More Than Half Of December Jobs Added Were Temporary

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Once again, in its sheer panic to tout the quantity, or lack thereof, in the case of the December jobs number, the frenzied media and pundits completely ignored the quality of the jobs gained in the last month of December. Or lack thereof. Because as the simple breakdown below shows, of the 74K jobs gained in December, 55%, or 40K were the worst of the lot when it comes to wages or benefits: temporary jobs.

As for the other job additions? Well, between Temp Help, and the bottom of the barrel paying Retail and Wholesale Trade jobs, the total additions were 111K. Which means all the other, better-paying, job groups saw... a drop of 35K.

In other words, the "recovery" may be lacking in numbers, but at least it is completely lacking in quality. And oh yes: remember - when it is snowing outside, employers only hire temp workers, hence it's the weather's fault.

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In this day and age I think all jobs can be considered temporary.


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OT -

"polar vortex" and cold weather explained by actor and presidential advisor


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"Barack is gonna change your life"
            -M. O'B.

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All eyes now on January and the start of seasonal adjustments.


On another note, Stanley F. was known for being a hard ass for data cleaning & ethical econometrics. So maybe, just maybe the numbers will start to get better in quality and explanation for dummy variables.


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yep, JANUARY's polar vortex is blamed for Decembers numbers ;)

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and if you work two part time jobs you can be someone working full time! 20 hours plus 20 hours equals 40!  No benefits, minimum wage or close thereto.  Holidays optional.  No vacation.

What? You can't pay your bills?  You can't afford healthcare?  No car, no apartment, no home?

What a sad country we've become

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Doen't two part time jobs by one worker get reported twice?

Or is it just counted as one full time worker?

I am so confused with BLS data?

stocktivity's picture

Bad news = good news. Taper talk off. Rally on. It's all Bullshit!!!

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And just when we thought the jobs news last month couldn't get any worse, it DOES!

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Wait till next month then all those holiday retail jobs disappear.

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I hate my job, but I won't leave it. I've got bills and silver to pay for.

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I dream of bashing my boss his head to pieces.... daily...

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In other news, Sara Eisen looked so much cuter on Bloomberg than she does on CNBS.  Cramer and Liesman must be tormenting her.

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What? She's not being treated like a Jewish American Pricess? She was treated well at Balloonberg. They view her as competition.

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Global economic cooling. 

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But, damn it, the Chamber says we need to get those 20-30-40 however many million illegals legalized because we are short of workers!!!  

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quality? are we still bitching about quality?

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Rush is now using ZH for show prep so I expect to hear this on his show today. 

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It has been repeated hundreds of times - whenever a government sets a new rule or tax or regulation on a specific item, businesses and individuals will create products or services that bump right up to the bottom of whatever 'number' the government pulls out of its hat.  Motorcyles engine sizes, scooter helmet rules, liquor bottle sizes or proof, income tax levels, number of employees needed before requring health care or OSHA regulations, and especially now - number of permanent full time employees based on a certain number of hours worked per week.  This should not be news, but merely a confirmation of the unintended consequences of what the government has established.

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"failure to launch." how did the ORB do? "systems go!" leftovers from the Soviet Moon program interestingly.

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Repeat after me.....Zero care has no negative impact on jobs. Now say that ten times daily and eventually you will believe it.

Blues Traveler's picture

Bingo Doc. Exhtortioncare moved the "cheese", going forward it will be primarily part time and 1099 jobs.  Unemployment and underemployment are an leading indicators.

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If two big players stops dancing to this shit, we may finally see and end to this ridiculous global rally.


I honestly don't know what they are waiting for.

Rising Sun's picture

this stuff cracks me up


MSM is just fucking useless


where's that dog Krugman????  KRUGMAN!!!!!!!!!!

starman's picture

BTF? BTF......survival kits!

Praetorian Guard's picture

Including food and water storage. has a nice food calculator on the site...

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Are you telling me stores see an unusual amount of retail shopping in December? I'm shocked. 

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I wonder if those brawling Santas were among those 40k temp jobs.  

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

TEMPORARY jobs in the same month as Christmas?


Now this is nooz

Thanks for keeping us informed.

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Where could I get a permanent job?

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Tyler already showed you. Scroll down to the story at 12:55.

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And this is news?

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Since you need 200,000 jobs per month just to keep with young people reaching working age and coming into the workforce, that means that about 125,000 have not found jobs. Not to worry, the unemployment statistics define these jobs away - you can't be unemployed if you never had a job.

Nevertheless, these young people join the "poor who are getting poorer". The administration has a big problem trying to sell the lie to these young people - they know from social networking how many of their friends don't have jobs.

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Must be temp jobs at Mercedes and Bentley dealerships.  Bullish!