Russian Police Hunt For Alleged Suicide Bomber On The Loose in Sochi

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Up until now, most terrorist provocations surrounding the Sochi winter olympics set to begin on February 7, had been in the surrounding cities (here is dramatic video footage of the recent suicide bombing in Sochi) while the actual venue has been largely left untouched. Perhaps this is due to the security gauntlet that has wrapped the city under the constant supervision of countless eyes in the sky and about 70,000 police and soldiers. This tenuous peace, however, was disturbed this morning when as Bloomberg reported, Russian police were searching for an alleged terrorist Razmena Ibragimova, according to a wanted poster on display at a security checkpoint in Sochi’s airport. Ibragimova, 22, is "currently located on Sochi territory" and may attempt a suicide bombing, according to the poster. According to information from BlogSochi she was spotted on the street outside the foreign ministry building in Sochi.

BlogSochi has the photo details:

And while so far Sochi has not seen an actual act of terrorism, it seems ticket demand for the games is inversely proportional with the build up in security for what is set to be the most expensive winter olympics in history with over a $51 billion price tag, of which over $3 billion will be spent on security.

Bloomberg reports that listings of tickets put up for resale on a “fan to fan” website have soared almost 50 percent over the past week, with more than 3,100 offers now posted. Most offers include multiple tickets, up to a maximum eight per offer. "The U.S. website of CoSport, the exclusive ticket agent for North America and most of Western Europe, still lists seats available for some sought-after events such as the gold-medal match in men’s ice hockey. The Sochi 2014 website, the official sales outlet for residents of Russia and many other countries, has tickets available for more than 100 events."

The growing inventory on the fan-to-fan site suggests that “availability is far greater than demand,” says Marlies Hoedemaker, secretary of the EU Secondary Ticketing Association, an Amsterdam-based trade group for ticket-resale companies. Some buyers may have changed their minds about going, she says, while others may have bet—unsuccessfully—that if they bought tickets early they could resell them at a profit later when supplies ran low. People who resell on the Sochi-authorized fan-to-fan site can recoup only the ticket’s face value.


CoSport, for example, is offering a pair of tickets to the men’s bronze- and gold-medal hockey matches for $3,666 per person. Three nights in a Sochi hotel would cost another $1,584. The cheapest roundtrip airfare to Sochi from New York City during the games, according to several travel search engines, is more than $1,600 and requires long layovers in Istanbul or Moscow. Flights with more-convenient connections cost more than $4,000.


Commercial ticket brokers aren’t selling many Winter Games tickets, as the organizing committee designated only a handful of authorized sales outlets and threatened stiff penalties against Russians who tried to resell tickets outside official channels. “My members have been offered a lot of tickets. I personally receive an e-mail each week with a spreadsheet full of inventory,” says Graham Burns, chairman of the London-based Association of Secondary Ticket Agents. But, he says, “the brokers don’t want to get involved.”

Of course, should a deadly terrorist attack take place, nosediving ticket sales will be the least of Putin's concern, or of Russia, which is still riding high on the reputational gains achieved after the various diplomatic victories in 2013. Which is why security at the games is indeed unprecedetned, as the following 10 minutes review from The National demonstrates.

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q99x2's picture

How'd she get away. I saw her explode yesterday right here on ZH. Guess they can make up anything today and make you believe it at least for a day. But this one is a stretch. Sorta looks like her neck got stretched from the blast yesterday and her cheek is still red from the flash. So maybe. It'll take a bit more convincing though before I believe it.

remain calm's picture

I dated her, She always said she wanted me to explode in her. Now I understand why I could not complete her.

AlaricBalth's picture

After doing a bit of digging I have found that the family name Imbragimova can be traced back to the self designated Krymchaks or Crimean Jews.
The Krymchaks are Turkish speaking adherents of rabbinic Judaism.

" It is assumed that the Krymchaks only began to be known as such after the Crimea had been annexed to Russia at the end of the 18th century. This would have been necessary to differentiate the Krymchaks from other Jewish immigrants who, in the middle of the 19th century, outnumbered the local Jewish population. In the historical documents, from the days of the Khanate of Crimea, the Krymchaks are called jahudiler. "

Russia's implied guarantee of Syrian security has upset Israel and further strained already deteriorating relations between the two countries. It would not surprise to find out Israel is exacting retribution and pressure in Russia for its support of Syria and Iran.

There is a famous violinist from Russia, Alina Ibragimova, who's ancestry is Jewish. Just listened to one of her pieces and it was quite haunting.

Freddie's picture

How dare Putin, Assad and the Syrian Army protecting Syrians Christians and Syrians from these animals.

SilverIsKing's picture

She's just training for the womens 500 piece human event.

Sofa King Confused's picture

I'm confused here.... will she get 72 virgins also??

mjcOH1's picture

The welcoming committee from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart does not discriminate on the basis of sex or sexual orientation...

ronaldawg's picture

Looks like something from the movie Dune....

ShrNfr's picture

No a shaheed woman gets to be served forever by dwarves. Note I said served, not serviced.

Scarlett's picture

She looks like Bernanke

TheReplacement's picture

She looks very Russian.   Could be Putin's sister. 

Promethus's picture

Answer:    Women don’t get virgins. Women get to spend eternity with their husbands.  After reading this article in Slate magazine my respect for Islam as a religion fell about three notches (from notch one).

TheReplacement's picture

It's kind of sad to contemplate the circumstances of life that might compel a young woman to blow herself up.  The fact that someone is using her just compounds the misery.

roadhazard's picture

I'll bet her linage goes all the way back to Africa and she's yer cousin.

emersonreturn's picture

+1 alaricbalth, as always your observations are brilliant

Disenchanted's picture

re: "the family name Imbragimova can be traced back to the self designated Krymchaks or Crimean Jews."

Wait! We were assured this(Sochi related bombings) was raghead/Muslim terror activities...



Imagine that.


It is significant that the Crimea came under the control of the Khazars.


thatguy007's picture

I saw her at Allah's snack bar eating a ham sandwich

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

The family has a better chance of getting a dowry payment by encouraging her to cash in martyr points over marriage with looks like those........

JackWills's picture

The word from hell is that all those guy martyrs need any kind of women down there, not quite what they were expecting.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Their shelter will be Hell.

Whenever the Blaze dies down, We will increase it for them. (Sura al-Isra’, 97)

y3maxx's picture

...70,000 security forces makes for a Sochi sellout of all events.
Unsold tickets will be occupied by plainclothes Security.

logicalman's picture

Why the hell would anyone make the effort to watch a bunch of people who have avoided doing anything worthwile with their lives travel to another country to do so?

I think it's great that people want to be good at something, but why does someone who's good at putting a small white ball down a hole 400 yards away get paid orders of magnitude more than a nurse or a doctor (assuming said doctor is not prescribing based on Big Pharma kickbacks)

Can anyone help - I've been struggling with this one for decades.


akak's picture


I have NEVER understood why ANYONE gives a damn about adults who play children's games for a living myself either, much less why so many people invest so much time, energy and passion on watching them do so, and on following such meaningless drivel.  What the FUCK does it have to do with YOU, anyway? 

And need I point out how professional sports and the associated mania is fostered and pushed by TPTB?  Sports are the PERFECT incubator for both the collectivistic, "my team vs. your team" mindset, as well as the breeding ground for aggressive group behavior.  It is not coincidental that the parallels between competetive group sports and war are so numerous and so obvious, at least to those willing to see them.

Sports, particularly professional sports, and most especially the competetive nationalistic bullshit that goes by the name of "the Olympics" is all just another aspect of the inherent insanity of humanity, as far as I'm concerned.  Anyone who willingly and regularly visits an arena is just another in the great mass of lemmings and morons.

Jadr's picture

So if someone enjoys watching sports they must be an idiot?  Many people grow up playing sports and find them enjoyable and find it enjoyable to watch people play it at a high level.  I agree to some extent with your idea that it supports collectivist "my team vs. your team" sort of thoughts in some of the weaker minded individuals but I think you are overreaching in your condemnation of anyone who enjoys watching sports.  I think watching sports is a healthier form of entertainment than watching anything else on television.  I don't see how getting enjoyment by viewing people who play sports at the limit of human capability is a form of insanity.  Do you have a hatred for sports because you always got picked last as a little kid?

akak's picture

Yes, if you passionately watch and follow a sports team, ANY sports team, you need to realize that you are engaging in sheeplike and mindless herd behavior, at least to that extent.  It is the antithesis of being a thinking, rational being.

Sports are one of the curses of the modern world.

I don't give a damn who denies that, or downvotes me for saying it.  I am SICK TO DEATH of biting my tongue on thsi subject.  If that angers or outrages you, then all I can say, as in so many areas of modern life, is "question your assumptions".

Jadr's picture

I guess we can agree to disagree.  I agree that many people take it too far but I think your opinion is a bit absurd.  I don't see how it is any worst than most leisurely activities and you haven't really provided much evidence or strong arguments to sway me.  All you have made are assertions backed up with minimal examples/evidence of it being such a bad thing.  Your comment that "it is the antithesis of being a thinking, rational being" is even farther off base than your original post.  It doesn't anger me or outrage me because I am a rational person that understands that people have different tastes in many different areas. If someone doesn't like the same food or music as myself I don't look down on them and consider them to be lesser people.  Just because a lot of people enjoy something doesn't mean that everyone that enjoys it are being a sheep or engaging in herd like behavior, it is just something that is popular.

In high level sports there is a lot of strategy being used and besides simply watching the best players play the game, I enjoy sports due to the strategy aspect.  In US football you have the various formations used to accomplish different tasks based on your teams strengths and what you think the other team will be doing.  As the game progresses you modify your gameplan based on what the other team is doing and the success/failures you experienced with your opening game strategy.  In baseball I find the pitcher/batter dynamic to be interesting as the pitcher adjusts their pitches to batters that have different strengths and weaknesses as well as pitches they have already thrown to the batter and where they are in the count.  The depth of strategy is why I mainly enjoy sports and why I like some sports more than others (I'm not a fan of sports with minimal strategic depth).

I think your sweeping generalizations are pretty bad.  As I stated in my previous post I agree with some of your sentiments but I don't believe they apply to everyone and I think there are many redeeming aspects of sports.  I would love to hear what you do with your leisure time which is so vastly superior to spending a couple hours watching some games.  With any such leisurely activity there are always ways which they can be belittled and be framed in a way that they appear to be a waste of time or in which you can be painted in a negative light.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I am sorry, but that is one of the saddest justification of sports that I have ever read. I have lots of things that occupy my leisure life none are sports with its ridged rules and pointless stats. Hitting a ball with a stick is considered leisurely to you? I consider it silly.

If I want strategy I play chess or Go which I am incredibly shitty at but it does stimulate my mind (I started with Othello). If I want exercise I run a difficult 5k course near my house. I absolutely despise team sports because the emphasis is solely only the team not the individual. This means glory is diluted and victory is shared by the unworthy. A participatory trophy for all!

Men are attracted to sports because it gives them a semblance of being alive. A pseudo " conquering" which is never reality but a fantasy. That you are caught up in this is a sad travesty of our modern times. When you remove yourselves from fake " games" and experience reality your perspective will change. For instance, hunt, field dress a deer shot by your own hand and eat it. Raise an animal and participate in its slaughter. Try to live on what you can grow on your property and learn for your failures. These are all strategies in a different sense and all are based in reality of life on earth not construct. When you get intense pleasure from a construct you are removed from life. You are a spectator not a participant. It would be far better if you learned from Fight Club and took up MMA cage fighting. Yes you may get injured but what you experience would be real.

Miffed ;-)

AlaricBalth's picture

Mr. Miffed is a fortunate man.
Do you have a like minded sister?

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I'm sorry AB, only a brother and Mr's attempt at cloning was a miserable failure. ;-)


emersonreturn's picture

greece and rome understood the effect of spectacle upon the sheeple.  the greeks at least used theatre to transform the audience.  the romans perfected the importance of diversion.  sports, entertainment, news today are all diversions.  soothers, drugs, instruments to subdue, divert and placate.  that's why 'stars' are worth the big bucks.  

TheReplacement's picture

As someone who has played and coached sports I can say that you have clearly missed.  There is nothing more wrong with playing or liking a sport or team than there is watching a movie or arguing with some idiot on the internet.  These things are nto bad.  They are not a life and like all things are best in moderation. 

Here's the ball.  Try again.  This time, line up your elbow and flick your wrist as you release. 

Full disclosure:  I rarely watch sports anymore feeling like I've seen it all.  TV puts me to sleep so fast that I just call it the magic sleeping box.  I have other problems and you are looking at one right now.


logicalman's picture

Was one of the better runners on my school cross country team. Not because I wanted to be better than someone else, but because I wanted to be good at something I enjoyed. I never liked watching other people run, though.

AlaricBalth's picture

An unhealthy obsession with the cult of celebrity is a result of our valueless society. A majority of the populace has been programmed to lack a sense of a positive self esteem, which leads to a vacuum in ones personality. As we know, nature abhors a vacuum, and that allows Bernaysian suggestions to be implanted into any unwitting soul. Ergo, values are whatever the masters want them to be.

logicalman's picture

Nicely put.

I've always told my kids to never let someone else decide whether they are successful or not.

If you are enjoying your life and not knowingly hurting another human being, IMHO you are successful beyond measure.

A few assets, carefully stashed, is a helpful with that 'sleeping nights' thing too.


besnook's picture

terrorism at the olympics. hhmmmm. what would anyone gain with a terrorist attack at the olympics? an attack on the olympics is an implied attack on the world. who wants to attack the world? why would saudi arabia care about russian olympics? just to scorch putin's ass? for fun? no. only the diabolical makes sense. who would want who to look real bad in the eyes of the entire world? so bad that a coalition of the duped could be mustered immediately to "punish" the perp? gosh, who could that be?

Skateboarder's picture

Are you ready to B-B-B-Bandaaaar?

resurger's picture

"I was born ready mother fucker"

jtg's picture

Islam gains. Islam uses terror to scare infidels to jump start the conversion process. After 911 several family members converted to Islam. The process is similar to hostages trying to bond with those holding them. Terror is an important part of Islamic doctrine.

besnook's picture

terror is a significant part of the abrahamic tradition. those that want to use terrot are in the minority but the bogeyman routine has obviously worked on you. this is about oil resources, money and power. like the the false two party fray to keep the people ossified with bs, the islamic terroist meme is more of the same deflection from the reality. i am frankly muck more afraid of the jewish fundamentalists in israel. they are the real crazy, maniacal terrorists.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

 Yes and the inhuman Hate Speech (must always be capitalized) we find present thoughout the Talmud and its Tractates provides convincing documentation of that fact.

AlaricBalth's picture


"Among the Mizrahim (Arabic-speaking Jews living in the Middle-East) it was quite common to replace their Hebrew names with relevant Arabic ones, whenever they bore a religious note and were deemed sacred to both Jews and Moslems, so Abraham turned into Ibrahim..."

Abrahamic - Ibrahimic (Arab Jewish) - Ibrahi - Ibragi - Ibragimova (Russianized Arabic Jewish surname)

Again, look to Israel as the possible source of this "terrorist". However, being that terrorism is a multi-cultural endeavor, I could be wrong.

besnook's picture

don't leave the christians out of this party of god. the abrahamics are all equally guilty of trying to out crazy the other members.

TheReplacement's picture

Going full retard today?

A crhistian, by definition, cannot be a christian and behave the way you suggest.  A heathen might and then later convert.  A christian may fall from grace and do such things but they are not a christian when doing them.  Someone may try to be, not be, then be again but God can see through our masquerades even if other people are fooled.

Psychotics do the things you suggest.  Perhaps some religions do to but the vast majority of people throughout history have been rather peaceful.  History is still littered with savagery because there's always a few actual wackjobs around to ruin it for a lot of people. 

Power attracts those who want power no matter the circumstances. 

TheReplacement's picture

Such a simple world.  Life must be so easy for you.

You forget there are more than two sides.  Do you think that woman gives one shit about oil resources, money, and power?  She's, apparently, going to blow herself up.  WTF good does that do someone if they want oil resources, money, and power?  Her life is shit bro.  She sees no better option.  That is very clearly a 3rd side.  The people in your theory best be careful or they will fail to control the rage welling up from below.  When people have nothing left to lose they are mighty hard to control.

Miles Ahead's picture


Wait... I thought we all agreed that 9/11 was a false flag?  You're taking us back now to GWB's claim that 19 Muslim genius pilots did it with boxcutters? Oh, back to square one.

Truthfully, I saw a few neighbors run to the Mosque between the time that the second bldg came down but before Bldg. 7 "collapsed".  As they saw Bldg. 7 collapse, they said "wait a damn minute... something ain't right here!  We done converted for nothing!"  Then they re-checked the Pentagon thing, and boy were they embarrassed... and pissed.  Their other relatives (Catholics) just a'laughin' and clownin' on them.

But by then it was too late; the guys at the Mosque (and this was in Kentucky or Tennesee somewhere) wouldn't let them "un-convert" or they were going to behead them like goats.  All the women are still wearing Burkas.  So they are still Muslim to this day (although when no one is looking the guy - now 27 - grabs a Bud Light when he's out with the Christians).

tony wilson's picture

JTG  above you bucket of puss.



never forget the dancing mossad fucking jews

logicalman's picture

Pull your head out of your arse, you fucking dickhead.

All organized religions are used against the people who believe in them.


TheReplacement's picture

So true.  Who needs rules like not stealing.  That is so stupid and religious.  Pfft.