Is This What Awaits Japan?

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Over the weekend, the entertaining @HistoryInPix twitter account posted this distrubing photo of the cemetery where all the radioactive vehicles that were used in the Chernobyl cleanup went to die.

One can't help but wonder: where is the comparable "cemetery" for the Fukushima disaster cleanup, and does the above photo have anything to do with the recently passed secrecy bill that was "designed by Kafka and inspired by Hitler"...

For those curious to see more of the Chernobyl cemetery, the following documentary should satisfy some of the pent up curiosity.

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scary as fuck (that Japan subverts all nuke standardz n practices)...

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I'm sorry but these nuclear scare stories are downright irresponsible when the threat of climate change is vastly greater and looming on the horizon. We need to seriousy cut back on our fossil fuel consumption and one of safest and cleanest replacements is nuclear power. The longer it takes people to realize this, the more damage our planet is going to suffer, so thanks a lot for the propaganda piece Tyler. I hope you're happy when the world is 8 metres under water and low lying countries like Bangladesh are completely flooded. The US is already freezing over because of climate change you morons! When will you idiots learn!?

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gamma scout, one of the best reasonable geiger counters

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I don't see the problem, everybody knows that Japan is different to the rest of the world. Who gives a shit about a little radiation for christ's sake, even Japan says it's not a problem...

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Godzilla will surely rise from all this.

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Good one MDB.  That is hilarious.

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This is the best Chernobyl documentary:


What is disturbing is that Russia sent in specialists, military men, miners and huge amounts of resources.... while Japan has only let semi nationalized Tepco haphazardly manage the situation.



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Hey, not fair!   ;(

TEPCO also sent in homeless people.  You forgot to inlcude that.

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I have first-hand information that the cancer rates in Hawaii have spiked since 311.  Healthy people with no family history whatsoever should not be dying of cancer in their fourties.  This is very, very, sad.

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TPTB don't give a shit whether we live or die. This should be obvious by now. 

Recent testing on the California coast show some sites that have 1400% higher radiation levels than background. TPTB pass it off as a fluke and not being tied to Fukushima. Yeah, right. 


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where is the comparable "cemetery" for the Fukushima disaster cleanup...?

Here are several...


Going for a swim in the Pacific?  Keep your nose plugged and mouth closed.   I would also avoid the catch-of-the-day.  All it takes is one hot particle in the lungs or GI tract*.



*An excellent book

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[W]here is the comparable "cemetery" for the Fukushima disaster cleanup?

Your local US used car lot, perhaps?

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Congrats MDB, you're now on the side of Ann Coulter. A little radiation is GOOD for you, maybe even skip a few of those tanning booth sessions?

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It's clear from the video that the Chernobyl cemetery is far from it, all those vehicles have their hoods up and are obviously missing parts.  Someone has been using that place as a spare parts dump, be careful what you buy off ebay.

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Care to share the info, HH?  Thanks.

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Here is one woman's fight that is in the public domain.

Public health officials will never do their jobs and protect the public's health, because it would destroy tourism, real estate values, and the state's economy.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."


—Upton Sinclair 

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Mayor Vaughn: [to reporter] I'm pleased and happy to repeat the news that we have, in fact, caught and killed a large predator that supposedly injured some bathers. But, as you see, it's a beautiful day, the beaches are open and people are having a wonderful time. Amity, as you know, means "friendship". 

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Ironically, Maui, as you know, means "to live".

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We're still going to need a bigger boat. 

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On a positive note, the Obama's vacation in Hawaii. Perhaps the president will mutate and growth a first brain.

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We wouldn't want him to become effective.

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.........not to mention backbone and balls

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The clean-up job at Chernobyl was a truly heroic act. It was carried out by thousands of men who new they were going to die from their efforts. The USSR  created a special pension plan for those who took part, They died terrible deaths knowing that their familys would be provided for.

The Human cost of the Chernobyl cleanup? 19.000 men.

The inaction of Tepco and the Japanese gov, is a crime against humanity.

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What baffles me is the silence concerning Fukushima in the world's press. I understand the data being covered up in the US, but elsewhere this should be page 1 news. WTF, over?


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because they are all interconnected. If this really went south, thats game over for the japanese economy, and the JPY. Imagine the impact it would have on the worlds interconnected economies and central banks if one of the worlds largest economies, biggest stock markets, and most traded currencies were to completely collapse. Complete pandamonium. Even if they know it is inevitable for this to happen, from their prospective, they see no reason to allow all the govt controlled media outlets to tell people about this, it could cause panics, bank runs, etc. And a complete flight of capital out of digital bank accounts, stock markets, bonds, etc, and into cash, PMs, etc.

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PRESIDENT WILSON: "You know what she said to me that night we brought her to the hospital?"  


"Tommy... I think you should do lottery. Every one should have a chance to go'. That's what Dorothy said to me.  That's what we should have done."
ADRIAN: "There would have been chaos, sir."

(President Wilson looks Adrian in the eyes.)
PRESIDENT WILSON: "You know what I believe, Adrian. I believe nature should choose for itself, from itself."
(Adrian takes this in.)

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What baffles me is why the UN has the resources and desire to open an office in Iran------but is completely dis-interested in Fukushima.


"Far more important is to have a robust and credible verification scheme to monitor the number of centrifuge rotors stocked and produced in Iran," former IAEA chief inspector, Olli Heinonen, said."

More important than what?

Rest of article here:

Ignorance seems to be running in epidemic proportions

Thanks for your posr            Still baffled, though.

BigJim's picture

How naive! The Japanese nuclear waste pouring into the skies and oceans is democratic, and on our side. So we don't need to keep an eye on it.

Whereas Iranian nuclear material is KNOWN to contain highly levels of anti-Semitism. THAT'S why it's so dangerous and needs monitoring; do you want another holocaust? Well... do you?

lewietheparrot's picture

Hi Jim,

My question was rhetorical-----as you say there are many reasons and others that you can invent as you go along

this is NOT about reasons or explanations, but rather, about putting the focus on the FACT, in the minds of many, the real question:

Why are you dudes NOT doing the right thing??????????

'Right' in the sense of priorities of action---to:




natural habitat, the home of all species

This is about surviving as a species for humans, but to save one---it is necessary to save all

not just 'liberal mushbrains' or others that you do not agree with for reasons personal or otherwise

this is about life on earth for each and all of us

so, thanks for your post(I choose to be trusting and naiive, by the way) and, please, keep in mind that we are all stuck on this island in space----together

No one gets out of this universe---nothing escapes.

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Well, when you build graphite power plants with no containment. ( and what would be the point,mwith all that carbon in there) that's going to happen.

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The bad news is the adverse long term impact on human health, the ecosystem, marine & animal life...

...The good news is Blue Fin Tuna will each have many delicious tumors the size of other Blue Fin Tuna, and that Harry Wang is thriving as a Blue Fin Tuna TumorMonger in Tokyo.

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That's why I stick with lightly geased Escolar and BP Giant Shrimp.

TruthInSunshine's picture

The corexit Escolar beer batter is outa sight.

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He's coming this year to a theatre near you!  

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Remember normal background radiation is 0.1-0.3 micro-sieverts, not a thousand times more (milli-sieverts) as in the video.
Radiation is bioaccumulative, hence so dangerous for health.
Inhalation or consumption of particles is much worse than just passing by.

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was wondering who noticed that on the counters. Makes me think fondly of that GE commercial all the employees happily line dancing. We bring good things to life!

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Oh I don't know climate change may have some benefits. If the east coast and the west coast were suddenly found under water would the country really miss them?

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Only the whinging liberals. The folks in the heartland would be ecstatic. 

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Check your elevation before laughing goodbye.

Much of the heartland is well drained, thus easily refilled.


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I'm already ass deep in carpetbaggers. If the rest of them came, they would taint everything.


Overfed's picture

If the west coast were to be inundated, I would have beachfront property. Just thinking like a politician or an oligarch.

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We idiots are concerned about all of the shit that your 'good life' and 'growth' have consumed.

Face up to it, dude---we were wrong and have burned down our house which is other than only being wrong---it is stupid.

And as your post points out most of us haven't learned a thing; we will burn it to the ground.

thanks for your post----i had forgotten how different we are


4 wheel drift's picture

what a fukumoronshima.....


bring on climate change, we need to reduce world population to a manageable level anyway.....


morons abound as YOU understand well


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It ain't gonna be climate change that brings on a reduced population level, governments around the globe have proven to be quite adept at killing off their own. In fact they are the number one cause of mass killings, be ye warned.

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MDB you are sadly misinformed. These radiation releases are far more acute, and therefore far more serious, than "global warming."

TNTARG's picture

And kind of irreversible for hundreds of thousands of years, regarding some radioactive isotops.

Woodyg's picture

It takes about 5 half life's to get to 5% - so we can multiply these numbers by 5 to get a neglible radioactive amounts -
Half life periods -
Iodine 131 - 8 days,
Cesium 137. - 30.17 years,
Cesium 134 - 2.06 years,
Plutonium 238. - 88 years,
Plutonium 239 - 24,000 years,
Plutonium 240 - 6,560 years,
Plutonium 241 - 14.4 years,
Strontium 90 - 29.1 years.

All of these were/are present in Fukushima -