Blame It On The Weather

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No matter how centrally-planned and meticulously managed the US economy/market has become, the policy-setting powers-that-be have yet to be able to control one thing... mother nature...


The current debacle on the East Coast is second only to Sandy in terms of news story counts...


But beats every previous year in the last 36 years for those missing work...

We are sure that Q1 earnings will be burgeoned with CEO excuses after this (and just think of the pent-up demand...)


Source: Bloomberg and BLS

h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Weather been going on for millions of years.  This USD fiat experiment of debauchery and inflation is a few decades old, yet the weather gets blamed for any economic miss.

If the economy can't handle a million or so years of the cycle, then seems to me it's the economy that is the problem, and not the weather.

Build a new model and adapt, or STFU about weather.


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Im gonna help Pladizow out.   


Here is the Navy webpage regarding the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP):


Fuck the downvoters. 

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HAARP exists.  But here's the problem:  The effective radiated power as stated of 3600 kW is peanuts.  In the following link, 3 TV stations in Dallas alone equal that amount of energy, and the Dallas stations are pointed terrestrially toward the people and not into space, as the HAARP site is.

If you add up all the RF broadcast locations in each US city, you've got probably 10x HAARP in each city.

So when one considers the math and then leaps to HAARP causing earthquakes, it doesn't make a ton of sense because the total amount of radiated energy worldwide in all broadcast / wireless / cellular infrastructure of so much larger than HAARP.

Just my thoughts.

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"If you add up all the RF broadcast locations..."

Are they focused and acting as one?

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Yes, usually they are because TV stations typically share antenna locations on large towers.  So if you have 2 or 3 TV stations on a single tower, there's your HAARP - except pointed at the people and not out into space.


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Moar on line shopping with Moar credit cards

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Gotta blame it on somethin...

Gotta blame it on somethin...

Blame it on the rain!


Actually, now that I think about it, Obama is pretty much the political version of Milli I guess this works on several levels.

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It will be interesting to see what comes about with this recent polar vortex hitting us over here in N.A. and next weeks first Superbowl in an outdoor stadium - New Jersey.


Hut one, hut two, Jabba the Hut...

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"Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth....
Idiot wind blowing like a circle around my skull...
Idiot wind blowing every time you move your teeth
You're an idiot....It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe."

-- Zimmerman

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my comment looks more appropriate here


Actually, HAARP, which is a specific Tesla Tech Array in Alaska (of which there are many globally) is a very powerful thing and can influence weather but for the most part...


Weather and Climate are now controlled (on this planet) mainly through the use of chemtrails and NexRads acting upon their (nano)particles.


I think the sun will always be the biggest player in the equation, but the anthropogenic effects of the above are obvious. CO2, in any meanuingful sense is not one of them.

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Well, thank God SOMEBODY'S in charge of the weather.  Can't have it running amok without regulation and oversight, now can we?  If would could only figure out a way to tax it, we'd be all set.

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'HAARP' is the only explanation for natural winter weather?

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This aint nothing.  When all the California reservoirs dry in ONE YEAR, and California turns into a Desert in 3 years, the remaining methane under non-existant arctic ice releases, mass starvation and migration north begins, then post an article about the weather, and kiss your ass goodbye.

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'Persons not at work due to the weather'? I don't see what the problem with that is, doesn't that just mean they're at home consuming way more pizza, online shopping, downloading iStuff, booking vacation to warmer climes, and ordering more NetFlix?

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Yesterday in DC, there was a federal shutdown because of snow. However, by the end of the workday, there wasn't more than a few inches on the ground and the roads had been well maintained and were more-or-less clear. Personally, I walked 15 minutes to work without a single problem. I seem to be the exception though, as government employees, contractors, and a good portion of the native DC populace used the situation to play hooky. Regardless, I'm not sure whether to be thankful for a single day in which our government couldn't buttfuck us as much as usual, or remark on their ineptitude.

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When I was younger we used to call this kind of weather "winter".

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.....back in the days when snow shovels were seasonal items instead of "disaster supplies".

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"I seem to be the exception though, as government employees, contractors, and a good portion of the native DC populace used the situation to play hooky."


+1 for the comment but now you have me curious.  What do you do in D.C. if I may ask?  I had no idea there was any semblance of legitimate and honest business there. 

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I am a former geophysicist working as an oil+gas supply modeler.

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Whatever you do, don't put the blame on you.

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To whomever pissed off Mom: could you PLEASE apologize already?  Mom's not pretty when she's mad.

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Mom's gonna fix it all soon. Mom's coming round to put it back the way it aught to be.

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Controlled MSM and government lies, nothing more.