Greek Stocks Surge; Best Start To Year Since 1994

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Much like the rest of peripheral Europe, Greek stocks have been on a rampage in the first few days of the year. Whether this is a global rotation into the junkiest of the junk - betting on the inevitable rescue and intervention to keep everyone safe, or merely front-running an ECB QE effort as inflation tumbles - is unclear but it is worth noting that this is the best start to a year for Greek stocks since 1994!! Remember Greece is not Japan (or Venezuela).


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"as inflation tumbles" -  Can someone provide data on the cost of living in Greece right now?

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Maybe the greek economy is just getting better? Not that we would read about that here.

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Maybe, what exactly are they producing and who are they selling it to?

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Right, as youth unemployment hits 55%.

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got lost on your way to youtube?

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Surprised? No!

It is not hard to Cyprus value held in a bank but it is dam hard to convert stocks to value and confiscate that.

Now as Abe in Japan is screaming out for, needs pay rises to support any inflation of the economic structure and if that is not there then you are blowing a bubble. Overall the relative size of a gross economy may grow if the consumptive support is not there even holding the same level of consumption it is a relative contraction.

Game on, bubble forming, no underlying support, potentially the pre-emptive move before a Cyprus occurs by those in the know.

And please, an economy that contracts 6% YOY for 5 years at the new normal rate of growth of only 0.6% YOY (that weas recently announced) takes near 50 years to recover and means all those young adults today will not see any real recovery in their lifetime.

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ZLCS rocketing Next step 6$

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Selling the house, all in!

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As societies decline (Greeks have only recovered on average 40-50% of their income back from when this shit started to happen), markets rise.

Maybe we should rethink this whole thing.

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Some people that are having difficulty there may be helped by higher stock indexes.

Like here some of the people that are being negetively affected by Washington D.C. policy also own some stock. They can use that money to help counter the globalists.

Even little ole me owns some stock.

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The stock market is great but the economy is in the dumps. Yeah, the recovery acording to the IMF banksters has been going on for 3 years.

 The process of a natural adjustment is being held back by the central banksters. Eventually it will adjust, it's inevitable. 

The market is much more dynamic than the central banks can manipulate.

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Oh good! Greece's economy is fixed. One less thign to worry about...... 

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What's Faber think?

Think the opposite.


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"What's Faber think? Think the opposite. "

Actually, guys like Faber, Schiff, and Stansberry have been very bullish on stocks outside of the US. When Greece was in trouble, the stock market crashed. It was a great buy opportunity. Being based in Greece doesn't mean it only operates in Greece.