Alleged SAC Insider Trader Was Expelled From Harvard Law For Grade Falsification

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The Wolf of Wall Street would be proud. Mathew Martoma, the alleged SAC Capital trader at the center of the largest insider trading scheme ever, was, Dealbook reports, expelled from Harvard Law School in 1999 for a false transcript of his grades. While Mr. Martoma's lawyer tried to keep court papers under cover, a summary on the court docketing system shows the judge ordered them unsealed. "Veritas" indeed...


Via Dealbook,

Mathew Martoma, the former SAC Capital Advisors trader charged with carrying out one of the largest insider trading schemes ever, was expelled from Harvard Law School in 1999 for creating a false transcript of his grades, a person briefed on the matter said on Thursday.


Mr. Martoma’s lawyer had sought to keep evidence of the grade tampering under wraps but the judge presiding over the former hedge fund trader’s insider trading trial on Thursday ordered court papers discussing his expulsion to be unsealed.




But a summary on the court docketing system known as a Pacer said the unsealed court papers will discuss a law school disciplinary proceeding involving Mr. Martoma. There was no mention in the summary of Mr. Martoma’s expulsion from law school or what the disciplinary matter involved.


The disclosure comes as a jury is being selected in Mr. Martoma’s trial.

"Veritas" indeed...

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Colonel Klink's picture

Color me fucking shocked! -_-

john39's picture

the cream always rises to the top... 

Colonel Klink's picture

So does the most fettid shit.  Just look at our government and banking sectors.

john39's picture

we live in an inverted reality.  war is peace, ignorance strength....  in short, in times of darkness, the worst among us achieve material success.   

Xibalba's picture

He's not a regulator yet? Maybe they'll fast track him directly to politcs.

Colonel Klink's picture

Give him time, he'll be boning up in prison.

Dr. Engali's picture

Boning up in prison should put him on the fast track  to be one of Zero's aides....That is if reggie will allow it.

Colonel Klink's picture

You sir got the joke, and know how the system works.  I'm sure when he first starts he'll be bringing up the rear.

<voice from off camera>  A little higher!

Manthong's picture

Harvard: “Minting Thieves Since 1636”

Papasmurf's picture

the cream always rises to the top...

So does fatty stool.

Freddie's picture

What about Obama's sealed records and transcripts?

SAT 800's picture

it's now called, "transparency in government"; he said so in his campaign; so they couldn't be sealed. must be a clerical error.

SAT 800's picture

Colour you black, then you can be an affirmative action studient, like Obumbler, and you don't have to falsify anything; they do it for you.

JLee2027's picture

Just wait. Hollywood will make a movie out of this yet.

Xibalba's picture

They did.  It's called Idiocracy

ebworthen's picture

Harvard expels people for that? 

I thought they graduated them for it?

replaceme's picture

You have to write an apology in the form of a building on campus of their choosing.  Comma.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Correct.  And if you're successful enough they'll give you an honorary degree.


Emergency Ward's picture

It helps to have a last name like "Kennedy".

El Vaquero's picture

They expel people for getting caught.  You either have to bribe people and do it out in the open, or not get caught.  They're training for a budding career in banking. 

HardAssets's picture

He sounds like GS or JPM material . . . and definitely sounds worthy of being a member of the bar association

The Proletariat's picture

He sounds like the perfect candidate for government.

Colonel Klink's picture

Haaaavard must have dropped the 'Non' from the first part of that red shield.


The name Rothschild also means red sheild ....... never trust anything red. Some rednecks excluded however. Anyway, when did honesty count for anything with "the club".

Colonel Klink's picture

LOL, thanks for the tip.  Therein was the whole joke to the comment.

Magnix's picture

dumb are getting dumber these days to get away with it.

IridiumRebel's picture

"Yes, it says here that you're a lying, cheating piece of shit who would kick his mother's dog to make a buck. You sound like a great fit for the firm! Welcome aboard!"

Emergency Ward's picture

....a stepping stone toward public office!

RaceToTheBottom's picture

He will be back as a guest teacher at Harvard any day now.

Dr. Engali's picture

It's funny that a judge orders a traders college records be unsealed but the president of the that's a different story. I guess that's one of the benefits of being a traitor over a trader.

Colonel Klink's picture

The judge probably got "the knock"!

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

what a loser to get caught

Grande Tetons's picture

I was wondering how he got caught. Did Harvard have some sort of after the fact audit on a random basis? Or, did he fuck himself but shooting off his mouth. I am going to go with the latter. 

SmittyinLA's picture

Obama was smart enough to NOT present any documentation 

Colonel Klink's picture

Except his burth certiphicate.  Honest it's real, just like his SSN.


KLINK          You would think at least one of Zero's 38 SSN would be real. I would like to have moar SSN's too so I could get enough checks coming in to retire. 

Colonel Klink's picture

Nothing surprises me anymore coming out of this potemkin president.

DOGGONE's picture

This story makes the following easily credible ...

Real asset price histories show bubbles very well.
Real Homes, Real Dow
But these histories are rarely shown to the people — what do you call this?
I call it “The Establishment are conpersons first.”

Colonel Klink's picture

"Jurors in the trial of alleged insider trader Mathew Martoma, the former SAC Capital portfolio manager, won’t learn that he fainted when FBI agents told him that he was under investigation or that he was later fired from the once-$14 billion hedge fund."

Hahaha, probably because he couldn't believe a Wall street banker was being investigated!

Zymurguy's picture

Should be appointed to a czar position any moment now...

zipit's picture

What a surprise, another sociopath coming out of the Ivy League.

Duude's picture

And yet Obama wasn't expelled over his false foreign exchange student transcript. For those questioning why he would enter Columbia and Harvard as a foreign exchange student need to look into the differing entrance requirements for foreign exchange students versus US citizens.  Universities want a "diverse" student body. 

OurManFlint's picture

The douchebag eventually got an MBA from Stanford.