Who Is Who In The Central African Republic Crisis: The Infographic

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Much has been writtien about the latest straight to YouTube humanitarian conflict (France involvement comment and then the US ) this time not in the middle east but in Africa, specifically the Central African Republic, which has so far pitted French troops and US drones against... it is unclear whom exactly, but supposedly the perpetual strawman, Al Qaeda, is once again involved. So instead of more talking, here is a simple infographic courtesy of AFP (more here) that lays out who is who in the latest hot bed set to escalate, especially if China, as some expect, gets involved.


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Where are the gold and uranium mines? 

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The country has rich but largely unexploited natural resources in the form of diamondsgolduranium, and other minerals. Diamonds constitute the most important export of the CAR, frequently accounting for 40-55% of export revenues, but an estimated 30-50% of the diamonds produced each year leave the country clandestinely. There may be petroleum deposits along the country's northern border with Chad (Two billion barrels of oil are present in private estimates). Diamonds are the only of these mineral resources currently being developed; reported sales of largely uncut diamonds make up close to 60% of the CAR's export earnings. Industry contributes less than 20% of the country's GDP, with artesian diamond mining,breweries, and sawmills making up the bulk of the sector. Services currently account for 25% of GDP, largely because of the oversized government bureaucracy and high transportation costs arising from the country's landlocked position.

Sorry for the copy/paste from wiki.


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Maybe Anbar in Iraq? The al Qaeda flag flies, literally, all over the place there now, and the Iraqi army has bugged out.

But don't worry, there is no AQ there It's just a fashion victim thing, like hippies wearing El Che tshirts, with AK's. Militant islam is peace.

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tts burning everywhere and the only people been killed or fighting are the muslims. So couch potato not that i am defending anyone. I need u to see the bigger picture. great time to introduce the New World Order. Everything else is just a sideshow, http://snapwire.com/videofeed/eu54EHefMVA

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if i had to guess, i'd reckon somewhere's about the middle-western corridor -- if the placement of french troops is any indication (and it typically is)...and, well, there's petro in dem-der-hills!  black gold, texas tea...


my french is muy pobre...pero, isn't 'sangarias' some sort of derivation of the latin root for blood?


so sorry, congo-men, you seem to have improvidently situated yourselves atop the things we want.  and janus would happily continue pressing for even more sweet-sounding memes like 'self-determination' and 'democracy', but (and this is a big but) you don't seem in any way ready for such sweetly sentimented & solipsistic aspirations...as the sour reality in your neighborhood is not so savory.  i've grown weary of epidemic rape, brutish thuggery, despoiling despots, machete-hacked limbs on pre-teens, DECLINING literacy rates, DECLINING regional food production, abominable infrastructrue, indifference and depravity abounding...TIA (this is africa).

janus is through the mutha-fuckin looking glass.  africa was a better place under 'colonialism' (especially for the africans); only, this time, instead of approaching africa as a mistress to be used and summarily discarded, perhaps we now embrace her as a wife, to be cherished.

for my part, i've got my eye on rhodesia...i suspect mugabe and his hapless 'soldiers' can be swept aside with a few carbines, a lil pluck and a goodly measure of steely determination.  

i have in mind a certain vision: according to which, janus sits comfortably in his study, overlooking a verdant sweep of tobacco leaves swayin languidly in the south-east african high-plain breeze of his idyllic plantation...the help is mustering at dusk to serenade me...all is right with the world.


please do, betty-lee; please do,


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'You don't seem in any way ready for such sweetly sentimented & solipsistic aspirations'

Sorry, but actually they're not.  They natives are totally incapable of undertaking even rudimentary exploration and extraction, so the inevitable course is that some local strongman will sieze power and sell out the reserves to whoever puts the most into his Swiss bank account.  Africans see this as a perfectly understandable approach and would do the same if they had the chance, complaining only when they can't get at the  loot for themselves.  I know, I worked a lot there and they almost all see things this way.

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i'm up-voting you...you seem to get it.  i, for so very long, not only refused to, but thought it rather 'immoral' to, believe that some regions/cultures were -- intrinsically & tragically -- incapable of self-rule.  there was this 'egalitarian' thinking that the very tennants of constitutional/republican government were so self-evidently peerless in their superlativeness, that all those who to the same bore witness and could comprehend the meaning of the words so encoding would scamper in some wild frenzy to bathe thier living souls in its baptismal font.

things haven't worked out so sublimely for the mush-minded; much less the natives and their 'republics'.  

you moralizers can priss about with your soaring sophistry all you want...go see these peoples on the ground.  there's an abstract ideation from which you can premise your thinking (all underpined with assumptions of the way things shoulda' been -- oh, if only mankind weren't so...(fill in the blank)); or, you can step back, realize that 'your' western-christendom virtues of graciousness and deferential humility have been leveraged against you. 

oh, janus can connect the dots just fine...he's only holding out scant hope that 'they' get it in time.  i'd prefer their help (or at the very least their abbeyance) in times approaching.  but the clock is ticking; and, i will confess, 'they' are a stubborn sort...not readily dissuaded from their devilry.  

but i consider myself a patient, gracious and deferential man (but then i all the sudden turn; and violently so).


i suppose my great fault is that i like 'them'; and, admittedly, for the self-same reasons most detest 'them'.

ultimately, however, i'm gaudily indulgent...i'd be just as happy giving 'them' whatsoever their heart desires most...whatsoever that may be.


again...whatev...i just like giving the people what they want.

we got everything you want/

and honey, we know the names/

we are the people you may find/


welcome the the jungle,



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Whose side is Al Qaeda on this time? 

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Hehehe... America has not made its nomination for this yet... but if push comes to shove then Rule no 1.

The Muslim will be declared the terrorist

TBT or not TBT's picture

Like in Bosnia/Kosovo? Oh, wait, we bombed the Christians and saved the muzzles in that one, and we are still there doing that. Weird.

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Well, it's what SA wanted, and SA usually gets what it wants...

janus's picture

fuck SA

ahhhh, SA, where the most common (and HIGHLY effective) cure for AIDS is the rape of a pre-pubescent virgin.  what a glorious experiment hath universal sufferage been -- if the anglo-enterprise cannot be pried from its sophomoric and demonically-duplicitious experiments, janus reckons it's high-time for another boer war.

'sharing the wealth' was never about folding natives into the gain-share; it was simply a matter of placing some dark faces (of low moral charecter) in prominent (and regularly televised) positions, such that whatever wealth there was/is could be further concentrated into fewer and fewer hands (mostly in london, zurich & NY).

wealth is made and retained by a single method -- hard work & industry employed to profitable ends.  'voting' doesn't and hasn't ever created one sheckel, dime or drachma of wealth.  

anglo-enterprise, if you don't do some careful self-evalutation; if'n you don't start siding with wealth creation over and against the money-changers; if you think it behooves humanity and civilization to go about mendaciously skimming -- nay, slurping -- offa every marxist wealth-redistribution schema...well, you're gonna find yourselves isolated and ostracized; only to be rent asunder.

but, don't listen to janus.   just keep at it.  keep importing swarthy hordes to your shores...make sure their culture is as inimical as possible to that prevailing...what, pray tell, are you up to?  do you seek to divide and conquer your own peoples?  the working-class brits are starting to recognize that that one mile square block in london's center is but a hive of hornets anxious to menace their every waking moment.

just you wait...just you wait.  what do you think will happen once the soccer hooligans start interpreting that one-mile city-state as the 'real' enemy...may God have no mercy on you.


btw: mandela, you and that witch of a wife of yours (winnie), well...i'll let queen speak for me


another one down & another one down/

another one bites the dust/

hey, i'm gonna git you, too!,


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Importing vast numbers of the 'swarthy hordes' you refer to is primarily a device by YKW to undermine and atomize White countries.  They plan to have a dumbed-down coffee colored population of serfs, intelligent enough to do the rudimentary  tasks but not intelliegent enough to question how they're being f*cked over, and by whom.  Just check out the ones in favor of 'immigration reform' all over the West and the dots will form into a very clear picture.

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It's a fluid situation.  US/NATO will be called in to bomb and/or support rebel and/or friendly forces next week.

Scarlett's picture

NATO will be called in to bomb brides and other women, children and aspirin factories next week.

More to the point here.

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Does Al-Qaeda really exist?  I have my doubts...

TBT or not TBT's picture

Like communism or socialism al queada hasn't fully been tried, so you are right.

NotApplicable's picture

Of course it does.


= "The Base"

= "The CIA Muhajadeen Database"

= "Carter and Brzezinski's Big Afghanistan Adventure"

= "That 70's Show"

Now, if you're talking about a club existing, well those are merely abstractions for individuals to hide behind.

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Does Al-Qaeda really exist?  I have my doubts...

Well doubt no more; pretty sure they stole this 50 dollar bill that I thought I left in my jeans last week, but cannot find. And last night, they toppled my garbage bin over and rooted around inside. They are everywhere, and malevolent to the extreme.

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AQ is now what'c called a "pseudo gang" in that it sort of exists but then again is nothing more than a group of loosely affiliated people with similar ideas.

But it's real significance is to scare the west into whatever the powers than be are promoting. Which is why when you watch the news it's just a matter of time before they mention AQ.

Basically you need a boogeyman whether he exists or half exists.

Gromit's picture

The side we're fighting.

suteibu's picture

Who does China back if it becomes involved? 

Temporalist's picture

I'll take a shot in the dark and guess; China.

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That's "Who is WHOM" ...Gawd!

Colonel Klink's picture

So does that mean that Africom is fighting Af CIAda?

'Murika's new motto, lying then denying.

blabam's picture

Africom started in 2007... By the looks of it, it has been great succes! 

Colonel Klink's picture

Well give them credit, they DID have to set up the Af CIAda infrastructure first.

deerhunter's picture

lets air drop polar bears and spread global warming around some,,,, ohhhh,,,,, sharing the weather and not the MIC sorry

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Given the central location of CAR between Arab and African ethnies, between French speaking and dominated west africa and english speaking and now US dominated east africa, the CAR/Niger/Chad region is linch pin from a logistics point of view for the West to control military intervention either in Sudan/kenya or towards Nigeria.

In the context of mad rush for African resources now hotting up between East (Chindia) and West (US/UK/France) you can be sure that the West will be in this UNDERPOPULATED but large expansed country for a long time. Uranium, gold, diamonds, oil and exotic woods. Oil is present in western regions bordering Chad.

This region was the nodal point of the fight between Britain's north/south (Cape to Cairo) strategy that closed the door on French East to West strategy linkage (Dakar to Djibouti) when Kitchner stopped the French caper at Fachoda in 1898. The French were riled but the German presence in East Africa (lake regions) led to the Entente cordiale in 1904.

The de facto partition line was sealed at Fachoda, between French west Africa and Brit East Africa including control of Egypt/Nile region, from that day on.

Gromit's picture

Landlocked - in a rough neighborhod.

Joe A's picture

Having an important geographical position means you're fucked. Having on top of that plenty of natural resources means you're doubly fucked.

Mad Muppet's picture

More "terraists"? Led by local tribal elder Emmanuel Goldstein, no doubt.

BinAround's picture

Why does every village in CAF start with the letter "B"?








Reader1's picture

How would you like to live in Bazoum?

"Check out those Bazoums!"

Bawneee Fwank's picture

Does this mean we get to drone more tribesman?  If so, Im all for intervention kill kill kill kill kill kill /sarc

Reader1's picture

Ah, I remember when I served there. 

I was in the Air Force, stationed in Drambuie, on the Barbary Coast. I used to hang out in the Magumba Bar. 

It was a rough place. You would count on a fight breaking out almost every night.

I didn't go there that night to fall in love, I just dropped in for a couple of  drinks.  But suddenly there she was.  I was captivated, entranced.It hit me like a thunderbolt. I had to ask the guy next to me to pinch me to make sure I wasn't dreaming.I was afraid to approach her, but that night, fate was on my side...


janus's picture

i'd like to hear more of that story.

i dunno...and for whatever dark and sinister forces are in me mingled to so sorrily effect this particular affection, i do sincerely apologize to you, the more 'enlightened', now reading...i have to admit that i've had some great times with white africans.  maybe it's because i'm from the deep south, and i'm familiar with the peculiarites and picadillos common in regions where the white-protestant is surrounded by 70+ percent africans...maybe it's because they grow up tough -- handy with both firearms and tools and improvisational resolutions to bleak dilemmas.  whatever it is, it may -- just possibly -- have something to do with their women.  i mean to say, those white-african women are dolls (just as hot as any so-cal blonde or southern belle); only, not so imperious, demanding, bitchy or congenitally discontented.  

maybe, in the New Age, when i get as many wives as i want, i'll take in more than a few Afrikanerettes or tanzanian fraulines...i propose to scour the whole continent, from the halls of cape-town harlots to the whores of tripoli.  and during some times in-between, i'll drop in on the savviest salons and from them pluck a new bride or two.

that's not to say i'll ignore the natives...after all, solomon had his sheba.


how come they taste so good?,


Reader1's picture

I think you misread-it's a quote from Airplane!

janus's picture

well, rarely, if ever, doth janus....

awww, what the hell -- you got me on that one.  sounded both plausible and credible.



looks like i picked the wrong week...,


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Adn then there was .... Macho Grande

news printer's picture
Gold and diamonds in the Central African Republic
The country’s mining sector, and related social, economic and environmental issues Ken Matthysen & Iain Clarkson http://reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.int/files/resources/Gold%20and%20diamonds%20in%20the%20Central%20African%20Republic.pdf
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If you want to understand what's going on in the world, it helps to have a good atlas.  CAR is every bit as strategically located as Iraq or Afghanistan.  No surprise whatsoever this is the next place that needs Western intervention.  No doubt the Chinese have been building some infrastructure in the area, as well.

Reader1's picture

That part of the world is a perpetual basketcase.  I had a buddy in the USMC stationed there in the early 1990s.  His stories about defending the embassy weren't very pretty.  If they're not killing each other over religion, I'm sure they'll soon be killing each other over ethnic or tribal issues.  I forget who made the point, maybe VICE TV, that the Hutu/Tutsi fighting in Rwanda in the 90s was caused by the lack of upward mobility among youth in a society where the older, wealthier generations owned all the land and land ownership was locked up in inheritance.  They said the murderers frequently targeted older, wealthy, land owners, sort of like Russia's Kulaks.  It was an interesting alternative explanation of the mainstream story.

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More illiterate migrants going to Europe soon. They need more unskilled workers because employment is @ 150% in Europe.

teslaberry's picture

i think i'll start referring to detriot as central american republic now. CAR. it works on so many levels!