Here It Comes: Obama Considering Executive Order To Raise Minimum Wage

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We thought that all perfectly idiotic headlines regarding the encroachment of central-planning would come from traditional banana republics as Venezuela, and of course France, such as the following:


And so on.

Boy were we wrong.

Moments ago The Hill reported that what many thought was absolutely impossible, may in fact become a reality: President Obama is considering issuing an executive order (#394,039,993,837?) to raise the minimum wage for Federal Workers... and in the process - with the help of that other central planner par excellence Bernyellen - lap all those other Banana republics that everyone so enjoys making fun of.

From the Hill:

President Obama is considering using his executive authority to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors, he told Senate Democrats during a closed meeting at the White House.


Lawmakers present at the Wednesday night session said Thursday that Obama did not bring up the matter himself, but appeared receptive to the idea when questioned on the topic. “The issue was raised,” Sen. Barbra Boxer (D-Calif.) said Thursday. “He said he was looking at it, as he looks at everything else.”


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who was also in attendance, offered a similar account and said he has heard from members of the president’s staff that he is seriously considering executive action on the measure.


Obama and congressional Democrats are pushing for an across-the-board hike in the minimum hourly wage, from $7.25 to $10.10. But Republicans are cool to the plan, warning it could hurt the economy.


Federal contractors represent only a fraction of the nation’s employees. Businesses that together received more than $446 billion in federal contracts employ some 2 million workers, only some of whom are paid the minimum wage. Still, an increase for that segment of the workforce could generate momentum toward a raise for all workers now paid the lowest amount allowable by law.


An executive order to that effect would be tantamount to setting a minimum wage for federal contractors, they said. “Profitable corporations that receive lucrative contracts from the federal government should pay all of their workers a decent wage,” the lawmakers wrote. Obama in recent days has vowed to make 2014 "a year of action," even if it means relying heavily on administrative authority to pursue policy goals in lieu of congressional action.

Suddenly it all makes sense: in order to "fix" one idiotic act of central planning with unintended consequences, namely letting the Fed take over capital markets in order to preserve the oligarchic, kleptocratic system, pardon financial stability, and in the process make the uber-wealthy richer beyond their wildest dreams, while making the poor yearn for the days of the first Great Depression, the president will now one-up that act, and progress with even more "centrally-(un)planned", authoritarian acts which bypass Congress entirely, make a mockery of the republic, result in even more adverse unintended consequences, and practically assure that in the great race for the Banana Republic (or is that Banana Dictatorship?) endgame, the US has just overtaken everyone.

If only the Fed could now proceed to stop pretending things are getting better and promptly Taper the Taper, so as to push the superturbo printing button, it would at least assure that the great reset will come that much faster. At this point, it couldn't possibly come fast enough.

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phoolish's picture

Interesting Times.

fonestar's picture

Employment prospects have never been greater (for robotic kitchen helpers)!

Debtonation's picture

When will this madness end? I say go for it, let Obama take all the blame for anything that happens to the economy.

dryam's picture

I say do it, mother-fucker.  Then, we can see the huge drop in jobs as a result. 

knukles's picture


That's a 39.31% Rise
Got Inflation, Anyone?

This is his transformation?

Skateboarder's picture

Dude, we wanted 15 bucks remember. Only 3 bucks increase? What a cheap-o!

XitSam's picture

Why not $100 an hour? Just think, with a stroke of the pen, Obama could eliminate poverty in America!

Keyser's picture

Where is the guy on the grassy knoll when you really need him? 


Deo vindice's picture

Executive order #394,039,993,837?

Inquiring minds want to know, "Did Executive orders start at #1?"

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

This man, the biological son of Frank M. Davis, is a clueless boob.

Manthong's picture

Somebody needs to put a collar on that running-dog lackey of the bourgeoisie and imperialist oppressors.

knukles's picture

This, people is.....

        Cloward-Piven At Work

krispkritter's picture

O-Kenya realizes he's not up for re-election, right?  Yeah, this is just muddying the elections between Team A and Team A(holes). None of these dipshits read shit unless it's at the bottom of a check for re-election or on a lobbyist's knob. Wait until handout votes reach 60, 70, 80%...

Small biz is being crushed along with the job market for first timers, unskilled, and LIL(lateinlife) workers. Combine that with rising O'care costs, cuts in Medi/caid/care, pensions deficits leading to payout cuts, rising property taxes, crashing home values, and 'revamped' flood/homeowners insurance; you've got the perfect recipe for wiping out a significant portion of those looking for a job and those who thought looking for a job was the last thing they needed to do.  

The fucking Pols, the lobbyists, and the bank-related parasites need a good hanging. In public. Lessons with a price, become lessons seldom repeated...

Meat Hammer's picture

Mrs Meat and I have implemented plan Get the Fuck Off of the Grid and are doing everything we can to unplug from the matrix. Before, it was just plant a raised garden bed and enjoy the novelty of growing some veggies, but now it's full-fledged game-on.  It's an incredibly daunting task but I really don't see any other alternative.  We will do everything we can to not send one red cent to fund our country's demise.

flacon's picture

What happens to the parasite when it kills the host? Surely the parasite doesn't die. ... or does it?

mjcOH1's picture

"Moments ago The Hill reported that what many thought was absolutely impossible, may in fact become a reality: President Obama is considering issuing an executive order (#394,039,993,837?) to raise the minimum wage for Federal Workers..."


Minimum wage Federal Workers'?!!!? he going mandate chicken teeth next?

How about a federal worker pay cut instead?

THX 1178's picture

"If only the Fed could now proceed to stop pretending things are getting better and promptly Taper the Taper, so as to push the superturbo printing button, it would at least assure that the great reset will come that much faster."


So the Tylers are firmly committed to the idea that a reset is coming? I had a hunch but never anything so clear. Good to know.

kralizec's picture

The way the Giant Weeping Carrot talks...sounds like he'll counter with impeachment.

Yeah, I know...I had a relexive chuckle and "yeah, right!" blurt out too...

MontgomeryScott's picture


I call it 'GRID-X'.

Naturally, there may be resistance from the masters, but just in case, I also play a game, called 'BLAMMO' (incorporating PPD's and printed pictures of people in funny costumes. Sometimes, just for fun, I spray-paint blue helmets on the pics, and sometimes, I paint dismembered triangles with single eyes [ref. 'All-Seeing Eye of Horus'] on their silly heads, looking for a bulls-eye score. My game counts the score as 'double' when I get one).

Illumicorp is alive and well, in this Soetoro 'consideration'.

When the chemtrailers spray that nano-aluminium and nano-barium over your land, what do you do to keep the plants alive? Have you found a way to keep the leafy vegetables from absorbing too much Fuku?

All hail $10.10! the NEW 'foarward' in the slavery deception game should be recognized and hailed as one of the BEST 'end-around' moves EVER! A frigging 'HAIL MARY' play!

401K of Dooom's picture

Yeah but the big questions are do you have enough ammunition and what kind of firearms do you have?  Do not respond to this question as NSA, CIA, MI5 & 6, Mossad, PSIA, FIS, BATF, FBI, Google, Microsoft, Southern Poverty Law Center, The entire Ivy League and are closely monitoring ZeroHedge!

August's picture

>>>We will do everything we can to not send one red cent to fund our country's demise.

Great sentiment, and I share it.  However, it's really not a "country" anymore, it's more like a... "scheme".

Offthebeach's picture

Who would of thought Americans like 1943 Poles would die for a mule and a acre of cabbages, potatoes, some chickens and the misses chopping wood?

Onwards Obamavitzs!

walküre's picture

Where's Russian ZH Resident "Boris A" to explain us in plain Russkie-English what to expect?

That renaissance in American manufacturing was surely short lived. It died before it ever had a chance to crawl.

Make no mistake, if Obama does this the rest of the world leadership will follow suit as no idiot shall be left behind?

flacon's picture

The former Soviets openly admitted (and this is not a joke) that once Communism reached it's apex, THE OCEANS WOULD TURN TO LEMONADE. I kid you not!

acetinker's picture

I'm still puzzled by your observation of the prius with the "veterans for obama" sticker.  By any chance, do you live in the May-retta/Roswell area?  I aint tryin' to flush you out, but I think I might just know you, Crispy Critter.

If your given name is Michael, I get more sure.

Anyway, my name is Rob, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Stackers's picture

This nothing but political grand standing. One of the first things Obama did in his first term was to sign an excutive order forcing all Federal Contractors to pay union wages and union dues, whether they are union workers or not. So all Federal Contractors already get way above the current minimum wage.

pods's picture

Or could he just send out a memo that says:

"Hey, can you pay the guys a bit more?"

I think the HNIC is just starved for attention myself. No love from the wookie.


MontgomeryScott's picture

@ pods,

If YOU were handcuffed to the Wookie, would YOU want the love that it has?

Personally, I would be cutting off my own arm...

acetinker's picture

Even though I'm pretty certain you're a paid troll (failing that , you're an idiot), I've heard it said that once you go black, you never go back.


A Nanny Moose's picture

just let the wookie pull your arms out of their sockets.

MontgomeryScott's picture

@ Stackers,

Wrong conclusion.

This is a cold, calculated effort (and it WILL be sucessful...gee, where have I heard THAT line before, Poppa Bush?) to inflate the currency (devalue the US$). IF the FEDERAL minimum wage goes up, the MANDATED STATE minimums will HAVE to go up as well, and that 99 cent hamburger just got a lot more expensive (OR, the 20$ an hour wage-earner just saw the value of his earnings DECREASE when he goes to buy a cheeseburger).

Its NOT about 'unions'. They have only a marginal membership at this time, less than 10% of the workforce in raw numbers. O really doesn't GIVE A SHIT what Federal employee poens make, anyway ('The One' is so far removed as to be from a different planet on this subject).

Sorry, I gotta downvote this comment of yours (because i disagree vehemently, and you don't understand what is transpiring).

Stackers's picture

No it's not about unions. but you are not understanding what he did. He did not raise the Federal minimum wage law. All he did was say if you are working on a government paid for job, either as a direct employee of the government or it's sub-contractors then you have a new minimum wage at $10.10

In order for them to change to the minimum wage for the entire country will require a law passed by Congress, which will not get through the Republican House, so this whole thing is just kabuki theater

Tall Tom's picture



It will get through the Republican House as Boehner will bend over for Obama.




Read my posts which follow and it will give you a clear picture that the PONZI SCHEME OF SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, and Federal Unemployment Insurance are the underlying reason.


The RINOs commit Political Suicide if they do not follow Obama's lead. The Government will shortly be insolvent if this does not happen.


(Of course that would be a good thing, but...I will not hold my breath waiting.)

A Nanny Moose's picture

For which we will gladly pay you on Tuesday.

economics9698's picture

End the Fed and the nightmare is over.

Keyser's picture

The Fed, Treasury and Banking system are all one entity. Much like a Hydra, it's going to be a bitch to cut all the heads off. 

walküre's picture

Whoever junked you is a dolt.

Milestones's picture

Flame throwers or one helva of a lot of rope.                   Milestones

MontgomeryScott's picture

@96 98,

Hammer. Nail. Strike. Drive. NAILED.

I started the first chant (YES, I really DID) in a crowd of about 23,000, in Minneapolis at the target Center back in '08. More people were there than at the simultaneous Police-state Republican convention across the river at St. Paul. I remember Hannity on the XM in my rented car, in the parking lot at the hotel in Blayne the day prior, saying that he didn't know ANYTHING about Sarah Palin. He went in to a discourse about what an 'unknown' she was, but he finished up stating that he 'really liked her' as McCain's running mate (probably due to Ron Paul's obvious popularity, and the challenge he was putting forth at the time). A fucking RIOT, he was...

I was really non-plussed about the Campaign For Liberty, though. It seemed like another 'PAC' retrospect, I was still green (a little).


BLOTTO's picture

Does that mean my foot long (thats really 11") subway sub will now cost me $15 to compensate for the increase in the minimum wage?

sleigher's picture

No, it means Subway will be a forgotten foot note in the history of fat america.

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

But what about Jarrod...he got skinny eatin' sammiches'?

donsluck's picture

Hmmm, figuring it takes about 5 minutes to make it, (5/60 x ($10.10-$7.25) + $5.00 = $5.24.

Sooo, no.

MontgomeryScott's picture

AND, the people at the slaughterhouse get a raise, AND the illegals out in the fields get a raise picking the veggies, AND the people who make the paper wrappings get a raise, AND the people who make the tape for the wrappers get a raise, AND the people at the gas station where the truck stops get a raise, AND the people where the truck driver who delivers the food to the restaurants stops on his way to eat get a raise, AND...

DAMN, SKIPPY, why don't you stop and think a little more REALISTICALLY about this? HELL, the Subway owners now have to pay more out in fucking unemployment and co-contributions, for fuck's sake, so they will have to raise the prices to compensate (AND, the landowners need to make more due to all the same reasons, so the rent will go up to compensate, and the Subway owners will have to cover the spread, AND the Federal Government will be getting even MORE to fund their ever-increasing shortfalls, AND the BANKSTERS can now INCREASE their interest rates...).

I thought you are either stupid, or simply simple, when I read your comment.

Are you SERIOUSLY contemplating a career in macro-economics? If so, the Federal Assistance Programs might be the place for you, donsluck.

GOD, what an issue we have...


Keyser's picture

Relax, this pay increase is only for federal contractors. So unless the gubbamint buys all the fast food joints, you're safe. For now.