Philippine Navy Adds To Regional Arms Build-Up As China Words (And Deeds) Escalate

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Submitted by Luke Hunt via The Diplomat,

The Philippine navy hopes to add two more warships to its fleet as Southeast Asian countries continue to expand their militaries in response to the Chinese government’s increasingly assertive territorial ambitions in the South China Sea, also known as the West Philippine Sea.


Armed forces chief of staff General Emmanuel Bautista said the new acquisitions would come under the fresh U.S. military assistance plan announced last month by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry when he visited the Philippines.

China began widening its territorial claims about five years ago to include nearly all of the seas dividing Southeast Asian countries and their northern neighbor. The claims defy international standards and maritime law, and Beijing refuses to have the dispute heard before an international court.

Its attitude has angered Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines, but the four countries have struggled to forge a united front within the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) when dealing with Beijing over the issue.

Adding to recent tensions was Liu Yazhou, political commissar at the People’s Liberation Army National Defense University, who said in a magazine interview that the Chinese military could match the U.S. by “seizing opportunities.”

“An army that fails to achieve victory is nothing,” Liu was quoted as saying by a defense magazine “Those borders where our army has won victories are more peaceful and stable, but those where we were too timid have more disputes.”

That type of language again irritated its neighbors.

The Vietnamese have for the first time publicly marked a naval battle fought against China over disputed islands 40 years ago. Commemorations came a month after the Chinese government published new rules requiring foreign fishing vessels to seek Beijing’s permission to operate in much of the South China Sea.

Taiwan has rejected those regulations, described by some as potentially state piracy, while others have rejected or ignored them.

Vietnam has also moved to bolster its own defenses, taking delivery of its first Russian-made Kilo class submarine, which is part of substantial military upgrade by Hanoi – primarily through a multi-billion-dollar deal with Moscow. Malaysia has also added two French-made Scorpene submarines, boosting its own maritime capabilities.

Indonesia and Singapore are also expanding their fleets in what The New York Times described as “The Submarine Race in Asia.” The paper noted that much of this arms competition was being propelled by growing wealth in Southeast Asia but added these countries and China should realize that increasing their armaments can only undermine their security as well as the stability that nurtures their economies.

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I want US military assistance. And, while you're at it Yellen, up my FAFSA.

ACP's picture

Shit's been happening since the US left the islands years ago. China has been putting up flags all over the place because no one was there to stop them. This is nothing new.

Anusocracy's picture

Sort of like how the US scored Hawaii?

Manthong's picture

Maybe it's crazy thinking, but there might be a renewed value to Subic. 

..or Olangapo.

kralizec's picture

ChiCom's might as well draw a dotted line around most of Asia and Pacific would illustrate their desire and be about as meaningful as tits on a bull.

StormShadow's picture

I have been waiting SO long to need these instructions again...looks like the wait is about to come to an end!!

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off topic but worth the time , history of anglo-american spookdum

Muppet Pimp's picture

US and Phillipines Relations go back a ways. 

Little blast from the past:



Nobody For President's picture

I'll be damned. I've got some of those coins from the 1930's and '40s, always wondered if they were worth anything. Gonna will them to my grandson...

Joenobody12's picture

Like I said, I dont want the job. OK, I 'll be a senator then. I cant beat those mother fuckers, might as well join them. At least I can trade on insider information without consequence. It is the law ! 

Seize Mars's picture

LOL. This shit is so predictable it's pathetic.

Hey PTB, your Syria bullshit was an epic shitshow. So turn up the back burner, namely Asia. You guys keep enough shit simmering so that when a burner needs to be turned up it's easy.

Anyways your schemes are medieval. Wars to cover up monetary shit? Jesus, that's so 1914.

What a laugh. You guys can't even start a war right. I could do better myself.

Seize Mars's picture

By the way, remember when they sent the aging Enterprise into the eastern Mediterranean as a sitting duck false flag waiting to happen?

Just wait for the epic shitshow about to unfold. They'll sink that USS Impeccable just for openers (Korean War era minesweeper).

Carpenter1's picture

1914 indeed, ZH'ers could do a better job of bringing in the NWO than the "elites" who are nothing but a bunch of incomptent, inbred wannabes. Watching their methods has become predictable, boring. 


Guess it still works on the sheep tho, man, cant imagine being that stupid.

Freddie's picture

Somebody help me here.  After we left Vietnam about 1980 or so - didn't China enter Vietnam with troops and tehy got their asses kicked by the Vietnamese?

Found it.   Yeah it was China trying to keep Vietnam out of Cambodia and China was not happy that Vietnam was buddying up with the USSR. The Vietnamese were also claiming the Spratlys.

These ****ing Asian peoples wear me out.  Hard enough to keep track of all of MIC/NWO's USSA wars.

The word was Vietnam kicked China's asshole.

Seize Mars's picture

Good one Freddie, nice observation

PacOps's picture

We left Nam mid '75 (I left at the end of '72). Yes - the Viets kicked China's ass as they have multiple times over the past several thousand years.

aleph0's picture

"The word was Vietnam kicked China's asshole."


"Viet" comes from the Chinese word "Yueh" ... the name for the "old" Southern half of China

2K+ years ago, the Viets were part of Southern China.


willwork4food's picture

Well shit. San Francisco just lost which took out $70 from my local economy and makes me want to hang a few referees.

Now what were you saying about wW3?

syntaxterror's picture

Worst officiating I've ever seen in a game. Last week, Carolina was the victim.

samcontrol's picture

jajaj, I have seen way worse,
games are rigged,

After that lousy non fumble call...
Do you really think that fumble was really a funble. please .. some douch on Spanish fox actually said. it was a "higher" justice.

Super Bowl prediction... Manning retires one way or the other. (he wins,, they break his neck(again)).

kralizec's picture

Going to be better scripted than pro wrestling...

Dr. Engali's picture

Yawn.... Wake me when China starts claiming American territories......oh wait:

China's Newest City: We Call It 'Detroit'

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Dear China,  I'll let you conquer US soil one Detroit property at a time.

Have nice rentals to sell:  good condition, paying tennants.  Will sell LLCs that own them free & clear 100%.  Will accept a mix of CNY, Pandas and BTC.  Call Kirk at his 'handle' on hushmail.  Shay shay nee.

Kirk out.

Seize Mars's picture

By the way, I wish this was OT, but it isn't really:

Here is some protesting in Kiev, with two riot cops getting their brains beaten in by the mob:

Trucker Glock's picture

"Stop swingin' the bat.  Put the bat down, Wendy.  Wendy, give me the bat."

Hubbs's picture

I like you Lloyd. You are the best goddamned bartender from Timbuktu to Portland Maine, or Portland Oregon for that matter.


Thank-you for saying so Mr Torrance.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Practice the Solomon solution and the problem will be solved.  Drop several hundred smart mines around the islands and no-one will get them for the next ten years,


Element's picture

A weak and poor country like Philippines is going to have to start thinking more like Hezbollah (or even Iran) if they want to deter an aggressive overbearing naval and air power breathing down their necks. Hezbollah aligned with the right strategic and cultural allies, developed practical realistic and effective tactics against major units, then obtained the right weapons, training and intelligence to make it work. Philippines also need to do a lot of work on their diplomatic linkages and their effectiveness. Certainly the Vietnamese can partner with them, very effectively, as can others.

These states would also be very unwise to rely on western powers to come to their aid, or to ultimately bail them out. In strategic conflicts your friendly savior often becomes your regretful and apologetic betrayer, or worse, simply unavailable when needed, even to act as a deterrent or a stabilizer.

Australia found that same thing out about the former British superpower Allies during WWII. They were quite useless. Fortunately the US had setup and goaded Japan to attack, so that they could defeat them and take the entire Pacific.

China is finally trying to get a foothold in the Pacific, but they'll find the same thing as Japan did, that the US will hold it, or else take it back. As broke and financially as well as socially ruined as the US is today, they were a financial social basket-case in 1933 as well, as were the British. But that didn't matter in 1945, so China should be very careful as I don't think they're being very realistic.

chump666's picture

Like a bad comedy:

America and Capitan Screwball...could set it off any-day. Now if we got this problem, can you imagine the Chinese and Japanese military trigger happy crazies?  Frightening.

WASHINGTON — The “missileers” who oversee America’s land-based nuclear arsenal were once seen as the tip of the spear for the US military during the tense days of the Cold War. But now the crews face questions about their discipline, their professionalism and even the rationale for their job. Revelations this week that missile launch officers cheated on a proficiency exam — the latest in a stream of embarrassing incidents — has put the spotlight on a force that has posed a recurring headache to commanders for years. After announcing 34 officers had been suspended over the cheating at Malmstrom base in Montana, Air Force leaders called the scandal “unacceptable” and vowed to rectify the problem. But concerns about declining standards in the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) force are nothing new.


In recent months, two senior commanders have been sacked for misbehavior, including the head of the ICBM force after he went on a drunken bender in a trip to Russia.

In October, officials said missile officers were caught twice failing to close the blast doors on their bunkers, violating a strict security rule. And authorities say crew members are under criminal investigation for illegal drug possession. 

And we in a cold war now!


Colonel Klink's picture

That really sucks!  My dad was one of the original missileers out of Sembach Germany.  Sad to see such an important role falling to such depths.

There some pretty cool history and pics on the site.  Yes my father is in a few of the pics, no I won't point him out for obvious reasons.

PS - The NSA can lick my balls.

chump666's picture

That is wild that your dad was a missileer!  Fascinated with cold war history.

Thanks for the link.

Colonel Klink's picture

I've always thought it was cool.  I posted on here several weeks ago, that my German grandfather was an AA gunner on Hitler's train too.  All sorts of interesting history in my family.

My father was also a paul bearer for the astronauts that died in the Apollo I fire.  He was part of the honor guard who loaded them at the air station in Florida before being sent to their families.

EDIT:  Thanks for taking the time to comment.

mvsjcl's picture

I remember watching Dr. Paul Bearer on channel 44 out of St. Pete when I was a kid. Creature Feature, I think. Thanks for the memory, Col.

Colonel Klink's picture

LOL, damn I even looked up the spelling trying to get it right.  Eff me running!

Pall-bearer, what do I know.  I was 1 month old when it happened.  Guess that excuse doesn't work for the the misspelling.  Damn!

Trucker Glock's picture

China is building a fighting force of extra-ordinary magnitude.  We have their gratitude.

gwar5's picture

Philipines are outmatched but I wouldn't underestimate them. They've been in shooting scrapes with Muslims for a couple of decades now and they have a gun culture with relatively low crime. Armed guards are everywhere except the dry cleaners. China will win but concessions may have to be given.

I wish China would up their game and dispute some islands with the Norks. That would be a good one.


Spungo's picture

Why is everyone concerned? Isn't China's military equipment made in China? I wouldn't be surprised if their nuclear weapons cured cancer instead of causing it.

Trucker Glock's picture

China exports their junk to us.  I think their weaponry is higher quality than the typical import desk lamp.  Norinco makes some good small arms.

Hubbs's picture

I remember readng an article about a torture test comparison bewteen a Norinco knock off  vs the real Springfield M1A 20 years ago.

Springfield wrote the publisher asking about a contest. The publisher said sure, we'll do it, but here are the rules:


1.) We the publisher will buy the guns from our own gun stores anonomously.We don't want Springfield or Norinco sending us a ringer instead  of what the public would buy.

2.) The results of the test would be published, no matter who won.

3.) The publisher would select it's shooters under controlled settings, tables side by side, shooting the same rate of fire, etc.


Springfield accepted these terms


After 10,000 rounds, magazine after magazine, and two dips in a 55 gallon drum of water to cool the rifle barell, the Springfield kept firing.  The Norinco clone failed after just a few hundred rounds. 467 I believe.


OOraah Springfield MIA!  What a magnificient, manly, rugged, beautiful firearm...I like it even better than the HK (Heckler and Koch) of which I also own several. (No offense HK).  But when someone asks me what firearm I would want if I could only have one, I would say "Make mine an M1A, caliber .308."


Forget the Chinese crap. It breaks out of the box. 

Trucker Glock's picture

Like my Springfield M1A also.  Wish it wasn't so fooking heavy.

Lordflin's picture

China needs a war... so does the West. Only way for the thugs to remain in power... 50 trillion dollars printed amongst four currencies during the past twelve months, and the winner of the group at 18 trillion... the Chinese... How much longer before the world's major fiat currencies reach their true value, and then the fun really starts... No, war is the only way out...

evernewecon's picture



Even as Beijing's choking on its

own smog?


Smog's supposedly actually much

reduced in L.A. vs. years ago.


Manila's certainly more vulnerable

looking.  Tokyo can always tow the

S.S. Fukushima to the Senkaku Islands.



I Think Only Mediation And

Cooperation Make 



I Think A Mediator Can Be Ignored Or 

Seen As Flawed Or Naive.

There's A Protagonist In A 

Novel That's

Celebrated Precisely Because

He's Not Fully Likable, Not 

Self-Affirming.  That Can Apply

To A Mediator As Well.

America's Causing Doubts

Even At Home.

This Implies An Economics Of

Sociology, An Anti-Fragility

Or Group Think Of Nations, 

Though I Import Anti-Fragility

As I Use It In Economics--

Process Informed, Feeling 

It's Otherwise The Jungle

In Both Economics Or Social


Democratically Based Nations

So Cooperating Would Be 

More Like The 6 Nations Of

The Iroquois

(Additive to European philosophy.

Today the women would be on the



Than Are The

Members Of The U.N., Whose

Representatives Come From

Economies That Are Often Not

Fully Committed To All Their

Citizens' Living Long And


The More Democracy, The

More Trust, The More 

Cooperation.   But Common

People Can See In Advance

They Need To Cooperate

And Save Their Habitat.


That Lack Of Sense Of 

Birthright Might Be Seen

Reflected In The Dances With

Wolves Scene Wherein Only

The New Inhabitants Killed

The Buffalo For Sport Alone.



The Natives Sensed Both

Birthright In Their Animal

Ecology And Even Their Own

Dependence On Its Long

Term Endurance.

How Much Easier That Must

Have Made Sharing That 

Sense Of Humble With Their


The Next Generation May

Depend On Democracy,

A Shared Sense Of Humble,

And Cooperation Being 

Achieved Everywhere.

But That Would Immediately 

Obviate Spending The 

Equivalent Of $Trillions

Worldwide On Weaponry,

 With All Of It Available For

 Redirection Toward Saving Our 

Habitat And Feeding The 

World With Wholesome Food.




The Rwandans Are Using

Solar Energy To Power


Ever More  Laptops For Their



Compare Philadelphia:




To Them Washington, Moscow,

Beijing, Ottawa, And Canberra

All Look Backward Staking 

Their Futures On A Commodity

Destroying The Habitat, And

Substantially Oligarchical

In The Case Of Certain Of


But I Don't Think The Rancher

200 Miles From San Antonio's

The Problem.  

We Just Don't Need To Destroy

The Arctic Or Gulf Of Mexico Or

Go To War.   Australia Shouldn't

Destroy Its Own Great Barrier



To Say It Makes Sense To 

Strategically Plan For Oil 

Access Simultaneously While

Geo-Engineering Is About As

Sensible As Saying The U.S.

And Its Real Estate Market

Are In The Midst Of A Strong

Recovery In The Middle Of

QE, Let Alone Janet Yellen's

QE For However Much For 

However Long It Takes.

The Former's Just Oil Centric

While The Latter's Bank




Suppose Chinese Urbandwellers

Say They Don't Need Sinopec

 (SHI) So Much, Anymore. 

They're Going To Go All

Copenhagen One Way Or The




Suppose They Go To War To

Supply SHI Ever More Just

The Same.

Suppose SHI's Partly Run By

CP Cronies.

Suppose It's Decided Someday

The Yuan's Value's Partly

Dependent On The Ability Of 

China To Provide Not Just

SHI But CEO With Fuel To Sell


Then, It's Not Actually An 

Economic Process That's Centric

To The Full Population, Nor Is It

Reflective Of Democratically

Informed Economics, Because

Any Nation's Cities Would Benefit

From Not Seeing Their Nation 

Devote A Lot Of Resources To 

Weaponry Or Training Soldiers

 To Kill.  Their Quality Of Life 

Would Be Much Improved By 

Being More Like Copenhagen.

To Search For Oil By Destroying

One's Own Water Supply 

Is Also Not Logical From The

Democratic Viewpoint Of A

Full Population.


And Now, As If That Wasn't

Enough,  We've Already Sunk

Some Pacific Nations.

Our Demagogues Deny 

There's Global Warming.

Moscow And Ottawa Have 

Every Intention Of Quickly And

Methodically Destroying The


Even If You Live In San Antonio

And Have Family Living On 

A Ranch Receiving Royalties

A Couple Hundred Miles Away,

How's Destroying The Arctic

Supposed To Help You?


The less all the above happens,

the more valuable your oil is

until only renewables are needed.




SilverFish's picture

You motherfucker, stop posting like a chimpanze.

Colonel Klink's picture

Go choke on some carbon credits asshole.

evernewecon's picture


To my own comment, which was a reply:


It Appears To Me While TPP

Combines Non-Democratic Controls

Within Participating Nations While

Purposely Excluding China.


(Disagrees with:)


That Resonates With Japan's

Fear For Energy Independence

Prior To WWII, Though Its

Embarkation On War At The

Time Plainly Appears Having

Had An Imperialist Aim Of Its



Spungo's picture

China is getting too crowded and running low on resources so we need to expand into the vast areas of Japan and Philippines. Herp derp.