Obamacare's Critical Success Factor Summarized (In One Cartoon)

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This is who we are pinning the hopes and dreams of Obamacare's success on?



(h/t Sunday Funnies at The Burning Platform blog)

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JLee2027's picture

And whose going to pay his premiums?

Mr Pink's picture

They will pay when healthcare.gov accepts empty pizza boxes and crunchy kleenex

Crash Overide's picture

All Obamacare needs is Justin Bieber telling kids Sizzurp is covered in the copay...


The original formula:

Promethazine w/Codeine syrup
Any fruit flavored soda
A jolly rancher

Put it all in a styrofoam cup and enjoy. The codeine is mainly responsible for the euphoria felt after drinking sizzurp. Promethazine causes motor skill impairment, lethargy, and extreme drowsiness. If it doesn't have promethazine, it ain't real sizzurp.

NoDebt's picture

It's a bit tough to buy healthcare if you don't even have a job.  And little incentive if you can ride on your parent's insurance till you're 26 (assuming they have a job).

The fuse is already lit on this bomb.

Unfortunately, the next thing that happens is the government will supply bail-outs to the insurance companies to make them whole (and prevent radical increases in the already-high preminums and deductibles) when adverse selection's teeth really start to bite.  Everyone wins.  Except taxpayers, of course.

AldousHuxley's picture

auto insurance != automobile

health insurance != healthcare




James's picture

All thats done already NoDebt.

Any patient who incurs over 40k in costs per year the .gov picks up the tab over that.

A Nanny Moose's picture

 Rhetorically speaking....why the styrofoam cup? Why not glass, paper, gold, silver, or wood?

Better living through chemistry.

jeff montanye's picture

because it's only the one month anniversary?

2¢Wurth's picture

We need to come up with a term more descriptive than " younger 'adult' ."

davinci7_gis's picture

Hey, don't worry about it.  When the health insurance companies begin to go bankrupt, Obama will bail them out just like he did with the banks and then they will be part of the Federal governemnt..and that's how he'll get his single payer system!  Sad....so sad!

derek_vineyard's picture

my son a recent state university grad with no loans wants to thank you all for providing him free health care as he intends to do internships, travel and work part time while living at home and stay below the poverty line for the foreseeable future until real opportunity comes his way. 

Things that go bump's picture

My granddaughter would like to thank Obamacare for getting her work week cut back from 37 hours a week to 27. She is expected to produce in 27 hours what she used to produce in 37. She has informed her employer it is quite impossible as she produces an actual finished product and at 75% of the hours she can only produce 75% of the product. It still takes the same amount of time to decorate a cake. 

Not Too Important's picture

At least she will still have a job as Obama yells "Let them eat cake!"

JLee2027's picture

I thought Moochelle already ate it.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Speaking of the Wookie's eating habits..has anybody actually seen Barry lately?

2¢Wurth's picture

He's recovering from the 50th party.  Nothing like a big blowout to remind you what you've been hitched to for 21 and a half long slogged-out years.  I would be hunched over the porcelain throne too.

Carl Popper's picture

Being married to the Wookie would make me hang out at the bath houses too

Things that go bump's picture

And she will be in the enviable position of having her cake and eating it too.

Tom_333's picture

Resource allocation...the eternal problem. Only logical way to solve this is to move to single payer system. Then again - who will be picking up the tab at the end of the day? Or more likely have it deducted directly out of the pay check. If you have a pay check. If you don´t have a pay check...it can be taken out of benefits...or more likely be pushed on to someone else. Who will have to pay more to off-set the losses for those that do not have any substantial income. In fact that is how socialized medicine works. The bills will have to be payed one way or the other. That in combination with restraints on how much resources are thrown at the medical problem at hand. After all ,  thinking that you deserve full medical attention per current standards may just be a view...your view and may not fit with the views of the system. The system. Wonderful word.

Offthebeach's picture

Who pays?

Dollar savers, and the no job, mal-skilled, in debt 30 year old youths.

Of course they can't so they won't.

Print dollars.

I am more equal than others's picture



You are not living up to the implied social contract.                       OK, just die already.

Not Too Important's picture

"The problem won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die." - Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso.


Tom_333's picture

Problem is...such views do not apply personally to those that hold such views. Of course. Which means that no matter what there will be different standards applied to different folks. Wait...where did I read something like that...different value of different people in different age brackets. Wasn´t it that Emmanuel guy. The one from Harvard interested in medical ethical questions...?

So then we are back to to inequity in healtch care based on things like projected societal value...or just how much money you have.

Carl Popper's picture

I dont see anything wrong with the "problem" as you put it. I guess all the statist control and huge dysfunctional governmentt and coercion and theft it takes to provide something for nothing to the FSA is Aok with you

Dr. Engali's picture

Can't mom I have to run down to the nearest cannabis store, and pick up some brownies.

artless's picture


Funny and maybe some truth there but the kids at which you direct the comment are the ones who are gonna get truly fucked for the rest of their lives for mostly what the generations or their parents and grandparents have done or allowed to happen.

The "greatest generation" will be recrowned BY NECESSITY because some future generation (hey, maybe mine the Gen xers) will BE FORCED to clean up the absolute shit mess that those who are over 55 now or already dead and gone left the rest of with.

So if the "kids" decide to let it all just burn I for one do not blame them. THEY did not fuck it up.


GeezerGeek's picture

FWIW, most of the "greatest generation" have assumed room temperature. That's the generation that survived the depression, beat the Axis powers in WW II, and went on to raise the most disfunctional generation of children ever, the Baby Boomers (of which I am one, on the leading edge.) Too many on ZH keep referring to the Boomers as the "greatest generation". If any subsequent generation wants to clean up the mess begun under FDR (if not Wilson or Teddy Roosevelt) they should start by never again electing a Boomer to any office, even dog catcher. Hear that, all you clueless Hillary-sycophants?

Dr. Engali's picture

I agree wholeheartedly. I feel for the future generations who have had their inheritance squandered by those who had to have it now. Hopefully when this shit finally collapses in on itself they can build something better.

Not Too Important's picture

When "this shit finally collapses in on itself" there won't be something better down the line. Fukushima will see to that. We're going to get 'The Road', then 'On The Beach'. The next generation will have nothing but mutated DNA strands  - if their parents even take the massive risk of having kids. The Japanese women are choosing abortions in increasing numbers, miscarriage and Infant Mortality rates are skyrocketing both in Japan and the US/Canada, while the mutants that are born in Japan now never see life outside the delivery room.

There aren't going to be 'future generations' that have any chance of a lifestyle worth living. And our Masters? Money can't fix this shit. They're reaping what their parents sowed.

Kyle was right to short Japan. The question is who's going to pay off when they're all sick and dying? Sue in a Japanese court when the judges are all sick and dying? What a fucking nightmare.

kadoka's picture

Inheritance squandered?  LOL.  My kids are welcome to everything I have when I am dead but be VERY clear it is NOT their inheritance until I am dead.  This idea that we owe an inheritance to anyone is about as stupid as a concept can be.   Maybe you think someone owes you their money but I don't have my sights set on anyone elses money or inheritance.  I make it on my own and expect my kids to do the same.  If you inherit something, that is just a pleasant bonus not  something owed to you. I have worked every day since I was 15 (45 years of working and counting).  Don't act like I am some freeloader spending whats not mine. 

Dr. Engali's picture

It's thinking like that which has pulled the wealth of future generations forward through debt so that the gotta have it all crowd can be satisfied. Future generations will be paying for this folly for a long time.

AldousHuxley's picture

with folks living till 90s, your "kids" will get inheritance at age 60 when the prime of their lives are past and wealth won't be that meaningful.


boomers grabbed wealth generated by putting the country in debt similar to that of leveraged buyout.

Make USA go in debt, give money to those who don't deserve it, capture profit by selling to the welfare recipients, tell kids it was all smarts and hardwork and luck of timing had nothing to do with it.


wars will disappear if you put old man on the front lines and have them pay for it as well.

hootowl's picture

Wars will disappear when those who declare war and their spawn will be the ones required to fight them.

Offthebeach's picture

Leverage buyout. ( Mitt was the man. To bad. He could of made it so smooth, slick )
I prefer a Mafi bustout.
Say they take over a marginal dinner. They order massive liquor orders from every distributer they can, shrimp steak lobster from the purveyors.
It all goes on the dinners good credit and out the back converted to cash. They make Stavos take out 1st and second mortgages, hit Citi, AmEx to the max, siff the employees. And then screw.

Detroit, Chicago, the old GM and countless befor and to come until the dollar itself lays leg spread, raccooned eyed, bleeding and oozing from all orifices like a cracked out Fairfield blond turned Harlem street whore.

GeezerGeek's picture

Is medical marijuana covered by Choom-O-care?

Not Too Important's picture

Pot gets legalized, prices go up and the sick people that really need it can't afford it. The ultimate irony would be if Choom-O-Care subsidizes it, while we're still paying trillions for the 'War On Drugs'.

If you pitched a movie with this whole script, you'd get laughed out of town.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

As a result of legalization in California, producers have seen a reduction in the amount they can charge. There is a glut of high potency weed which can legally be sold. Who would have thought that? No one except a producer of anything.

Market forces and all that silly shit.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

There is a glut of high potency weed

worry not good citizen!  the central planners will surely fix that free market right up for you just as soon as the Monsanto patents on marijuana get approved. 

MedicalQuack's picture

The everything/anything health insurance company now in the urgent care clinic business...United/Optum..2 opening in Texas...will these be placed across the street from hospital ER rooms:)  Maybe not Dignity hospitals, they have another arrangement with another United subsidairy to make money on billing...


Now we have the RNC entering the picture and they want to fix everything..it's bad enough we have such an excellent HHS director that really knows her stuff when it comes to Health IT, so here comes the challengers...(grin)...augh...the Sebelius syndrome is non partisan..this would be like me telling a mechanic how to fix my care..doesn't work that way...


Heroic Couplet's picture

Have Mitt Romney go to Massachusetts, where his RomneyCare program has been running for x years, and try to find one user who has dropped RomneyCare b/c of something said on the Faux Entertainment Channel. There won't be anyone.

nmewn's picture

So, you can actually opt out of being forced into buying health insurance in Massachusetts? ;-)

disabledvet's picture

didn't fact check but the headline "only those who already have insurance are buying the ACA" did stand out. Not a resident of the fine State of Taxachussets...having said that it is interesting to ruminate on the implications of "zero ACA" plus what has been going on in that State vis a vis health care for some time.

As far as I can tell "they're it" when it comes to universal coverage...which sounds very expensive to me right now.


nmewn's picture

Extremely expensive, if I recall correctly, only in Vichy DC are insurance costs higher...and I did note, that in the centrally planned world of the statist mind, there was a deafening "No Comment!!!" on the absolute force & coercion (let alone the cost) of it all.

Quite "progressive" ;-)

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Face it, everything Obama has done or thought has already been done better and at a lower cost by a Republican.

That is really what you are saying, when you point out that is was done by Bush, Mitt, Reagan, ect, when you defend your wet dream half a cracker wanna be king.

Obama is waiting for his choom session, get on your knees.

Offthebeach's picture

Romneycare, always on and growing federal 0.5-1 billion dollar hand out was in further hiden hand collapse. Doctors quitting, nurse/worker income falling, hospitals closing, lots of rent seeking and gaming.
Now its even worse with Obamacare showing up like a thug at a tripple decker house party.

Mittens, the always carpetbagger has left the plantation, having gotten what he wanted, his resume, his ticket punched as a wimpy, political hack who couldn't play in the big leagues. He got p-wiped. by a guy named Hussain.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Read an article by Eric Peters not long ago where he posited Oblamo Kare will be the death knell of the provider state for the simple reason the over grasping criminals FRONT loaded the costs while back loading the Benefits.

Any true socialist ponzi MUST do the opposite, like Social Security or Medicade.

This Obama care will burn as the pain comes before the pleasure; even a bacteria will retreat from inhospitable conditions.

So, too, will the FSA - although their speed might be slower than bacteria.

Not Too Important's picture

This isn't socialism/facism. This is the quite successful steady march to totalitarianism. Well done, sirs.

The rest of us, not so much.