And The Market Breaks

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Update: looks like the selling has stopped for now. NASDAQ OPTIONS MKT REOPENED FOR TRADING, SPOKESMAN SAYS

If one has no access to a market pricing service, perhaps the simplest and easiest way of testing if the market is down, is to check the NASDAQ market system status page. Usually, on down days, the NASDAQ just, well, breaks. As it did moments ago when it announced that trading in options with a symbol range A through M has been halted.

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NASADAQ? Umm, Houston we have a major malfunction.

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I thought we all decided there is no market.


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everything is on sale! Vix on sale during selloff! LOL

Protection? I don't think you've got no stinkin' protection

Leaky condom is better than VIX.

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10 year looks real too... Fighting the tide with a sword only works for so long.

Market price controls..guess how this one ends?



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Sooner or later this whole pile of nothing is going to vaporize.
The USA has not had a real economy since the late 1990's.

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No. The US has not had a real economy since the early 1970's.

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Can't speak to the 70s however, I've been running businesses since early 1980s and IMHO the real economy died in 2000-2001. Since then it's been an insiders game.

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Someone should remind 'NADSAQ, chaos year was last year.

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Speaking of malfunctions; Silver closes out the week as a BIG Winnah ! Far out chart today; BIIGG up day.

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Watchout for the Grey Men

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they r inside all my devices...


(Q: how do u prevent black friday selloff? A: break systemz.)

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"As they dive from the 13th floor..."

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And in other breaking news....the sun rose in the east this morning...

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can the Nasdaq be delisted?

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Selling will be made illegal in all public "markets" one way or another.

hedge accordingly.

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fucking waddell and reed those bastards

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That made me smile!


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The red stuff is confusing it.

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No problems--plung protection team will be up and running soon... PR team is already hard at work.


All is good.

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Just in from CNBC employes can't find employers and vice versa!?
Need a workers / employe dating service lol!
Thus the low measly 74k jobs added in December,

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Sounds like a government-sponsored website could fix that.

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Sort of flies in the face of all those stories of thousands of people applying for 100s of jobs, don't it?

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I'm not trying to jack this post, and actually, this isn't all that ot...  Can anyone help me understand the significance of the DOW being traded at an average daily volume of 90,000,000 when only four years ago it was trading with a volume at just over 2 billion? 


I know this is significant...  but I'm not exactly sure why...



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The 2 billion is when there was a market and people participated.  Maybe ZH could do a market participation rate?  I think the 90 million is much lower because much of it is the big "market makers" trading back and forth to make it look like there is an active market.

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ever notice when shares trade at 50.0001 ?  or lots of 100 shares hundreds of times per second?  look to algo trading to answer your question.


absent of the algo trades there wouldnt be ANY vol

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Anybody with any sense has left the rigged casino. The only participants now are those working OPM, and the algobots who try and game the system.

Also, the lower the volume, the easier it becomes for those in the know to manipulate price.

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From a personal perspective I started to get out of the market 4-5 years ago. My holdings in stocks and bonds is roughly 0.03% of what it was four years ago. As to why, part of it was divorce, part was realizing I'm never going to retire anyway. I moved to other investments. Again, all from my perspective.

All you need is a good woman and a strong heart.

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Easy to say after you have missed the rally of a lifetime.

Does the NSA read everything we write here before it is ever posted? Wondering why every time I post the computer slows way down.

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Not the NSA, it's ZH. I always have to stop services after posting here otherwise it will suck the life out of my laptop and the battery.

The markets haven't worked, especially since the NYSE Retail Liquidity Program was put into place Aug. 1, 2012, the same day Knight Capital went broke. Me thinks this was a ruse to sniff out their "rogue" algos.

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Ten people incorporate and issue a share to each valued at $1,000.  The market value of the corporation is $10,000.  The next day ONE of them sells his share for $2,000.  The market value of the corporation is now $20,000.  In reality, true or false?

Understand some simple principles about valuation, volume and demand and you'll understand how the system is fairly easily leveraged by relatively low volumes and few players with "unlimited" resources (FED?).  A strong market requires many participants buying in at many prices .

As it is, hell will be paid when the rest of the shareholders expect they'll receive the higher values upon selling.  This will play out big time as more and more retirees leave the market and need their "investments" to live on.

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i think we will get 1666 on SnP in cuple of weeks


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That makes sense.  Bottom at 666 and top at 1666.  You know how they like their symbolic rituals.

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Probably those Target Credit card guys.....just computer hackers doing their thing

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This is BIG Target just admitted 70 million CCs got hacked, almost double the number previously admitted.

70 million CCs, that is a significant share of all credit cards!

And I have a message to all hackers: Try to hack my private key!



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Nasdaq and cover!

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Someone could have put some cones up restricting 99% of the bandwidth on their T1 line.   

Did Christie Staffer Bridget Anne Kelly already revolving door into a new job at Nasdaq?

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Tylers, how can you break something that's already broken?

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Disaster. Oh well.  The implosion should be grand.

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2014: every Friday everyone sells ?   It could be a trend to protect your gains before 2/7 of the week arrives with new news for Mondays.



Just sayin'

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The sacrasm in this group is off the charts

Seriously though WTH is going on? Someone break it down for me.

Por favor

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Too much market downside pressure.  Close it so it can't sell off.  Only up markets allowed.

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Viernes es una debajo dia.

Todos el mundo poor Spanish...everyone SELLS FRIDAY  !! ... to safe their wealth over the weekend.


Maybe there should be a new online me... STFF.


Can't have any crashes on Friday.

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Seems option traders are having a harder and harder time closing their Friday expirations. I have stategies to put to work but how the hell can you do anything when there is a good chance you will be locked from trading at some critical point. It is probably internal breakers put in place to keep the market propped. I mean really, how can this keep happening over and over every Friday? Keep it up and there will be no market.

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psssst... There IS no market only manipulation.