So, Who's Lying?

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As was reported to mass jubilation on Wednesday, the ADP private payrolls number soared to the highest monthly change since November 2012, a 238,000 increase driven by what the report said was a 48,000 increase in construction jobs.  ADP's Mark Zandi went on the record to say that “The job market ended 2013 on a high note. Job gains are broad-based across industries, most notably in construction and manufacturing. It appears that businesses are growing more confident and increasing their hiring." It appears not. According to today's BLS report in December, on a seasonally adjusted basis, the construction industry lost 16K jobs. And where it gets really funny is when one looks at construction on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, construction jobs plummeted by a whopping 216,000! However you cut it someone is obviously lying. If we cared we would ask who. However, since both data series are completely fabricated, who even cares?

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It's Rabbit, it's Duck Season!

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Open season on workers. No bag limits. 

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Maybe ADP does payroll for Obama's secret clone army?

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Who's lying? ALL of them - of course.

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Anyone who follows this stuff knows the ADP numbers are totally worthless.

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Hit the market with good ADP, then control the 10yr by revealing poor BLS.  DOW and S&P trade sideways, so markets aren't hit out of confusion.  10yr falls.  Mission accomplished.

In a fascist environment, it's all made up as we go along.


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Nice post-diction...

If it was so obvious, why are not trading it and making a fortune??

Or are you just projecting?

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so, you saying because ADP puts its number out ahead of the BLS number, then the BLS can modify its number to 'impact' whatever conditional outcome it wants?

nah, the .gov is always upfront, transparent, and truthful. /sarc off

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ADP's problem is that a year or so ago, tired of being hammered by the gov for reporting accurate numbers, the decided to hop in bed with the gov and go along with the BLS.  Everything had been fine except ADP didn't get the memo the other day.  In order to paint repubs as mean, cruel, and heartless the gov switched gears and decided to put another 1/2 million people on long term unemployment.  500,000 more victims in a booming economy.  Stocks are at all time highs,

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Luckily the economy has completely recovered or I'd be worried about the huge number of unemployed.


...wait a second.....

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'ADP's problem is that a year or so ago, tired of being hammered by the gov for reporting accurate numbers'

More like the NSA looked up the CEO's voice and email - and let him/her know

Cojones's picture

Maybe ADP is looking for tapering and BLS is looking for more QE?

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Did you eat the sprinkles?  Did you fudge the job numbers......not even a little?

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All is lost for those that have no idea where that quote comes from.

An era missed.

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All I ever needed to know about life, I learned on Saturday morning's as a child. 

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It's also where central planners learned about economics.

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Falling anvils, flattened cartoon animals. Desert bi-pedal birds that run so fast that the road seperates from it's base.

A talking rabbit who is smarter than everyone but the artist.

Comedic pretend violence, some of the funniest shit ever.

To watch them now you have to search the interweb and by the dvd.

Needless to say the "new ones" suck big donkey dicks.

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Do you want to shoot him now, or wait til you get home?

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It was a trick question!


Answer: "both"

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Money under my pillow this morning, tooth fairy lives !

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Pathological liars frequently have problems getting their stories to agree with each other.

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No contradiction.  Jobs are getting split two for one thanks to Scumbamadon'tcare.

ADP counts pay checks, not total dollars.

I have tax clients in construction, as in waiting for their land to increase in value, so they can breath again.  Mostly down to office help and a couple of maintenance Dudes.  Those hours are easy to divy up.

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ADP = Mark Zandi


need I say more?

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Anyone who invests in what Mark Zandi recommends deserves to lose their money.

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I still get paid weekly by adp sometimes more than I worked but I ain't complaining.

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If there was a corruption index in the US, it would be at an all-time record high.


Then again, if such an index existed, it would be manipulated...ah, never mind

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"So much for the good news…

As Wall Street goes, so goes the nation.  And here’s a look at the closing numbers: racism’s up, human rights are down, peace is shaky, war items are hot - the House claims all ties.  Jobs are down, money is scarce – and common sense is at an all-time low with heavy trading.  Movies were looking better than ever and now no one is looking because, we’re starring in a “B” movie. "

- Gil Heron Scott, "Living in a B Movie"

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shizz, the movie we are cast in is called" THEY LIVE"

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adp number sounded fish with surge in construction jobs ... in winter ...

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No prob, just hold on while we adjust the seasonally adjusted seasonal adjustments.

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Can I haz  4-methylcyclohexane methanol?


On a more related point:

Sounds like someone's statistical sampling needs to be updated for the New Economy... 

Musashi Miyamoto's picture

methylphenylpropanamine is more of my poison... to each his own.

Flakmeister's picture

There is something to be said for chemical simplicity  and efficacy of Cyanide...

Musashi Miyamoto's picture

Fair enough... I'd more likely to take the path of Chujiro Hayashi

Flakmeister's picture

You gotta be real commited to pull that off...

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"so who;s lying?"

really...were talking about Mark Fucking Zandi...

every word out of his establishment bullshit filled mouth is a fucking lie.........

grunk's picture

Chris Christie!

Robert Gates!

Duck Dynasty!


You're a racist!

There, the public discourse is back on track.

Why lie when you can change the subject? 

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Listen to Fox Mulder:

"Trust no one"

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Uhhh..they are both lying

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Obama, Wall Street and media says everything is better just buy more stocks!


Mark Zandi says bullish. Moodys says, never mind the real numbers, they have their own.

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Part of the problem is ADP counts part time jobs. Additionally, they dont break out demographics. BLS data has been showing the deomographic growing in particiaption rate are 65 ad older. ADP also doesnt look at those dropping out of the workforce. A big jobs gain may sound great, but if 500,000 stopped looking for work we are still looking at a degrading jobs market in relation to population. Simply put the US has a population problem. I'm sure the government is well aware and will start a large war or release some disease to cut down on the population.


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Lying is the new grey, lying is the new black  . . . .     


and the black 'n' greys are all f*kin lying.

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why is our 'monetary system' shrouded in secrecy?

the whole fucking thing is one big lie.....

who gave us this 'monetary system'?

which country celebrates 'debt-slavery'?

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Stupid question, I'm sure, but...why can't the US just require all businesses to submit a 5-minute online qre asking about the # of people added/subtracted to the payroll each quarter?  They have to file quarterly taxes, why not just make it part of that requirement?  I mean, come on, am I missing something?

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Yes, you're missing something. Gubbermint stats exist to justify its actions to the sheeps, so any stats that contradict the official narrative must be monkeyhammered to fit the narrative. Anyone who disagrees and/or can prove said monkeyhammered stats to be complete bullshit is 'unpatriotic', a 'terrist', or 'a ignant biatch', and not to be believed.

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Actually all employers do this when they file their payroll taxes. They should just publish these bare numbers.