NASDAQ Joins Trannies Green Year-To-Date

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With the Dow Transports pressing new record highs this morning (up 1% in 2014), the Dow Industrials are still lagging (down 0.8% year-todate). Despite a bid in Treasuries this morning (5Y and 7Y -2bps), stocks are jumping since the US open, helped by a lift in JPY crosses (USDJPY bounce off 103), dragging the NASDAQ into the green once again for 2014. Gold and silver have recovered the early losses but WTI crude continues to slide (back under $92).



Stocks are 'correlated' with the reversal off 103 in JPY - but it seems a little to high beta to be sustained for now...

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The only way you could avoid having fun at this party is to buy gold miners.

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Metals have snatched the hammer from the hand of the oppressors and are about to deliver the comeback beat-down of the millenium.  Hallelujah!

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WTI Oil has support near 91 and may bring about consolidation before heading lower.


A rising USD should accelerate this process

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VIX getting slapped daily also. 

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We need Moar machines online to push it higher. Prepare the laser.

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Don't worry, this is what is know as a conscious.  You can keep right on killing people but they will be waiting for you when pass over.  And no, sixteen hail maries and $45 in the till will not make it better.

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What about 20 Our Fathers and a nice, crisp Benjamin?  Would that get it done?

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Could I deliver up an alter boy?

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It's awfully arrogant of him to believe he is responsible for the actions of other people. He merely invented a rifle, he didn't pull the trigger.

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Bullshit, that man is directly responsibel for all the global warming. I say Al Gore should buttfvk him until the artic freezes and the polar bears are saved.

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I fully expect the NASDAQ to hit its obligatory .3-.5 percent increase for the day. Otherwise someone is asleep at the switch!

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Janet Yellen is a Trannie - is that the same thing?