American Jobs (In One Cartoon)

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We have shown the charts; explained the implications; but perhaps nothing sums up the situation in the US labor force than "the other ongoing bridge scandal" in the following cartoon...



(h/t Sunday Funnies at The Burning Platform blog)

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Meanwhile, jobs are the number one priority for President Urkel.

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(With Mexican accent)

We don't need no stinking jobs


(And the current economy proves it)

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The water below is the government entitlement system.  Not all those people fell.  Some were beckoned to jump by the siren's of the welfare state.

Sorry, but I gotta vent something here tonight... that article yesterday about the poverty in Appalacia.... something about that irked me but I couldn't put my finger on it at the time.  The thing about buying cases of soda with their foodstamp cards and then selling them at 50c on the dollar for cash.  If they needed food, why would they do that?  Obviously, food isn't a problem for many on the program.  It's about maximizing their money haul every month.  Only those who are abusing the system would adopt such a strategy.  

What percentage of system abusers do you think that is?  Somehow I have a hard time believing the the government line that it's a "tiny fraction".  I read that article and it's hard not to have the number 50% just immediately to mind.

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Maybe some substance abusing parents just don't feed their kids. Not that they don't need it, they just misuse it. Kids get screwed.

I agreed with many of the commenters that the poverty there was not "new."

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We have lots of lemmings in this country.

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No Comment

Daily Layoff / Business Closing List:


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San Franciscans jump off Golden Gate Bridge to swim to freedom on Alcatraz.

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C'mon in, the water's warm.

- - dot gov

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"I will not rest until every American who wants a job can get a.........what's that, Beyoncé? You didn't wanted to sit at Kanye's table?"

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"Might as well...



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Sweet!  Van Halen reference!  (The real Van Halen).

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Looks more like Japan when the American's arrived in WW2.  We will not be taken, our honor and emperor Obama is more important, we jump for obamacare and other subsidised handouts

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Why would they feel the need to feed their kids? Isn't that the job of schools these days?

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"Maybe some substance abusing parents just don't feed their kids. Not that they don't need it, they just misuse it. Kids get screwed."

Horseshit.  While I'm aware it happens, that's a number I DO believe is "a tiny fraction."  Mal-nourished kids being brought into emergency rooms near death or being ratted out by neighbors' calls to police or family services is a tiny number and has been tiny for a long time.  

Almost everyone who has dropped out of the labor force has gone immediately onto a government entitlement program of one form or another.  Whether it's early retirement into SS, swapping an unemplyment check for a disability check or just dropping out and going on the government dole for the non-aged (welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing), they're on an entitement program.  No problem, if you factor out that the rest of us working and paying taxes are CARRYING those people on our backs, while still caring for our own families, including aging parents in many cases.

And here's what really irks me: the standards for checking eligibility for those programs are LOWER than they were when the programs were first set up, back in the 60s and 70s.  In fact, there is effectively NO eligibility verification going on AT ALL.  (I'll note the current administration has actively worked to make this so.  Ref. welfare employment eligibility qualifications being swept aside by executive order, totally against the law).

Government entitlement programs today are running under the same standards as the "liar loan" mortage market was in 2005.  The consequences will be just as heavy.

There is no way I'm going to sit here and say it's OK for huge amounts of fraud to exist right under my nose because this time it's "for the children" and can't be called out for what it is.  NO. FUCKING. WAY.

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It is not okay. Another form of QE. Imagine if they pulled all the aid, all at once, and said "Sorry, we are bankrupt." Heh, heh, heh. All propped up. Potemkin lifestyles. The fed and the federal government are in the same trap. Can't take their foot off the accelerator, yet the foot on the accelerator makes it impossible to allocate capital to things that work. Collapse if you do, collapse if you don't.

Catch 22, my fellow bitchez.


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How long it goes and how corrupt along the way determines the size of the collapse (Ref. the USSR).  Apparently we have no problem now with making the collapse so big it will one day quickly and irrevocably alter our nation's place on the world stage, not to mention the standard of living enjoyed by those who live here.  

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Brought to you by the current Administration, accelerating the debacle

The Cloward Piven Strategy

That's the ticket!
It'll stop when it's naught but a shithole banana republic, a nationwide urban Detroit or rural W Virginia Appalachia.

When there's no more for the elite to soak out of the people.


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Why do you assume the USA will remain a single unit?

What is good for New York or Washington isn't necessarily what is good for Texas or Arkansas.

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I'm not so sure it will remain a single unit. But I'm quite sure TPTB will do everything in their power, including the mass slaughter of as many Americans as make sure it DOES remain a single unit, totally under their control, as it is today.

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I'm all for shrinking our role in the world circus.

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look to spain - 3.67 int on bonds(drastic improvment), 25 percent unemployment, sugar daddy underwrite-we will "do what it takes", just a fucking mess if you remove any form of support. think unemployment near 15 percent here with massive support system.  to get to real unemployment number, one needs to factor gub freebies that keep people supported...

apples to apple i'm guessing we are not much better off and heading toward worse.

thank our lucky rabbit tails we have the worlds reserve currency to abuse the hell out of...

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Many of these people are poor in part because of chronic mismanagement of their lives. I had a roomate that was dirt poor and would trade welfare in one shape or another for cigarettes and alcohol. He never had enough food but he continued to waste his resources.

Im not saying he deserved the aid but it would be difficult to write the laws in a way to keep him from getting that money while continuing to pay out to someone who needed it.  That being said, lifelong welfare is a terrible idea.

I say give em room and board and govt schools that offer training for trades and daycare for children. 

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Won't they have more children if I take care of their children? Won't they pursue a useless education if I pay for it?

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would they fuck your significant other if you gave them a free condom?

answer:you missed the point, trick question, they are already fucking you-ha...

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I wish I knew where to apply for all this free gov't money; it seems to only exist in the minds of ZH readers.

Millionaires paying less tax than their housekeepers grouse about the poor getting too much bread and gruel.

Oliver Swift. We need a new Dickens.

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MsCreant spot on.  I do feel sorry for the kids.  I contracted with a local housing authority for 19 years.  I saw it all the time.  Parents going to the store buying food and selling it for cigarette and booze money.  The kids ate Kraft macroni and cheese.  What pisses me off is they give alot of these people EBT and then have to feed to children in the schools because their deadbeat parents do not feed them properly at home.  The children are nothing more then checks from the government.  The mother has two or more children all from different daddies to provide them with EBT cards.

I too agreed with commenters view on poverty in them those parts as nothing new.

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oh the kids....don't worry about them as their are other 'programs' to feed and educate them.....the .gov is in every corner looking after the tikes (so they can become future debt slaves)....

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As if those people had other options

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That cartoon is 'what is' and should be contrasted with 'what should be'.

What should be is banksters et al. raining down on the sidewalks and streets of NYC.

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It's called ham and meth on rye.

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In the olden days of America charities and mutual aid societies all of voluntary accord were the norm and there was accountability with who was legitimately having a hard time and could use temporary assistance. It was wholesome aid, too, as these charities were very conservative Evangelical ones and there is a real connection made when one sees where the money one is donating is going, as opposed to the anonymity of welfare programs. There was integrity and dignity back then, whereas now it's about gaming the system, like with this laundering seen here as you're referring to, and there is no oversight because government monopolizes the aid system for those having hard times and instead of sobering up and having to show progress in their life to the people who are giving them money and maybe teaching them skills, they can just go to .govt and get the handout and all sorts of feel good new age BS like how they endorse people to go out and get as much free shit as possible, including aliens advertised on billboards.



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It is better to think such people display potential.  If ever they needed to compete they appear somewhat enterprising. 

Most people are like electricity.  They follow the path of least resistance.  If you are in that path you will be shocked at what hits you.

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So instead of crying about what are the solutions to this?  Throw everyone off and let the honest 50% starve to death?  Possible it could be worth the cost just to hold together what's left of the social fabric because if everyone that thinks they are 'safe' from this suddenly realize 50% of everyone else isn't that's going to be a problem for everyone.

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It is a heck of a note that Fast-food jobs are being looked upon as "they're very fortunate to have it".

I remember 8 years ago saying that the PTB needed to lower our standard of living instead of trying to lift the world up to our standard.

They've suceeded.

Come on people, we can do better. Let's start by getting rid of the stinking sacks-o-crap currently smelling up our House.

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When everyone is dirt poor, no one will be dirt poor. At that point you won't even remember what being "Rich" was.

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A cousin in NC was happy his college degreed kid got a job as an Assistant Manager in a fast food place.  Down there it was considered to be a 'good' job.  The father has been in and out of work (workign about half the time) for the last 6 years.  The Fortune 500 company that owned the plant he used to work for sold the place off a decade back.  If you wanted to keep working there you saw a 40% cut in wages.  Many took their 401K's and ran - only to see tat value tank if they left it in company stock.  He got a job teaching in the local CC (HVAC and such) but saw that cut, eventually got a job with the local city and then was let go......  nothing left that pays decent.

Most of the factory jobs were sent overseas, construction died and other than that...  you've got hog factories and tobacco farming.

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When all you've got is hog factories and tobacco farming.  Make smoked pork!

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Too funny, making a blanket statement about "NC". Have you ever been here? Charlotte is doing fine and the research triangle is booming. Some of the mountain region is struggling (other than Boone and Asheville) but the coast is OK. NC is wider than Florida is long, it's a big state with 3 distinct regions. Anecdotes are great, unless they paint with too broad a brush. 

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Research triangle 'should' be fine.....government contracts

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And Charlotte's fine simply because it's one of the largest banking centers in the country. NASCAR sure as hell ain't it.

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@ El Oregonian;

"I remember 8 years ago saying that the PTB needed to lower our standard of living instead of trying to lift the world up to our standard."

Creating "equality".  That's been the liberal cause in the US for at least 50 yrs.   So now they're applying it globally, how did they create this "equality"?  By lowering standards and giving special priveleges, of course.

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Where do you see equality?

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(1) A bridge may symbolize any sort of transition in the dreamer's life. Freud gives the example of a woman who wants to be a man, and consequently dreams of bridges that don't quite reach the other side of the river. However, the symbolized change may be something that can be acheived more easily, but still possibly requiring will and determination; fot example, a change of lifestyle, or passing from middle years into old age.

(2) The bridge is a means of crossing a river, and even crossing from one country to another - foreign, new, strange - country. It may therefore symbolize a critical juncture in your life: for example, about whether you are going to be able to go through with a change from living on your own to living with a partner (or the reverse); from one job to another; from one set of values to another.

(3) It may represent the male sexual organ, which 'bridges the gap' between male and female sexual partners.

(4) It may also symbolize birth - that is, the crossing from 'the other world' to this, or from womb to an independent existence.

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And that is why college grads can't find jobs-because they're taught the psycho babble you just spewed about bridges, instead of how to build them.