Tepco "Explains" Plumes Of Smoke Above Exploded Fukushima Reactor 3

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In the past two weeks there was significant speculation that the Fukushima catastrophe was once again rapidly escalating after plumes of mysterious smoke were detected above the destroyed Reactor 3 - the one with a mixed MOX and uranium fuel core. RT described it as follows:

Fresh plumes of most probably radioactive steam have been detected rising from the reactor 3 building at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, said the facility’s operator company.


The steam has been detected by surveillance cameras and appeared to be coming from the fifth floor of the mostly-destroyed building housing crippled reactor 3, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), the plant’s operator.


The steam was first spotted on December 19 for a short period of time, then again on December 24, 25, 27, according to a report TEPCO published on its website.


The company, responsible for the cleanup of the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, has not explained the source of the steam or the reason it is rising from the reactor building. High levels of radiation have complicated entry into the building and further inspection of the situation.

Naturally, fears arose that more uncontrolled meltdowns were in process at the exploded reactor.

This morning, probably in order to assuage fears that it has lost control more than usual, TEPCO released the following statement "Regarding Certain Overseas Reports on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station." TEPCO's soothing words - "We found no abnormalities in the measured values (indicating the temperature and condition of the Reactor Building), or in the value of the monitoring post (monitoring the amount of radiation), even when the steam-like gas was being generated, therefore we are certain that there has been no influence on the outside. In addition, we measured the amount of radiation at the point from which steam-like gas was generated, and found that its amount was almost the same as for the other neighboring points."

And as everyone knows by now, TEPCO would never lie. Finally, the question of why TEPCO would issue a press release to respond to "media rumors" is an open one.

Full statement from the semi-nationalized company:

Regarding Certain Overseas Reports on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Some overseas press outlets are reporting that steam is being generated from Unit 3 at Fukushima Daiichi NPS and its condition is dangerous, releasing radioactive material, and that there were two underground nuclear explosions at the site. However, such information is incorrect, and we have found no change in the status of the plant.

Steam generation on the operating floor at Unit 3, and the detection of highly concentrated radioactive material at groundwater observation holes etc., have been pointed out as the basis for the overseas reports. We respond to these as follows.

- Steam-like gas generated on the operating floor at Unit 3 in Fukushima Daiichi NPS

Since July 2013, steam-like gas has been intermittently observed on the operating floor at Unit 3. The steam-like gas is estimated to emerge via the following sequence.
1) Accumulated hygroscopic moisture, such as rainwater, exists below the shield plug (a lid made of concrete).
2) The hygroscopic moisture is heated by the heat radiated from the top of the Primary Containment Vessel (PCV).
3) The heated hygroscopic moisture is released onto the operating floor via the gap of the shield plug.
4) The released moisture is cooled down by the cool atmosphere, giving it the appearance of a steam-like gas.

We found no abnormalities in the measured values (indicating the temperature and condition of the Reactor Building), or in the value of the monitoring post (monitoring the amount of radiation), even when the steam-like gas was being generated, therefore we are certain that there has been no influence on the outside.
In addition, we measured the amount of radiation at the point from which steam-like gas was generated, and found that its amount was almost the same as for the other neighboring points.


- Highly-concentrated radioactive material found at the observation holes

We have been monitoring the groundwater sampled at the observation holes established to investigate the contamination status of groundwater, for the purpose of investigating the effects of the leak of contaminated water from the contaminated water storage tanks in August 2013. At the end of 2013, the measurement value for Tritium, one of the radioactive materials in the water sampled at the observation hole near the tank that suffered leakage, increased from 34,000Bq/L (on December 28) to 450,000Bq/L (on January 1). This increase in the value could be attributed to 1) the contaminated water that previously leaked from the tank soaking into the nearby ground, or 2) the effects of the water pumping* (*we have been pumping up the contaminated groundwater at the nearby observation holes, however the amount being pumped up was temporarily decreased at the end of 2013). The value decreased to 17,000Bq/L on January 8. Highly concentrated tritium (almost equivalent concentration level) was found in this observation hole in the past, and the highest concentrated tritium 790,000Bq/L was also found here on October 17, 2013.

- Earthquake on December 31, 2013

Some overseas press outlets reported that underground nuclear explosions caused several quakes with magnitudes of 5.1 and 3.6.
According to the Japanese Meteorological Agency, 13 earthquakes (with a maximum magnitude of 5.4) occurred and originated in the north part of Ibaraki Prefecture on December 31 2013. None of these earthquakes was caused by Fukushima Daiichi NPS. We also found no accidents or trouble etc. in Fukushima Daiichi NPS.

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"So that agent orange stuff only kills plants? OK, thanks Sarge."

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That Nightline piece the other night looked like it was done as a puff piece to cover up what's really happening and to assuage any fears of those in the US who may panic due to high levels of radiation making its way here.

Give it a few months and let's see how Cecilia Vega is feeling...unless of course she did the whole piece from a sound stage.

i-dog's picture


"almost the same as for the other neighboring points"

Soooo...the whole area is highly radioactive? That's encouraging ... err, isn't it?

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Among the many emerging effects of Fukushima radiaton is that "My Little Pony" now has a significant fan base among young men.


Ok, admittedly the link to Fukushima is still controversial, but I can't think of any other possible explanation.

1000 splendid suns's picture

The comments to this post leave me a little concerned, bordering on yahoo news quality. The real fact of the matter is this disaster is many multiples worse than being reported. Taking the time to digest the massive amount of info reported at these two sites might be worth it, at least to anyone who doesn't come on here and just post sarc.

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Stop taking the end of the world so seriously 

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

In Japanese...

Ui aru ekusuperienso hebi rein in fyucha. Rekomendo yu aru uea redo* koto.

(*Japanese element "lead" and color "red" is sound same.)

mjcOH1's picture

"Ok, admittedly the link to Fukushima is still controversial, but I can't think of any other possible explanation."

After a high rad dose, the testicles are the first to say 'sayonara'.

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It's the comment section. Who cares?

The content of the article is the only thing that needs to be taken serious (or not).

MsCreant's picture

Gallows humor.

We were always fucked. Sooner or later. (Please refer to website motto).

They have probably done it sooner. I am working my Kubler Ross stages like an AA participant working the 12 steps.

I think the guys might say "Whooo Ahhh!" at this point. 

max2205's picture

Maybe she will grow a 3rd boob and the cat will be out of the bag...


Good news is that ACA should cover everything except $20,000

Frozen IcQb's picture

Abe said they're toasting marshmellow...nothing to see here...move along.

ziggy59's picture

Their translation.."We lie, you die..paybacks a bitch for both A bombs"

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Nuke it from orbit.....it's the only way to be sure.


We'd better get back cause they mostly come out at night......mostly.

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Well, that's great. This is just fucking great, man. Now what the fuck are we supposed to do?  ;-)

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"Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

"No.  Have you?"



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Go out there with all those bugs crawing around?  No thanks, man.

Headbanger's picture

I hear Iran is willing to take the entire Fukishima plant off their hands for dirt cheap!

It's so nice to see Iran being such a help !



monkeyboy's picture

That's beautiful, man. Oh man, that that... that just beats it all... 

How long 'til it blows? 

Four hours. With a blast radius of 30 kilometers; equal to about 40 megatons. 

PTR's picture

"No more than 10 to 20 million killed.  Tops."

disabledvet's picture

Perhaps we should warn them in advance this time.

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Good Sarc Wisehiney - My wife's brother was a doc in Vietam and several years after returnng home from two tours, during which he was sprayed regularly with Agent Orange PLUS whatever other stuff the mad chemists of Monsanto were experimenting with, he self-diagnosed with M.S. His VA claim was,of course, turned down. So the whole family - lawyers, accountants, librarians etc got to work and we managed to assemble a portfolio of evidence that included internal memos from Monsanto that proved conclusively that they knew Agent Orange (+) was going to kill American troops. So my father-in-law, a high-powered lawyer, took the evidence to DC and, using his considerable clout, managed to sit down with DOD and Monsanto lawyers and laid out the evidence. Without any hesiaton an offer was made - we'll approve a substantial settlement for your son, plus guarantee all his medical bills, plus pay his widow a nice pension, but the deal is that all this paperwork stays with us and nobody in your family ever says a word. The deal was done, the evidence was buried, my brother-in-law died in a few years, and that was that.

If this happened once it must have happened a thousand times. Monsanto is no different from I.G. Farben - both are war criminal entities.

wisehiney's picture

We are learning who the enemy is.

TheReplacement's picture

I hate to rain on your parade but so is anyone who helped cover it up by taking a check...

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Just the usual---highly radioactive killer cloud---nothing out of the ordinary here!

Clever Name's picture

No worries, its just water, ya know, steam like that stuff that comes out of your teapot.

Grande Tetons's picture

Steam like gas as in government like truth

PT's picture

GT:  They might be "honest".  It could be "Steam like gas", as in, "With this many contaminants, can we still call it steam?"  or "What do you call steam with high concentrations of deuterium and tritium?"

q99x2's picture

At least it hasn't exploded again.

JackT's picture

TEPCO doesn't realize how irrelevant it has become.

Bearwagon's picture

Those assholes should tell us quite a bit more than readings of Tritium levels. If this steam derives from criticality, there'd have to be a very notable spike in Iodine 131 release. And it would be very interesting to get readings about fission products, like Strontium and Cesium, and heavy transuranics, like Plutonium. The more TEPCO admits - the more they lie to us!

disabledvet's picture

Hold on...we're tapering. Once we're done we'll send over what's his name.

Byte Me's picture

This kind of Bullshit might work on your domestic sheeple Titco, but did you actually MEASURE anything?

Just have to love the implied assertion that the PV still has a 'lid' in their graphic...



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I'm just glad they are on top of this one... I mean... they wouldn't lie to us... would they?... that's such a dirty word... let's just call it creative story telling...

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How long until the west coast of North America is evacuated?
Remember...... He who panics first panics best.
Japan is a write off. Get out now!

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If Tepco is so concerned about the people's worries regarding the Fukushima Daichi plant, perhaps they might try answering this question: Where the fuck are the cores of reactors 1, 2 and 3??

El Hosel's picture

.... Thats hot and so are the Neighbors. WTF, just raise the Ceiling on Rad Exposure and call it good, so far that has been working.


"we measured the amount of radiation at the point from which steam-like gas was generated, and found that its amount was almost the same as for the other neighboring points."

Mister Ponzi's picture

"almost the same"... If it had been lower they would have said it. So, it was higher than the "other neigboring points". By how much? Depends on your definition of "almost the same".

Quinvarius's picture

That explains the news blackout and why Japan threatened to throw journalists in jail under new state secrecy laws around that time.  I am going to buy some of Alex Jones' nascent iodine today.  It really is the cheapest I have found so far.  It is game over.  The pacific is dying.  The US is being radiated.  Sucks.  I like fish.  But I won't eat it anymore.  Not even Long John Silver's.

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Now their is good in bad, I mean even the 1% can't escape the nuclear stuff and tablets only go so far, sums to what happens, happens to all!  socialism does exist, if only while we talk the planet together...

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If you were rational, but paranoid, you could monitor your fish purchases with a radiation meter; but if you're paranoid and irrational, I suppose you'll have to give up eating fish. Why are you so eager to believe nonsense?

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If you plan on staying in the northern hemisphere, better find a place under the influence of the "polar easterlies". That, or some place like the coast of Argentina or Mozambique. Not many good choices here....