5 Things To Ponder This Weekend: Valuations, Triggers & Inequality

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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OT: I would like to go golfing with Jamie Dimon and when we get to the 2nd hole, beat him to death with my pitching wedge.

It felt good to get that off my chest.

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Let's first put a Titleist in his mouth and see if you can chip it up to the hole and take out most of his teeth.

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stock market evaluations are the least of this planet's problems

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Q - why did Jamie get rid of his vibrator? A - it kept chipping his teeth and giving him a sore throat. Plus every time he loaned it to Lloyd it came back stained brown and smelling rancid.

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I only play golf under protest,

  but I would go with the one iron.

Maybe we should consult an expert, like the former Mrs. Tiger Woods;)

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Remember Andrew Ryan, from "BioShock"? Before handing Jack the golf club, Ryan says "A man chooses, a slave obeys," and repeats this as the player beats him to death. (It should be a 9 iron).

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Corporations treat their toilets better than they treat their employees.

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I'm not betting on it.

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Rather than ponder on what has happened in the market today let's try and figure out what will happen on Monday, Tursday, next week, etc?

Further declines on the DOW taking global markets down... or a nice big pump up in Asia on Monday morning leading Europe and the US up? The banksters have all weekend to work out a plan after all.

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Soothing words from Davos big-wigs, some FED dove-speak and backdoor liquidity injections, some MSM distractions and happy talk and we could be back above S&P 1,800.

I hope not because S&P should be at 666 but there are at least three big tops to this circus and a plethora of clowns.

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The shit only goes up trend has been broken but this was a big distribution....A bounce wouldn't surprise me at all.

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"The banksters have all weekend to work out a plan after all."

The banksters have had centuries to work out this plan after all.



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What we need is a reliable valuation measure. Then you can sit back and say "buy when the market is cheap" and sell, or at least not buy, when it is dear."




For fuck sakes avoid the 'Economist', completely ate up with the dumbass-

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No ponder. Additional surplus for fmj's,water, etc etc.

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Sorry for the off topic rant here but I need to vent. Was thinking about going snowboarding tomorrow.  I just priced a one day lift ticket... $109! Seriously not that many years ago it was far far cheaper. And they say there is no inflation! ha!

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Investors after thinking all weekend about possibly giving back all last years profits are going to sell Monday morning.  It's just a matter of how much.  Margin debt is higher than 2008, so just deleveraging is going to be a whole lot of selling, than comes rebalancing, next is underweighing equities because it might look a little rich here, than comes the get me out and in cash now and on top of this the new momentum player is the short seller.  This is as crowded a trade as I have seen in 30+ years of professional money management and it is not going to end pretty.  To top it off, there is no price that I am ready to start buying, not at S&P500 1600, 1200, 800 or 666.  If you can't have honest price discovery, there is no value at nearly any price above 450.  Many stocks like Amazon (love it as a customer) at a 1400 P/E, has no value at any price.

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It's a game of musical chairs with not a lot of chairs.

This could get ugly when the music stops.

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Actually my first thought on the headline was, before opening the page:

Damn, ZH has been hacked!
The "headline" was just a little too perfect what the Chinese expectedly would do to turn up the heat.

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Price discovery,  profit bubble, p/e, higher margins, china, bonds, economic outlook,  fundamentals,  and the list is fucking endless from the number of articles trying to rationalise the blood red ink in the markets. I'm sticking with the theory that this is planned as an impetus for the debt ceiling debacle coming up on 7th February.  

I posted this back in November and again a couple weeks ago:

"Have we all forgotten that the debt ceiling fiasco will rear itself in February?  (I think the 7th). Back in November, before the cross party 2yr budget deal, I thought we'd see a red December, certainly January, but obviously it didn't happen. I got December's rise completely wrong. I reckon this might be the what I was expecting - a setup for the debt ceiling debate - the red storm to justify more debt 'to save the markets'. So yes, I wouldn't BTFD if I were still playing the rigged casino (I'm not)."

I reckon it'll get as low as it can safely go: Dow industrials 15k lows, maybe even touch 14.9k as we approach the first week of February,  then the outcome of the "debate" (there is only one outcome: higher ceiling - more printing) will determine how quickly the Obama republic officially becomes the banana republic as all time highs are broken once again in the coming months. This script is well worn, so I don't have the foggiest idea why nobody else has picked up on it.

I've predicted every bloody year that the systemic collapse will happen soon, except this year. I don't want to jinx it this time.  ;)

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Has anyone asked, was the pre-release of a potential headline 'accentently' put out as a warning by say, a disgruntled laid off cnn worker?



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"I would like to go golfing with Jamie Dimon and when we get to the 2nd hole, beat him to death with my pitching wedge."

That's why I'm more alive than you!

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I bet $10 CNBC blames the stock crash on Justin Bieber being arrested.

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i would argue not so much "inquality" but the lack of jobs growth is a real problem here. there is an "opportunity cost" to the lack of opportunity.

this makes policy making very difficult.
while it's not Wall Street's job to "work" for Washington...are we even on the same sheet of music here?

Ironically tax revenues have been coming in substantially ahead of expectations.

My personal view has been that QE was "going" to cause a big downdraft in interest rates.

The Fed stopped QE and announced...and then effected...taper instead.

There was a momentary and substantial widening of the spread.

Now it appears we have a massive compression trade.

Even if the Fed went back on taper...back to QE...i fail to see how this compression trade could be "undone" at least in the immediate (6-8 week) term.

this does not mean you get a big market correction in equities...or even a recession.

it just means traders acted "irrationally" to the announcement of taper and...to me at least...you now have to factor that into "the worst recovery in the post War era."

The dollar has already moonshot here.

Cable and the euro got slammed today though.

The yen has already broken down massively.

Canada and the AUD have now rolled over.

I'm not buying "nickels" here.


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What income inequality? ? Why, just this week JP Morgue announced hefty raises for their workforce while trimming Jamie's pa..........oh, wait....... (in best Roseanne Roseanadana voice) NEVER MIND.

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The International and local markets are driven by two major components, "Production and Consumption" My guess is Consumption will deteriorate and production will immediately parrallel or follow in 2014.