Europe's Modest Proposal To End Unemployment: Slavery

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Having spent weeks talking amongst themselves about the chronic and dangerous rise of youth unemployment in Europe (as we warned here), the Center of planning and Economic Research in Greece has proposed a controversial measure. As GreekReporter reports, the measure includes unpaid work for the young and unemployed up to 24 years old, so that companies would have a strong motive to hire young employees. "Unpaid" work sounds a lot like slavery to us... but it gets better; the report also suggested "exporting young unemployed persons." No comment...


Europe's youth unemployment problem is epic - 24.4% of Europe's under-25 population is unemployed...



GreekReporter notes the solution to Greece's problems...

Centre of planning and Economic Research in Greece has proposed a controversial measure in order to deal with the problem of increasing unemployment in the country.


The measure includes unpaid work for the young and unemployed up to 24 years old, so that companies would have a strong motive to hire young employees. Practically, what is proposed is the abolition of the basic salary for a year. At the same time the “export” of young unemployed persons was also proposed to other countries abroad, as Greek businesses do not appear able to hire new personnel.


According to the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce, unemployment especially hits the ages between 15-24. The unemployment rate in Greece stands at 24.6% while 57.2% of young people are without a job. The majority of the unemployed (71%) have had no work for 12 months or more, while 23.3 % of the total have never worked. There were 3,635,905 people employed and 1,345,387 unemployed.

Whether it’s Europe in the 1930’s or the US during the same period (conflicts between strikers, the National Guard and armed militias), unemployment can create a powerful cocktail of unrest.


But turning your nation's young into slaves does not seem like a good solution to us...

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JohnG's picture

How much for the women?

Do they come pre-shaven?

NemoDeNovo's picture

I wonder how Cramer would 'spin' this one.....

kaiserhoff's picture

The destiny of any nation, depends on the opinions of its young men,

  under five-and-twenty.

   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


NotApplicable's picture

Surely they'll start a war before they get this desparate?

James_Cole's picture

Love how so many economists repeat the same mantra when it comes to increasing employment, ALWAYS lower wages / less labour protections. This greek thinktank just takes it one step further, why pay your workforce at all? Just imagine, zero percent unemployment suddenly becomes a possibility!

How this benefits the society is another (and of course totally unnecessary) concern. 

Ignatius's picture

On the contrary, James, this is the kind of breakthrough thinking that only an economics PhD from a better, bank endowed university would have the courage to propose.  Slavery: what's old is new again.  Thank God we have these deep thinkers who have the instincts and training to look back in history for an old solution for new problems.

Occident Mortal's picture

Exporting unemployed young men?

That sounds a lot like a war.

Forcing them to do unpaid work?

That sounds like conscription to me.

I guess they will obviously export them to somewhere with lots of oil?

knukles's picture

It's all for the young people, ages 15 thru 25, or so.

And while they're at it, they could rent out (This is not my origonal idea, so don't shoot the messenger) very young black male children to people.  After all, it is a proven fact that people in general find very young black males very "cute" by just about any standard.  Then, when they turn about 7 or 8, they can be returned to...
Well of course it has some complications that I'm sure the EU Ministry of Peasantry can work out...


Just think of all the revenue.....

Anything to save the integrity egality fraternity and unity of the EU

And I mean what the fuck, the rental idea is no fucking different than what they're proposing...

NoDebt's picture

I think it's a fantastic idea.  I even have a name for them:  The Draghi Youth.  No, wait, that's a little too close to something else....

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Japan is hiring!  Japan needs as many able bodied people as they can get.  There will soon be no homeless in Japan, that is how much work they have.








Apparently Fukushima is being cleaned up by the homeless.  Kinda solves a few problems at the same time if you catch my drift.

0b1knob's picture

"How The Whip Came Back" a prophetic short story from 1970 by Gene Wolfe.

The prison population is so high in the future and prison conditions so horrific that a woman President decides that slavery for convicts would be an act of mercy.  Good for the economy too.


TeamDepends's picture

I don't feel safe in this world no more

I don't want to die in a nuclear war

I want to sail away to a distant shore

And make like an ape man

-Apeman,  The Kinks


cynicalskeptic's picture

Kinda solves a few problems at the same time if you catch my drift.


Cuts down on electricty needs as well..... Instead of streetlights you have glow in the dark homeless to light your way (at least until they die off from radiation poisoning).

PT's picture

You really think this is the end?  Of course not.  Next year it'll be, "We can't possibly afford to train all these youths here for free!  They have to pay for the privilege of learning how to work here!"

PT's picture

You think student loans are bad?  Wait till you see trainee loans!

max2205's picture

Yum....sounds like a good batch of soylet green

cynicalskeptic's picture


respect your future lords and masters - get the names of their products right

edotabin's picture

Probably patented by Monsanto at this point

RafterManFMJ's picture

I'm outfitting my attic as we speak. Someday, Lattisa and Dasani's attic will evoke Chinese tears as they read of our times.

James_Cole's picture

The folks seem to love hearing about how lower wages and less protections will eventually make them middle class. Maybe it's better that way, 'cause the low wages and shitty conditions seem to be an inevitability. 

Fredo Corleone's picture

"Row well and live, forty-one."

PacOps's picture

One of the more memorable succinct and compelling statements.

Global Hunter's picture

We have a consumer driven economy in the West, surely even an economist could see the long term danger of paying workers nothing?

OC Sure's picture

If paying workers nothing is slavery, then is not having your work stolen from you slavery too?

If you are taxed for things that you would not otherwise pay for voluntarily, including loss of purchasing power, at say 35%, then are you not a slave for 4.2 months of the year?

Are we not all slaves in one form or another as long as despotism prevails?


Ghordius's picture

three times yes. and despotism can only be fought effectively with democratic republicanism

meanwhile... hello?

the source of this proposal is the "Centre of planning and Economic Research in Greece"

OC Sure's picture

Is this what you mean by "democratic republicanism?"

 -Exercising our 1st amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, let us concur that

"The history of the present [political elite class]is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world:"

[list usurpations here.]

Add the petition to ZH manifesto link?

Unknown User's picture

It is called Internship.  Sounds so much better...

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Maybe it's just the word that's the problem here. Slavery sounds so harsh. How 'bout "temporary involuntary servitude". Deep thinkers just need to put a spin on history to make it more palatable and may be people won't notice.


XitSam's picture

Funny how that word "temporary" always seems to become permanent.1

1 Nixon Shock

Nobody For President's picture

How 'bout "temporary involuntary servitude".


Sounds a lot like the Draft, Miffed.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Yes, I do see that. Especially chilling how one often achieves "freedom" in that case through death. Of course, having able bodied, well trained and experienced young men return from a war has been historically a bad move for TPTB. They do learn from their mistakes.


New World Chaos's picture

How about "Freedom Apprenticeships"?  Big Lie weasel words are always positive.  Think "enhanced interrogation", "peace officer", "patriot act", etc.  Those who don't fall for it could be sent to prison for weed or debts, where they could make consumer crap for well-connected companies at a rate of pennies per hour.  Prison meals would be meagre rancid swill, but there would also be a vending machine with overpriced junk food.  Slavery needs this extra veneer of lawfulness to satisfy the sheeple. 

Bonus points if most of the prisoners are black.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Big Lie weasel words are always positive.

"Experience Acquisition Internships"

Yep, it sounds pretty greasy. The only way to improve on it is to get the "participants" to pay for it by going into debt.

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

Paul Krugman has a couple of young Spanish boys making him soup right now.

acetinker's picture

These are desperate times.  The kids have no future and the academics have no clue.  I'm not diggin' at you- but these fuckin' "think tank" people.

We have been here before, but never with this many mouths to feed.  I don't know if a return to the days of the company store will fix this, but it might be worth a try.  It sucks, for sure, but so does the current situation.  Somehow, we need to provide (maybe even force) our youth an opportunity to learn real-world skills.  After all, energy ain't gettin' cheaper, and it's hard to see how shit like I'm doin' right now (wasting time on an electronic device) is going to produce food or energy.

I have come to believe that the last hundred years or so are an anomaly.  We are now reverting to the mean.

Thing is, this situation will work itself out, one way or another.  Are we gonna get in front of this and mitigate it?  I'm not optimistic.

DumpsterFire's picture

Eat a dick James.  Unemployment at the level it is because of socialist fucks like you.

Antifaschistische's picture

Desperate?   Let me be the contrarian.   We desperately need this.  I could give you a list of about 3 dozen boys between 18 and 26 (who I personally know) who need to be put on a bus, and shipped off to the cantelope fields to work for their breakfast, lunch and dinner until they grow up enough to realize life isn't about waiting for the next release of Grand X-Box Version Whatever.    But NOOOOOo, our white children are too precious for that kind of work.   They want $20 per/hour to handed to them after receiving their 1.6 GPA in Junior High and High School.

Slavery?  Okay we won't call it that....but when everyone else in the world is willing to work hard for small amounts of money....we can't avoid the inevitable forever.  

Because in the will be about trading our services/goods for oil, and if the oil producers can get more "stuff" for their oil from elsewhere, than they can get from our Generation L (Lazy) kids...they'll go elsewhere.  It's that simple....and we will have to work much harder for our barrels.


James_Cole's picture

Seems possible you may be conflating two separate issues. 

ebworthen's picture

If they could get a decent wage, not have their money and property stolen by .gov and Wall Street, not see their friends die fighting for oil and poppy's, and have positive male role models that weren't replaced with a Welfare check and a WIC subsidy they might act differently.

You reap what you sow.

DirkDiggler11's picture

No doubt "anti" you fucking nailed it. I have several cousins that are so damn sorry they wouldn't work in a pie factory as a pie taster.

They sit around on their dead asses all day, do nothing, won't even clean their own houses and they wonder wy they never have money to do anything. The only thing they can do is keep those F.S.A. Checks rolling in from Obumma and the Wookie. EBT, SSI Disability, WIC, and section 8 vouchers to name a few, not to mention medicade for the kids.

I work 60+ hrs a week and have since I graduated high school and worked my way through college. Part that is unbelievable is the look on their faces when they ask me for money because I have plenty and I should just give some to them because I am being "greedy", and then I respond with the statement "I would rather not encourage and further subsidize your sloth and laziness". You will get in life what you work for. Period.

And for the 7 paid shills that keeping junking almost every post,

Oldballplayer's picture

We need one of those old, non mechanized, march them fifty miles to the battle wars. Good ole trench war, with massive charges and the like.

Yeah, that's what we need.

angel_of_joy's picture

The EU smart heads (just joking, there is no such thing...) have noticed who is doing all the Molotov cocktail throwing in Kiev's central square. This must be their idea of "defusing" a future problem...

Can't wait for them to figure out that exporting unemployed "youths" to places like Antarctica or Groenland (they could "persuade" Denmark it's for "the greater good"), would definitely solve the problem.

Cap Matifou's picture

EU = prison of peoples nations aka Völkerkerker

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

How do they come up with the number of slaves, I mean unpaid workers? Let me guess, they use the Grecian Formula.

satoshi101's picture

Yep, but the OLDSTERS in the USA have really FUCKED the young and the young have not even waken up to the idea.

acetinker's picture

You, of all people should know this is bullshit.  The "old people" raised these younguns.  They took their younguns on vacation, they bought 'em cars.  They, at least partially financed their collidge edumicationism.  Now, too many younguns live in old peoples' basements.

To place blame is to raise one's self above others.  I'll bet you know that, too.

It's simple.  Declining resources, ridiculous central (you name it) and demographics got us where we are.

I expected better of you, satoshi.

I expected better of me and mine, as well.