Market Turmoiling As 104 USDJPY Support Cracks

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News that India may be folding on its capital controls had sent gold and silver surging this morning but following this morning's collapse in emergency claims benefits in the US (expected, but still shocking), precious metals are extending gains, Treasury yields are tumbling, and the USD is well offered. US and German stocks are also cracking lower (with chatter of a flash-crash in Germany's DAX). The more likely driver of all this weakness is that Nomura (or some large Japanese BoJ proxy) lost the 104 USDJPY anchor...



and trying to pin this on some fun-durr-mental news is pointless... this is why it's breaking...


Don't believe it?

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fonzannoon's picture

Okay we have this rehearsed enough yet, or are we going to sit on our balls again?


the not so mighty maximiza's picture

huh, don't we wait till the gold smack down?

ApollyonDestroy's picture

I really can't wait for the crash. The suspense is killing me. All the useless and overly entitled uneducated darkies are going to start rioting and looting and it'll just be fun to watch

Cult_of_Reason's picture

The market is freaking out about the unemployment drop to 5.9% and double taper.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

that must be it, but lower unemployment is good, makes no sense

fonzannoon's picture

and U.S PMI...and...what's that Mr. Yellen? Moar QE? 

TeamDepends's picture

We need the deer, where's the deer?!  And a Bonus Chart.  We are singing Kumbaya around here and bouncing off the walls.

DavidC's picture

Yup, and by the time everyone's unemployed and has rolled off the benefits, unemployment will be zero percent. Hurrah!


Pure Evil's picture

They'll come up with a new government statistics and call it Employed Unemployment.

It takes a lot of work to be unemployed so why not count it as being employed.

I mean you gotta collect your SSI, your EBT, your Section 8, and all the other benefits.

It takes a lot of work to get on these programs and walk to the bank to cash your benefits checks.

And, think of the long hours these people work at being unemployed. Would put an 80 hour per week piker in the private sector to shame.

The unemployed work at it 24/7/365.

OceanX's picture

I think the new emerging class will be called the "Leisure Class"  --At least, that is how I refer to my class standing.

OceanX's picture

I think the new emerging class will be called the "Leisure Class"  --At least, that is how I refer to my class standing.

kodachrome's picture

Low unemployment is bad. It means the free money is over. The tail wagging the dog.

LawsofPhysics's picture

What utter bullshit.  Ballistics don't give a rat's ass about the shell casing, it is the bullet that is important and each pistol already leaves a unique set of markings on the bullet.  What a waste and blatant law to prohibit pistol sales.  This will work as well as any other form of "prohibition".

enloe creek's picture

ouch thats gonna leave a mark

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Stock Jobber's picture

It's a bit large for carry.  But an awesome gun.  Very fun to shoot.  Pistol range may not allow, may have to shoot at the rifle range.  2000+fps out of the barrel depending on the cartridge.  Good times...

IdeasRbulletproof's picture

Assuming there will be no uneducated whities in the mix? When there's nothing left to lose, THEY lose it...

mclant004's picture

I am amazed that I havent seen any shortages yet.

Really hoping someone hasnt figured out alchemy. 

akarc's picture

let it get a little dipper yet. Skipped a pack of cigs and bought 1 share tvix. WTF lose either way

buzzsaw99's picture

hoping to watch levered equity bulls play Owe! Ouch? My Ballz! But alas, it will just be another -1% btfdotath opportunity.

101 years and counting's picture

dont worry, fix it felix jr will fix it. 

monopoly's picture

Gold smack downs just do not work anymore. The sun is rising for us here and I would not wait any longer if any of you are actually waiting. 

Our turn?

TeamDepends's picture

Can we have a hallelujah in the house!!!!

Rodders75's picture

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Don't underestimate the Fed's resourcefulness. Or the bullion banks' desperate need for gold to stay low. 

Sudden Debt's picture


time to take some profit today on my gold and silver calls :)

Sufiy's picture

Will Gold cut through $!270 this week - after that level we will have the real Fireworks with Shortsqueeze:


Jim Rickards: "The Fed Is Insolvent And Wants Gold To Rise Orderly" 

Jim Rickards discusses QE and FED 4 Trillion balance Sheet and its implications for the economy, US dollar and Gold. FED is insolvent if they mark to market their assets now. If economy is not so strong as they want us to believe FED will be tapering into the weakness with coming recession in 2014 as the result of it. It is possible that in this case FED will have to play down the Taper or ever increase QE again.   Today's action in the market is very interesting: Gold was Smashed-down from the all-important levels $1250 - $1270 after which Shorts will be burned, but Gold Stocks are not biting into this new attack and are holding well to the upside so far. It is the very important sign of the strength of the Gold market break out to the upside.


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Bearwagon's picture

No keyboard necessary! Just unlock the switch and push! (No joke)

praps's picture

Baltic dry tumble continues.  Now at 1271


new game's picture

death cross gold/baltic

ebworthen's picture

Flim and Flam the magical Unicorns will save the day soon!

"Friendship is Magic"!

hugovanderbubble's picture

I like that US  Inverted Curve by 2016

Jason T's picture

bought vix calls yesterday ..May expiration.. 

fonzannoon's picture

The day you see the market sell off huge and yields spike you can finally pay attention. Until then this is SSDD.

BullyBearish's picture

From FED: Dear Bears...this is it, really, no REALLY.  If you have any or your face left get in there and load up with everything you got, short the indexes, short NFLX, short AAPL, short everything...we need the fuel for the next leg up...this 1850 is turning out to be tougher than we expected

buzzsaw99's picture

To the FAZmobile! (it has a penetrating rod built into the seat)

endorush's picture

gold is up $15, the same price it was 2 days ago....


Dr. Engali's picture

When we have a disorderly sell off then I will be concerned. Otherwise this is just a trap to lure in some bears ahead of China's first "default".

buzzsaw99's picture

disorderly? with that yellenator out there? and the crooks at jpm? rhinocerous? imposserous! [/cowardly lion]

new game's picture

dr?ya smelling deflat in that coffee...

SAT 800's picture

Fear and loathing in the FX market. The FX price boards look quite different than they did yesterday; an "interesting" day.

Yen Cross's picture

    The 50 day avg.(usd/jpy) is coming up in the 103.10 area. If that goes things could really accelerate to the downside.

new game's picture

didn't you call this last week?