95% Of Total Consumer Credit Lent In Past 12 Months Is For Student And Car Loans

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Another month, another disappointment for all those who hope the consumer will finally "charge it." In November, consumer credit was expected to grow by $14.25 billion, instead it rose by $12.318 billion. However, it was once again the components that were key, because while $11.9 billion or the vast majority of November's credit growth was in the form of car and student loans (i.e., non-revolving), a tiny $458 million was for revolving, or credit card, purchases.

That's the demand side. On the supply side, no surprises here, the bulk of credit creation continues to come from the Federal Government whose contribution can be seen on the chart below courtesy of @Not_Jim_Cramer. In fact, if one excludes the contribution of the Federal government and compares how the current "expansion" matches to the last 11, well... instead of describing it see for yourselves:

Finally, putting it all into perspective, of the total $178 billion in consumer credit expansion in the past 12 months, a tiny $9 billion, or just 5% of total, was to fund credit card purchases. The rest went - you guessed it - into purchases of cars and paying for tuition, for which GM and strateospheric college tuitions are most grateful. And that is the New Normal economy in a nutshell.

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i don't get it ... are people trading cars?

Skateboarder's picture

That shiny new 25MPG (folks from 1920 would be proud) Dodge RAM aint gonna pay for itself, you know. That shiny new bro studies degree aint gonna pay for itself either. Are you questioning my hard earned loans!?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

This is like song by Alice Cooper:


Cannot get girl, 'cause I ain't got car

Cannot get car, 'cause I ain't got job

Cannot get job, 'cause I ain't got education

So I look for girl with job and car

Are you know where you are

Lost in Amerika

Why is Alice Cooper name "Alice"? Is like Thai cocktail "waitress"!? 


Skateboarder's picture

Because Vincent Furnier is not a shock rock name, of course. Hail the Coop!

Also reminds me of this Metric song, Hand$hake$:

"Buy this car to drive to work. Drive to work to pay for this car."

Whoops I forgot, there is no work!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

In Amerika, you are pay to not work. Government is give many $ for unemployment! Forward FSA Army!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is receive down arrow!? WTH!? Maybe Boris is offend foot soldier of FSA Army?

F em all but 6's picture

In Amerika no one needs to work or produce anything. We just live off each other and borrow the difference.

fonestar's picture

At least you can get a few hundred dollars for scrap cars.  Diplomas for studying the movies of Keanu Reeves?.... not so much.

Rentier's picture

No they are getting owned by 25% interest car loans...stupid does as stupid is.




no different in Canada it seems.

fonestar's picture

I saw that on the news while watching TV in Canada.  The couple had just gotten out of years of credit card debt but they were having a baby so obviously they had to go out and buy another vehicle for $15,000 or something at 25% interest.  What's wrong with people's brain?  My family did not even have a car until I was 10.  We just walked to get groceries or to work.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Well, when everybody has new automotive Bling then we'll see Credit Card debt increase so people can have new and better Bling.

Bling makes the world go `round.

Yen Cross's picture

   Pullin it...pullin it... pullin it...forward.

  All this ZIRP free money shit is going to end horribly. I can't wait until all the inventory build numbers late last year ruin the numbers in February and March. ( it was weather related) I can hear it already.

  Like I need a new fucking refrigerator and toaster every year. /s

Hal n back's picture

problem is the life expectancy of a refridgerator is 7 years-we have a relic and try not to open and close it often-good for dieting too.


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

You are store unstable radioactive isotope in refrigerator?

max2205's picture

MA at 840....is the depression over? 

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

this should end well....quick, package up and sell some car/student loan backed securities to the muppets before this comes crashing down...

mayhem_korner's picture



Leveraging two things - cars and college degrees - that decrease in value precipitously once you drive the off the lot...not a sustainable model.

rubearish10's picture

....and that college degree used as toilet paper becomes worhless too, ROTFLMFAO!!!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is see ad for University Degree in Amerika, not so expensive, is take payment by credit card. Where is University of FedEx?

Rubbish's picture

Both the Parents and Children have more than a screw loose.



Boris Alatovkrap's picture

USSA is have many screw loose, start from top with Screw-Loose-in-Chief.

rubearish10's picture

Student loans and cars,,,,all financed at ZIRP promotional and artificial demand back by the "full faith and CREDIT of the US Governmnet"!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture


Same guarantee as FDIC is promise. FDIC is $500 Million in reserve and is guarantee $2T of deposit:


If one of USSA largest 10 bank is fail, fund is bankrupt...

Please explain Boris what is mean, "Deposit Back by Full Faith and Credit of U.S.S.A. Government"?




ultraticum's picture

Me think Boris A. is one best of ZH posters.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Spasibo! You are too grateful! You are come work for Boris extract urban copper ore!

ArisAron's picture

Wait until all those new student loan folks graduate and realize there aren't any FUCKING jobs. What to do? Oh yeah, I'll fucking go to graduate school and get more loans. party time a few more years!!!

Fix-ItSilly's picture

Credit card expansion will be under pressure for many years to come - baby boomers are retiring now.

Hal n back's picture

I'll attest to that--at age 70 I look around and do not see much that I want to buy.


can't even go out for sushi anymore or copper river salmon.


Make pot roast in pressure cooker using cheaper cuts of meat.




ArisAron's picture

I'm getting a divorce in a couple of weeks and paying off all our debt. Can't fucking wait. No more debt for this MF.



U4 eee aaa's picture

Paying it off? Don't people usually try to leave the other partner holding the bag?

ArisAron's picture

I consider it a small price to pay for freedom.

centerline's picture

Knew some people who went through this and found out in divorce proceedings that they each had credit cards the other did not know about.  Total of the debt between them that was owed was nearly $70k.  lol.

My wife used to look at thier life and think they had it made (and we were retards for not having some sort of magic formula for money).  I laughed my ass off when I found out how it all went down.  They even had a car on one of the cards.  lol.  Priceless...  and more common than anyone wants to admit.

walküre's picture

marriages are like mortgages

French : mort = death / gage = grip

death grip

nice to see anyone come out alive at the other end and live to tell about it

Incubus's picture

america is a fucking joke.


mortgages and then fealty to the glorious empire by way of property taxes.

 I wish I could go to mars.

JR's picture

“Let’s see if I get this right,” ponders Bill Sardi in an exclusive article in a review of the Bernanke Fed legacy today on Lew Rockwell.com.

“Outgoing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke blames Congress for federal spending cuts that cost the US economy up to 1½% growth.  He says Congress cut 700,000 jobs (2) at a time when the nation’s central bank was dispensing money at low interest rates and Congress should have been on a spending spree to invest new money into growing the economy.”

Says a perplexed Sardi to Ben: “You must know US tax revenues are just $2.4 trillion, while spending is actually 6.6 trillion if you adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).”

Adds Sardi:

“And Ben, we know you have to keep calm and fudge the numbers and not bring on undue panic or trigger bank runs with a slip of the tongue about the real US economic numbers.  But you well know that the US economy is living on borrowed and newly printed money, and if that newly created money gets into circulation in the economy it will trigger out-of-control inflation.  So, for now, it is best to keep new money circulating between the banksters and the stock market and let the rest of America suffer (the so-called Wall Street over Main Street argument).”

And concludes Sardi under the subhead: What will Wikipedia say about you, Ben?

“But you need a legacy Ben.  You know you can’t walk out the door and say things are rosier than when you first arrived.  So you lay blame on Congress.  Will there be a book in the works now?  Maybe a $1 million advance from a publisher?  Maybe a Ben Bernanke library?  Maybe $500,000 fees for speeches.  A movie with Robin Williams playing your part?  All the paybacks for prior favors are really worth looking forward to, huh Ben.

“Hey, the prior Fed chairman at least had thick glasses and said he didn’t see the financial storm coming.  He was a former Presidential speech writer.  But you were a student of the Great Depression.  But you claim you didn’t see it coming either.”

Poker-faced to the end

“I’ll give you credit. You were better at counterfeiting than any prior chairman. You kept a poker face while you were there as chairman at the Fed.  You didn’t let on that the US economy is a charade.  You kept the bank runs from happening.  Old ladies won’t see you as a bank robber who siphoned their saved money away via inflation.

“’He saved America from the worst financial crisis it has ever faced.’  Your mother will be proud.


Musashi Miyamoto's picture

GAAP is for suckers. Don't be a sucker. Move your business HQ to the the Bahama's. Its all paper work and you'll be saving mad bank.


Hal n back's picture

you too noticed most companies reporting non GAAP earnings huh?


everything is a push now



rubearish10's picture

Hmmm, Supply List =







U4 eee aaa's picture

I thought about getting a student loan myself but I didn't find any students I wanted to buy

centerline's picture

Try over in the communications/journalism buildings.  (hint: stay out of the engineering buildings).

wnoise's picture

I went to college in a civilised country and paid very little for my higher education. Then I came to the US to do a master's degree, for which I was paid (it was supposed to be a TA, but ended up being a full scholarship). I  do understand the principle that someone who is IQ-challenged but has rich parents should be able to spend 4 years at an expensive but mediocre college and get a  "degree". What I fail to understand is how a supposeldy civilised country cannot get itself organised to provide free higher education to those of its youth who deserve it.

centerline's picture

Easy to understand.  Made free (edit:  better word is afforable) for those with aptitude and drive in places where the country/community/etc. wants to succeed as a whole.  Where education is valued.  Where intelligence is valued.  Etc.

That is not where we are.  This is a every man for himself, screw your neighbor, thug worshipping, hedonistic demise of current culture.

Ulterior's picture

I can smell ruskie from a mile

pods's picture

Well, lemme take a shot at this one for all Amerikans.

You cannot provide "free" anything in terms of cost.

I agree the system as it stands sucks dog balls, but making it "free" on the price side will only make it worse.

And to borrow a line from another Amerikan:  Deserve's got nothing to do with it.


viahj's picture

the answer to your question is what happened to you...scholarship (academic).  maybe you should return your degree.

PrecipiceWatching's picture

Your IQ may be "high" but you are economically obtuse if you think a product of any sort, particularly something as complex as a higher education, can be provided for "free".

Read some basic economics books.


Start with Hazlitt's classic "Economics in One Lesson".  Concisely: BOTH sides of ANY economic transaction must always be considered.  Then get back with us on your thieving Socialist gross misconception of "free".

EuropeanBankster's picture

Many european countries offer free higher education.. some nations even pay students.. i studied in US 6 mths.. worthless low level of education..and  expensive too.. sorry but its actually possible to get better education for free.. i pay 50 % income tax to pay for the next generation.. fair enough!

PrecipiceWatching's picture

So the "free" education for the next generation, is paid for by the previous one.

Ergo, NOT free.

Worse still, it is not financed by choice, but on a Collectivist (as opposed to individual) basis, by the coercive, taxing powers of the State.