Spot The Idiotic Central Banker Statement

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With the wild world of central bankers full of double-speak, counter-factuals and well-chosen anecdotes, statements of questionable sanity are not difficult to find. However, Dennis Lockhart, who has already done his optimistic economic damage to stocks this morning just outdid himself. Speaking in his home town, the Atlanta Fed President stated confidently in the Q&A after his speech:

“One of the stupidest things a central banker could do is comment on the stock market."

Then added:

The stock market is not "a bubble in any way"

"Stupid" indeed, Mr Lockhart...


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redpill's picture

Can someone please tell this guy to shut the fuck up?

fonestar's picture

Reminds me of fake libertarians proclaiming the silver market is rigged and then getting excited when the fake silver price rallies.

TruthInSunshine's picture

One has to honestly wonder if this is all an open joke when contrary comments like these are made by the same individual in quick succession.

Then again, I often underestimate the depth of their stupidity & incompetency.

max2205's picture

Thet will say anything to keep rates down

FL_Conservative's picture

No they say things like this because they think they're the smartest people around.....which is exactly why they always fail.

superflex's picture

Same old broken rhetoric from our NSA troll, Fonestar.

fonestar's picture

You pathetic fraud.  Any enemy of Satoshi is the bankster's friend and tool.

Richard Chesler's picture

Climate changers been doing this for years...

“We don’t really know the mechanism. It’s a mystery to us right now,”


“There is definite climate change happening in the Arctic,”

Doña K's picture

Maybe he was trying to give us a hint with sarcasm

TheReplacement's picture

Who is Satoshi?  Nobody knows!  How can he have any friends or enemies? 

He's NOT REAL!!!  Sorta like his imaginary creation, bitcoin.  None of it is real.

Disclaimor:  I wish all the luck in the world to those who wish to break the corrupt systems of tyranny we now face.  All the same, I feel bitcoin is not going to be a useful tool in the endeavor.  In fact, I fear it may turn out to be a tool of tyranny used like a trojan horse against my friends of liberty. 

With that said, dabble away.  I would not and could not ever advise anyone to "invest" in bitcoin or anything that is not tangible.

Hopeless for Change's picture

They are not "failing" at all:  They are successfully stealing all the money in the country right in front of our eyes.

Hooter Shaker's picture

I would not want to be a young "up and coming" central banker.  These fuckers' days are numbered and when the music stops, everyone is going to be pissed.........and they're going to be looking for who caused this mess.

fonestar's picture

My boss is a Japanese cryptographer and bitbrother fonestar is here to spread his word and gospel.

jcaz's picture

Yeah, you don't sound like a Moonie anymore, nah.......

Scientology just called, foney-  they want their rant back....

superflex's picture

I hear Comet ISON will be making it's debut soon.

Have you ordered your cyanide yet Foneystar

fonestar's picture

Anyone opposing Bitcoin is essentially working with the enemy and deserves to be executed.

akak's picture

Anyone pumping bitcoin is a minion of Beelzebub and deserves to be blockchained to demon Satoshi, seducer of the goldbugs, in a pool of fiery molten brimstone for all eternity.

max2205's picture

Where is the fed? This market is gonna tank

NihilistZero's picture

Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity

caShOnlY's picture

Then again, I often underestimate the depth of their stupidity & incompetency..

I don't believe they are stupid nor incompetant.  They are the guardians of the greed of the last 30 years. 

They in in so deep over their pea brained heads they don't have a fucking clue what to say next.  Look at Bernanke's 2 60 minute interviews where in one he admits to "money printing" and the next he denies it!! 

I've told many around me, to much disdain and ridicule, that when they finally lose control it will be sudden and immediate.  To many it will be like waking up in a living nightmare.   Total and complete collapse, overnight!!

TheReplacement's picture

"Then again, I often underestimate the depth of their stupidity & incompetency."

And yet there he is making big bucks, big decisions, and big pronouncements while the rest of us just complain about how stupid and incompetent he is.  Hmm, maybe you MISunderestimate his intelligence and competency.  Perhaps, all is going according to plan but you are such a speck on the ass of the plan that you don't comprehend that there is a plan much less what that plan means for you.


SmackDaddy's picture

is stupidest even a fucking word?

NoDebt's picture


So is 'unpossible', which is the word I was thinking of when I read the article.

disabledvet's picture

you keep talking phonestar. "you da man."

firstdivision's picture

Reminds me of people that say Bitcoin is the way of the future without understanding how fragile the information age is with government kill switches, government hacking, and precarious power systems.

fonestar's picture

The information age is far from fragile.  It's about the most solid thing in existence.

firstdivision's picture

I wouldn't expect you to feel any other way as your entire existence is at stake

fonestar's picture

The information age is an epochal change.  The United States can fall into some misanthropic stacker WROL fantasy and it will not hurt technology, it will not make clocks tick backwards.  People are going to have a great time.

firstdivision's picture

I take it when you hear the term 'Dark Ages' you can only think of the 2003 Blackout.

fonestar's picture

Hate to break it to you, but when you're out SHTF'ing in your bunker the Bitcoiners are gonna be having a great party somewhere on planet Earth.

akak's picture

You are undoubtedly virtually correct.

firstdivision's picture

Not to worry, my bunker is fully stocked with popcorn to watch you guys scramble to access your virtual assets in your virtual wallets to buy physical goods. 

Never mind that if the SHTF, that the Chinese are ready to detonate a high atmospheric nuke over the US as a last ‘fuck you’


fonestar's picture

You're so heavily invested in your fantasies that you're delusional.  Sure the United States will become a shithole after the dollar collapse.  Doesn't mean I have to live there or visit there.

firstdivision's picture

...cause it's not like we're the largest food exporter, nor have the largest concentration of fresh water....oh wait.

fonestar's picture

Played out called for you... he wants his "oh wait" comment back.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

You think for a second the military doesn't weapons trained at every single chinese satellite in the sky and a whole shield set up to shoot them suckers out of the sky across the whole world at every military base or at least a locally with a large enough range to minimize that sort of attack? Star Wars is more of a reality than people know....... Air dominance doesn't just apply to the lower atmosphere anymore.

akak's picture


I take it when you hear the term 'Dark Ages' you can only think of the 2003 Blackout.

I highly doubt that his historical perspective goes even that far back.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Don't go trying to pick up bitcoins before the steamroller.

Popo's picture

The 50% chain-rewrite threshold on BTC holdings was almost crossed last week. That would have allowed a complete redistribution of the chain by the majority holder. Bitheads tried their hardest to bury the significance of that moment but needless to say their supposedly secure store of currency was literally moments away from being totally stealable.

Saro's picture

Correction: A 51% attack would not allow bitcoins to be stolen or the blockchain to be re-arranged.  At worst, it might allow the organization controlling that much hashing power to double spend once in a while, but that seems highly dubious in and of itself, since anything expensive enough to be worth going through the trouble of double-spending is likely to be of a nature easily reposessed by an irate seller.

They already have a solution to the centralization of mining anyway: look up p2pool.

caShOnlY's picture

The information age is far from fragile.  It's about the most solid thing in existence.

If I had a sledge hammer and your computer I would prove you wrong.  I'd even toss your head in there just to show you the sledge hammer was real.

Colonel Klink's picture

There have been a metric shit ton of people who have told all of them to shut the fuck up.  They don't listen, all they do is tell lies.  It's their job.

U4 eee aaa's picture

"Can someone please tell this guy to shut the fuck up?"

Why? Keeping guys like this talking is the best way to pop the people's bubble of denial. If not for the people(who are taking a paycheck from this guy in one form or another) then at least their kids. They are the ones who will one day announce that the Emperor has no clothes

AlaricBalth's picture

Stupid is as stupid does.

Hippocratic Oaf's picture

They will only realize it's a bubble when it 'pops'

disabledvet's picture

it has already. the stock market is where liquidity comes from? REALLY? How so?