Druckenmiller On Chris Christie: "Once In A Generation Leader"

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With the FBI joining investigations into the New Jersey Governor's Bridge-Gate scandal (and David Wildstein 'pleading da fif'), it would appear Chris Christie is calling in some favors. Bloomberg TV's Stephanie Ruhle reports this moring that the billionaire money manager Stan Druckenmiller proclaimed, "Governor Christie's actions yesterday reinforces my admiration for him," as he (rightly) pointed out that "the country thirsts for a great leader. A leader's actions in crisis are revealing." Druckenmiller went on to explain in his statement that he "believes Chris Christie is a once-in-a-generation leader... and he is showing essential executive skills as a manager: ensuring accountability and taking responsibility."


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Leading by example...eat MOAR!

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So... is this stupid squared? Or cubed?

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Does this mean 8 years of Hillary? Ugh.

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Well, Hillary, Chelsea and Humma will likely do a bang-up job of launching the next gender war.

And you thought O'bummer's race-baiting was bad...

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the system relies on sociopathic and corrupt politicians running government.

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Wasn't Hitler a "once in a generation leader?"

I mean, did he mean this in a GOOD way, or a BAD way?

If Khristie Kreme gets selected, I am jumping the fence to Mexico. Fuck em.


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It's Hitler, I tell you.

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It was all just in good fun.

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Anyone invested with Druckenmiller needs to go find someone more competent to manage their money for them.

I am Chumbawamba.

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 Druckenmiller just jumperd the shark...er...the whale

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Did you read the WSJ editorial? It makes good points contrasting Christie to Obama.




Frankly, if we postualte that we will always have corrupt leaders, then let's get the least corrupt - what else is the choice?


Christie handling this crisis really shows just how pitiful Obama and Clinton are by comparision to the way they have handled their problems.


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You're weak and stupid.  Resist much, obey little.

Fuck your choices -- get busy making something new.

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I'll resist you much, and obey you little.


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The obvious point of the picture being that there is an alternative to political leaaders who are corrupt. Would you share with us a single point in time when they actaully existed?


All I read are complaints with no realistic cure. But maybe you have the Golden Answer.


While you're at it, tell us your gameplan to remake human nature.


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A real leader alright. He fires his aides to cover his substantial ass. I have a hard time believing his little toadies could simply make a call and close 2 lanes on the most congested bridge in the country. I CALL BULLSHIT!

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Fuck off fat boy Christie. Rand Paul is the man!! He is lean and mean and ready for the GOP nomination.

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OT -

actor and presidential advisor explains polar vortex etc


summary: the difference in temperature (not difference in pressure) drives a cyclone http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rossby_wave 

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Wish someone would ask him about his time in the Bush DOJ when he was responsible for handing John Ashcroft a $50 million contract.

As far as Christies' latest troubles, resigning would be his true acceptance of accountability and responsibility

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If we can't stop Fat & Furious in the primaries, I might join you.

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Nice to see banksta's like Druckenmiller have the blimp already in their pocket. Moar indeed...

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Yeah, because ANOTHER GOP Candidate associated with high finance and Wall Street is surely what the people would vote for in droves.




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Yesterday we found out Bridget Anne Kelly was blowing Fatboy, today we found out who Fatboy is blowing. Taking bets on who will be tomorrow's blowjob revelation.

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How would Christie be different from Hillary?  And don't tell me the only difference is he's twice as big.  Well, maybe not twice as big...


I wouldn't vote for that big government progressive fuck just because he claims to be GOP.  Im sick and tired of all of these people that worship at the shrine of .gov.  Thats THEIR religion, its all they can think about!!  MOAR .GOV!!

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Well, it doesn't appear he's willing to get plastic surgery in order to "fit the mold."

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Then you should vote for Jesse Ventura. Politicians by definition ARE government. They all worship .gov. Most have only held think tank jobs in between stints as gubmint employees. Don't fall for the trap of a political lifer screaming about "big government". 

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Chris Christie 2016 

He'll eat Hillary alive


My God the choice in 2016 .... it's going to epicly SUCK 

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Come on, I doubt Christie has eaten human flesh... yet.

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My God the choice in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, .... it's going to epicly SUCK

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No. The Democratic Party is full of idiots, but even they are not stupid enough to make that shrew their nominee. Didn't we go through the "Hillary is the inevitable Dem nominee" thing back in 2008?


She was even more confident back then than she is now: "It (the Democratic nominee) will be me".


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I'll say this much - Hillary no longer resembles the person in that interview.  Apparently Barry took away her appearance handlers when he spotted her the Sec of State thing.

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She was inevitable, right up until those "idiots" realized that Obummer had less known baggage, and an aura of mystery, himself being an unknown. He also was able to appear authentic while reciting teleprompter spew.

All of this making him a very attractive "magic Negro."

Simply put, it was political calculus. He had the ability to either fool (the youth), or inflame a much wider range of the population (flyover states).

Given that this scam won't work again so soon, it's time for more change.

Besides, I expect to see the GOP nominate a female as well, as it ensures the upcoming gender war.

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Can we stop blaming the whole youth for obama. 40% of the millennial generation is nonwhite, nearly all of whom voted for obama. When the entire millenial generation only leans 60% pro obama, that tells me that the white youth actually opposed him by a healthy margin.

Lets blame those who are responsible.

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Those responsible for his election were of all ages, and all economic conditions.  They were guilt ridden fools because they had more or had the skin color in common with people who did terrible things before they born.  They were ignorant, some idealists and others members of the FSA who do not understand nothing is free.  Some were out to punish people who had acheived more than they are willing to work for.  Many are out right communist who will steal from you to get what their greed desires and to buy votes to sustain their power.

Many of us are not to blame because we saw what would happen if Obama and other liberals would do if given the power.

We should stop dividing and blaming each other by age and class and work to defeat the traitors.

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How would President Romney have been different? No QE? Get a clue? Less war? Ha! I am serious. We see how bad Obama has been, but what would Romney have been able to accomplish?

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Obama is a much better speaker than Hillary.

Is she even able to tell a joke convincingly?

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Hey, that "What difference does it make?!" was a real hoot, eh?

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bitch-titted fatties in FC....not Christie tho...

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Lap-Band and QE both try to make feel FEEL better, rather than addressing the underlying problem. They both try to cure the symptom, and not the disease.

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a hook to da gut and knee to da triple chin!

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Fuck 'these poor fat sons-of-bitches'. Christies mom wasn't a bitch, she was a demonic fucking whore for birthing this asshole scumbag. This fat fuck should hang - along with a whole host of others in his biz - at the end of a very stout rope.

Especially if proved that his child-like political shenanigans caused the death of innocent people.

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Holy fuck, so he has ALREADY undergone this?

I could only imagine what he would look like if he didn't.



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You must not have seen his performance as Fat Bastard in one of the Austin Powers movies.....

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I bet ya 20 bucks he is now eating chicken wings rectally.


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!!! LOL. great morning giggle.

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Now who in their right fucking mind would down vote that!  Is Christie ghosting this post?