Obamacare Strikes Again: Target Drops Part-Timers From Healthcare Plan (And Fires Others Just In Case)

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Effective April 1st, Target announced to day that it would no longer offer healthcare coverage to its part-time employees. As The Hill reports, Target's HR executives 'spun' the decision as good for the employees..."by offering them insurance, we could actually disqualify many of them from being eligible for newly available subsidies that could reduce their overall health insurance expense." The company will provide a $500 cash payment to "minimize disruption," and specifically calls out Obamacare as "providing new options... that we believe our part-time members may prefer."Of course, just for good measure, Target is cutting 475 jobs and chooing not to fill a further 700 open positions - again, we presume, to minimize disruption (to their bottom line).


Via The Hill,

In a blog post on the company’s website, Jodee Kozlak, the executive vice president of human resources, framed it as a positive development for part-time employees of the company.


The Health Insurance Marketplaces provides new options for healthcare coverage that we believe our part-time members may prefer,” she wrote. “In fact, by offering them insurance, we could actually disqualify many of them from being eligible for newly available subsidies that could reduce their overall health insurance expense.”




The company’s new policy goes into effect on April 1, 2014. Consumers have until mid-March to sign up for ObamaCare to be eligible for coverage this year.


Target said it has a transition program in place to “minimize any disruption and reduce confusion” for those who will no longer be eligible for the company’s healthcare plan.


The company will provide a $500 cash payment to employees losing coverage, as well as access to a benefits consultant.


Target stressed the company would not be reducing hours for any employees.


As usual, it's for your own good...

And as if that was not enough, Target just announced:


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Dr. Engali's picture

Target just asked for a big headache. Now the MSM will go full out bat shit crazy on them, and pummel them into submission with non-stop coverage about their lax security measures with customer's personal information.

kaiserhoff's picture

It's for the children...

Hear that, Barry?  Money talks and bull shit walks.

Bet you didn't learn that in "community organizer school."

lakecity55's picture

fuck you with an aids-ridden dick, backdoor barry!

knukles's picture

It's working!


Cloward Piven is Working!

All Hail Full Speed Ahead Forward Yahoo Yippie Kiyay

lakecity55's picture

"...and the first award of our new Red Swastika Medal goes to Profs. Cloward and Piven. I could not have fundamentally changed America into a second-rate Zimbabwe without them! Come up and get your medals, Comrades!! Amerika may now be a vast wasteland, but I rule all of it! Soon I must go to the UN and spread more wealth around!"

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I feel Nobel Prize number 2 coming.

lotsoffun's picture

this is the all-star ZH cast. guys, keep it up.


lotsoffun's picture

it's amazing and how quickly (well, 85 fucking billion a month ain't chump change) - but the subsidizing - obama phones - the makers and the carriers, subsidy to keep corn and beef low (mcd) - the subsidy for snap cards to keep wages low for mcd, walmart - apparently JPM just cancelled on doing the issuance, but the fees they would got to print and distribute the snap cards (somebody will pick that up)?  and they dropped it because they got pissed about being find $20B on profits of how many billions??   - the level of .gov in everything back stopping, it is incredible.  this has nothing to do with capitalism.   did i miss the new .rental - this helps 'fake' a rise in home prices because blackstone and other snapped up crap homes in crap neighborhoods to rent out to section 8? they aren't going to rent to people that have jobs.  they rent to section 8.  people with jobs might not be able to pay at some point.  people on section 8 are certain to pay, via big bad bama.   another huge .gov backstop.  and none of them can lose.  bernacke printed and yellen will print more.


boogerbently's picture


obamacare causes MORE unemployment, and Target/WalMart gets the blame.......how?

kralizec's picture

Corp greed/hate the little guy/want to kill us all mantra...you just wake up from a coma?  Socialism is all the rage!  And crony-capitalism has never been better!  Welcome to the new Amerika, comrade.

lakecity55's picture

"Bo-Rack, you are up to no good. I'm going to spill the beans on you and your evil friends as soon as I get out of this hospital."
"I came out to Hawaii 'cause you're ill, Grandma, and I get this shit. You don't look good. Here, let me hold this pillow over your face."
"Hahahha, how's that for 'healthcare,' Granny? Hey, that gives me an idea...."

Zymurguy's picture

No, that's just a prized noble #2 you feel... there fixed it for ya'.

kchrisc's picture

It's always for the children, that is until the children are gun toting age, and then it's off to kill or be killed.


"I think and can shoot, therefore I am."

fonzannoon's picture

Doc sorry to hear about the whole target thing. Come on by applebees later and we can order a beer from the robot that replaced me.

kaiserhoff's picture

They sprung for the Japanese sex toy model?

Why am I always the last to know?

LetThemEatRand's picture

New Applebee's ad campaign:  Our waitbots are "fully functional."

Ignatius's picture

This movie called ObamaCare started fast and just keeps getting better and better.

kaiserhoff's picture

As in "anatomically correct?"

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

How much 'flare' does she wear?  I hope it's not the minimum.....

The Gooch's picture

John (Kohn) Kerry walks into Applebees.

Robotender says "Why the long face?"

knukles's picture

Kerry:  Do you have any Heinz Catsup?
Robo:  No, she's in detox

kaiserhoff's picture

Why is it always open season on rich old hags, who think money makes them sexy?

Never mind, I think I just fell ass backwards over the answer.

Chuck Walla's picture

Money makes the ugly beautiful.
- Karl Marx


quasimodo's picture

How about Robotender has a Gatling gun that misfires multiple times on the aforementioend patron.

Dr. Engali's picture

It won't be long before we have robots pouring us a tall Brewtus. Of course by the time we get to that level of automation the elites won't need us any longer so we have that going for us.

TeamDepends's picture

Watch out when the bots get hooked on barley juice.

Skateboarder's picture

From what I understand, their food is all pre-prepared and just heated before serving. The bartenders at the Applebees down the street from where I lived were good guys. Of course, the only reason we went there was for the $4 22oz Sierras on tap after 9.

Applebots would be a good name change.

Mr Pink's picture

That's true. I know that the sauce for their pasta comes in a plastic pouch. I know this because the last time I ate there the pouch was served to me in my pasta

Skateboarder's picture

My condolences - that's all bad. Would have been complete if they included the cardboard.

TeamDepends's picture

Typical American.  There are children starving in Outer Mongolia and it's too much to ask that you slice your own pouch?

Drunken Monkey's picture

You sure that's what it was? No ribs or ridges on it for increased dining pleasure?


TeamDepends's picture

We propose to Americans that they simply stop shopping.  What?  You're already doing that?  Well, then carry on.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Once again socialism for the corporations aka fascism.   Target gets to save health care costs because the employee gets subsidized (meaning taxpayer funded) health insurance instead.   Of course the MSM will spin this as socialism for the worker when it is the exact opposite.   The worker already had insurance.  Now he goes on the doll to save the corporation money.

Dr. Engali's picture

Everybody who wasn't a blind supporter of Zero knew this was coming. Oh well fuck them.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Same thing with the minimum wage debate.  Raising the minimum wage is now nothing more than an effort to maintain the model of large corporations being able to pay non-living wages to its workers who continue to need all sorts of government handouts to survive, while crushing small business that cannot afford the increase.  And the Blue Team can claim it is trying to help the little guy, when in fact it is making it increasingly impossible for the little guy to do anything but work for mega-corps.  

new game's picture

good astute dot connecting-now if the average merikan could find a dot and corelate.

hmmm, watson, think you are onto something...

Binko's picture

What's the alternative? Serious question. Most people would agree that we need a society where the average person who works full time is able to make enough money to live a decent life, maybe start a family or buy a house. All of society benefits when working people can form stable lives. But in our current system there are more job seekers than there are jobs and the discrepency is being used to drive wages down relentlessly. The majority of newly created jobs pay minimum wage or just over. 

And if your answer is that we should let the rich keep more of their money so that they create jobs, that has just not proven to be true. The wealthy now own a greater percentage of the world's wealth than ever before. And big corporations are sitting on mountains of cash. I don't see any of them building factories or expanding businesses or creating anything other than minimum wage debt-slave jobs. 

With ongoing globalization and automation labor now has zero leverage. Living wage jobs will continue to be demolished, automated or moved overseas and they will be partly replaced with minimum wage jobs and partly just eliminated. So if we don't raise the minimum wage so that it at least approaches a minimal living wage what exactly is the alternative?

LetThemEatRand's picture

The answer is to end globalization.  We should not trade with countries that have slave ship economies.  Western policies encourage international companies to wage arbitrage.  We are racing to the bottom in the name of growth, but the growth is for the oligarchs.  The middle class is shrinking.  It is not our duty as a country to meet the Chinese people in a race to a lower tier.  There are more than a billion Chinese.  They can make their own way and stand up against their own corrupt government.

boogerbently's picture

The "answer" is to accept responsibility for the choices we made earlier in life.

NOT blame our parents/schools/society/religion/science....


PGR88's picture

The answer is the rule of law.  The answer is decentralized, local government.  The answer is to end the crony-capitalist Federal Reserve that bails out the rich while printing money to steal wages of workers.  The answer is to end Federal government corruption and picking those who will get rich by getting it out of most of what it does.

snr-moment's picture

No you're absolutely right.  We should keep raising the minimum wage.  Everyone should be able to afford decent housing.  Except, oops, the gubmint won't let the price of housing come down because then boomers will have to rely more on their social security, which, oops, isn't there.

I guess the gubmint doesn't like free markets.

Then there's college tuition, which, apparently has risen 28% during the Obama years alone.  Because, oops, the government has taken over student loans.  Everyone should be able to get a decent education after all.  But if noone was willing to pay 58k per year, then.......

Oops, I guess the government doesn't like free markets.

Then there's the Stock Market which young people who are starting their wealth building years put money into in their 401Ks and IRAs at a ridiculous 16,000.  Because the alternative is to put it in the bank and make .125%.  But we can't let the stock market drop, because,

Oops, I guess the government doesn't like free markets

dark pools of soros's picture

wait you mean unions die away and regular folk that said they weren't needed anymore get bitchslapped every quarter and work for chump change?  I thought it was just the unions that killed profits??  you mean the companies are worthless even without the evil unions??  really??



nmewn's picture

Where have all the ObamaBots gone?

Central planners have picked them off, everyone.


surf0766's picture

Hopefully back the shitholes they crawled out of.

GetZeeGold's picture



Any ACA trolls still around?


Howsa bout giving us a little shoutout!

Crawdaddy's picture

No chance - they are over on the "lets do communism for realz" thread

NoDebt's picture

Where have they gone?  They've gone home.  Their job here is done.  No need to convince anyone of anything anymore.  It's all in the bag at this point.  There will be no reversal, no great awakening, no turning back.  Until it goes tits-up this is how it's going to be.