What To Expect From Today's FOMC Minutes

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The minutes of the December FOMC meeting will be released at 2 PM ET on Wednesday, January 8. As BofAML notes, the minutes give a platform to those outside the voting majority on the FOMC to express their disagreements with the current policy stance. Typically, that has meant that the minutes sound more hawkish than the FOMC statement or speeches by the voters. Also remember that much of the discussion in the minutes is based on old news: the US economy has shown mostly stronger data since the December 18th FOMC decision to taper by $10 bn as of January 1.

Via BofAML,

On the economy, look for a modestly more optimistic outlook in the minutes, with balanced risks on growth and employment and at most slightly more concern about too-low inflation. We expect active discussion over the extent of cyclical vs structural factors in the labor market — the more time spent on structural concerns, the more hawkish the minutes will sound. A minority of Fed officials may emphasize the risks from persistently low inflation, but we expect the majority to cling to the belief that inflation should soon start to move up toward the Fed’s long-run 2% target.

On policy, the discussion around the pace of tapering is likely to be relatively vague with lots of “data dependence” caveats, but most of the FOMC should indicate support of a $10 bn per meeting reduction in the purchase pace — provided their forecasts are realized. Some significant minority is likely to call for scaling back QE3 at a quicker pace. This may appear in the discussion of the Summary of Economic Projections (SEP).

Also on policy, look for broad support for strengthening Fed communications and forward guidance in particular, but still a lack of agreement on specific approaches. We expect the FOMC to inch toward more qualitative than quantitative guidance. An IOER cut is likely to remain on the table (but not imminent), and additional discussion of the reverse repo facility is likely. These more dovish elements could well be overshadowed by the taper discussion.

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What to expect?

Nothing good, thats for sure

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Expect only good!

Do you not watch StateTV or read StateNEWS.com articles?

It's all good news all the time!

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If you're wondering how chairwoman Yellen's policies will influence on the economy, today's article at the Accredited Times gives a refreshingly optimistic perspective;


Expect to see an uncompromising dedication to price stability and low interest rates. Janet Yellen is bringing a woman's touch to monetary policy with her calm desiveness and prudent dedication to stable markets. Equity investors no longer need to worry about liquidity events or "tail risks". This is the time to invest and take part in the global recovery, and I strongly urge those of you on the sidelines to take part now while equities are still undervalued. 

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What they really need is a way to projectile diarrhea into the internet and all over you.

That would be an app.

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Will there be icecream.  I reall hope they serve icecream.  I really like icecream.

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Don't fear the tapir.

Panic as they insert the tapir.

ping-pong meme.

Yellen has control.

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Would you like fries with that?

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"uncompromising dedication to price stability"  -- LMFAO!!

Welcome back MDB, just one question;  What are you "pricing" things in?  Bitcoins? dollars? Yen? Yuan? AUD? CHF? Silver?... etc.?

Yes, the "recovery" is finally here, but I see all kinds of transactions occuring that eliminate the useless paper-pushing middlemen and avoid the dollar...

can of beans for your thought(s)...

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That can of beans is worth at least a pack of smokes in the FEMA camps.

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I'm glad to see you are still around. I thought maybe you had gone the way of a few of our other trolls like Robotrader. All of our good trolls are gone, and it's just not the same.

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"Janet Yellen is bringing a woman's touch"

Yikes!  That would be a touch I want nothing to do with!

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Agree, think I'd rather let Bernanke fiddle with me....

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Coven: Hill, Yell, Sebilius, Wookie.

They have control, and a witches brew.

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Everyone in America is touched by the economic downturn. Your mission is to quell the fear and put a chicken in every pot. That would be a WHOLE chicken too, they're only a couple bucks.

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Look who crawled out from under their bridge.

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With the price action in the metals the last three days, maybe something not so rosy in the minutes.

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" It's "  a well known (to us) Troll

Don't Feed it.

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I expect another pack of lies and will have to make an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist should this not happen.

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It is a shame we are not like North Korea. We could feed the Fed Board Members including Yellen and The Ben Bernank to packs of wild dogs.

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What did they have for lunch...I bet it was nice...

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High fives all around as the Fed governors celebrate people continuing to accept their bullshit paper promises in exchange for the very real fruits of their labor.  (If I could print infinite "money", I could own everything too...)

Same as it ever was...

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I expect to hear moar laughter amongst themselves as the boast about how they can't believe they are getting away with this.

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Pure twaddle, we guaranty it.

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Is there where they gave the Bernanke a cake and a GOLD watch..or is that to old a relic for him...did they sing..for hes a jolly good fellow..for hes a jolly good fellow????

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Fiat Sandwich, preferably a footlong hoagie.


He needs to eat his words.

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Summary of meeting (I win Hilsenrath!) - "Things are better, but not great. We are gonna print, but not maybe as much in the future. If we need to, we will print a lot more in the future, but we don't think so at this point. "

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What To Expect From Today's FOMC Minutes

More lies? More misdirection?  Anything but the truth?


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No truth to be found in a confidence game.

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"Shhhhh....the spirits are about to speak....at 2 PM." - Bullwinkle

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Janet Yellen  "I Gotta get a New Hat !!"

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