White (And Black) Men Can't...Work

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There is the full-time vs part-time jobs debacle, the questions over job-quality, the "no country for young workers" problem, and Bernanke's "born-again jobs scam," but nowhere is the real 'recovery' in American jobs less evident than in the actual number of employed males...


(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

Tomorrow's non-farm-payrolls data is once again the most important (and noise-prone manipulated) data item in the world - but few (aside from us) will be paying attention to the ongoing plunge in the labor force...

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that chart is actually the inverse of employed chinese and bangladeshi children.

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Jealousy will get you no where in this debate.

Under stand that the US consumer is filled to the gill with SHIT.

The ASIA still lacks just about everything imaginable, the factorys are being built where the consumption takes place.

The USA is dead, and ASIA is booming.


Get over it, and deal with it.

The USA was a post WWII fluke, last man standing with manufacturing intact, since the 1960's nobody has invested a dime in US manufacturing other than maybe INTEL for proprietery reason in the USA,

The USA not long ago was a PENAL COLONY when it began, and that is what it has returned.


nmewn's picture

I believe you're thinking Australia on the penal colony thingy.

satoshi101's picture
Penal colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penal_colony -... "British Convicts Shipped to American Colonies", American Historical ... ** The USA was always a PENAL COLONY, the USA will return to a PENAL COLONY, deal with reality. . After the American Revolution, Britain had to find somewhere else to send its prisoners.
They sent them to AUSTRAILIA,

But prior to the USA REVOLUTION the world sent its criminals to the USA. The USA has the highest rate of HOMOCIDE in the world. WHY? Because the USA DNA going back to the 1600's is of rapists, murderers, and baby fuckers.

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You're welcome.


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Once a penal colony always a penal colony .... What's your excuse Mr Satoshi.

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I maybe a little late to get into the debate.


I'm a lead operator for a manufacturing company which has been around since 1917 based out of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Yearly we growth 4%-5% with some plants "polyiso" seeing 25% - 50% within the past few years.

With the area I work around 'TPO' we get contracts all over Asia for 10 million+ square feet a handful of times a year.

Asia may produce more quantity wise in electronics and what not but the majority of the quality is shit.


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"highest rate of HOMOCIDE".......now there's a useful word.

kaiserhoff's picture

Run a flag pole up it, and see who salutes.

Not that you could get good data, but I would love to see some graphics on those who are unemployable due to drug habits or because the are "involved with the system" - constantly in and out of jail.

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I think that Satoshi guy has a fixation with penile.

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America was a Penis Colony, hence the founding fathers. all real patriots have a kickstand.

Now its an Unemployed Penis Colony.We're all dicked...

How about some trade tarriffs? can't hurt, things are all ready totally fucked. lets put up some barriers that might make domestic production rise and self sufficiency return to the homeland.

there's some Homeland Security for you. What if we built our own cars, electronics, clothes, you know the stuff we need to survive as a society and what if we paid the people that made things like these a decent wage so they could afford to buy the things they make.

Radical fucking idea spouting the rhetoric of Henry Ford from a hundred years ago. America has become a shithole of brainwashed zombies, I really understand how and why we got here and I don't see it changing in my lifetime.

satoshi101's picture

America has become a shithole of brainwashed zombies, I really understand how and why we got here and I don't see it changing in my lifetime.


So what do we do about it?

I chose to exit, but if you stay, what do you do? where do you hide?


When the bullets start flying they go in all directions, you got to out and get food&water, and that's when the zombies get you, not a nice way to live.

The zombies certainly make up +80% of ZH, sadly :(


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Japanese innovation: the latest strains of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea, eye licking and Mr. Satoshi.

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satoshi .. your mom's calling you upstairs for dinner.

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Turns out a lot of immigrants showed up AFTER this period of time. We've been getting immigrants this whole time! We're not like Japan.

KnightTakesKing's picture

Your shtick is getting old, douchbag.

boogerbently's picture

Called your bluff, A-HOLE>

Clicked on the link, your whole comment is a lie.

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I think satoshi101 posted under a different account that he "used" to work for the NSA, but I can't find the link. Does anyone else remember that?

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Like we're jealous of dog eaters!

DaveyJones's picture

i think he's barking up the wrong tree

satoshi101's picture

They only eat dog in Vietnam.


In the USA they screw the pooch, but I don't hear anybody in ASIA talking about it, ... funny that you brought up the dogs, ... must have known you would have got me going.

In asia its always easy to get laid, in the USA its a fucking hassle that guys returning from the MIL service of killing arabs/persians take up their pitbull as a concubine, ... I can tell you that nobody is doing this in CHINA, sure a dog that ends up in VIETNAM is fucked. But most places in ASIA love dogs and in CHINA, well they're like PANDA's they're cute and loveable, but NOT fuckable.

[ Korea eats dog too, dogs get collected all over asia, and generally shipped by the black-market (in BTC) transported to Vietnam, but Vietnam is wild, they also eat all the endangered species of asia, taboo everywhere else, KING COBRA, MONKEY-BRAINS, LEMUR ]

Boondocker's picture

obviously you haven't been to the PI

The Final Straw's picture

There is a saying in Korea: "Chinese will eat anything with 4 legs, except the table, and anything with 2 wings, except an airplane." Chinese eat both dogs and cats. My friend has eaten cobra and scorpions in China.

buttmint's picture

Team Dee..funny, I just wrapped up a 1100km bicycle trip through parts of VietNam, Laos and Thailand. When I cleared out of the boonies, I remarked off handedly to a buddy "...ya know, I did not seen many dogs up north. In fact....." and my words trailed off, finally realizing that Fido is quite tasty and it called "pao si dam" here. Black BBQ. You'd eat it as well, it is delicious. You raise dogs here much like rabbits in Michiogan backyards. 

I have BBQ'd rat (noo yang) and lotsa bugs. All goes well with cold brewskis. Asians are amazingly fit and walk EVERYWHERE. Like 5-10km per day. The women flip out and starve themselves if they have balooned from 34 to 35 kgs. You smile, weight scales are everywhere.

This past Christmas, I looked out at the partying throngs and chuckled "..Thailand is a UN of sanook and all people's of the world---except for white western women."

Satochi is Asian, you can read it in his sentence structure. Do not knock Asia until you have lived and breathed the promise land for 4-5 years.

Complainers are just lazy azzhats that couldn't make it to Asia. No passport keyboard warriors. If you alight Asia, you will be amply rewarded. Come with no set schedule, just arrive and learn to live.

Tim_'s picture

Intel has two factories in "Israel."

Intel to build USD 4 billion factory

"Second plant in southern city of Kiryat Gat would employ 2,000; company to receive USD 525 million from government"

Intel Israel to Spend $2.7 Billion on Factory Upgrade in Kiryat Gat

"Intel, whose processors run more than 80 percent of the world’s personal computers, currently employs 7,057 people in Israel and plans to add another 1,000 in 2011, Fassberg said. The company is one of Israel’s largest private-sector employers."

AMD's manufacturing spin-off just built a factory in Saratoga County, NY.

Fab 8 Overview

"With high volume production in full swing in early 2013, Fab 8 will be the most advanced semiconductor fab in the world and is expected to create more than 1,600 new direct jobs."

Buck Johnson's picture

You may be right satoshi101.  We essentially was the last man standing after WWII in regard to manufacturing.  And so we where able to build and build until the rest of the world started to build and also innovate again.  And so what is happening is that our manufacturing is going or gone and then what we have left is an experimental thesis that failed.

Bastiat's picture


Those jobs have been sucked:

Twenty Years of NAFTA's Sucking Sound:  (see the first chart: Cumulative Jobs Exported)


DaveyJones's picture

and the TPP makes NAFTA look like a protection act

and its secret...except for the trans corporate boys ...who are writing it of course

pitz's picture

NAFTA's just a drop in the bucket compared to the million Indian nationals imported on the H-1B visa and other visas that are occupying high-paid (ie: $100k/year) jobs in the IT and scientific sector.  While Americans in those sectors are heavily unemployed.


Yenbot's picture

And the remaining low paid jobs? Outsourced via ODESK to Bangladesh...

chubbar's picture

Well, things are looking up if you are a black student. Apparently Obama isn't content with just dumbing down the curriculum, he wants to make sure that minority students grow up to be completely undisciplined as well.

"Obama’s Department of Justice, under career race-baiter Eric Holder, issued a stark warning for schools across the country. It’s time to end the “racial disparity” in classrooms. Apparently, it is now “racist” to single out black students for misbehaving in the classroom. No longer is it acceptable to punish a black student, or other minority student, for behaviors that would negate suspension or strong disciplinary action. Thus, this only proves how racist the Department of Justice is in its deliberate manipulation of school policy. This is all about balancing the scales. Go easy on black students because they’re unfairly targeted, but punish other well behaving students to “even the playing field.” Obama’s Department of Justice is a nightmare, and the blame lies squarely on his shoulder’s and his comrade in arms, Eric Holder.



The Obama Administration’s singular accomplishment, besides igniting the vile flames of Islam both at home and abroad, is stoking perceived “racial tension.” For it was the Department of Justice that deliberately got involved in the George Zimmerman case, in order to make an example of him. What was the aim? To fan the flames of racial discord and create perceived tyranny for blacks at the hands of whites. In the process, they also wanted to go after guns “stand your ground” laws. The Obama Administration does not do anything without a motive. In perpetual race baiting, they can control the masses. Thus, the Department of Justice inserts itself in perceived “racial disparity” in schools, creating yet another mythical lie that blacks are unfairly singled out in schools for no reason other than race.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the recommendations were meant to protect the civil rights of students, and disrupt the so-called “school-to-prison pipeline.” Civil rights advocates have long said that overly zealous school discipline policies target black and Hispanic students, pulling them out of schools and into the court system.

“Each year, significant numbers of students miss class due to suspensions and expulsions – even for minor infractions of school rules – and students of color and with disabilities are disproportionately impacted,” the Justice Department said in a news release. “The guidance package provides resources for creating safe and positive school climates, which are essential for boosting student academic success and closing achievement gaps.”

In other words, schools should stop punishing minority students for disciplinary infractions. If a student disobeys school rules, he or she should be punished in the appropriate manner, regardless of skin color. Only Obama’s Department of Justice would dare imply that it is “racist” to punish students of color for general infractions."

Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/01/department-of-justices-message-to-schools-singling-out-black-students-for-poor-behavior-is-racist/#fXDiYQHAQoTcrSED.99

mumbo_jumbo's picture

this is exactly what happened to the baby trey trey, he was busted but not charged to make the numbers look better.

starfcker's picture

busted several times. i heard a black male teacher from miami norland high explode at the school board over that policy. and heard superintendant carravallo (fla. super of the year) try to pretend there are two sides to that debate. liberal toad

stant's picture

Keep the bitches working bitchez

666's picture

Why should anyone bother to work when the gubmint will pay you a better "wage" just to stay home?

toady's picture

Ain't no love in the pimp game bitches.

ebworthen's picture

I'm raising my hand.

Turned down by:  a doezen different Federal agencies, J.C Penney, Lowe's, K-Mart, Miele, local school districts, State government, and assorted local businesses.  Full-time and part-- time.  Several of these were $8.25/hour, several others $10-$12/hour, and others were $80K+/year that I'm qualified for.

Recovery my ASS.

koncaswatch's picture

I've been watching your struggle for some time on ZH. Stay in the batter's box ebworthen. When things are as bad as they are now, and about to get worse; remember to network like crazy. At this point it's not what you know but who you know that will land you your next job. Good Luck to you.

ghengis86's picture

Eb, if you're in the Chicagoland area let me know and I've got a spot for you. Not $80k, not $8.75 but full time and decent bennies.

We'll call it the Fight Club Network

ZH11's picture

Abandon the 'batter's box' ebworthen.

A system that's abandoned your existence should be as contemptuously abandoned by yourself.

The above shows only one thing has changed in America and indeed all westernised countries, that is, black or white doesn't matter that much anymore, you'll all be fucked over in exactly the same manner.

It's time for another Servile War, this time for one that can be won.


Professorlocknload's picture


FWIW, 5 or 6 recessions back, 1978?, I was in that dilemma. Printed up some cards, bought some used tools and did my own thing. Figured I could be just as unemployed walking the streets passing out cards.

Never looked back.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

Boris has a nice outfit doing urban copper reclamation. Then there's the sudafed to meth chemistry set that can turn 25$ worth of cold tablets into gold

The new businessman doesn't have time for regulations, he doesn't need a storefront or a physical presence in the market place, all he needs are ideas and actions.

Look at twitter, positively astoundingly stupid idea worth billions on paper. No way anyone could possibly copy Twitter, I mean who would post to a site the only allowed say 42 letters per post or words or whatever their self-imposed limit is.

I'm just sayin, no one gets rich workin for the man you got be jackin up somethin to get by in AmeriKa, fatcats be jackin washington DC riding the revolvin door.

Slimcats be like thats all wrong I can't be doing this or that or the other thing, meanwhile the fatcats be jackin the slimcats with payday loans and worthless degrees and pawnshop deeds.

look around you the darkness is falling - find the light before the fatcats find you.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Hang on Eb. I'm very sympathetic and know how hard it is now especially for men. This is no consolation but healthcare looks very shaky now and heavily occupied by women. These stats may change to the shock of some very comfortable women I know.


WhackoWarner's picture

I wish you good fortune 2014.  Pray it turns around for someone clearly willing to support their life.

Mariposa de Oro's picture

Have you tried here?  https://www.krsjv.com/default.aspx  I sent you a contact if you want to ask me about it.

Blano's picture

Same here eb.  So I'm trying to figure out my own way.  Can't hurt at this point.

ebworthen's picture

Thank's all, and God Bless.

I will endeavor and follow leads, appreciate it all.

Freddie's picture

I am not sure what your skills are but check out LinkedIn for areas you might have skills in.   Also Indeed.com is a job aggregation portal that has lots of jobs hopefully in some area you can get to. 

I think some of the stuff posted on the web is bullshit phantom jobs.

satoshi101's picture

This was all predicted back in the 1980's automation.

Essentially every job is and has been automated, the doctors and lawyers are all that is left,

GOOGLE just bought BOSTON-ROBOTICS so they can expedite ROBOT-COP's

The real question, is that given less than 50% will have jobs in the future, what do you do with the people? Or how do they entertain themselves?

Historially kids had to be kept off the street, you sent them to war, or to college.

Now the kids have no where to go.

JOBS ain't ever coming back folks, get over it, and I don't give a fuck what you do, its going to be automated.

A correct debate in this forum on ZH, is what do we do with the unemployed?

1.) Kill them

2.) eat them

3.) send them to a war

4.) enslave them in FEMA camps to make something? But what?

These are real questions that ELITES (PTB) have to ask themselves everyday.