Is The China Bank Run Beginning? Farmers Co-Op Unable To Pay Depositors

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While most of the attention in the Chinese shadow banking system is focused on the Credit Equals Gold #1 Trust's default, as we first brought to investors' attention here, and the PBOC has thrown nearly CNY 400 billion at the market in the last few days, there appears to be a bigger problem brewing. As China's CNR reports, depositors in some of Yancheng City's largest farmers' co-operative mutual fund societies ("banks") have been unable to withdraw "hundreds of millions" in deposits in the last few weeks. "Everyone wants to borrow and no one wants to save," warned one 'salesperson', "and loan repayments are difficult to recover." There is "no money" and the doors are locked.

The locked doors of one farmers' co-op...


Via China CNR,

Shadow Banking has grown remarkably... recent years, opened dozens of Yancheng local "farmers mutual funds Society", these cooperatives approved the establishment by the competent local agriculture, and received by the local Civil Affairs Bureau issued a "certificate of registration of private non-enterprise units."

As savers are promised big returns...

Deposit-taking and lending by cooperatives operated operation, and to promise savers, depositors after maturity deposits not only can get the interest, you can also get bonuses.

But recently things have turned around...

However, beginning in early 2013, Yancheng City Pavilion Lakes region continue to have a number of co-op money people to empty, many savers deposits can not be cashed, thus many people's lives into a corner.


Dong-farmers in Salt Lake Pavilion mutual funds club, a duty officer's office, told reporters, because many people take money, put out loans difficult to recover, leading to funding strand breaks.

Rough Google Translation:

Salesperson: ...the money has been slowly falling and in the end is difficult to ask for money, right? And now there is no money coming in, now people don't want to save money, and take all the money.


Reporter: But it's their money, they should be able to...


Salesperson: I know I should [given them money]; however, when the turn started, their is no money, we get cut off and lenders and borrowers took off...

One depositor blames the government (for false promises):

The bank has a deposit-taking his staff, he would say that he is a government action that has the government's official seal, to give you some interest, as well as the appropriate dividends, because we believe that the government, so we fully believe him , we put the money lost inside, who thought in November, Xi Chu who told us that something was wrong.

But don't worry - this should all be settled by 2016...

Yu Long Zhang: we put all of his certificates of deposit are received out. You are only responsible for the loan out of the money back to the people against. The people's money has been invested in other projects go, we have to be tracked to ensure no loss of capital assets, can dispose of his assets disposed of, can recover quickly come back.


Reporter: There is a specific timetable yet?


Yu Long Zhuang: 2014 cashing out the entire program.


Reporter: When did all of these things can be properly resolved?


Yu Long Zhuang: the latest is 2015, 2015, all settled.

So, for the Chinese, their bank deposits have suddenly become highly risky 2 year bonds...

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Move Coin Now!

Wi Tu Pur

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Sorry folks, the money is gone. The Chairman says thank you for the yacht though.

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Reporter: When did all of these things can be properly resolved?

Yu Long Zhuang: the latest is 2015, 2015, all settled.



Chinese farmer:  Whew – good thing I wasn’t planning to do anything that requires money like seeding my farm or eating for the next year.  Wait...wut?

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Yu Long Zhuang... Xi Jinping... Ding Ding Dong...  ;-)


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Ohhhh, you touch my tralala...

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It's a good thing the Chinese are confusing Cyprus troubles with Miley Cyprus troubles or a general panic would have already occurred...

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Wait, I'm confused here.  So, the Chinese are entertained by Miley Cyprus and thus are calm, right?  I guess my real question is this:  Should I be long Dong-Farmers? 

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Yawn, a bank run is when people flock to the bank for paper currency thinking that that will protect them.

Wake me up when the gold run starts and people flock to banks to trade that paper currency in for something real.

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With all this financial institutional weakness there, even more Chinese may start buying gold.  I would advise you not to nap unless you are pretty much all set up with your own gold.

Then sleep easy!  :)

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Chinese Communist Party Spokeman Chu Mi Goo said that that is the price of capitalism and if anyone wanted to get upset they will be provided with a form to file a complaint then promptly shot.

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ASK  for your deposit (unsecured, ZIRP loan) back..

..coming to a TBTF bank near you soon.


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As long as they beat you to the store before the shelves are empty, what difference gold or paper?

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Heh.  Perhaps they more in tune than we thought?

"Everyone wants to borrow and no one wants to save,"

Ho Li Fuk, welcome to Amerika little yellow bitchez!

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Doesn't anyone watch It's A Wonderful Life over there????


George Bailey has invested in YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS!

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Gotta love those "No Credit Check, Low Interest, Never Pay Back Loans" .... sorta like the ones we have here for houses....

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or the ones we have for treasuries ..

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Time for some starvation bitchez..its whats for dinner.

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No need to wowwy. Wickshaws fuww of cash is on way to bad bank. Make all peeples happy.

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A fucking classic.

I played that to a room full of financial adisors and they hit the floor.

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Sorry folks, the money is gone.

china will blame US money printing.  US blames china currency practices.  China launches retaking of Senakaku islands, then Philippino islands.  US intervenes, with military.  China responds with USTs dumped on markets.  Global markets, currencies, economies collapse.

WWIII is about to be written into the history books, Krugman gets his wish.  Krugan eventually gets fried by nuke in NYC apt. His death  is called "ironic ending" to an economist who felt war was good for economy.   Very good ending to moron who didn't have a clue but did have a degree.


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California would make such an easier target for China's ICBMs

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Is it a bank though ? The name sounds like a law firm.

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Everybody is getting out of dodge and taking as much of the banks wealth with them.


They probably should have been in bitcoins instead of the banks. Free bitcoins here if you have a bitcoin wallet:


Whats with the negatives? Its true, its free and you need no money. The Chinese are eating this site up..North Americans wouldn't know a freebee from a dollar bill

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Any service or product provided for "free" means we are the product.

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And the 2BitChitCoin he rode in on.

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We understand BitCoin just fine.  We also understand what it means when somebody comes here to shill for their crappy rip-off webside.  

And yes, you should take it personally because that's how it was meant.

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If you cant take the heat, go back to with the 11 other muppets who follow their propaganda.


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Further proof that humans should not reproduce.

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Bitcoin will go kaput...just like facebook will soon...remember myspace?  Peak, decline then kaput.  They joke about fiat currencies...the very thing they are backed by.  Really?

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Yeah Yeah Yawn , was hearing exactly that in 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , oh wait ......

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If it sound too good to be true ...

Well, we all know the rest and so should the Chinese.

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They probably should have been in bitcoins

Fuck your fucking bitcoins you fucking moron.  Do you really think they are manipulating gold like hell to allow another "unregulated" currency to live?  DIGITAL = FIAT, asshole.   BITCOIN = Central Banks.    

Tell me something, moron:  Why did they take down the guy who made PHYSICAL BITCOINS with the code encrypted inside, but allow the digital version to be used freely in trade?   (answer for asshole bitcoin salesman below)