Carl Icahn Does The Apple Tweet-Pump

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Almost exactly one day ago, when we noted that Icahn Enterprises has just sold a new batch of bonds, we predicted that the billionaire activist would follow through with a fresh volley of tweets:

And sure enough, less than 24 hours later, here comes the now well-known Icahn Tweet-pump

So, Icahn now has $500 million less in future AAPL purchasing power and is merely looking for piggybackers to take his exit-basis higher?

That said, good luck Carl: we realize it is an "ego thing" to not only go activist on the biggest public company out there, but bend it to your will - after all what else can one possibly want to put on their tombstone - but this one will take a whole lot more than just a few hollow "highly confident letters" from Jefferies  to get over the hump.

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ejmoosa's picture

With only four consecutive quarters of lower year over year earnings, why not, right Carl?

Boston's picture


That's exactly what's happening to the CAD. It's about to break below $0.90 which was last seen in 2009.

Next stop: $0.85

max2205's picture

SEC?.....hate that fucker...fuck you ICant

aint no fortunate son's picture

Icant prop runs con on Icant flow... shades of GS

eclectic syncretist's picture

Hey Carl "I-Con" you out of your money.  Why don't you double down on EBAY and NFLX before they report after the bell.  And why don't you get on apples ass to make a better product than Samsung and maybe you won't have to be such a twit.

fonestar's picture

In the next few months people will be selling their iShit for whatever they can get for it.

Bullets.  Beans.  Bitcoins.

DeadFred's picture

Apple is backed by the full faith and credit of the NSA. What could possibly go wrong? Other than with non-American customers, that is. Or with Americans who don't like being spied on.

Colonel Klink's picture

SEC?.....hate that fucker...fuck you iCunt

Fixed it for you!

intotheblack's picture

Yes. What's up with that would you say? Why the CAD sell-off?

Stoploss's picture

‘no brainer.’  Must be what he see's when looking in the mirror...

Againstthelie's picture

Isn't it old investment advise, to stay away from things you don't understand? This old man, without any clues about computers or software, should stay away from such a company. He - and probably 95% - has no clue, how thin the ice in this sector between success and failure is.

scraping_by's picture

What Oldie knows is C level executives. A bunch of overdressed bookkeepers whose job is surfing the latest management fad. Who got their jobs by sticking the nose up the right asshole and getting pulled up to the top.

Keeps up that BigBad act and they'll panic and give him what he wants. Scared when there's nothing to be scared of. And if that doesn't work, there's always a very golden parachute.

MachineMan's picture

His penile implant is powered by Apple.

thunderchief's picture

Samsung Galaxy, Carl, you TWA rapist!
You're worse than Frank Lorenzo, because your corps keeps showing up on Twitter.

DavidC's picture

Bunch of sheep buying it.


scraping_by's picture

A bunch of slick operators who know, I mean, KNOW, they'll be able to ride the pump up to the top and then get out before everyone else.

As long as none of them are doing it with my pension fund, it's just bloodless sport.

Bokkenrijder's picture

One more reason that I hope that AAPL crateres.

Yes I own Apple products, but "I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand...this ARROGANCE (from both Apple and Icahn) will not stand man!"

Freddie's picture


This is such BS manipulation by Icahn. He is really trying to keep Apple afloat.

Racer's picture

Snake oil salesman

ejmoosa's picture

Popped into my head one of those old commercials where they guy screams " We are overstocked. Our loss is your gain, so come in and get yours today!"

JustObserving's picture

Is this not market manipulation, pure and simple?  If it weren't for porn, the SEC would have nothing to do.

nope-1004's picture

"In depth letter to follow soon...".


Oooooooohhhhh.... I can't wait.  In depth analysis on APPL, or more market steering via twitter?

Sounds like a baby without his bottle.


philosophers bone's picture

"Is this not market manipulation, pure and simple"

No, he is just giving the investing public information so that we can make informed investment decisions.  For example, when Icahn tweeted that he spoke with Tim and AAPL was going to do a share buyback, that was very helpful information that was not otherwise avaiable.  Sometimes the companies themselves do not disclose all of the important information, so thankfully we have people like Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman to fill in the gaps for us.

scraping_by's picture

Frontran the official announcement. Probably a few days. We're in awe.

Since he lies constantly about what happens to companies he gets hold of, or just doesn't remember the last loot 'n scoot, I'm not impressed with the value of his information.

pan's picture

Dump coming!

max2205's picture

Tweet onlg good for 6 points used to be 20 or 30....

max2205's picture

The theory of diminishing tweets?

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

With a name like Icahn what is not Ilike about him pimping Istock for Iproducts. There is no I in team unless you read between the lines. Bet he is also on the Ipayroll while we are at it.

Seasmoke's picture

However , it is pronounced I CON. 

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

You say I CON I say I CAN then the con part.

You say tomato I say tomato.

Seasmoke's picture

Hopefully he can take it all with him, to the synagogue in the sky. 

vincent's picture

Paging Mr. Ackman...

Grab some friends and short the piss out of this thing.


scraping_by's picture

Eh, maybe better wait and see if he's coming to the end of his liquidity. Unless he has an unnatural relationship with Ms. Yellen, there is a finite amount of cash he can pour in, but maybe he's got some Chinese expat loot behind him. That's close enough to infinite to do some research before jumping.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

When this is done with penny stocks it is called pump and dump. When it is done by Carl Icahn it is called a national security imperative and thus A-OK.

scraping_by's picture

Since Wall Street brokerage makes its money on stock movement, not price, he actually has a fan base.

And there's always the BK law firms who clean up big after him.

unwashedmass's picture

and so its time to sell. 

Dr. Engali's picture

Ican't is a fucking old parasite looking to extract blood from a company that should be focusing on developing better products instead wasting time with this degenerate and a freaking share buyback.

disabledvet's picture

They were a lot more fun when they were breaking the law. It will be interesting to see if they really can pull off wearing the White Hat here. They do have the entire "eco system" (hardware, software, apps.) What they're missing is the network...Google knows this and is building one out. With Musk now teaming up with AT&T that makes for capital expenditures going forward.

This is why the win/tel form factor is still unbeatable. "It's a networking device first and foremost." In other words the security protocols exist within the hardware itself. As Microsoft adds hardware and Intel software the "robustness" of this "Basic" approach only is enhanced.

This is one reason I find the Government's approach to "data security" (and interestingly Silicon Valley need to be attached to it) rather odd. "The protocols are built into the system itself." The human might not know your trespassing...but the computer does and makes a note of it!

Since the system has both a recording and retrieval mechanism built effect "you're spying on yourself."

In other words...ask yourself "how many things are actually run by the computers and not the humans?" The first term that comes into my mind is "the entire global financial system." So on the one hand you can achieve "total informational awareness." But on the other hand the "computer" could be "made" (programmed) aware of this contingency and literally engineer a counter attack.

So absolutely...there is a protocol that the machine follows...and observes to see that it is followed as well. But the key word is PROPRIETARY. In short "the purpose of the machine's programming is to protect the property."

You want Massive Multi-player Online Roleplaying Games? "no problem." but that is PROPRIETARY. In other words the "informational advantage" as it were goes to the network provider and the folks "diving the meaning" as it were.

In attacking the "protocol" we become part of the computer's "programming."

Better to fly Pteradactyls.

Bam_Man's picture

Icahn is a disgustng excuse for a human being, but I have to admit he is right about AAPL. In a grotesquely over-valued market, AAPL stands out as one of the few legitimate bargains.

Trailing P/E is only 14. $120+ BILLION in net cash. $12.20 annual dividend.

Compare that to what you get for $402 a share with AMZN. ZERO profits, ZERO dividends and a balance sheet loaded with debt.

Unless you firmly believe that AAPL will never develop another great product EVER, the stock is a screaming buy.


jcaz's picture

You're lost- the Yahoo stock message boards are over there.....

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Their customer base is the problem. Without the Messiah Jobs to lead the cult of Apple Isheep they are going to wander away over time and as the numbers dwindle the only ones left are going to be income inequalitied out of the equation anyways to afford to buy overpriced and overhypered devices that appeal to vanity and that faux sense of superiority that goes with owning an I-product that brings nothing new or hip to the table. Their only revenue stream without developing a whole new marketing and product strategy is going to be sucking off the tit of the Federal Government through sideways monetization by student loans buying these things as 'school supplies' for class.

Apple pops with all the bubbles if they don't come up with a new marketing plan and products to go along with it.

JustObserving's picture

IBM has seen a massive effect due to NSA spying.  Perhaps, AAPL will also see an effect.  But no effect yet.

Perhaps, only larger customers are more sensitive to security concerns.  Individual consumers seem to be oblivious of the infinite NSA surveillance

fooshorter's picture

Go Fuck Yourself Cunt Punt!

The.Harmless.Who's picture


Someone PLEASE pull the switch.


I don't care if it's of Icunt's laptop or his anti-christ life support thingy.


Just make him stop tweeting.  

Sudden Debt's picture

Have you seen Facebooks P/E?


compaire it to apple...


sure they're both freaking expensive but there's plenty of suckers willing to buy it!

QQQBall's picture

$3billion.... he puts his mouth where his money is!

Dr. Engali's picture

$3billion.... he puts his mouth where other people's money is!


There fixed that for you.

Hindenburg...Oh Man's picture

It's almost as if there is a concerted effort to ensure that the NASDAQ hits 14 year highs each day. Did it this morning.