This Won't End Well

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Presented with little comment aside to ask (rhetorically of course) how
much longer the crushed consumer can subsist on a diet of increasingly saturated credit and dwindled-savings before retail sales revert to reality...




h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Where the hell are people getting their money from? That's what I want to know. I see so many pepole shopping at the mall or eating out at restaurants. Where are they getting that money from? 

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House price goes up, borrow against increase in "market" price, remove equity and,,,,,, voila!  Insta wealth.

Get with it man.... if you can't afford it, f'n finance it !!!!


edit:  must be some newbies here.  Do I gotta put /s?

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Obamacare will fix this right up,

  as in getting your dog fixed.

Frozen IcQb's picture

Well it's healthier than Christie's diet of saturated fat

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This won't end well..

It will for some.  Fortunes are made during depressions because they offer those who saved money and didn't accrue too much debt a chance to buy assets at rock bottom. Bring it.

Frozen IcQb's picture

Unless the depression turns into a Bolshevik revolution

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Things will end very well for those that achieve Satoshi conciousness.

akak's picture

That's like, becoming a Grand Wizard in World of Warcraft, or something, right?

The_Ungrateful_Yid's picture

More like Arena Master or Gladiator.

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"satoshi conciusness" is the clarity expierenced by Kermit in that slayed muppet on the railroad tracks pic tyler uses on goldman articles.

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I hope South Park does a Satoshi/bitcoin episode in the same manner they did the XBOX/PlayStation one.

Make Cartman the elusive Satoshi. Or Cartoshi.

Old man in house overlooking garden: "He's going to betray you. I heard him talking to Bill Gates earlier. They're going to lock you in the Red Robin."

Cartman: "Why don't you mind your own fucking business, asshole."

Old man: "Why don't you get the fuck off my property."

BLOTTO's picture

Q in either a man made natural disaster,

man made pandemic,

false flag war machine...

or faked alien invasion to erase the debt and some people for good measure.


All bases are covered - take a pick.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

well I put on a long spread in oil today so one thing is for sure, oil is going sharply lower from here....

fx's picture

The chart above is actually pretty interesting: seems disposable income is clearly LAGGING retail sales (upward as well as downward). have no explanation for that yet - but that is what the chart says.

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I don't really have a dog in the BTC fight, but I would pay money to see TiS's South Park episode.

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It will be funny to watch you try and convert all of your "hard assets" into Bitcoin during the crack-up bitboom.  Not funny for you though, as you find out the Bitcoin holders ain't selling for your worthless shit.

akak's picture

Why would I want to convert ANYTHING into Shitcoin, which will probably not even exist two or three years from now?

I'd rather waste my money on eTulips.

fonestar's picture

Three years from now all that worthless shit you hoarded in your basement will be denominated in Bitcoin.  Actually, scratch that.... the worthless shit you hoarded will be denominated in satoshi (millionth of a BTC).

akak's picture

I've got your satoshi right here in my toilet bowl.

Keyser's picture

FFS, the broken record is back... 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Take Bitcoin.

Now remove the logo (because it uses the color gold, the shape of a real coin, and has a proxy for a $ on it, to convince you of its moneyness).

Now remove the word coin.

Now remove the word mining, because we know it doesn't involve any extraction of resources, never mind exploring,  no ore, no overburden, no waste, no crushing, no grinding, no work expended...

What do you have left?

Jack Napier's picture

Yes. It absolutely defies logic to embrace the blind faith that BitCoin is the end-all-be-all for digital currencies. It came ex nihilo, and so can a million clones. Gold on the other hand...

webbie's picture

Soooo why are you on the internet then??? Another protocol like TCP/IP can be made tomorrow, or could've been made years ago but yet everyone still uses the current internet protocol. May want to look at Bitcoin as a protocol and not some much as just currency.

TheReplacement's picture

We use TCP/IP in place of Vines, Netbui, IPX/SPX, and a host of other protocols.  IP6 is slated to replace IP4.  PPP to PPTP to L2TP to IPSec...  Telnet to SSH, telephone calls and letters to emails to txts to tweets... 

Protocols and technologies are replaced or superceded all the time.  Bitcoin is not special.  Bitcoin is not real. 

Pull the plug and tell me how rich you are.

dark pools of soros's picture

the witchhunt is strong as ever with stackers!   they continue to post gossip drivel on the intertubes but do not understand the blockchain is what gives bitcoins their worth


I guess their words and opinions must be as worthless as how they value bitcoins



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So does the blockchain grow in a linear or an exponential fashion?  And what computing power might I need in - say - 1 or 2 years should a billion people decide to start using bitcoin? 

Tall Tom's picture

Can you imagine waiting for days to download a 10GB Bitcoin??? Or upload it which will take even longer?


That is the major design flaw...the Blockchain.

jbvtme's picture

when local currencies (and state banks) take gold, bitcoins wil flush down the virtual toilet

fonestar's picture

One single Bitcoin being flushed down the toilet has the power to destroy an entire city's sewage system.  Be careful what you wish for.

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you are better as XenoFrog, just switch accounts

fonestar's picture

I don't have any other accounts moron.  Look  up my user profile and see how long I have been here.  I did have multiple accounts on but that's only because they kept disabling my accounts.

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How much is DARPA paying these days?

TeamDepends's picture

He is practically begging for a good old-fashioned tenderizing.

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+3000000000 for the eTulip comment, someone knows their history.

Tapeworm's picture

Actually it is

 I have a framed iTulip stock certificate on my wall.

fonestar's picture

I guess by "history" you mean the ability for some blockhead to recite memes they read on Zerohedge, or perhaps a fifteen minute documentary on Youtube?

Jack Napier's picture

Every investor knows about the tulip bubble. Just like everybody knows what they say about people who live in glass houses.

fonestar's picture

What is that?  People who live in glass houses don't need solar heating?

prains's picture



do you by chance have opposable thumbs?

LawsofPhysics's picture


Like when they come onto my property and try to offer a "bit" in exchange for fruit from my fruit trees?

All they will "find out" is how the business end of a shotgun works.

Please, get out of the basement kid, it's a big, big world.

fonestar's picture

I think it's me who will be schooling you, Farmer Bob in the ins and outs of the virtual world.

Sweet Chicken's picture

Dear god Fonestar SHUT THE FUCK UP

fonestar's picture

No!  I am here to spread the word, the gospel and the greatness of Satoshi!  For those who doubt, for those that disbelieve I ask that they meditate deeply upon the Bitcoin.  To find a quiet place and say one-thousand "hail Satoshis" in earnest with their rosaries.  To open your eyes and your hearts to a great future where you can be extremely wealthy and extremely smarmy to all those that doubted the powers of Satoshi.  Bitcoin has risen, as it is a living currency!  But fear not knavish child, as you are not the first adopter, you are certainly not the last adopter!  For those that buy at $10,000 will envy your supremacy and forethought!  We must think "brave new thoughts" as Heidegger once said, so free yourself from the dimensional constraints of three-dimensional currencies and the simple minds attempting to use them!  Ask yourself if a squirrel in the woods would hoard nuts that forever shrink in size?  Be a part of our greatest revolution in the past centuries and join us in eternal virtualization in our cloud.

Jugdish787's picture

I used to think you were an MDB type spewing somewhat funny nonsense about bitcoin...Now you are starting to get a little annoying.  Fine, you win...everyone will be using bitcoin.  So you can now stfu.

NotApplicable's picture

Interestingly enough, he's taken all the air out of MDB's space. Nobody here can train-wreck a thread quite like fonestar does these days.

Which makes me wonder if he isn't really an anti-bitcoin troll underneath a facade?

Then again, the internets are filled with zealots of all stripes who seemingly have no idea that every word they post undermines their ability to make a positive point, as all it does is to strengthen the resolve of those who they argue with.

In conclusion:

Poe's Law wins again!