Dow Drops To One-Month Lows

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Stock futures have been fading since China's PMI missed expectations but this weakness, we suspect, is more about the BoJ's somewhat less dovish comments last night - "as long as steady progress is being made toward the 2% target, we do not see a need for additional monetary accommodation." All US indices are tumbling this morning with the Dow now at its lowest level in over a month.



While there is slowing China growth, a credit event on the horizon, and a clear liquidity crisis; we suspect the BoJ's comments last night are more crucual given the near 1.00 correlation between US equities and JPY crosses...

As we noted yesterday,

"Needless to say, a delay in QE would crush Abenomics, as it would mean a surge in the Yen, a plunge in the Nikkei - really his only accomplishments so far - even as wages never rose, pushing the economy back in the deflationary limbo from whence it came as everyone rushes to sell financial assets. "

Of course, the Nikkei is getting crushed...down over 400 points from yesterday's highs


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Range trading?  < shocker >  Buy low and sell high...

same as it ever was...


I see many buying VIX calls for April/May/June, what's the word?

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I'm buying FakeBook. Its a BTFATH deal!!!!! Look at this recent report on how bullish it will be in a few years cuz like, you know, like, everyone uses FakeBook!

Facebook has peaked and the social network could lose up to 80 percent of its users by 2017, researchers say.

Academics at Princeton University used theories on the spread of disease combined with Google Trends data on searches for Facebook to predict the demise of the world's largest social network.

"Facebook has already reached the peak of its popularity and has entered a decline phase," they concluded. "The future suggests that Facebook will undergo a rapid decline in the coming years, losing 80 percent of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017."

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Glad to see the DOW coming down as I am short from 16,000

see here


And also long gold from 1,200

see here


Opened both positions over the month of December, as documented on ZH, so lets see how they play out over the next 12 months...

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I bought GDXj at 1234 apologies when it tanks to 1180.

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Wait for it, I havn't had a position in gold since 2000.  Trust me, when I go long, then it will tank.

I am talking paper here, all my physical is just fine.

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My 15yo daughter told me that 2 years ago.

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Buy you dips!

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got any low cal? and not to spicy, my ulsur is playing up again...

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This time it´s different.. all top banksters are drinking weissbier in Davos and therefore not able to order their prop-traders "buy on the dips".. this week at least

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Pile on bears the water is fine. Old Yeller is just waiting for the chance to use her new found voodoo printing  powers to ream your asses.

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The water is unfine, and since we bears all got a very great olfactory organ we smell that she has pissed in it!

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I know it's very old-fashioned of me to talk about economics, but not for nothin', manufacturing just broke bad according to Markit's PMI survey.  Still over 50, but accelerating in the wrong direction.  Self-sustaining-recovery: off.

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Just a morning BTFD opportunity. NASDAQ 100 is already stair stepping itself back up on green planks. 

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Its 9:21 am CST - Dow is down 165. By noon the Fed will have a cork on this thing and the Dow will be down, at most, 100 pts, and improving. AND THAT GENTLEMEN, IS WHY MORE DOWNSIDE CAN BE ASSURED.

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I'm sure the special boys will cheer her up

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Five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. forced governments to bail out financial firms and prompted a global recession, bankers are still grappling to convince the public they can avoid a similar crisis. In a vote at the end of the debate, almost 40 percent of the 100-strong Davos audience said markets haven’t been made safer. Banks and financial services are the least trusted of all industries, according to a survey by public relations firm Edelman released on Jan. 20


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Yes, and all those lovely bankers need to avoid another crisis is more of your money!

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It'd be terrible if a random space rock the size of a school bus were to hit that hotel in Davos.......

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You mean no one trusts the fraudulent companies that are legally allowed to steal everything you own?  Shocker.

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So now the US tumbles when another country doesn't dole out money? LOL. 

They are having a hard time pumping the market to a new high, for now, and all today does is set tomorrow up for the beloved REBOUND FRIDAY.

I'd rather see crash friday but they are still in complete control until otherwise proof is seen and I anxiously await the day that all the lies in the world can't prop this sack of shit up anymore.

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That fucking cunt Yellen fired up the printers - here comes the bounce.


Fuck you Yellen!!!!

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Hey Gang, no worries, Netflix is up 16%!!!

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Netflix was a great bet - What else does the sheep do when they don't: shop, work, buy homes, dine out, go to college?? THEY VEGITATE IN FRONT OF THE BOX.

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Question. Seeing now that every time gold goes up, the 10 yr goes down. What would cause the opposite effect to occur? Or is this normal?

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Anything to flatten the yield curve.  In a "debt-is-money" fractional reserve system, the debt must increase or those liabilities will not be funded, period.  looks to me like TPTB will not allow the ten year to break 3%, so things must be much worse than I originally thought.

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Agreed on the 3% upper limit. It's been amazing over the past few weeks to watch the rate bump up against 3%, with closes just a few thousandth of a percent below. I can only imagine the gymnastics happening behind the scenes to keep that down.

IdeasRbulletproof's picture

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same. I wasn't sure if they had the ability to manipulate that as well...

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Plung protection team will be on-line soon--PR team getting story together now..All is good; no worries

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"Stock prices never drop" broker told me....

"House prices never drop"... my realtor told me ....

"We beleive in a strong dollar" Timma told me....

"Best car you'll ever drive" ... the Pinto dealership told me ....

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"Social Security will allow everyone to comfortably retire" the gubmint told me....

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Barclays Bob is back.


PhilAldrick Philip Aldrick

 Bob Diamond is back, beaming, and bouncing around Davos like a 'master of the universe'. Hard to imagine he only fell from grace 18 mths ago About 58 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

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    All around nasty macro U.S. numbers today. I find it interesting that the existing home sales numbers were revised from 4.90m to 4.82m last week to show a worse read compared to the 4.87m miss posted today... caugh- caugh.

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Fed and BOJ jawbone "tapering" which is all bullshit because until they open the vaults for routine audits they likely aren't truly tapering.  ECB slides in with its launch of QE.


Sheeple giggle about Bieber and the Kardashians and catch a headline that suggests the Central Bankers have this under control and can reduce money printing.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  

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As the bieber goes, the market goes.. Tyler we need a chart on that.

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What about Treasury yields? 

Oh yeah, they're crumbling.

Imagine what'll happen to the 10y when/if stock REALLY sell off hard.....let's be honest, today's equity drop 'tis but a scratch.

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Many short-term yeilds are negative already.  In a debt-is-money system, anything and everything will be done to flatten the yield curve, including capital controls, price fixing, 401k rehypothication etc.

hedge accordingly...

Boston's picture

Sure, but when/if we are reintroduced to some serious risk-off moment, we'll see bull flattening, instead of bear flattening.

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Its the weather, long term loser welfare (un unemployment) expiration, and the obamacare body-count-ometer ticking. Thats why. 


oh yeah, the gold is gone too. Yeah, gone.

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BTFD opportunity. Yeller I'll see you in Hell bitch.

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was it something they served at Davos this morning?

TheRideNeverEnds's picture the dip?



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Dow dips like this much more and we'll be guaranteed no taper in Jan... although.... I swear swear swear that the Fed isn't really trying to prop up the's really for the common man...really.