Martin Armstrong Slams "The Cost Of Socialism" - 206 Million Unemployed

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via ArmstrongEconomics blog,




A United Nation study has reported that about 206 million people are now unemployed.

This is the cost of socialism taxing the rich so there is no job creation with nearly half of that number amounting to youth under 25 years old. The economy on a global scale is terribly weak. This UN annual report released Monday by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) is shocking and politicians cannot see what they are doing to the future.




The future does not look bright at all. The UN is projecting that by 2018 the number of unemployed youth will climb to about 215 million. This type of forecast is simply taking the trend in motion and projecting the same pace forward. There will be an exponential rise after 2015 and this will be a Phase Transition resulting in greater violence and protests all because governments refuse to even consider what their policies have been doing.


Executive Summary of ILO report:



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fonestar's picture

Sad?  Yes, but things need to collapse for people to give up their government addictions.  The hardest lessons learned are the one that stick.

GVB's picture

First time I upvoted you

Troll Magnet's picture

Can't President Soetero outlaw unemployment?  If you apply for a job, you must be offered a job.  Problem solved, right?

Looney's picture

ONLY 206 million?

Scizo Abe, Mario-in-drag, Yellenanke and the rest of the Pink Team will save us all! Save us from our money, that is.


Joe Davola's picture

We need some legal way to keep all those people mellow and hungry, otherwise they might get fired up and do something about the condition their condition is in.

ILLILLILLI's picture

I'm thinking that some "Magic Brownies" would fill a need here, eh?


It is no accident that you are seeing pot made legal...

fonestar's picture

That pic.... kinda made me wonder if they spent as much time on their resume as their piercings, tattoos, dreads, fake glasses, etc, etc?

akarc's picture

So what we can glean for your response is that if people do not look as you think they should................

Tattooed all over here. However if I put on a suit you would never know it.

fonestar's picture

If you invest heavily in looking like a slacker, there's a chance your job prospects may diminish along the way (or you only find work as a hipster barista).

I have no tattoos, I fancy myself more of an existential rebel.

James_Cole's picture

This is the cost of socialism taxing the rich so there is no job creation 


Gawd people...

Anusocracy's picture

Nothing that can't be solved by a 50-year War on Unemployment.

James_Cole's picture

If only the rich were taxed less, jobs would overflow! Nothing the rich want more than to get that unemployment rate down lol Gawddamn taxes standing in the way of the uber rich helping out their fellow humans... 

Oh and don't forget about minimum wage. Get rid of that minimum wage and we can keep the illusion of profit gains going for another 5 years. 

Stuck on Zero's picture

I agree.  The rich aren't taxed much anywhere.  The middle class is taxed and paperworked to death in real-world Socialism.


Four chan's picture

thank you trilateral commission, and the council on foreign relations.

outamyeffinway's picture

Thank you Bill Clinton (Nafta)

Big Brother's picture

Yeah, I stopped reading too after I got to that sentence.

akarc's picture

I think I am a rebel, therefor I am?

TheReplacement's picture

It beats the concept that you have to look like everyone else to be a rebel.  Go to any "rebel" hotspot and they all look the same, fake.

Canoe Driver's picture

Sadly, conformity of appearance is yet another American disease. Every social and and professional subgroup does it. Most women dress the same, almost a uniform, actually, and most men dress the same, most lawyers have a look, most engineers have a look, most politicians look the same, etc.  If not, why doesn't Obama rock a nice, modest 4-inch afro? We are all trying to be included in one or more groups. For Obama, it's the group of white world "leaders" who have no idea how to lead.



Miffed Microbiologist's picture

After drawing blood from many old WWII vets I wished they had done some public service announcements for kids contemplating getting a tattoo today. Anchors on arms at 80 no longer look like anchors. I can't imagine the scary images in 40 years.


Canoe Driver's picture

"If people do not look as you think they should...." Then what?  No one is required to associate with your slacker arse. Did you know that?

And who cares how "tattooed" you are? You are more conformist than the average accountant. 

Hobbleknee's picture

Double the number to get somewhere closer to the truth.

0b1knob's picture

Increased dependence on the government.


That's not a bug, its a feature.

BigJim's picture

 ONLY 206 million?

Technically, anyone scrabbling around in dungheaps looking for food is regarded as 'employed'.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ GVB  Merit should be rewarded.

@ fonestar  Just today I bought BTC for cash locally.


More gold, more BTC, more bearings!  A great day for freedom!

fonestar's picture

Good for you Bearing!  I have yet to buy or sell BTC for cash face-to-face.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

BS, lowering corporate taxes will only enrich those at the top. Companies are flush with cash and they are sitting on it or buying back stock, they aren't using it to hire people.

NidStyles's picture

Maybe you haven't noticed but those people are rich anyways, and they will keep becoming richer as long as they are being forced to commit illegal activities to support their growth of wealth. The return is worth the meager fines.


Additionally, most companies are actually in the red and are cooking their books by using their own stock valuations as a part of their assets which inflates them. It's the reason why QE is the preferred method used by the Fed to prop them up


Zymurguy's picture

I don't care about the rich, I just want to stop getting poorer each year.

So, stop the fucking money printing.  Stop the corp. war dept., Stop paying fucking animalistic radical retard nations millions of dollars every year to be our friends, stop letting politicians manipulate tax laws for their benefit and stop trying to manipulate laws/regulations to make eveyone in the US a criminal.

centerline's picture

Making you poorer is how they stay rich though.

NidStyles's picture

No it isn't. It's how they become tyrants.

centerline's picture

Is there a difference when the non-productive live off the productive?  Threaten thier standard of living and find out.

NidStyles's picture

Tyrants need willing Armies to make sure they can stay in charge.


Why not build your empire by recruiting directly from the mob by making them so poor that they have no other reasonable choice?

All of this stuff makes very real sense if you simply look at it that way. The US is turning into an Empire. Eventually there will be a dictator. This is merely history echoing.

centerline's picture

Solid point NS.  Thanks.

Something along the lines of slavery to freedom, freedom to apathy, and apathy back to slavery.

Although freedom is relative.  I recall being taught in school when I was young a concept called the social pendulum... that we simply swing back and forth.  That lesson has proved to be more true than I could have imagined.


edit:  I think that many nations are in fact and have always been empires underneath.  Just a matter of how much of the truth is visible at the surface.  Everything else is jsut varying degrees of illusion.

NidStyles's picture

All nation-states are budding empires, it's as simple as that. Every time you get a group of people together and let them create the rules for the other societies within the geographical region, you are setting that region up for tyranny. I am not saying that it always happens, because smaller nation states haven't a chance to compete with the larger empires. 

I've read on the Social Pendulum, and honestly I think it's a trend that can be broken if the people are willing.


As for the illusions, only true empires can come out and state that it's an empire. The US is an obvious empire on the rise. The next ten years will define whether the US crumbles or rises to start taking over. My guess is that it will crumble just like the Roman empire did.

TheReplacement's picture

I have yet to really figure out how to fight back but this much is clear:  They don't make you poorer, you do.  They don't stay rich, you let them.  Everything is up to you, nobody else.  What you do and why is up to you, not them.

centerline's picture

No. As long as you exist in thier world, they make you poorer.  You can't keep up.  Just a matter of how much.  If you are the margins, it really sucks.  Add a little income and it gets a little better, etc.  But, nonetheless, you are getting bled.  The only way to avoid this is to get out of the system... good luck with that.  It really isnt practical.

NidStyles's picture

I agree on every point.

TheReplacement's picture

You sure want someone else to do a lot of things.

StandardDeviant's picture

No, he wants them to stop doing things they shouldn't.  Big difference.

ACP's picture

And why are they flush with cash? Because of government cronyism and the uncertainty brought on by this creeping (or established) socialism in the US and all over the world. Businesses are in business to spend money to make more money, not sit on cash and buy back stock with debt.

Sophist Economicus's picture

Yup, did they happen to mention the amount of new debt they acquired along the way?     The balance sheets are worse than before 2008

eclectic syncretist's picture

No worries about all this stuff dudes!  The IMF just raised their forecasts for global and US GDP for 2014.  The global economy is going to grow 3.7% this year.  Check it out!

Five8Charlie's picture

Thank God. I was worried there for a minute.

Nick Jihad's picture

Hot damn! Time to make that downpayment on a yacht.

debtor of last resort's picture

To buy small businesses for pennies on the dollar for expanding their empires.

Millivanilli's picture



How about bailing out failing banks with zero percent money, or zero percent interest, or immunity from prosecution for money laundering, securities fraud and rate rigging.  Shit, the federal reserve is daddy warbucks at the expense of the purchasing power of most Americans.


In America, the MIC gets 700 BILLION a year and yet affordable healthcare is beyond our capacity- a complex problem that won't be solve until we focus on HEALTH.   The point is that the wealthy and connected ARE THE FREE SHIT ARMY.   Why didn't Martin mention this?