheimer's summer extravaganza, ''Pearl Harbor,'' took place on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. John C. Stennis, which had been sent from San Diego to Hawaii for the festivities.

Crassus's picture

Hollywood, like the NFL, has established itself as a non-regulated trust (along with all media). Since 9-11, they have joyfully cooperated as the propaganda arm of the oligarchy in the great war on terror in exchange for this special designation. You'll soon see Mark Wahlberg as a SEAL in LONE SURVIVOR at a theater near you. It's your duty as an American to see it.

Harbanger's picture

"Hollywood actors, producers, and directors actually enjoy redistributing their work so everyone can enjoy it because everyone is entitled to entertainment."

That's the funniest shit I've heard in long time.  You view a fucking multi-billion dollar global industry from your own personal perpective.  I can understand that.

starfcker's picture

oh, it's on with these types. when i bought car insurance they asked me to answer a multiple choice 'security' question, giving me the choice of 3 street addresses and asking if any of them related to me or family. i didn't recognize any of them, but when i thought more about it later, i realized one was a house i rented in college. funny thing, i never had a driver license at that address. this came right out of a random insurance agents computer. somebody's supercomputer is trying to connect 30 year old dots. no file on all americans, my ass.

Mr Pink's picture

All this security is really starting to scare me

Ignatius's picture


DSM-5 is already out, but maybe you can get it in DSM-6.

Musashi Miyamoto's picture

Where to start?....

Dr. Allen Frances writes that the American Psychiatric Association approval of the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual this past weekend marks “a sad day for psychiatry.“ Frances, psychiatry professor emeritus at Duke, chaired the DSM-4 task force.

He lists the top ten changes that he says should be ignored:

“I would suggest that clinicians not follow these at all (or, at the very least, use them with extreme caution and attention to their risks); that potential patients be deeply skeptical, especially if the proposed diagnosis is being used as a rationale for prescribing medication for you or for your child; and that payers question whether some of these are suitable for reimbursement. My goal is to minimize the harm that may otherwise be done by unnecessary obedience to unwise and arbitrary DSM 5 decisions.

1) Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder: DSM 5 will turn temper tantrums into a mental disorder- a puzzling decision based on the work of only one research group. We have no idea whatever how this untested new diagnosis will play out in real life practice settings, but my fear is that it will exacerbate, not relieve, the already excessive and inappropriate use of medication in young children. During the past two decades, child psychiatry has already provoked three fads- a tripling of Attention Deficit Disorder, a more than twenty-times increase in Autistic Disorder, and a forty-times increase in childhood Bipolar Disorder. The field should have felt chastened by this sorry track record and should engage itself now in the crucial task of educating practitioners and the public about the difficulty of accurately diagnosing children and the risks of over- medicating them. DSM 5 should not be adding a new disorder likely to result in a new fad and even more inappropriate medication use in vulnerable children.

2) Normal grief will become Major Depressive Disorder, thus medicalizing and trivializing our expectable and necessary emotional reactions to the loss of a loved one and substituting pills and superficial medical rituals for the deep consolations of family, friends, religion, and the resiliency that comes with time and the acceptance of the limitations of life.

3) The everyday forgetting characteristic of old age will now be misdiagnosed as Minor Neurocognitive Disorder, creating a huge false positive population of people who are not at special risk for dementia. Since there is no effective treatment for this ‘condition’ (or for dementia), the label provides absolutely no benefit (while creating great anxiety) even for those at true risk for later developing dementia. It is a dead loss for the many who will be mislabeled.

4) DSM 5 will likely trigger a fad of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder leading to widespread misuse of stimulant drugs for performance enhancement and recreation and contributing to the already large illegal secondary market in diverted prescription drugs.

5) Excessive eating 12 times in 3 months is no longer just a manifestation of gluttony and the easy availability of really great tasting food. DSM 5 has instead turned it into a psychiatric illness called Binge Eating Disorder.

6) The changes in the DSM 5 definition of Autism will result in lowered rates- 10% according to estimates by the DSM 5 work group, perhaps 50% according to outside research groups. This reduction can be seen as beneficial in the sense that the diagnosis of Autism will be more accurate and specific- but advocates understandably fear a disruption in needed school services. Here the DSM 5 problem is not so much a bad decision, but the misleading promises that it will have no impact on rates of disorder or of service delivery. School services should be tied more to educational need, less to a controversial psychiatric diagnosis created for clinical (not educational) purposes and whose rate is so sensitive to small changes in definition and assessment.

7) First time substance abusers will be lumped in definitionally in with hard core addicts despite their very different treatment needs and prognosis and the stigma this will cause.

8) DSM 5 has created a slippery slope by introducing the concept of Behavioral Addictions that eventually can spread to make a mental disorder of everything we like to do a lot. Watch out for careless overdiagnosis of internet and sex addiction and the development of lucrative treatment programs to exploit these new markets.

9) DSM 5 obscures the already fuzzy boundary been Generalized Anxiety Disorder and the worries of everyday life. Small changes in definition can create millions of anxious new ‘patients’ and expand the already widespread practice of inappropriately prescribing addicting anti-anxiety medications.

10) DSM 5 has opened the gate even further to the already existing problem of misdiagnosis of PTSD in forensic settings.”

Manthong's picture

Ring dude.. I took my meds when I started reading your excellent discourse how f’d we are getting to be.

They have kicked in now and I find I have none of those disorders.

chumbawamba's picture

Keep this one for the archives.  It's what rational and sane thinking people will be pulling out to help bring down a cognitively dissonant populace ten years into the future who will be forgetting a time when every little minor personality tick wasn't converted into a hysterically-desperate sounding medical condition ripe for pharmaceuticals.

I am Chumbawamba.

Skateboarder's picture

Kids playing around pointing fingers at each other in gun-like motions - Advanced Child Terrorist Syndrome.

Group of friends smoking a joint and playing some music together - Excessive Habitual Narcomusical Disorder.

A couple goes backpacking for a month - Extreme Antisocial Disorder.

Popping 60 different pills a day - A OKAY!

merizobeach's picture

Buying silver: Relic Obsession Disorder

Buying gold: Advanced Relic Obsession Disorder combined with Governmental Trust Deficiency Syndrome

Buying guns: Latent Terrorist Impulse Cognitive Maladjustment

Turning off the MSM: Information-Stimulus Rejection Complex

Reading ZH: Conspiritorial Delusion Obsessiveness Affliction

Commenting on ZH: Narcissistic Anarcho-Terrorist Derangement

Looks like y'all (w'all) are some sick puppies!

therover's picture

+1 Going to just change the last line a bit to 'commericalize' it.

Popping 60 different pills a day - PRICELESS.

BandGap's picture

Bingo! Have a disorder and you can't get a gun.

SubjectivObject's picture


Oh, and if a family member is so classified, they come take your's for good measure. 

Check out [of] CA's recent initiatives tending in this direction.

centerline's picture

Oops.  I should have read further down from Chumba before posting the same thing.  My bad.

centerline's picture

Chumba - keep in mind also the laws that are slowly being put into place to make it illegal for anyone with certain medicial issues or history from owning firearms.  Not claiming this is the is part of any motivation or plan here... just connecting dots to see if there is a pattern.

Raging Debate's picture

You got it Chumba. Correlation is NOT causation. Psychiatry tells patients they lack chemicals in the brain so take something. However, the causation of the lack of chemicals in the brain is never discussed with patients. I advise anyone with a mood disorder considering seeing a shrink to first see an MD which is more likely to give you what you need for narcotics right (shrinks will give you everything else first that have nasty side effects) away to ease suffering but while also attempting to determine the underlying cause of the mood disorder.

I have anxiety and gerds cause by Barrets disease, the short of it I dont fully digest certain minerals properly, so less processed minerals means less chemicals to the brain.

I'll tell you my short story. So I went to a nurse practictioner years ago for anxiety and occasionally got a chill pill. Well, a couple of years ago I figured I would try a specialist, a shrink. They must really know what they are doing right? I had one that told me I was manic and must be bi-polar, based on the dialation of my eyes and hurried speech.

He put me on meds that had adverse effects to the point I was a near drooling idiot for eight months.  I also developed suicidal feelings while on them. I told the shrink give me the chill pill like I used to have and I am going off the other drugs or your fired. He gave them to me. Research based on my anxiety symptoms and adverse reactions to drugs prescribed from the American Journal of Psychiatry put me a a camp where only narcotics work so wrong prescription, I had to do my own research and show this to him.

My clear thinking restored I began doing tons of research on causation of lack of chemicals in the brain. The most common causes are digestive disorders, a person doesnt absorb, metabolize or distribute the chemicals processed (or not in my case) from food. You see a high correlation of people tested for low vitamin D or lithium levels with digestive issues and mood disorders. Thyroid issues can also cause mood disorders which should also be tested.

I went to an MD and got tested, I have Barrets. So between diet changes, supplements and exercise which helps anxiety for a ton of reasons, I take only 2 MG of Ativan daily for the anxiety which is near nothing and I take it now more for business performance issues, for focus. The MD gave me a comprehension test for bi-polar with the results stating I was not. So shrinks destroyed eight months of my life, cost me thousands of dollars. About a year ago I met a retired German shrink on a plane to Boston while traveling for business. When I told him what happened, he said shrinks do not want patients to be treated for the CAUSe of mood disorders, they want you as a patient for 20-30 years at $200 an hour. The Upton Sinclair quote comes to mind: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it."

I tell you all this not because I want pity, I tell you this to warn you to see that MD FIRST and determine causation and avoid the shrinks so you do not pay a VERY heavy price for trusting this profession. It nearly ended my life, quite literally. And I went to some groups of people with mood disorders and I can tell you the devastation caused by this profession is rampant and widespread. For every one patient helped, you'll see five made worse.

It is the only medical profession that I can tell that can get away operating soley on correlation. BTW, a majority of famous entertainers and scientists have mood disorders. Well, it appears that if you lack certain chemicals in the brain your body may produce more adreline to function which increases beta brain waves. In today's America, Einstein would have been drugged out by his parents on ADD meds to control his mood disorder for not cooperating at school. I rarely use profanity but to ALL YOU SHRINKS: FUCK YOU

roadhazard's picture

Chiropractors do the same thing, they can fix your back at the first visit but don't. Been there, done that.

nonclaim's picture

The DPD, Double Posting Disorder, is a major mental disease subject to double secret probation on national security concerns.

Lore's picture

Psychiatric Al Qaeda.  It figures.

It seems the FBI has come a long way from chasing aliens.


Incubus's picture

I can imagine the X files reimagined for a post 9/11 world.


muleskinner's picture

It has been determined that chain smoking is a form of grief, so nicotine is a powerful medication for those who have lost loved ones.  What the hell, start smoking tobacco constantly if you are racked by grief.

Freud studied what?  The abnormal psyche.  The guy who sold his soul to the devil, for real.

Freud committed suicide, fercryinoutloud.  He liked coke.  He wrote a book entitled The Cocaine Papers, which was banned in the United States.

Sometimes, life just plain sucks. 

Merck's Vioxx killed some 64 thousand patients, so it is a known fact that drugs can kill.

So, fuck 'em.

William Tell's first arrow hit the apple, not his son's skull.

Had he missed, the second arrow was for the Austrian prick Gessler, who would have had it coming to him.

William Tell was a real person.

"Fuck that prick Gessler, just who in the hell does he think he is?", William Tell must have thought to himself.  "I ain't submitting to any of his bullshit.  I'm not bowing to his hat and certainly not to him.  Jesus Fucking Christ Almighty, who is going to put up with this bullshit?"

William Tell's own words, I am quite sure.  If they're not, it's close.  Sometimes, enough is enough and putting up with it is not the answer, so open defiance can be a valuable tool.

Do what William Tell did and your life is going to be better.

Fuck you, Obama,  you stupid prick.  Take your Obamacare and shove it right straight up your ass, you stupid shit.

These dumb sonsofbitches need to be keelhauled.

Sorry to be so fucking defiant.

Fuck it.  Sometimes, it is better to be brutally frank. 

akarc's picture

"Sorry to be so fucking defiant."

Never, ever, apologize for being defiant!

akarc's picture

Insurance companies be in tears

JimS's picture

These "mental illnesses" are being added to deny more people the ability to purchase weapons and ammunition.

caShOnlY's picture

All this security is really starting to scare me

Most Americans can not see the National Security blanket smothering the Constitution. 


X_mloclaM's picture

This means the constitution, to their retina, is unobfuscated. This is giving way, way too much. Many feel the supremacy clause is for any old law the supreme court likes, whereas it is applicable only to laws made in persuance of the constitution, to which the States are the parties.

farragut's picture

The 3rd warning is from The Egg Council. Easy to see how you can forget that one. But--don't sleep on The Egg Council; tough, sneaky bastards, they are.