Approval Of EU Leadership Plunges To Record Low In Spain, Greece

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No surprises here: hours after we reported that youth unemployment in Spain soared to fresh record highs (surpassing the already nosebleeding number of jobless people under 25 in Greece), here comes Gallup with a poll showing the approval rating of the (unelected) EU Leadership across the peripheral countries. And while there was a slight uptick in approval among respondents in Italy - the country that has so far benefited the most from the Italian central banker at the helm of the ECB - the EU's lack of approval just rose to all time highs in the two countries that continue to see their youth employment hopes crushed by the European experiment, with approval in Spain sliding to 27% (from 55% in 2010), while Greece, plunged to only 19%, which makes one wonder: just who has an interest in keeping Greece in Europe?

Gallup also finds that one doesn't need an army of unemployed youths for displeasure toward the EU to be at all time highs: "Although it suffered double-digit losses in support in countries such as Cyprus and Spain (the latter of which exited the bailout program at the end of 2013), low approval of the EU's leadership was not limited to bailout countries. Fewer than one in three approved of the EU's leadership in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Sweden."

And, just as unsurprisingly, the countries who have benefited the most from the EU, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, are those where EU leadership can count on a majority approval. Approval has remained relatively high in Germany, which many observers see as one of the economic and political leaders of the EU, and in Belgium and Luxembourg, where many of the EU institutions are located. Even in these countries, however, at least one in five disapprove.

The final non-surprise comes from Gallup's focus on young poll respondents, those aged 15 to 30. "Europeans between the ages of 15 and 30 are and have been, on average, the most likely to support the EU's leadership. In 2011, a majority of young people in only a handful of countries disapproved of the EU's leadership. In 2013, the youngest generation continued to be the most likely to approve of EU leadership compared with the older age groups. In 14 EU countries, a majority of this youngest group approved of EU leadership. Despite continued approval of EU leadership among the younger generation, recent developments appear to have negatively affected young peoples' perceptions of the EU. In 2013, approval of EU leadership declined among the youngest group in several countries, including some of the bailout countries where the EU-imposed austerity measures have disproportionately affected the younger generation's job prospects and economic well-being."

Of not: the epic collapse in EU approval among Spain's youth, which has crumbled from 73% in 2008 to only 39% in 2013, a -34% change, followed by Ireland at -18% and pre-triple dip recession France at -17% where only 47% now approve of the EU.

Gallup's conclusion:

Economic insecurity has weakened support for EU leadership among residents in many European countries since 2008. Disapproval is clearest in the bailout countries where the EU has imposed austerity policies, compounding the economic hardships individuals were already experiencing from the financial and economic crisis.


But the problem is not merely economic. Individuals' sense of disconnect from EU power is clear from the dwindling turnouts in EU elections, an ongoing trend since the first popular vote to elect EU officials in 1979.


Concerns about immigration voiced in the media and the rise in popularity of radical right-wing parties and movements in Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and the Netherlands indicate that a sizable segment of the public sees the EU as unable to provide satisfactory responses to their concerns.

Perhaps the only surprise in the study above is that the EU leadership still finds some approval among the peripheral European nations.

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LawsofPhysics's picture

If only the "approval" of the peasants mattered...


move along, nothing to see here...

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Serf is low approval of master...!? Please to wait while Boris is form expression of utter surprise.

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Yep, the Greeks hate those people they steal the money from. Tells you a lot about the psychopathic mindset of the Greeks.

Handful of Dust's picture

What a bunch of sour pusses. They don't appreciate the hard work of their EU reps struggling thru those 7 course Brussels dinners, bottles of champagne and fine wine late into the night.

How ungrateful!

666's picture

Aw, they're just a bunch of copycats following the USSA's lead in record low approval of Congress and Obummer.

zuuuueri's picture

moron. the elites and their lackeys benefit, same as everywhere else. the man on the street is being fucked forwards and backwards, and the fucking is even more violent with the EU than it was when we still had a nominally independent state. 

that's ok, they'll keep loaning us money to hand to the german banks and to buy more tanks (though they won't sell us munitions for them!) and submarines which don't sit straight in the water.. the system is not broken, it's working as designed, funnelling wealth and power to those who own it. 

midtowng's picture

It's the wrong question. Approval of EU leadership isn't really that important now.

What matters is "do you think your country should be part of the Euro?"

Sudden Debt's picture

I've never been asked...

no do I know anybody who has ever been asked...




GetZeeGold's picture



Which side of the same team are you talking about?

XAU XAG's picture

which makes one wonder: just who has an interest in keeping Greece in Europe?


Europe has the interest................just look at Iceland!!!


If Greece or any other nation left Europe they would show it up for what it is................a farce

Snoopy the Economist's picture

Exactly how would Greece 'leave' Europe? Are you suggesting that Greece packs their bags and moves teh country to iceland?

"just who has an interest in keeping Greece in Europe?" Wouldn't that be the banksters?

It's a nice dream to think that someday all these countries will wake up and pull an Iceland.

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

Even Germany can't hold this number up....

Max Damage's picture

The EU is a left wing communist dictatorship. And everyone is too stupid to change it, even when given the voting options to do so

Dr. Engali's picture

After giving their leaders a strong piece of their mind in their favorite internet chat room, the peasants went about their day.


And now you know the rest of the story.

DaveyJones's picture

Is this an Onion headline? 

Ribeye's picture


any chance we can get a poll of how many of us "despise" that fckn pack of colectivist scum,


edotabin's picture

So if Greece's/Spain's economy was doing well, the EU approval rating would be 75%?

Interesting thing about intellectual honesty: It is very scarce!

Non Passaran's picture

WTF is that first graph about? The question had "OR" in it, for fuck's sakes.

But whatever it is, it's pretty clear to me that at least 60% of all adult Europeans are socialist scum.

I propose that the question be changed to something more entertaining and less ambiguous. 

For example, "Would you like to have the EU leaders exiled to Syria?"

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I think the Syrian people have suffered enough, 

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If the bastards who run the EU, who are running the population into the ground, (at our expense) would take time out to read up on some history (the ones that are educated above 1 st grade socialist political scams that is) then they would find out that collective welfare socialism has already been tried and it doesn't, nor will it ever work It always runs out of money and either ordinary people end up being killed or, the perpetrators of said scam get their just deserts.

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With Youth unemplyoment at about 55% you wonder what kind of future anyone has there.