President Obama Is Back From Vacation - Live Feed

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With 1.3 million Americans having lost (or about to lose) their emergency unemployment benefits, President Obama is back from vacation and ready to re-start the blame-and-shame game (supported with the now ubiquitous crowd of needy entitled onlookers, ready to faint on command). As he explains, "this is money that helps pay the bills while folks work hard to find their next job..." as long as it's well-paying and not at McDonalds. Of course, the uncomfortable truth is...


But that's what the rich are for, right?


Here is Jason Furman, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, explaining why the world will end if congress does not extend UI...


And President Obama is due to speak at 1140ET

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Xibalba's picture

Boner can suck my fat chubby. 

Troll Magnet's picture

I think Obama would prefer to do that...

Hedgetard55's picture

He left Moochie in Hawaii so he could have some alone time with Reggie, or whomever the new Reggie is.

onewayticket2's picture

i guess obama was for PAYGO before he was against it.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

It's so cold out there...

That the Democrats have their hands in their own pockets!

Ms. Erable's picture

There goes the neighborhood.

robochess's picture

I think you meant obummer.

tickhound's picture

Obummer, Boner... The fucks the difference? Their preferred corporate welfare sponge?


@tyler "and that is what the rich are for, isn't it?"

Geeezus T foxnews soundbyte much? AS IF taxes ever amounted to anything the last two decades other than denting interest on existing debt.

The rich don't pay, they receive. "Pay" is what the middle class is for." $16 for a couple of steaks at the grocery store. Meanwhile the GD Dow Jones is at all time highs... And yet Tyler's gonna let Larry Fink keep this "hard earned dough" in the name of free markets?

Fuck Fink and the rising tide of fed induced gabillionaires.

At this point, I'd give his entire fortune split equally among 300 million Americans while he rots in jail.

Generally tyler has no problem shitting on cronyism excess and exposing the growing income and wealth gaps. But put Silverstein up against a low wage earner or the unemployed looking to eat???... And it's cat food aisle 7.

Oldwood's picture

They are constantly trying to act as though everything will be paid by the rich but the rich can afford protection, so when the wealthy effectively live behind iron gates making their assets difficult to steal, the thieves just move down the street to those with lesser defenses. We have to stop this theme of robbing the rich when all we are really doing is justifying and enabling the thieves. When we have more people robbing the grocery store than growing the food we eat, we will all starve.

zerozulu's picture

So in Hawaii people play GOLF with legs? I saw in St Andrews they use some kind of a stick to hit the ball.

holgerdanske's picture

Goose step, preparing for that job a GS!

FeralSerf's picture

I thought he was just staking out terrortory. Like a dog.

BLOTTO's picture

I believe #44 gets snuffed out before his term is done...


Cruel Aid's picture

By his own people, he's down in the count. The brand needs help.

We all hope not... this is gold! btw

TeamDepends's picture

Hillary in the Library with a Lead Pipe.

kralizec's picture

Maybe the Wookie in the West Wing with a hairy paw...I hear she wants to cut ties...being resticted to a few rooms in da manshun and only one tire swing just doesn't cut it, playing second-fiddle to Reggie be a big diss, yo!


Guys, this is the first and LAST time I will root for the Wookie and Hitlery !  GO TEAM !!!!

mydogisprettierthanyou's picture

By assault knife, not firearm. Cant give them any more reason to demonize legal gun owners  

Oldwood's picture

The progressives need another martyr to lock all of their "advancements" into place. Obama's agenda would become sacrosanct.

ThirdCoastSurfer's picture

If you can't find a job in say, 5 months, why don't you just qualify for Social Security benefits until you do? 


SandiaMan's picture

See this tactic coming a mile away!

suteibu's picture

"And President Obama is due to speak at 1140ET"

What's the over/under on 12:00?

RacerX's picture

I'll take the over.

Lazy fucker.

y3maxx's picture

...POTUS needs to first familiarize the script sent from NWO Headquarters in London.

lakecity55's picture

"Bath House, it's time for the Teleprompter. Get Reggie's dick out of your ass."

"Yes, Valerie."

"No! I did not mean suck on it! Spit that stuff out and head for the Teleprompter. Now!"

wisehiney's picture

Return of the ugly kenyan.

Dr. Engali's picture

Fuck Zero! I'm tired of these assholes who continue to tell us the world will end if we don't extend unemployment benefits into infinity.

kralizec's picture

Unemployment bene's good for employment, dontchyaknow?


Xibalba's picture

The fact is, UI money is spent into the real economy instantly.  Corp subsidies, loopholes, and QE do NOTHING for the real economy.  All it does is help the richest get richer.  FUCK THEM!  You unamerican swine!  Do something for your fellow Americans in need, or pay your fucking taxes. 

Dr. Engali's picture

Or let them find a job. 

Xibalba's picture

It's easier to get into Harvard or Yale than find a job these days.  And I'm fully employed with insurance and pension, so I consider myself in the top 10%

nflux's picture

if they really wanted a job they would just goto a temp agency and they'll have you working in a week's time. temp agencys are the new colleges, you got to prove you can work before they'll risk putting you on their payroll

Xibalba's picture

True, perhaps.  But it also makes labor very disposable.  A worker who feels disposable will not be reliable, thus diminishing the return to both himself and the employer.  

Accounting101's picture

So you agree with Obama that things are getting better. Those temp jobs being so plentiful and all.

You are part of the problem.

nflux's picture

thats some funny conclusions.


first off, the factory i was working at for 8 years closed at the end of 2012. so i had unemployment at the start of 2013, along with everybody else in that factory. so after applying for 3 months for non temp jobs I saw a temp job that interested me and started working right away and im now a full time guy working 40-50 hrs a week making more than i did at my last job with full benefits and a pension(non-union job).

I know MANY of my old coworkers that are milking unemployment until they are kicked off it. they need to quit extending unemployment benefits and force these people to take jobs. yeah temp jobs suck but that's how you get hired on. thats just the reality of the state of affairs

so yes i know what the job situation is, not good, but if you do want a job there is a place to start working your way back. just too easy for these lazy fucks to live off the goverment.

maybe i am part of the problem. i didn't live off the goverment for as long, I'm not in debt at all, i voted for ron paul in primary and gary johnson in the real election. Im just fucking up all over

moneybots's picture

"Or let them find a job."


"1,600 applicants (and counting) "a deluge" - 44 applicants for every position - or nearly three times more difficult than getting into Harvard to get a simple job... To make ice cream!"


They are trying to find a job.  The problem is that there aren't enough to go around.

Blues Traveler's picture

Bingo....Oblunder created the part time economy, now there are even less jobs.

lakecity55's picture

There are hardly any jobs but part time. The Fuhrer has three more years to get rid off all the jobs, which is his goal.

Accounting101's picture

X, you have it right and understand. Unfortunately, you will receive many down arrows for your economic literacy. $23 trillion of our money has been given to the big banks and financial services industry since 2008, with more to accompany the next crash.

Bastiat's picture

Yep, plenty of free FRNs for the banks where it does nothing for the general economy--might as well spread it around.  What the hell, the dollar's credibility is well on its way down the bowl anyway.

chubbar's picture

The extension will pass. The reason it will pass is that the Gov't can not afford to have another 1.3 million people coming to the realization that life is never going to get any better for them than it is now. Our country is in an ever tightening downward spiral and the only thing keeping folks from marching on D.C. and hanging these scumbags are the downtrodden getting free money. You take the free money away and all hell breaks loose in 3 days if not sooner. These asshats in Gov't actually know this which is why you will see this kabuki dance between the Dems and GOP every once in a while but which always will eventuate with new FSA awards. This continues until something else breaks that makes the  continuance of these benefits mute, AKA TSHTF.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Great picture of him on the golf course...

Practicing his "Goose Step" I see?!

Colonel Klink's picture

We trained him but he's a very slow learner.  We discovered his preferred method of learning was....the teleprompter.

Cruel Aid's picture

He would like to head the ministry of silly walks when his work is done here.

Maybe a silly walk czar

BlackChicken's picture

His real calling was to be a Rockette.

kralizec's picture

You mean a Cockette, right?


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

I believe John Cleese just authorized him with a government loan from the "ministry" for his unique gate and mental condition...

Sure hope the meds they are giving him for his continued nervous breakdown are more responsive than they have been over the past 4 years.