Sales Of Hitler's Mein Kampf Are Surging...

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.
- Adolf Hitler

The headline of this post is one that I am not sure how to interpret, but undoubtably marks something of significance. Personally, there have been many occasions throughout my youth, as well as my adult life, where I had a desire to read Mein Kampf. I was always curious to get into the mind of one of humanity’s greatest sociopaths. To get a glimpse of the thought process of a man capable of such cruelty and evil. To understand the types of words he used and the various psychological tactics he employed to manipulate an economically destitute and politically demoralized German population.

These feelings welled up inside of me once again back in 2008, when I feared that a financial and economic meltdown could cause the U.S. population to be thrust into the arms of a demagogue. I wanted to be able to more accurately identify the rhetoric of one of history’s more “successful” demagogue dictators in order to be able to spot similar trends should they arise in my time.

While I never got around to reading it, I did read part of one of Hitler’s speeches from before the war. It was interesting to not how he did not openly speak as a raging psychopath on his way to destroying much of Europe. Rather, he attempted to appeal to his audience as rational, passionate leader there to protect and exalt the German people back to greatness. That was the scariest thing of all.

This is what the top sales chart on iTunes’ category Politics and Current Events looks like.


At this point I’d like to remain hopeful that these sales trends spring from a similar curiosity on behalf of the population, rather than from a darker more hateful place.

From Time:

The infamous manifesto Adolf Hitler wrote while in prison after a failed coup in 1923, Mein Kampf or My Struggle, in which the dictator outlined his idea of a global Jewish conspiracy, is a surprise hit on the ebook market. While the book’s print copy sales remain stagnant, the ebook is in the top 20 on iTunes’s Politics & Events chart, next to books by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, the number one Propaganda & Political Psychology book on Amazon, and the 17th bestseller in the company’s Nationalism list. How could that be?


Chris Faraone explains why in a fascinating essaythat argues ebooks provide the perfect format for reading controversial material. “Mein Kampf could be following a similar trend to that of smut and romance novels,” Faraone writes. Customers may have not wanted to be seen reading the book or having it on their shelf at home, but the cheap digital copies “can be quietly perused then dropped into a folder or deleted.”


Ebook reviewers’ comments support the 50 Shades of Grey theory. “I think I waited 45 years to read Hitler’s words… I wish I had read it sooner,” wrote Steven Wagg. “Curiosity killed me to get this book,” said another reviewer. The document also functions as a warning: “People need to understand that if we do not learn from people like this, then we will fall into their traps again,” Ray D’Aguanno wrote on Amazon.

Full article here.

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Meanwhile Obama is using Das Kapital as his play book. Communist.

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As mentioned previously, I am Jewish merely by the fact of my maternal ancestry, and not religious or other dogma, nor any other aspect of my life or belief system.

With that said, I do have a link into the Jewish community (many of my father's business peers are Jewish, as are some of my friends from college and work), and this has been a hot topic of discussion lately within these circles.

Nearly every Jew that I speak with about this believes that the reason why Mein Kampf is surging in terms of sales is that Americans are growing increasingly convinced that Jews, who comprise 2% of the American Population, exert a disproportionate influence over American business, finance, media (all forms) and politics (both domestic and foreign policy), and that just as importantly, that Americans believe that Jews have a stronger loyalty/allegiance to Israel than they do to the United States.

This is not my opinion nor a statement of agreement with this prevailing consensus, but my honest observation as to what the American Jewish Community believes is the driving force behind the sudden impetus behind the fascination with Hitler's Mein Kampf.

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"In what can only be described as the most flagrantly racial appointment (and clearest example of Obama's War on White America) of his career, NAACP Legal Defense Official Debo P. Adegbile has been nominated to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general. [Obama Nominates Cop Killer Advocate to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division,, 1-8-14]:"

Knockout game indeed.


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It's just the Obama presidency owners and users manual. No more mystery than that.


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Let's be honest...


The reason that Adolf Hitler was - and is - so vilified is because he openly exposed the truth about the Money Changers of his day.  (Jesus Christ did the same thing and was summarily killed for it.)  No... I'm not comparing Hitler to Christ, but the truth is the truth.  Both men fought against the usurers who were corrupting and destroying their nations.  Both men are equally hated by those same powers that afflict us today.  


This is why books on this subject and this man are "surging".  The truth will out inevitably.

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Hitler brought war prosperity to Germany.

The Roman Empire was already prosperous.

Most people care only about plenty of food and entertainment.  As long as there is plenty of food and entertainment, they won't rise up.

panem et circenses

Oh, they bitch about the NSA, Guantanamo Bay, wars, etc. on the Internet though.

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I studied Hitler's life in high school and wrote a term paper on him. If a) his mom had not had a Jewish doctor, and b) he got into art school, you would be hearing some other guy's name right now. A similar history would have transpired.

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Maybe. There is also the theory that Hitler was a Rothchild agent, as his grandmother worked for Lionel Nathan Rothschild, as Adolf's father 'Alois Hitler was listed as a bastard. Hitler was a needed tool to create the conditions to found the nation Israel, and the fear to drive Jews globally to move there. The rise of this book, and the comment from TruthInSunshine about how jews feel that they are being blamed, is a sign that new changes are in play. Someone is trying to trigger fear, and draw more Jews back to Israel. For the record, I have nothing against Jews, and I think this ongoing phenomenon is unknown to the entire Jewish community. There are rumors that the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia are Jewish, which is why the guardians of Mecca are allies with Israel. Read up on Albert Pike, and see how some of these events seem to line up. Might not be fact, but it's a hell of a read. 

Slightly over the top, but outlines the Hitler bastard details well.

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"Today, Frday August 12, 1921, a great public mass meeting takes place at the Haufbrauhaus.  Speaker Herr Adolf Hitler about: THE PROTEST AGAINST RISING PRICES, A JEWISH SWINDLE"   MEIN KAMPF.

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Obozo brings out the "best" in people.

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"Meanwhile Obama is using Das Kapital as his play book. Communist."

No, he is using 'The new Fascism" by Jamie and Lloyd.  Written on the fly, and the WH copy was probably left by dubya.  Copyright Rothschild Scourge, 1815.

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The most important thing about Germany which has been systematically erased from the history books (history is written by the winners, afterall) is the *incredible* economic success of Germany in the mid 1930's.    Germany had no gold (after WW1) and invented a labor-based unit of currency called the "Mark".  Each unit represented an hour of labor.  The currency worked so well, that to this day the fastest economic growth in recorded history is Germany in the run up to the war (which they didn't know then).  Ultimately, Germany told the BoE to stick it's gold-based debt up it's ass and they created a new, more valuable currency backed by the only thing they had left:  The sweat of their brow.   Germany's growth freaked the hell out of the English who *thought* they had Germany under their thumb for debt repayment. The Bank of England effectively embargoed Germany and attempted to cut them off from their trading partners.   Germany said "fuck off" and used a barter system to trade it's tech (engines, printing equipment, mechanical engineering, aircraft,  cars, etc.).  As Germany was increasingly cut off from it's trading partners via English pressure, the road to war was paved before them.  I'm not in any way forgiving or condoning the atrocities Germany committed on minorities including gays, gypsies and jews -- or the massacre of it's own youth by sending their own 12 year olds to be slaughtered in battle.  But there is a lesson which has been lost in history, and the proof has been successfully buried by us:  Germany told the banking cartel to fuck off and the results were extraordinary.  Needless to say, war followed.

zhandax's picture

While I would support the concept that any war resulting from telling the bankers to fuck off is was a war worth fighting, may I suggest that certain political baggage may make such support unpalatable?

Popo's picture

I agree.. which is why history has been so easily re-written.   And of course, it's more complicated than just "telling the bankers to fuck off".   There was the whole Russo-German non-agression treaty which allowed them to start dividing up Poland, that also freaked the English out.  (The English elites were terrified of Stalin at the time).   

My point simply is that very few Westerners are ever taught about Germany in the mid 1930's.  Almost no one is taught about the German economic miracle of the 30's, or the role of the English banking system in crushing Germany.  One must remember that England at the time still carried much of it's prior colonialist mindset of oppressing foreign nations into "service".  Germany was being crushed economically by British imperialist policy, and Germany devised a monetary policy solution that not only worked, but created one of the most successful economic climates in history.  This is important.  Europeans today are simply taught that the war "started" when Germany invaded Poland.   (As if that event came out of nowhere.  It didn't.)  Germany was forced between a rock and a hard place, and created a solution which radically tipped the global economy in their favor... and the rest is history.

zhandax's picture

Actually you are referring to the post-Weimar 20's after the emergence of the rentermark.  This "not only worked, but created one of the most successful economic climates in history" and was concurrent with the beer hall putsch (1923), which resulted in Hitler going to jail.

Popo's picture

The rentermark as far as I know was still gold based in the 20's.  It wasn't until the 30's when German currency was taken off the gold standard (again).   The real economic growth miracle started in '33.

zhandax's picture

Popo, you have a ten-year gap in your timeline. Salutations, but I still have to deal with Friday in about 5 hours.

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... and I thought the rising interest was because Xtranormal shut down those bear videos so everyone was having to use the Hitler videos to make their points.  Go figure. 

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Nomination for most naive intro on ZH:

"We remain hopeful that these sales trends spring from a curiosity on behalf of the population, rather than from a darker more hateful place."

Too late.

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It doesn't help that the book is found in the discount bin at Chapters/Amazon and the university book stare

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Popo, you couldn't be more wrong.  WHile the Germans did work hard, the entire system was built on feet of clay: MEFO Bills.

You must read about Hjalmar Shchacht and his use of MEFO Bills.  In short, the entire edifice was built on a monumemental amount of leverage.  A kind of bastardized real bills doctrine, where the bills were't really real, and where the total number in circulation was a state secret, this leverage was used internally, reserving precious hard currency for use in external trade only where necessary.  Schacht's MEFO bills enabled Germany to spend much more on its military than was allowed under Versaille.  According to Wiki, there were 12 Billion Reichsmarks of MEFO bill credit issued on 1 Million Reichsmarks capital.

Following are excepts from Schacht's very careful testimony at his Nuremberug trial:

SCHACHT: It goes without saying that in normal times and under normal economic conditions such means as mefo bills would not have been resorted to. But if there is an emergency, then it has always been customary, and it has always been a policy recommended by all experts, that the issuing bank should furnish cheap money and credits so that the economic system can, in turn, continue to function.

Mefo bills, of course, were a thoroughly risky operation, but they were absolutely not risky if they were connected with a reasonable financial procedure and to prove this I would say that if Herr Hitler, after 1937, had used the accruing funds to pay back the mefo bills, as had been intended-the money was available-then this system would have come to its end just as smoothly as I had put it in operation. But Herr Hitler preferred simply to refuse to pay the bills back, and instead to invest the money in further armament. I could not foresee that someone would break his word in such a matter too, a purely business matter.

SCHACHT: The mefo bills as such, as far as rearmament was concerned, had of course no connection with the question of secrecy, for the mefo bills were used to pay every supplier. And there were, of course, hundreds and thousands of small and big suppliers all over the country.

Apart from that, before they could be taken to the Reichsbank, the mefo bills circulated among the public for at least 3 months and the suppliers who required cash used the mefo bills to discount them in their banks or to have advances made on the strength of them, so that all banks participated in this system.

But I should like to add also that all the mefo bills, which were taken up by the Reichsbank, were listed on the bill account of the Reichsbank. Furthermore, I should like to say that the keeping secret of State expenditure-and armament expenditures were State expenditure-was not a matter for the President of the Reichsbank but an affair concerning the Reich Minister of Finance. If the Reich Minister of Finance did not publish the guarantees which he had accepted for the mefo bills, then that was his affair and not mine. I am not responsible for that. The responsibility for that lies with the Reich Minister of Finance.

All of this should sound eerily familiar.

Blame Crash's picture

@ Popo

What a load!

Hitler legacy wasn't "1930's Germany" it was the smouldering ruins of "1945 Germany".

Go ahead and bullshit yourselves all you want. The truth is Hitler was a hundred times more toxic to Germany than the Jews ever were.

Rafferty's picture

This is absolutely true.  If you really dig you'll see that this achievement had the central bankers in a panic.  Germany's fate was sealed when they got rid of these parasites, just as was Libya's.

Headbanger's picture

This is exactly what I predicted would happen as the economy got worse for the 99%.

They're sick of all the "feel good" bullshit politics and want something solid to believe in again.

Hitler is not the answer however!   And Mein Kampf is just an insane rant by a frustrated, hateful  artist opera fan who saw the horrors of WW I as a courier running among the trenches.

But it's true that if it wasn't Hitler, it would have been somebody else who did much the same thing as him.  Himmler, Goering, Goebels, would have all still been there supporting whoever else was Der Fuhrer. And thus there still would have been the SS founded by Himmler and all the Nazi propaganda by Goebels. 

The only blessing that is was Hitler was it wasn't somebody else who was a lot more intelligent about fighting a modern war.

So go ahead and read Mein Kampf so all will know to recognize the insanity of another Hitler that comes along to take advantage of the mess in this country and the world!

And if you do read Mein Kampf, you must also watch "The Downfall" to see the end result of such insanity!

Sean7k's picture

Disinformation regarding Hitler and the Zionists remains the norm. One, Hitler was very intelllgent ( 140IQ) and a very capable war commander, responsible for many of Germany's victories in the war. Had his generals not spent their time failng to cary out orders and fighting amongst themselves for glory (typical of all commaders), the war would have been very different. See "Hitler's War".

We are also never told of the jewish problem, that the world congress declared war against Hitler's Germany in 1933 and blessed the use of assasination and economc sabotage by all their people. Like Al Queda, if it was on the ground in the US. How would we deal with it?

We are not told of te slaugther of woman and children from Churchills bombing campaigns throughout the war or of the US starting in 1943. We hear nothing of the Russian holocaust admnstered by the jewish bolsheviks that Hitler feared so much.

No, we get the Zionist version, that paints the jews as the long suffering victims of a mad man, a man by the way whose "solution" was to move the jews to another area outside of Europe- not kill them. There are plenty of confirmed instances of Hitler saving jews.

The Zionists have made it difficult to discover the truth of history, but their actions always became apparent throgh their excesses of behavior. This is probably just a reflection of that excess. Htler wanted to make Germany great again and he knew who his enemies were. He seems to be much smarter than most Americans or their leaders and not nearly as compromsed.

Headbanger's picture

Do the rest of you see what I mean now that this terrible economy is leading the desperate and dumbed down sheeple to believe in this crap to cast blame and have something to save them!?

It's only going to get worse.

Sean7k's picture

That's the best you got? What a maroon.

Rafferty's picture

 And Mein Kampf is just an insane rant by a frustrated, hateful  artist.

Either you have not read it or you are a disnformation agent.  Simple as that.

Skateboarder's picture

My knowledge came from books from the library. I remember trying to seek out the oldest, most legit and unbiased sources. Of course, whatever I read was probably all bullshit and Addie H-man was more than likely a bastard Rothschild grandson as the conspiracy article writes.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

If you read about the Rothchilds, Hitler is a key part of their alleged plan. People can up/down vote us, I'm not trying to say it's 100% true, or even true. The stories and alignment of events leads to a incredible read that blows away any fiction books in the best seller lists. That article is a great read. people are quick to look at everything as non-fiction. As fiction, that article beats the "Da Vinci Code" BS. 

zhandax's picture

Skateboarder, hats off to ya for seeking the oldest versions.  You are on the right track.

Cap Matifou's picture

This is the time and age where you can walk the whole way back and listen to historical recordings without the omissions.

The Hitler Speech They Don't Want You To Hear
(Declaration of war to America)

And his "greatest sin" is also rarely mentioned

What was Hitler's Unforgivable Sin?

disabledvet's picture

many in prominent figures in the Jewish community warned against Zionism and the creation of Israel as a goal of their's. Now they really would have to act as "public figures"...but in defense of who's interest? "Bad for business" they warned.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Only people ignorant of history fail to understand the similarities regarding the Jewish interaction with "the native" population in Ancient Egypt, Rome, post-WWI Germany or a myriad of other geographic areas or sovereign nations in terms of relative power & prosperity during both good and (especially) bad times.

There's an entire, legitimate question of whether correlation equaled causation that begs honest academic debate, but this topic is verboten due to oppression of even the finest in academia who dare speak of such matters, such as
John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt (who were literally chased out of the U.S. and well deserved tenured positions at prestigious universities by the likes of the ADL & Alan "You're ALL Anti-Semites" Dershowitz).

Tasty Sandwich's picture

Well, perhaps they really are the Chosen People then.

My parents are Catholic. 

I went to a Jesuit high school and don't believe in god.

Human beings are tribal.  Some tribes are better at conquering than others, regardless of what unites them.

TruthInSunshine's picture

The suppression of the debate I mentioned above does a disservice to all, and ironically (and sadly), likely Jews most of all.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I've met a few black people who fucking hate whitey for our relative wealth.  Meanwhile, there are lots of whites who live in fucking trailers as their are Jews who live likewise.  Funny.  I don't respect blacks who hate whites, nor do I respect Western Europeans who hate Jews.  Fuck bankers and oligarchs, of whatever flavor.  The tribal racist shit must go.   Or shall we play "which mass murderer do you support?"  Fucking sheep and their fucking hatred for things different.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Let us not dance lightly upon the eggs, but crush their shells with our boot heels.

Simply stated, this entire debate centers around whether or not Jews exhibit a historical pattern of behavior, born of their culture, affinities and predilections, of overtaking any particular nation's levers of true power, whether centered around commerce, finance, judicial systems, legislative bodies, etc., and whether they exert disproportionate & undue leverage upon these machinations, and do so in a manner that resets the table of what may have once been equity based on merit into a rigged game that favors Jews.

I realize many will shudder at the expression of such a thought put forth so directly, but regardless of their opinion or position, and if they are honest intellectually, they will inevitably conclude that I am merely stating the core of what has been repeated historical strife in simple terms.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I do not shudder.  You hit the nail.  The other nail is that when one group is bettered by another they think violence and hatred is the answer.  How about beating "them" at their game.  Are we not up to it?  Or do we need O'Hitler phones?

End the Fed.

End Globilization.

Ghordius's picture

LTER, "End Globalization"? the "thing" that makes cotton from the US travel several times around the world until it comes back as T-shirts so cheap that some don't even wash them anymore?

then you are talking about tariffs (you know, that stuff that financed the US for the first 100 years)

then you are asking for an end of unlimited free trade

problem is, do you know anybody around you that is against free trade?

just bringing the perspective from the real economy. the "end the FED" is a completely different thing, regarding the financial economy. connected, yes, yet currently living an own life, thanks to the vagaries of the global reserve currency

yet globalization as such starts with free trade. at this point I have to note how funny the "anti-globalists" are that use a word that has no clear definition and claim that Jews and Jesuits have plans since hundreds of years regarding it

meanwhile first the British Empire and afterwards the American Empire are pushing globalization since now over two hundred years. and that's a simple fact

lewy14's picture

€ => globalization on one continent

Ghordius's picture

let's see

trade, internal markets: China, 1'200 millions; India, 1'000 millions; EU, 500 millions; US, 300 millions

currency zones: Yuan, 1'200 millions; Rupee, 1'000 millions; EUR, 350 millions; USD, nearly the whole world


is it globalization if it's regional? just asking


or are you asking for 50 currency and trade zones in China, India and the US?

which brings the discussion back to free trade and tariffs

lewy14's picture

"Europe" is a fiction.

Spanky's picture

First the English, and now the American bankers (since 1900), want market access to China. All they see are over a billion consumers that want a western lifestyle. It's growth don't cha know... And they want their hand firmly on the ME oil spigot, just in case the mandarins get uppity...

Oldwood's picture

Even when settlers sailed thousands of miles on uncharted seas, they built walls around themselves upon landing for some level of protection. That is not to say the did not trade outside of their walls, but there was definite "protectionism". Free trade on a global level forces us to equate wages and living standards with the worst poverty holes in the world. Business will seek these low cost resources at every opportunity, so it is up to society, either collectively or individually to make choices which serve our best long term interests. We have done neither by allowing government to favor business over the people and "we the people" have sought out the cheapest price for toys that distract us from our very future. I believe in protectionism as a means of protecting our jobs and as a means of funding our government. Instead we impose tarrifs on our domestic producers through every means of taxation and regulation, while imposing none on our foreign competitors. And we wonder where the jobs went.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

For the record, let's be clear. There are Jews, and there are Zionists. Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews. Zionists are Christians and Jews who want to build the nation of Israel to fullfil some sort of holy empire/end of days scheme. The Zionists are driving an agenda, and most of us are unwitting participants.

Rock On Roger's picture

As above, so below.

We have to go way back to see the future.

For which god did Abram ride?


Stack On

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Abram rode for the change of the god of the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians worshiped a range of gods, including Ba'al The story of Abraham and Issac comes from the practice of the cult of Ba'al, a fertility cult, where the first born child was sacrificed. The story of Hannibal with the Roman wars, as the Carthaginians were Phoenicians, Hannibal's father looks to sacrifice him just as the story of Issac, but passes him over when Hannibal vows to be a lifelong enemy of the Romans. The Phoenician language was the ancestor of Hebrew, and idea of an unnamable name, etc, are similar to the ancient Israelites. Abram rode with someone outside the main ring, and won in the long run.

Child sacrifice