Bill Gross On Central Banker Bartenders

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First Obama opines on the benefits of pot, now Bill Gross discusses the recommended daily allowance of the central bank drink menu.

He forgot to add the ECB, which over the past month, the market has been betting aggressively will be the next bank to slam the CTRL and P buttons.

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In that context, Old Yellen is no teetotaler !

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May strengthen the dollar.  All fiats are relative.


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"Breaking Bad" is really the best analogue to Central Banking in popular culture today.  

What QE is "monetary meth" and all the CBers are Walter White/Jesse Pinkman in some Western-styled showdown.  

Got a cancerous domestic economy?   Print moar meth for the banker crack zombies.

Showdown between Mexican (non-US) and US cartel (WW)?  Lace their alcohol with poison.  

What the world wil see soon in the final episode is the equivalent of the redneck whtie supremacist gang that enslaves these operatons to their own ends, throwing Jesse (Yellen) into the pit and making him/her print imprisoned in chains. 


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What is your point Bill (aside from "buy my funds")?  Looking for moar government largesse?  I know where you live in Corona Del Mar, don't get cocky fucker.

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these treasuries are going to flatten. "where else will all that global QE go?" we'll see if the dollar can move higher on the would be unheard of relative to interest rate differentials and growth premiums. we do have the biggest energy boom in US history however so that will put a bid in the "movement" space. Moreover we have been downgraded so that might limit the upside.

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Coming from a guy who has made his fortune moving paper around.

Hey Bill, you ARE a moneychanger dipshit!


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Right, I see that "energy boom" has lead to shortages of natural gas.

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He must take double shots to the back of the head...

Sleazy fuckers..

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I'm more inclined to think Bond Bukkake Bill takes a "gross" of double shots to the face.

In Davos it's known as Quantitative Easing, that needs a target.

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but it does take away the shakes...

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Bitch, I smoke monetary PCP all day

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twill be one hell of a hang over ..this party sucks anyhow so it won't even have been worth it : (

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He's saying the same shit everyone on here says 100x a day, so are you all nothing but a bunch of fucking liberals and just hate everyone with any sort of wealth indiscriminately now? 

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Yes, he is, but Bill is not a happy camper.  He want's to find something sensible to do with money at his scale.  Not an easy task.

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I still don't see how we get to hyper inflation with no jobs, piss ant wages, and Obumercare sucking all the cash flow out of everyone.

Lots of write-offs and blown out real estate left to work through.

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"I still don't see how we get to hyper inflation with no jobs, piss ant wages, and Obumercare sucking all the cash flow out of everyone." - How?  In a word, scarcity or the death of a currency.

In one case, the essential supplies (that the 7+ billion of us need to survive), simply are not available,

in the other case, I may have those supplies, but simply won't accept you bullshit paper promises in exchange for them.

That clear things up for you?

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised sharply its growth forecast for the UK economy.

It now expects the economy to grow 2.4% this year - faster than any other major European economy - against its previous forecast of 1.9%. In 2015, it expects growth of 2.2%.

This brings its 2014 forecast in line with that of the UK's Office for Budget Responsibility.

The IMF also raised its global growth outlook slightly to 3.7%.

"Global growth is expected to increase in 2014 after having been stuck in a low gear in 2013," its latest report said.

The world's largest economy, the US, is expected to grow by 2.8% this year, an improvement on the previous estimate of 2.6% that the IMF made in October.

It expects the euro area as a whole to grow by 1%. "The euro area is turning a corner from recession to recovery," the IMF said. However, it added the pickup would be weaker in economies that have been facing "financial stress", namely Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Italy and Portugal.

The IMF also upgraded its forecast for the Chinese economy to 7.5% this year.

But it did warn that "strengthening global growth does not mean that the global economy is out of the woods".

It said governments in advanced economies must not withdraw measures to support growth prematurely.

Rising confidence

Christine Lagarde, the IMF managing director, has previously expressed concerns about growth levels in the UK economy in light of the government's austerity drive, which is designed to reduce debt levels.

But the IMF upgraded its forecast for the UK in 2014 by more than for any other economy. It also raised its forecast for growth in 2015 to 2.2%.

On Monday, the EY Item Club of economists said it expected the UK economy to grow by 2.7% this year.

Confidence in the UK economy has increased markedly in recent weeks, with unemployment falling, the manufacturing sector and retail sales recording strong growth, and inflation back at the government's 2% target rate.

Further evidence of the recovery came on Tuesday with publication of the CBI business group's Industrial Trends Survey. This found that growth in new manufacturing orders was at its strongest since April 2011.

"The recovery in the manufacturing sector is continuing to build and confidence has improved," said Stephen Gifford, the CBI's director of economics.



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These clowns say the same thing every year, and over the past decade they can't even crack the "Mendoza line". What a gig if you can get it!

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correct and they are often dead wrong in their predictions.  Still amazed that any of them keep their "jobs".

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It will take more than a fifth to make yellen look doable

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Being hit with the empty bottle several times afterwards may help.